Reminder: EXIF data can easily be manipulated (Nikon D850, D900)

With so much fake news going around the Web, just a quick reminder - as you can see from the pictures above, anyone can easily manipulate the EXIF data of a photo and pretend to be using a new, not-yet-release Nikon camera (in the cases above, a Nikon D850 and a D900).

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  • RC Jenkins

    Reminds me of the D760 spotted in the wild with incredible low light capabilities that turned out to be a standard D750 🙂

    • Yes, exactly…

      • SGG

        Hey Peter,
        When do you expect Nikon to announce D820/D850? Midyear? September?

        • I was told that nothing major will come for the CP+ show and most of the good stuff will be announced in May/June.

          • NikonFanboy

            really! come on Nikon pull your finger out….Atleast release some new FX and DX lenses along with D810 replacement;)) Cone on….!!!!!

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          • manattan

            LOL, so nothing major for CP+? I guess Nikon’s big announcement at CP+ will then be some wind mufflers for the KeyMission cameras.

            • RC Jenkins

              Given how temporally irrelevant Nikon chooses to be, I’d guess the next products they announce will be:
              1) a smartwatch camera
              2) Pokemon Go camera

            • Jim Huang

              I…ermm…wouldn’t mind to have a pokemon go camera. XP

            • I would love to be wrong on that one. We shall see.

            • manattan

              So in addition to dropping the bombshell announcement about the DLs, Nikon is also dropping the ball at Japan’s major camera show? They should consider dropping the old executive team for a new one!

          • Thom Hogan

            It’s not just Nikon. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that seems to be targeted for May. But that’s the month I’m now hearing as a target for Nikon, too.

            • manattan

              Nikon basically released nothing at Photokina or CES, and now supposedly CP+ other than a lens or two. Other manufacturer’s may be “targeting” the month of May for some cool stuff, but they at least are trickling out more than a lens in the interim. At this pace Nikon is going to have an “extraordinary loss” in brand equity 😉

            • I think Nikon is still in shock and they are trying to figure out what to do. They are probably re-evaluating all of their scheduled products. They basically have not released an important camera in over a year since the D5/D500. Lenses are probably easier for them to make a decision.

            • Sawyerspadre

              So the silver lining of alll this, is that it sounds like they will not be announcing something at CP+ and then not shipping it for a year, and then cancelling…

              If they learned the lesson of announcing when they are ready to ship with high quality, then maybe we are seeing a step in the right direction.

            • Thom Hogan

              Go back further. The D5/D500 have been the only real camera announcements for now close to two years due to the DL fiasco. And the D500 felt rushed to market and still needs a firmware update.

            • Sawyerspadre

              Thom what about the D3400? D5600? That’s some exciting stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • sickheadache

              Lets compare notes..i go first..Sony will shock everyone with a big nothing, followed closely by Nikon..with their big announcement of Camera Covers! Lol

            • Thom Hogan

              Sony should indeed launch a new camera first, it appears. Call it an A9s for lack of a better name at the moment. Nikon will follow with a high megapixel camera. Canon, meanwhile, will be showing new EOS M lenses. This array of things is an interesting contrast as to what each company is thinking.

            • sickheadache

              Well that goober running sar…has posted click bait bout the A9 somenother for over two years now , and it will released Very Soon! I guess his wonderful rumor came true…after two years!

            • good luck with that 🙂

          • yrsued

            Cool, My two studio D800’s are getting old and they can use a replacement!!

            • sickheadache

              A better version came two years afterwards. .D810..i sold my D800…

            • yrsued

              Ya, I know, it wasn’t a significant enough improvement.


          The rumors say, Nikon will stop making digital cameras anymore. They are working on a new model of the Nikon F taking advantages of film technology to enhance film shooting experience.

