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Thom Hogan explains how stupid it is to draw conclusions from the BCN Ranking numbers

BCN Ranking, just like Amazon’s best-selling camera rankings, are useless to draw conclusions about which brand is doing better, and yet certain fanboys are still using them to create clickbait blog posts. But don’t listen to me, just go and read Thom’s latest article “Why I Don’t Put Much Credence in BCN Market Share Numbers“. […]

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No, this is not the Nikon Z9 camera design patent

A few days ago I shared on Facebook patent drawings of a Nikon Z camera. I did not even bother posting it here on the blog because it is obvious that this is the Z6/Z7 camera and not a new Nikon Z9 camera.

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Debunking fake news again: Amazon’s sales rankings don’t mean anything

There is some more fake news I need to debunk today (again) – Amazon’s sales rankings are not an indication that a certain camera model sells better than another camera model (I have been repeating this for years). Here are the current Amazon mirrorless camera best sellers: And here is the screenshot I took just a few […]

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Google Trends: Sony a7r3 vs. Nikon D850

Google Trends is not really an indication of how well a particular camera brand or model is doing, but since I already see misleading information online, here are some Google Trends comparisons: Sony a7r3 vs. Nikon D850 (no surprise here, we already knew that the D850 outsold the a7R3): Sony vs. Nikon vs. Canon – for any “meaningful” (not really meaningful […]

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More fake news: “Internal Fujifilm document predicts 50% market share decrease for Canon and Nikon within 2021”

Today you will find a lot of fake news and made up rumors reported on some websites. Of course, the information is always carefully crafted so you cannot really verify the validity at a later time. The only purpose of those “rumors” is clickbait and I usually don’t report them here, but I saw a post […]

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Nikon did not announce a new mirrorless camera at the 2018 CP+ show in Japan

The 2018 CP+ show started today in Japan and Nikon has nothing new to show at their booth. Obviously, all previous “rumors” about the “imminent” release of the new Nikon mirrorless camera together with new Sigma lenses designed for the new Nikon mirrorless camera were completely wrong. We are also still waiting to see the results of Nikon buying Samsung’s […]

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About that Fuji “helping” Nikon “rumor”

Every few months I have to make a post and debunk some fake news/clickbait story reported by another website. Today we are dealing with the “rumor” that Fuji and the Japanese government are supposed to help Nikon and Fuji will buy Nikon. What is the source you may ask? A random Japanese blog post from a […]

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Reminder: EXIF data can easily be manipulated (Nikon D850, D900)

    With so much fake news going around the Web, just a quick reminder – as you can see from the pictures above, anyone can easily manipulate the EXIF data of a photo and pretend to be using a new, not-yet-release Nikon camera (in the cases above, a Nikon D850 and a D900).

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