Deal of the day: Nikon Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/5.6 circular fisheye lens for $5,999

This is actually a good price for this Nikon Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/5.6 circular fisheye lens with 220° angle of view: the current bid on eBay is $5,999 (sold by Adorama). At the last 29th Westlicht Camera Auction (June 2016) the same lens sold for €16,800 (around $18,880):

Additional information on this lens can be found here.

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  • Captain Insane-O

    Does it only work in MUP?

    • Spy Black


    • BernhardAS

      works perfect on any Mirrorless!

      • Mike Gordon

        Um NO, see that part that sticks into the DSLR (Mirror lockup needed) body. Not even close flange distance for a ML body…

        (hope you are joking….)

        • Captain Megaton

          uh… adapters?

          • Mike Gordon

            Will not work, it will not fit the diameter of the ML body lens mount. Check out the limitations on this lens. It only works on FX bodies, not even DX, no way it fits into the small m4/3 mount…

            And the point of putting a lens like this on a tiny sensor?

            • JL

              FX mirrorless (Sony, Leica)? I don’t see, why it wouldn’t fit into an adapter.

            • Mike Gordon

              Research the lens, it protrudes into the camera body at the diameter of mount size. Not gonna fit into the smaller ML mounts.

            • JL

              Just look at the images above, to find out that it’s only ca. 60% of the diameter. It’ll fit into an adapter.

  • Photobug

    Bet this doubles in price. Rare lens. Many many years ago I had the private of using one for an afternoon. Crazy pictures and lots of fun.

  • Spy Black

    It’d be great ro have the spare cash to buy something like this. Obviously something you’d rarely use, but so incredible in it’s capability and history.

    • TwoStrayCats

      Just don’t go to Disneyland with the kids this year; don’t buy a boat; make the car you have last a while longer. (This is what I keep saying about a Leica system investment – but it never seems to work out that way).

  • PhotoJoe55

    is the “Deal of the Day” a new feature here? I hope so!

  • Abyssal

    Wait a bit …i’m ..well actually i can’t … you know…its just a dream on sunday (deal of the day lol)

  • hje

    Maybe it’s that cheap because nikon now sells 1.6mm lenses in a brace.
    ( okay that 1.6mm lenses are only equivalent to 8.7mm and they are mounted on a keymission…)

    Serious question: how do I prevent the mirror from hitting the lens? Or is it supposed to hit it?

    • Spy Black

      You need a camera with mirror lock-up. A nice advantage in today’s digital times is that you don’t have to use the supplied eyepiece if you don’t want to, simply go to live view.

      • TwoStrayCats

        And nobody has to argue about focus-breathing.

  • EnPassant

    Thankfully I decided to exclude invasive, large diameter (+100mm) and AF-S G lenses from my Nikon lens collection. Therefore I do neither lust for this lens or its 6mm f/2.8 sibling, or for that matter the “holy grail” 13mm f/5.6.

    Compared to other lenses from same era and what they are selling for now the price is silly high because of how rare the lens is.

    In a price guide from 1979 with todays exchange rate (don’t know actual price in USA) the price for the 6/5.6 fishey is just shy of $1000,- while the 6/2.8 is five times more expensive.
    However the 400/5.6 tele in the list is almost $900,-. I got my used Ai-S version a few years ago for $300,-!

    • Mike Gordon

      Ok so you cannot afford the lens, no need to whine.

      My bid is in!

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