  • Obviously somebody hoping to sell more prints by pretending to be using the unicorn of a camera…

    • I do not want to blame anyone, but yes, it appears to be the case, unless Nikon announces a new D900 tonight…

    • Alan, I think it’s even more than that. He’s probably a sadistic, jay walking, mamsee pambsee !

      • ok, we got it, there is no need to repeat the same thing over and over again

  • Unless, of course, that’s what they want you to think…

    • …what if that’s what they want us to think that that’s what they want us to think?

  • Andreas Vesper

    Obviously, Niikon users are expecting some new models in 2017. In the meantime I learnt that I should check websites first that are listing e.g. WiFi certifications. As far as I can see there is nothing new from Nikon. The last new entry I can see for Nikon on is the D5600 with a certifcate dated 23-SEP-2016, six weeks before the product launch.

  • Max

    Which 500px user was that?

    • I do not want to encourage such behavior, but since you asked:

      • Eric Calabros

        They trade their “been a fine art printmaker for over 25 years” reputation with few minutes of internet fame? The world is a strange place.

        • I don’t know, unless he really has the D900, I would say yes. We will find out. I just don’t see how all other pictures do not have any EXIF data and only one has the D900…

          • I see exif on that image of a D800E…

            • Maybe it changed… it said D900 before

            • If you open the images on the 500px page, they have intact exif data. (highly recommend FXIF for doing this right in the browser)

            • gpelpel

              EXIF from image, not webpage, says D800E

            • Max

              He now changed it to D100 lol

          • Max

            Yes intermittently D800E and some are turned off. Hence my other comment..

          • Peter, I bet he gets lazy.

        • Eledeuh

          I mean..

          “the best fine art prints money can buy… I’ve been a fine art printmaker for over 25 years…”

          “the best fine art prints money can buy…”

          “the best”
          “fine art”
          “money can buy”

          The guy is obviously a fraud of sorts. Marketing “fine art” like one would cabbages in a supermarket ? What the actual fuck ?

          • Max

            Did you visit his website? I couldn’t cause I’m at work and it’s blocked 🙁

            • Eledeuh

              It’s a quote from his 500px profile.

              His website is nothing really special, but he appears to be definitely full of himself, see for yourself:

              “Matt Anderson is a fine art photographer who has emerged as one of the premier new artists. His world-class imagery, mastery of print production, and superior quality materials have made his exclusive gallery prints a success. His relentless drive toward excellence, attention to detail, and mastery of all things photographic allow his fine art prints to set a new standard.”

              I mean, there are a few cool things in his portfolio, mostly B&W I’d say, but nothing earth-shattering, and definitely nothing setting a new standard for anything.

              I know of many influential (dare I say “real”?) artists that don’t resort to that sort of bullshitty blabber.

            • Eledeuh, his self-aggrandizement is nauseating !
              It’s as if he copied others bull$hit and hacked together is own self promoting copy.

            • Eledeuh

              Welp, I found your comments somewhat funny.

              But I’ll stand by my words, although you’re the one who knows your market, I think that’s dishonest advertisement.

              The world is a hard place though, and artists are rarely recognized for what they do, it can be hard to earn one’s living, so I can understand how some would try to appeal to the crowds who would find that acceptable. But I also believe that this line of thinking is actually part of the bigger problem.

            • I respect you opinion Eledeuh.
              And honestly, feel free to edit my bio copy for a better read, I’ll consider it ! 🙂

            • I wouldn’t, it’s total garbage !

          • No $hit !
            B@stard is trying to sell pretty pictures to every Tom Dick and Helen !

        • Zeneti

          Not really, he is still going to be a fine art printmaker, and people are still going to buy his service, because the only people who know or understand what is being discussed is a VERY SMALL circle of image buyers in this world.

        • I bet he sold dozens of prints after that post!
          Cuz you know, photographers on that forum buy prints from other photographers 😉 Oh, and art buyers, they first question they ask is “What camera was this shot with?” lol.

          Eric, my guess is he’s got a flawed character, his sense of humor is mean!

