Exclusive 10% Irix lens discount coupon and more info on the Irix 11mm and 45mm lenses and filter system

I have an exclusive Amazon US coupon for 10% off on the Irix 15mm f/2.4 Blackstone lens for Nikon F-mount: YVE5-EQ9N52-NUVWR5.

Update #1: the first coupon code above did not work for everybody and Amazon assigned a new discount code NRUMIRIX that will be active in approx. 4 hours (around 10 pm EST). Sorry about the confusion.

Update #2: the new NRUMIRIX coupon code for 10% off is now working.

This coupon is valid only for this Amazon listing and the purchase has to be made from this link in order for the coupon to work. This deal will expire on February 22 or until out of stock.

A review of the Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens can be found here.

The new Irix 11mm f/4.0 is already listed on the company's website and it will be available soon.

The upcoming 45mm f/1.4 will be officially announced in June (see the first press photo above).

The new Irix filters and filter holder for ultrawide prime lenses will be announced in March and will include UV, CPL, ND8 ND32, ND128 and ND1000:

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  • PabloNY

    Is This lens any good?

    • br0xibear
      • PabloNY

        It does look really good on video, wonder how it compares to the 14-24 2.8 nikon

        • It doesn’t. AF-S and bag-of-primes functionality mean I will have a very hard time ever replacing that lens which is why I treat mine like my baby. That lens really performs even wide open, at all zoom lengths, stars and star fields are notoriously difficult to image without flaw, the coma and astigmatism on the 14-24mm is nothing short of remarkable. Really the only issue I have is weather sealing, and for that I have a cheapo 18-140mm that can get wet all day.

          • vriesk

            FWIW, Tamron 15-30mm is weather sealed and the optics are very good as well.

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        • steven8217

          I have both of the lens, the Nikkor 14-24mm F/2.8 and the Irix 15mm/F2.4, I prefer the Irix on certain shooting subject such as shooting the Milkyway, there is an unique Infinity focus click that I can feel it while turning the focusing ring, once I got that click, I will use the focus lock ring to lock the Infinity focus, it will not move a thing during the entire Milkyway shoot. On the Nikkor 14-24mm, it is hard to focus at night and if you accidentally touch and move the focus ring, you ends up getting lots of out of focus Milkyway shoot, not to mention you are up in the middle of a cold night….
          Irix is a sharp lens at F2.4 and the unique feature that I love: 1). Infinity focus click, 2). Focus lock.

          • TheInfinityPoint

            It just means you need more practice ;). Kidding aside, once you get the hang of moonless-night-focusing, the focus at night doesn’t become an issue anymore. My best advice is to use a bright planet (Venus, Mars, Jupiter) or a bright star (Sirius, Vega, Betelgeuse, etc.) to focus in live view at 100% magnification, and carefully turn the focus ring until you minimize the size of the planet/star on your live view. Then take a test shot and repeat as necessary.

            As for the focus ring moving, just use some tape and tape it down. Note that some lenses have different focus at different temperatures (most notably the 20 f/1.8G), so be sure to focus it after it cools down all the way (~half hour would usually do).

            The 14-24 is so good I actually have 2 of them, since I do a lot of astro-landscapes and time lapse shots at astronomical observatories.

            • Whyvote

              “I actually have two of them…”
              You sound like the gobby bald bloke on YouTube.

            • ninpou_kobanashi

              To be fair, if you’re out all night freezing your buttons off, it’s reasonable to shoot more than one thing at a time?

            • steven8217

              That is a bit long actions to me 🙂 I just lock the lens and it provide me a very sharp focus without any second thought about focusing error and I have no plan to use any tape on my lens too. Not to mention I can lock-up my mirror and use the new LPF, a clip type of light pollution filter from STC that I slide the clip filter into camera mount. http://stcoptics.com/en/clip-canon-ff-astro-ms/
              I still need lots of practice on shooting Milky Way with a nice foreground but I do hope my tools (this Irix lens and the STC clip LPF filter) could take care the focusing and a bit of light pollution while I am working on something else 🙂

      • Spy Black

        I’m very interested in the 11mm myself. Tried it out at Photo Plus Expo, if the production models are like the sample at the show, it’s one great lens. Even better is that the plastic lens is cheaper. People who buy the metal one will be in for a nasty surprise if they ever drop it. 😉

      • Aldo

        Is there an English version of the video?

        • br0xibear

          Sorry, there’s no American version…just English.

      • PabloNY

        Read the review, saw the videos.
        This lens looks really good and takes very sharp pictures too.
        I wonder how a new company can put out a great lens at a cheap price (compared to Nikon)
        I mean, if every copy is as good as the one already tested, it will amazing.
        I guess when you go manual you can spend more money on glass.

        • The rumors are are Samyang is behind the new brand:

          • Carlo

            Or Nikon dismissed engineers created their own brand … Just joking

            • fanboy fagz

              Thats how tokina supposedly started

            • Spy Black

              Kiron, actually.

            • MB

              It was Kino Precision actually as some German sources say … Kiron is just Kinos U.S. subsidiary … others say it was Tokina … I personally doubt that anyone knows for sure, but if we know that Nippon Kōgaku was the largest Japanese optical company at the time chances are that most Japanese optical engineers worked for then one way or another …

            • Spy Black

              Cool. I wonder whatever happened to them.

            • MB

              There is fairly complete article at camera-wiki.org if you are interested …
              Long story short they started as OEM, reached their peak by making Vivitar best lenses, tried to take over Vivitar market and succeeded to some degree but could not compete when Nikon and others introduced cheaper, plastic AF lenses and eventually they perished …
              Similar to Tamron who also started as OEM for Nikon and now is trying to take over market share … we will see what happens … although Tamron is having pretty healthy income from CCTV, micro lenses for sensors and other specialty lenses so they will at least not perish so easily …

        • Spy Black

          Sample variations can always be a problem but that applies to OEMs as well.

          There’s a lot of aggressive lens production coming out of China and Korea. It’s a good time for lenses.

    • Whyvote

      How is this lens a ‘Nikon rumor’ ?

  • Dan Hart

    code didn’t work

    • I tested it and it worked for me. What exactly happens when you add the code?

      • Ohio Nikon 99

        It says “The promotional code you entered is not valid”. I tried copy and paste and just typing it.

        • Was anyone able to add the coupon successfully?

          • Ohio Nikon 99

            I doubt it because the same number (14) is left in stock.

        • Ok, there is a new code that will be active in 4 hours (around 10pm EST): NRUMIRIX

      • Dan Hart

        “The promotional code you entered is not valid.” – my prime membership is no longer active so I’m not sure if that makes a difference

  • I just tested the new NRUMIRIX coupon code and is working fine.

  • Th B

    I suppose this is only for amazon us?

    • Yes, I will try to offer the same deal for the European readers as well. Stay tuned.

      • Christopher Eaton

        The new code didn’t work for me just now.

      • bNj

        Hello Peter, any news about the code for EU readers ? Thx

        • I am also waiting for Irix to send it to me.

          • bNj

            Ok, i stay connected, thanks anyway 🙂

  • Fly Moon

    I am stopping buying anything Nikon until I see something that convinces me that they are on the right track!

    I said it here before. I’d buy the next D8xx the min they announce it. However, if the “upgrade” is just adding a Snapbridge, half FPS, and stamp a D820 in front then NO.

  • Nikita

    An 11mm? Is the hood detachable? Doesn’t look like it, making it bulky for travel.

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