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Yes, of course, Nikon will release another new camera this year…

This week multiple clickbait websites and YouTube channels (the usual suspects) have been reporting “rumors” that Nikon will release… a new camera… in August… Wow! The new camera could be a Z6II or a Z8 or anything you wanted it to be. Of course, there are no specifications or leaked pictures, nothing… just a good […]

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Thom Hogan explains how stupid it is to draw conclusions from the BCN Ranking numbers

BCN Ranking, just like Amazon’s best-selling camera rankings, are useless to draw conclusions about which brand is doing better, and yet certain fanboys are still using them to create clickbait blog posts. But don’t listen to me, just go and read Thom’s latest article “Why I Don’t Put Much Credence in BCN Market Share Numbers“. […]

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Another SPECULATION that Nikon will exit the camera business (CLICKBAIT ALERT)

People have been speculating (or rather wishing) that Nikon will exit the camera business for years, maybe even decades. I remember the same conversations during the move from film to digital… then Sony was going to buy Nikon, then Fuji was going to buy Nikon… there was also the Nikon acquiring Samsung’s camera business fiasco, […]

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Clueless people are spreading fake rumors online again. Nikon UK WILL NOT lay off all their stuff and close down, I repeat: NIKON UK WILL NOT CLOSE DOWN! The employees that are being laid off are outsourced by a third party company in the UK. They are not Nikon employees. I believe (I am not […]

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The Nikon D880 and the Loch Ness Monster are not real

Several readers have asked me already – I have nothing to report about a potential new Nikon D880 camera. Please do not visit websites that make up fake stories in order to get extra clicks. These websites never reported a valid rumor in the past and they will never report one in the future.

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I need your help: please boycott, report, and block the NikonRumors.com copycats

Several readers have already asked me if I am related to a bunch of other Nikon Rumors websites with a similar domain. I am NOT. There are a few NikonRumnors.com copycats that are stealing my content and copyrighted photos on a daily basis without a permission or a credit to the original source. These websites […]

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No, this is not the Nikon Z9 camera design patent

A few days ago I shared on Facebook patent drawings of a Nikon Z camera. I did not even bother posting it here on the blog because it is obvious that this is the Z6/Z7 camera and not a new Nikon Z9 camera.

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About that Nikon Z6/Z7 EVF blackout

In my last Nikon Z7 recap post, I briefly reported about the Nikon Z7 EVF blackout and I still keep getting questions about it: Blackout: what YT are saying is a joke. There is an option in the menu which enables the “view all” on continuous AF. There is no blackout at all excluding in […]

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