      • Max

        Thanks admin. I wonder why exif data is turned off for some photos in his photostream.
        If maybe this guy was testing a D900, and he forgot to turn off exif for one photo?

        • Unlikely but possible.

        • If he was, he couldn’t be that stupid, to break a potentially crippling debilitating NDA if violated.
          Or would he ? lol

      • Francesco Gelati

        Hi in flickr this photo is D800E mistery huhuhu

        • Yes, exactly my point 🙂

          • Francesco Gelati

            Now in 500px he have change the exit in D100 ahahahahahaahah

            • Yes, this is why I did no want to provide a link and encourage such behavior.

        • Who uses Flickr anyway ?
          I mean really, is there any ROI on ones time using flickr these days ? SMH

      • I bet in frustration with Nikons lack of updates ( long in the tooth D8XX ) he decided to be a real prick and tease everyone with edited exif. That b@stard had the nerve to go back and change it again to D100!

        What an a$$hat lol

  • Espen4u

    I hope TIM doesn’t read this, his beloved d30-squared was just a fake the whole time… 😉

    • Oh yes, we will be hearing about this for the next 9 months 🙂

  • sickheadache

    Alternate Facts Once Again! Fake Rumors.

    • jbourne

      You are correct! Alternative EXIF file
      Bwahahahaha hehehe

  • Max

    Probably a dumb question: I see some photos seem to have customised exif data like these:
    and this
    Is that a feature of 500px or is that done by modifying the exif data before uploading the image?

    • Eledeuh

      It’s a feature, AFAIK, Flickr makes it possible too, for instance. But EXIF can be altered before uploading too.

    • You have to go in after posting, and edit the details. That is, if the info was no stripped on export from Photoshop / LR. You can always add/edit later.

  • AYWY

    No announcements yet so they are aiming for either next Tuesday or Wednesday just before CP+.

    Oh and it’s illuminating what the January 2017 sales ranking collected by a Japanese camera retailer reveal:

    1位:ソニー α7 II
    2位:キヤノン EOS 5D Mark IV
    3位:パナソニック LUMIX DMC-GH4
    4位:パナソニック LUMIX DMC-LX100
    5位:オリンパス OM-D E-M1 Mark II
    6位:富士フイルム FUJIFILM X-T2
    7位:ニコン COOLPIX AW130
    8位:ニコン D500
    9位:ニコン D810
    10位:キヤノン IXY 180

    Ironically at its 100th year, the company is at the verge of sliding into irrelevance. If they can’t demonstrate they have something that interests customers by 2017, the marketshare they lose could be very difficult to claw back – if they can get it back at all!

    • Or they will not announce anything at the CP+ show… we shall see.

      • I do hope you’re wrong about that. I would like to see an upgrade to d750 or d810. I’ve been shooting with my d700 since 2009. I’m ready to upgrade. Ready to help Nikon on it’s road to recovery 😉

        • Yes, I hope I am wrong too, but usually the lack of rumors means just that. The D820 camera appears to be real, but I do not know when it will be announced.

      • Thom Hogan

        Given that they didn’t announce anything today, I’m now not expecting any new cameras at CP+ show. Nikon does have a two-hour slot for presentation at the show, but not sure what they’d be using that for with no new announcements. This isn’t a show that you announce AT, you announce before to drive attendance.

        • Same here, maybe we will see a new lens, but no major announcement.

          • Thom Hogan

            Two usually reliable sources say May announce, June ship is the current target. That seems like playing it close. If Nikon doesn’t ship something significant by June 30 then they’ll have year-to-year sales/profit comparisons that slip significantly yet again.

            • Darrell Wood

              Tom. Have followed your website for many years. Insurance has just replaced my sadly dead d700 with. D810. What would you suggest as best lenses I currently have 16-35f4 , 50 1.5g, 70-200 2.8 vr1. 100 2.8. Hope this is a question others might have. Thanks. In advance

            • dabug91

              Perhaps the 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, or 85mm f/1.8G’s? Maybe the 200-500mm f/5.6E?

