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Clueless people are spreading fake rumors online again. Nikon UK WILL NOT lay off all their stuff and close down, I repeat: NIKON UK WILL NOT CLOSE DOWN! The employees that are being laid off are outsourced by a third party company in the UK. They are not Nikon employees. I believe (I am not […]

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The Nikon D880 and the Loch Ness Monster are not real

Several readers have asked me already – I have nothing to report about a potential new Nikon D880 camera. Please do not visit websites that make up fake stories in order to get extra clicks. These websites never reported a valid rumor in the past and they will never report one in the future.

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I need your help: please boycott, report, and block the NikonRumors.com copycats

Several readers have already asked me if I am related to a bunch of other Nikon Rumors websites with a similar domain. I am NOT. There are a few NikonRumnors.com copycats that are stealing my content and copyrighted photos on a daily basis without a permission or a credit to the original source. These websites […]

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No, this is not the Nikon Z9 camera design patent

A few days ago I shared on Facebook patent drawings of a Nikon Z camera. I did not even bother posting it here on the blog because it is obvious that this is the Z6/Z7 camera and not a new Nikon Z9 camera.

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About that Nikon Z6/Z7 EVF blackout

In my last Nikon Z7 recap post, I briefly reported about the Nikon Z7 EVF blackout and I still keep getting questions about it: Blackout: what YT are saying is a joke. There is an option in the menu which enables the “view all” on continuous AF. There is no blackout at all excluding in […]

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Debunking fake news again: Amazon’s sales rankings don’t mean anything

There is some more fake news I need to debunk today (again) – Amazon’s sales rankings are not an indication that a certain camera model sells better than another camera model (I have been repeating this for years). Here are the current Amazon mirrorless camera best sellers: And here is the screenshot I took just a few […]

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