Nikon’s stock almost 15% down, but slowly recovering

As a result of the latest financial news, Nikon's stock dropped almost 15% in trading today, but it is slowly recovering right now (it is already February 15th in Japan) - see live quotes here.

Via Petapixel

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  • koenshaku

    Not announcing a D900?

    • T.I.M

      It’s called D30x30 you want to get fired ?

      • paige4o4

        I would kill for a camera with a 30mm x 30mm sensor.

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      • Jon S

        Who started that D30X30? I’ve seen it before I was just wondering, and I know 30×30 is 900

        • T.I.M

          It’s because Peter did not want me to use the name D900 (it was a while ago and just to soon for a D810 replacement)
          So in order to avoid jail, I just used D30x30 instead of D900
          But I think it should come this year.

          • Yeah, he got on you pretty good, didn’t he? At the time we were suffering from a lot of clickbait and fake rumors, so he was right to bust your balls over it…;-).

            • nwcs

              And don’t forget the whole “power frequency in the country of manufacture” affecting autofocus accuracy nonsense.

          • br0xibear

            Maybe the “D900” name isn’t for the DSLR you think, maybe it’s for the 100th Anniversary mirrorless camera ? Styling cues from the original SP…


            • ok, let’s count how long it will take for this picture to end up as a “rumor” on a certain website

            • br0xibear

              It’s an “alternative” rumour, lol.

            • Lol, there are plenty of those around 🙂

  • Bukakke Comet

    Damn doom and gloom posts back to back to back. I guess I am going to keep buying into this “sinking ship”. Hopefully grabbing the 35mm 1.4 and the new 70-200mm saves Nikon.

    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      Me too.

    • Jon S

      Looking to buy the 85mm 1.4 soon.

      • IronHeadSlim

        Likewise. Would like to replace 85mm f/1.4 D.

      • Bukakke Comet

        I got the sigma because I was being cheap, eventually I am going to grab the Nikon 85mm 1.4 because of the bokeh. I’d like to have both sigma and nikon in my bag.

    • IronHeadSlim

      I love the 35mm f/1.4!

      I am thinking about upgrading my D3 though.

      • Bukakke Comet

        I am just afraid that as soon as I buy this glass, Nikon is going to announce a new one. This happened when I bought Sigma’s 85mm. But in retrospect I should’ve went nikon for the 85mm (even though the sigma is fast at autofocusing)

        Same boat as you want to upgrade my D3x. Although I have been shooting with work cameras (610/750/800/810) none of them have overly impressed me. I want the new tech like RGB-W and XQD in my next body.

        • IronHeadSlim

          Well, Nikon is using the 35mm f/1.4 as the showpiece lens for the D5 so probably no replacement imminent. I love what it does for walk around, event shots & even portraits.

          • Bukakke Comet

            Oh yes I love its results. I shoot mainly youth and its the perfect lens to story tell, compared to my siggy 85. I use this for work and love it for couples, bride and groom, and just the open perspective.

    • xrb

      Ok, got to help Nikon. Guess I’ll get 200 f/2!

    • onthedot

      I did everything I could this last year to support the poor orphan Nikon workers in Thailand. My Nikon spending is up 20 fold. I wonder if people buying third party lenses is eating into Nikons share.

      • Bukakke Comet

        Its those price increases in certain markets. When we are talking about hobbyist they can buy third party and not blink an eye because of those prices. But I have to say Nikon glass that I touch does impress me every time. That 58mm 1.4 had some bokeh that was dreamy.

        But that price on the new 70-200 is going to push a lot of players towards 3rd party.

        • onthedot

          Its the one lens I really need. Ive been thinking about the 80 to 200mm for a lot less money. I hate to put non Nikon glass on my pro cameras. Generally, if I pay enough money, I seem to get amazing images. Lol

          • KnightPhoto

            Because of the super-demanding nature of the 70-200E slot in the lineup (for top sports, PJ, and wedding pro demands for IQ, AF, handling, and build quality) this slot has been increasing in quality and price. You can see this in the 80-200 AF-S, 70-200 VR 1, 2, and 3 progression.

            The latest is quite arguably the best 70-200 on the global market by any manufacturer, but the price shows it. Probably room now for an upgrade to the 80-200D so that Nikon can serve the equivalent of the 85 f/1.8G market, and compete with the Tamron in that price segment.

  • Chobot

    very good news is just around the corner. 🙂

    • br0xibear

      Yes, but people will still complain lol.

    • tap0

      How many cameras for CES ?

  • T.I.M

    Well I hope everyone had a great Valentine day, unfortunately for me it’s not the best day of my life.
    In order to be able to pay new hospitals bills I had to put my loved AF-i 400mm f/2.8 on Ebay today (yes, the king of the lenses).
    I still think USA is a great country, just make sure you never get sick.

    • Aldo

      I would get sick carrying that lens too!
      Jokes aside I wish you recover quickly from any adverse situation.

      • T.I.M

        Thanks, I have my wife and my 3 daughters with me, love is the best medicine.