            • Thom Hogan

              Nothing wrong with your lens set. The 16-35mm is probably the weak link, the 70-200mm definitely isn’t up to the current 70-200mm f/2.8E standard, but fine.

            • Darrell Wood

              Thanks Thom. May i ask what would you replace the 16-35 with if you ignore 14-24? Maybe a couple of lenses ? Darrell.

            • Darrell Wood

              Thanks for the reply. May I ask. What would you replace 16-35m if you are looking to use Filters without going 150mm

            • Thom Hogan

              Not sure there’s a good answer for that.

            • Darrell Wood

              Sorry (you are not a mind reader), what I meant was the Nikon 14-24 would be a good choice but it takes 150mm filters and I only have the Lee 100mm set. I would prefer not to have to buy a new filter set if possible. Kind Regards

            • Thom Hogan

              Simple answer: don’t use filters.

            • Darrell Wood

              Thanks. Maybe you can help. I am not sure how I could achieve some effects I use occasionally without them. E.g polarisation, very long shutter speeds (big stopper) . Are there alternatives that achieve same effect without using filters?

              Thanks. Again

            • Thom Hogan

              Not really. Polarization can’t be mimicked in software effectively, though a combination of dehaze filter and channel luminance/hue might go a long way (and not be angle sensitive.

              Long shutter speeds are usually about making motion smooth out. You can try Multiple Exposure for the same thing.

            • Darrell Wood

              A compromise maybe or two ?

            • Darrell Wood

              Thom. Thank you. I notice you recently posted that the vr1 70-200 was better for DX does that mean it is sharper in the Centre area than the new 70-200 eFL. I would prefer sharper Centre as that is were the subject would tend to be. Thanks.

            • Thom Hogan

              No, the new one is a little sharper dead center, but it drifts downward in the DX corners while the original does not.

            • Darrell Wood

              Thanks. Did not see it. For some reason. So only a little :(. Thanks for suggestion on 16-35 which would you replace this weak link. With

            • Darrell Wood

              Thanks. I understand Nikon might be releasing a new wide this year. Maybe I should wait. Do you know anything.

            • Darrell Wood

              Thanks. Understand the Tamron G2 is a real winner is it truely better quality than Nikon. In oz they are aud 3000 vs 2000. Will they both last aslong and be reliable. ? Thanks.

    • Zeneti

      Nikon is suffering, but if it really does get to the state of Nikon saying “hey, we give up on photography” I think they will get brought out by someone else. There are enough piranhas in the photography industry who’ll want to snap up their market share and IP and tech.

      • Thom Hogan

        If Nikon were to give up on photography, who would want to buy them given that they’re mostly a camera/lens company?

    • liuels

      well, it’s a fake ranking. Too obvious. Canon’s XX0D has been the TOP selling interchangeable camera for more than a decade. There’s no way that a7II or 5d5 can beat it.

      • silmasan

        Could be in gross sales (i.e. qty x price).

      • Mistral75

        The ranking comes from Map Camera, a high-end camera specialty store.

        • liuels

          That is one of the places I visited every time I went to Tokyo. Quite an amazing place. But then, it’s a boutique store, not a mega one like BIC, so the ranking doesn’t mean much. And it is surprising that they sell that many AW130.

          • AYWY

            Indeed as a boutique store, it pretty much gives a hint where the enthusiasts are spending their money.

            Here’s an accompanying list for how these enthusiasts are spending on 2nd-hand equipment for 2017 January:

            1位:キヤノン EOS 5D Mark III
            2位:オリンパス OM-D E-M1
            3位:キヤノン EOS 6D
            4位:ソニー α7 II
            5位:ニコン D750
            6位:富士フイルム FUJIFILM X-T1
            7位:ニコン D7100
            8位:キヤノン EOS-1D X
            9位:キヤノン EOS 7D Mark II
            10位:ソニー α7

            The Enthusiasts pool does not mean everyone. But that’s not an insignificant demographic.

