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Thom Hogan explains how stupid it is to draw conclusions from the BCN Ranking numbers

BCN Ranking, just like Amazon’s best-selling camera rankings, are useless to draw conclusions about which brand is doing better, and yet certain fanboys are still using them to create clickbait blog posts. But don’t listen to me, just go and read Thom’s latest article “Why I Don’t Put Much Credence in BCN Market Share Numbers“. […]

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The Nikon D880 and the Loch Ness Monster are not real

Several readers have asked me already – I have nothing to report about a potential new Nikon D880 camera. Please do not visit websites that make up fake stories in order to get extra clicks. These websites never reported a valid rumor in the past and they will never report one in the future.

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More fake news: “Internal Fujifilm document predicts 50% market share decrease for Canon and Nikon within 2021”

Today you will find a lot of fake news and made up rumors reported on some websites. Of course, the information is always carefully crafted so you cannot really verify the validity at a later time. The only purpose of those “rumors” is clickbait and I usually don’t report them here, but I saw a post […]

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