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About that Fuji “helping” Nikon “rumor”

Every few months I have to make a post and debunk some fake news/clickbait story reported by another website. Today we are dealing with the “rumor” that Fuji and the Japanese government are supposed to help Nikon and Fuji will buy Nikon. What is the source you may ask? A random Japanese blog post from a […]

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Reminder: EXIF data can easily be manipulated (Nikon D850, D900)

    With so much fake news going around the Web, just a quick reminder – as you can see from the pictures above, anyone can easily manipulate the EXIF data of a photo and pretend to be using a new, not-yet-release Nikon camera (in the cases above, a Nikon D850 and a D900).

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About that Sony buying Nikon “rumor”

Initially I was not going to cover this nonsense here on the blog (remember the Nikon buying Samsung camera division “rumor”?), but Thom Hogan wrote a very nice and long article that covers pretty much everything I have to say on this topic – you can read it at dslrbodies.com. Here are just a few quotes:

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Samsung denies rumors again about selling its imaging technologies to Nikon

Koreatimes has a new article today about Samsung denying (again) speculations about selling its imaging technologies to Nikon:

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All Nikon D850 YouTube videos are fake/clickbait

There are many fake videos on YouTube about all kinds of “made up” new Nikon cameras. Some of them are based on information I reported here on NR, others are just plain good old BS – they are all made to appear like official Nikon promotions, but I can assure you they are not.

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Nikon also denies rumors about purchasing Samsung’s camera division

  Nikon EU confirmed with “confidence” that the rumors about Nikon purchasing Samsung NX are not true (what I have been saying for almost a week now). Samsung had a similar response last week. I have never heard Nikon commenting on a rumor before. Ever. Here is a quote from the Spanish website Quesabesde (Google translation):

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