            • liuels

              For one store, the monthly ranking can change quite dramatically. For example J5.

              DEC 16 is
              1st place: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
              Second place: Sony α 7 II
              3rd place: Canon EOS M5
              4th place: Nikon Nikon 1 J5
              5th place: Panasonic LUMIX GX 7 Mark II
              6th place: Nikon D5500
              7th place: Sony α 6500
              8th place: Nikon D750
              9th place: Panasonic LUMIX GF 7
              10th place: FUJIFILM X-T2

              NOV 16 is
              1st place: Sony α7 II
              Second place: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
              3rd place: Nikon Nikon 1 J5
              4th place: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M5
              5th place: Nikon D5500
              6th place: Fuji Film FUJIFILM X-T2
              6th place: Sony α 7R II
              8th place: Nikon D750
              9th place: Nikon D500
              10th place: Panasonic LUMIX GX 7 Mark II

              and OCT 16 is
              1st place: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
              2nd place: Fuji Film FUJIFILM X-T2
              3rd place: Sony α7 II
              4th place: Nikon Nikon 1 J5
              5th place: Nikon D500
              6th: Canon IXY 180
              6th place: Nikon D5500
              8th place: Nikon D7200
              9th: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M3
              10th place: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

            • AYWY

              Thanks for the stats. We can observe how Canon’s 5D4 and Sony’s A2 are constantly at the top. We can also easily observe the inventory clearance discounts (J5). And also how the Nikon models (D500, D750, D810) supposed to be competing against 5D4 and A2 in that space are consistently behind.

              Not difficult to extract logical patterns from statistics.

              For their own sake i hope Nikon don’t write off such observations as some irrelevant info.

        • Captain Megaton

          Map’s lists can be pretty erratic.

          GH4 at no 3. should tip you off that this is not representative of any larger picture.

          • Thom Hogan

            Yes, they can be. But they actually map (pardon the word use) to what I’m seeing in the broader retail picture in the markets that I have sources in. For Nikon, D500, D750, and D810 were really what carried them at the customer level in Nov/Dec. D3400 tanked in the US and Europe.

            • Captain Megaton

              I wonder what their expectations were with the D3400. That’s a zero-sum update if there ever was and as long as there are D3300 available in the channel for less money no one should have predicted much interest in the new model. (The AFS-P lenses are nice though…)

            • Thom Hogan

              I haven’t the faintest idea. Certainly Nikon forgot to market the fact that the video focus performance with the AF-P lenses was highly improved, among other things.

            • Mato34

              Actually, I’ve found that the AF-P 70-300 performs admirably well on Nikon 1 bodies via the FT-1 adapter. Both on IQ and focus speed/consistence

      • AYWY


  • Bernard Languillier

    The resolution of the D850 image is exactly that of the a7rII (42mp). So this may be correct. It would be a tiny bit disappointing, but then this is a great sensor and with the Nikon magic it could be even better than the D810 at base ISO. With the AF and AWB of the D5, possibly further improved in the past year, I would probably be interested.

  • br0xibear

    Lots of confusion…
    I still think there will be a D820 (Update to the D810)
    A D760 (Update to the D750)
    A baby D5 (D5 sensor in a D810/D500 body)…I don’t know if this is the “D900”.
    It’s being “suggested” on other sites that the 100th Anniversary camera is a mirrorless and will be called the D900…I don’t know about the name, but I do think it’ll be a mirrorless camera with style/design cues from the Nikon SP and S3.
    No leaks doesn’t mean nothing is coming…

    • NikonFanboy

      so will there be an announcement tonight or tomorrow?

      • br0xibear

        I don’t know anything about when…

        CP+ starts on the 23rd Feb, and I don’t believe Nikon will let that pass without an announcement of a camera.
        I’d be genuinely shocked if a company like Nikon, in their 100th year anniversay, didn’t announce a camera at the major Japanese camera show.

        • NikonFanboy

          fair point. I hope they do atleast D610 or D750 to start off…..

        • I think they will announce something small for the CP+ show, maybe a lens or two. I was told not to expect anything major, whatever that means.

          • br0xibear

            Maybe they’ll tease something big at CP+ and make a bigger event out of the 100th Anniversary thing in July ?
            They have been getting better at hiding things.
            Making a pecial 100th logo, a dedicated website and commisioning a 100th video…something is coming.

            • Nikon is not big at teasing new products. If they are getting better in hiding things remains to be seen (if they announce something big next week – yes, if they don’t – not really). I had no issues getting rumors about the last few announcements. I agree the D500 was tough and there were almost no information.

            • br0xibear

              The Nikon area at CP+ is divided into different sections using the “I AM” slogan, there’s one called ” I AM PAST AND FUTURE”.
              Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of something to come…


            • manattan

              Or they could have a sign pointing to the toilet, as in that’s where their future is headed… although I hope not!

            • I think they will just have many of their old classic cameras on display.

            • Thom Hogan

              No, they won’t.

          • RC Jenkins

            Another way to look at it: you were told not to expect anything major, not that something major isn’t coming…

            Coupled with the ‘surprise’, maybe there is something major coming…!!!

            Nah, who are we kidding.

            I don’t really care much either way to be honest. I don’t really need a new camera right now anyway, though I’d be a sucker for a good mirrorless rangefinder-style camera that focused on IQ instead of features.

            I’m more concerned about Nikon’s future and product direction.

      • drororomon

        It’s increasingly unlikely they’re going to announce anything this early this year. They haven’t registered Wi-Fi nor Bluetooth (for Snapbridge) for any new cameras.

        • NikonFanboy

          May be they will register later. Didnt want to leak out before announcement?

        • Thom Hogan

          Note that the D810 is not a “normal” Nikon Wi-Fi camera; it requires the D5 Wi-Fi accessory, basically.

          In retrospect, I’m not sure why Nikon stuck SnapBridge in the D500. First, SnapBridge wasn’t ready yet. Second, 2mp-for-posting images doesn’t really map to the D500 customer well.

          • Allen_Wentz

            Yes SnapBridge has been very poorly implemented.

            I do not understand, however, what you mean by “2mp-for-posting images doesn’t really map to the D500 customer well.” 2 MP seems ideal to me for a JPEG file used to review content/focus and/or for internet posting. Anything larger takes too much bandwidth A) on Bluetooth and B) on the internet.

            I just checked some iPhone 6s and 7 files, and the sizes are in the 1-4 MP range.

            • Thom Hogan

              I mean that the D500 user typically isn’t a Facebook user. In the Economy Pro Press ranks, 2mp would be a bit under pixeled unless it were absolutely dead on for cropping. Moreover, you have the issue of not being able to send such images from raw files ;~). Totally missed specifications, IMHO.

            • Sawyerspadre

              Interesting. The D500 user is not on Facebook. Is the evidence for that the trend of many more IPhone pictures? Maybe if sharing was easier, more D500 users would be posting there.

              Better photos are better photos, printed, or on Facebook, or Instagram. Nikon is missing the boat by not promoting understanding of this and making sharing to the web completely seamless.

            • manattan

              The D500 is really for action, be it sports, nature, etc. Most iPhone posts are because they happen to be there, not because someone went somewhere to shoot with their iPhone. Can you carry your D500 everywhere and just shoot when you feel like it? Of course, but its not what most people are willing to do. Thom is right in that most of the time you are not shooting the D500 to immediately post to Facebook. That is why SnapBridge seems out of place.

            • Thom Hogan

              That’s not exactly what I wrote. I’m sure plenty of D500 users have Facebook accounts, but the primary destination is not small 2mp out of camera images directly to the net.

      • No

        • NikonFanboy


    • There is no way the D900 will be mirrorless, the Dxxx line is for DSLRs and it will stay that way. The site that reported that is known for spreading nonsense. A new Nikon mirrorless will have a different name. The D820 is real. The biggest Nikon announcements will happen in May/June, don’t expect anything major before that. That’s all I know.

      • br0xibear

        So you reckon nothing at CP+ ?

        • Either nothing, or nothing major – whatever that means. I was told all big announcements will be in May/June.

          • silmasan

            Aw man… so what was that tease from nokishita about? “Expectations of surprise”… :-/

            • I guess you have to ask them 🙂

            • nwcs

              The surprise may have been the extent of the bad news?

            • Thom Hogan

              That was for the thing that appears now to be postponed in announcement.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Hopefully announcement delays are because Nikon has turned over a new leaf, and is now announcing products only after they are fully ready…

          • Thom Hogan

            May, I believe. But seems like all bets are off. Almost everything except lens announcements I’ve gotten wind of in the last year seems to be on a treadmill that keeps pushing outward.

            • br0xibear

              What ? lol
              I think I need that Thom Hogan Enigma machine.

          • NikonFanboy

            no announcement as you had predicted ….you should make it official…people who are eager can stop thinking about it..:((

            • I still have a hope that I am wrong. Not that I am so crazy about buying a new camera, but I want to see sign that Nikon is getting back on track.

            • NikonFanboy

              no hope…i was very excited about d810 replacement….anyhow…i will stick with d800 for now…still its dam good….Any rumours about mp on D820? any chance it can be 54mp sensor?

            • There is a good chance that the D820 will have 46MP:

            • NikonFanboy

              i hope not…54mp would be great….

            • maxx

              there are thoughts for professionals and amateurs right now… “maybe I have too many Nikon lens? Perhaps I have too many bodies? Maybe I have to invest in other brands? Perhaps my material will lose value? Are questions disastrous for Nikon if it does not make a quick move. And June may be too late.

            • Allen_Wentz

              “maybe I have too many Nikon lens? Perhaps I have too many bodies?”
              – Yes of course, nothing new about that.
              I have to invest in other brands?”
              – Not likely with a better-every-year iPhone camera filling the always-there compact need and D5, D500, D8xx at about state-of-the-art.
              “Perhaps my material will lose value?”
              – No more value loss over time than has always existed.

    • I already received your picture as a tip in an email today. I guess by tomorrow it will be all over the Web. And this is how fake news is done.

      • br0xibear

        The picture is just a concept/idea of what the 100th anniversary camera could be.
        Going by what Nikon have done in the past with special edition cameras, and the fact that Japanese companies like this do make a big thing about anniversaries.
        I haven’t seen any other sites use that image, have they?…they copied it from here if they did.

  • Bukakke Comet

    Anyone have any thoughts on Nikon 35mm 1.4 receiving an “upgrade”. I know the buying guide says buy, but I always buy something and months later an upgrade pops out of no where.

    If there was added technology to this lens what would speculate it could be?

    • Thom Hogan

      Seems very doubtful.

      • Bukakke Comet

        Thanks, I told myself wait until the CP+ show before I bought anything new.

  • Does anyone know how shutter count is manipulated? Years ago I looked at a D300 listed on CraigsList. It was worn down on the areas where gripped and yet had only 2,000 actuations… The seller claimed he was the original owner; no repairs.

    • RC Jenkins

      I don’t know how someone would do that…maybe firmware?

      It is possible that the camera was used for decoration or ‘look at me! I’m a pro because I have a DSLR’ rather than actually taking pictures, as has been so often the case.

      And this is probably also the reason the market is declining.

      • Bukakke Comet

        No one wants to look like a pro anymore?

    • sampyth

      In many cases if the camera is serviced and the shutter mechanism or other components are replaced it may reset the counter

    • dabug91

      I believe it is stored on its own separate ROM chip. I say this because when I sent my D750 to Nikon 2 years ago for the first recall, they accidentally swapped my memory chip/circuit board with that of another photographer.
      When I took a photo with my newly “repaired” D750, I noticed it had the other photographer’s copyright information in the settings menu.
      The EXIF data when I took the photo showed my correct serial number that matched the bottom of my camera, but my shutter count was no longer mine which was approx 1900 at the time! Instead, it was the other photographer’s at over 5000. I contacted Nikon and also him, and sure enough, his camera that he received back with his serial number had my shutter count!
      Nikon was really great about the whole issue and actually sent me a brand new D750 so I wound up with a spare battery, charger, camera strap etc.
      Only Nikon can manipulate the shutter count, but if a person replaces the correct component from a separate camera body, it might be possible to have a shutter count that isn’t actually accurate.

      • Allan

        That’s quite a story.

  • Alex Ionas

    Wondering if they would launch a 24-120 f4 VR replacement like an E lens with better sharpness and a tad lighter. Seems like a normal approach to a 7 year old lens that’s not really up to future 42 mp + sensors by IQ terms. After the Sigma ART 24-105 and the Canon 24-105 Mk II it only seems natural and could also suggest something more interesting coming up in the FX line. Could also be a sort of ”hold your horses” message for the disappointed Nikon users if they launch it at the CP+ show.

  • 500px allows you to edit camera’s name, you can write any name/number

  • Andrius Ir Ingrida


  • Seriously, I have heard there is a 60 to 70 megapixel Sony sensor that might come to fruition, but who knows when, and is it just for the Sony line or will it propagate to Nikon ? Unless Nikon can knock it outta of the park with the next D900 – D850 or whatever, I’ll be giving the Sony A9R – A7RIII a real good look. My large size print sales are doing well. More resolution and DR would be nice. 4K on the entire sensor would be handy as well. Hell, while I am asking for features, why not throw in a true 16-bit pipeline like medium format?

  • Allen_Wentz

    This may actually be _good_ news for folks like me if it means Nikon will now focus (intended pun) on Dx, D5xx, D8xx and lenses. Nikon can still own those categories.

    Smartphone cameras (mine an iPhone 7) have been improving their IQ and capture capability annually with each new phone and mobile OS version. Apple in particular manages to maintain a huge percentage of a BILLION iPhones on the latest version of a very-well-supported iOS that just works. Android works too, but versions are very fragmented and are not supported.

    I have (at huge theft risk) for years left a camera setup in my vehicle 24/7/365 so that I would never be without access to decent image capture capability in the field. The camera is a D5100 with 3 lenses and was used with some frequency when my pro Nikon gear got left home for security reasons.

    Routinely topping off batteries I found all the D5100 batteries dead, and realized that I _never_ used that kit anymore. Thinking about it, the D5100 represented my compromise of a “compact” camera (D2x and D3 being my size reference ;)).

    Why no usage? Three reasons:
    1) The iPhone 7 fills the compact camera set of needs, _well_.
    2) D500 is small enough to bring with me more frequently.
    3) Unlike the high end phone vendors, Nikon sucks at consumer camera software. E.g. SnapBridge did not make me want to rush out and upgrade to D5600; instead the aging D5100 will remain unreplaced.

    Today I probably would not have spent $1k on a DL or any other compact, and if a Nikon junkie like me is sated by D500+iPhone+D8xx, just who would be buying DLs and their ilk in large volume?

  • Arvo

    I should mention here that having RAW format picture is kind of genuinity of a photography. There is no software which can make RAW format from picture. Plus if someone would do it he would need much higher resolution of converted picture because of Bayer pattern.

  • James Giles

    Check out where jpg I’d going:
    iPhones take a trillion images per year, they will set the new standards for image formats.

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