        • Tim: Sorry to hear you are ill. I hope you have a fast recovery.

          • T.I.M

            Thank you Mitchell, my illness is not constant so I still have some good times that let me enjoy life, including reading NR and taking pictures !

    • Fly Moon

      Get well soon, man!

    • Nikon User

      Get well soon!! Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, I enjoy reading your posts.

    • Sorry to hear that. Hopefully we move to some form of universal health care in our lifetimes.

      • nwcs

        While I agree that healthcare should be treated like electric utilities as an essential service it really boils down to two options: pay over time via taxes or pay all at once when you have an issue. You’re paying about the same when it all is said and done.

        • Reilly Diefenbach

          Mmm no. We spend double here in the US. We’re number forty, we’re number forty!

          • nwcs

            It’s like saying there’s a robbery every 30 seconds. Does that mean you’ll be robbed next? Clearly not everyone in the US is experiencing #40 standard of care so that’s a misleading statement.

            • ZoetMB

              That’s a bad analogy. The fact is that overall, we spend more per capita on healthcare than every other major country in the world and get inferior results. Healthcare is now something like 25% of GPD and as the population ages, is going to rise substantially.

              My daughter has insurance for her and her husband (the kids are on a separate plan) that costs them something like $17K a year and it has a $5000 deductible. So aside from one healthy checkup a year, unless something major happens, they’re paying $17K for nothing.

        • BG

          You imply that everyone would pay the same amount either over time (with insurance) or in one instant (without). This is obviously not true. It were true if everyone got sick equally often/equally badly, and everyone had the same health care costs. But as it is, some people (the healthy ones) will pay more for insurance than what their actual medical costs are, and some people (the unfortunate ones) will pay less for insurance than what their (very high) medical bills are. That’s how insurance works.

          • nwcs

            My statement is obviously a generalization. Healthcare via taxes is basically the same pyramid scheme as social security.

            • ZoetMB

              Social security is a pyramid scheme, but it’s one that works as long as the working population increases. It’s generally not as good an investment as investing yourself, but 90% of the population doesn’t have the discipline to prepare for retirement. Most people retire in the U.S. with less than $50,000 in assets.

              Without social security, we’d have millions of elderly begging and dying in the streets. We’d look like parts of India.

            • Hans

              But India is looking good, they just sent a rocket to Mars to become space junk together with the Russian satellite they were carrying. And just yesterday they sent another rocket with another 104 satellites. What can 103 pieces of less than 10kg nano satellites do and for how long before they too become space junk? We need to start fining Nations and companies for doing that.

            • Ric of The LBC

              We’d have more multi-generational households.

            • Ric of The LBC

              VA is government run health system. 🙁

        • ZoetMB

          No. Because healthcare in the U.S. is seen as a capitalist profit-making enterprise instead of a basic need, like food, water and shelter.

          All insurance is about spreading risk. “Paying about the same” doesn’t work because paying at once for a major issue puts most people into bankruptcy. Victims of the massacre at that night club in Florida who spent four hours in the emergency room were originally presented with $10,000 medical bills (the hospital eventually cancelled all the billing). How does that make any sense whatsoever?

          Healthcare and insurance in the U.S. used to be affordable. There are many reasons why it’s now not – too many to go into here, but one of the reasons is the move of the insurance companies from being non-profits (Blue Cross/Blue Shield and GHI were non-profits) to being public companies.

          • nwcs

            Rather than reply to all of your replies I’ll just say this… It’s not a perfect system and I sure wasn’t defending it. I was just pointing out that you either pay by tax or out of hand and that the costs are there even if hidden. So I don’t need any soapbox statements made my way — especially since this site is about Nikon and not healthcare. I don’t have an ax to grind on this subject and nothing said on this site will sway anyone in any direction.

        • Assuming people are paid enough to pay for health care bills up front. Lots of people aren’t. Personally I’m more then happy to pay some tax towards ensuring everyone in the UK has free health service. The NHS is something most brits are proud of.
          T.I.M get well soon.

          • T.I.M

            Thanks Mark, I do have medical insurances, but here in USA hospitals charge $500 to change a band aid !
            So even if I only have to pay 10% of the total cost, bills had up fast.

            • I have had two ear operations that would have cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands in USA. The NHS covered it all for free and I can hear, well not perfectly but pretty well! The NHS is amazing and I love it. We had quite a few reports in the news over here about anti Obamacare folk (before Obamacare came in) criticizing the NHS saying how people are dying everywhere blah blah blah.

        • Allen_Wentz

          Not really that simple. It is not a zero sum game:

          1) A country that facilitates uninsured, like the USA did pre-ACA with 40,000,000 uninsured (and _growing_), facilitates lack of prophylactic health care. Poor prophlaxis raises total health care costs, by a lot.

          2) Uninsured individuals end up in Emergency Rooms when they get sick. So not only are they more likely to get sicker because of lack of prophylactic care, their care costs are much, much higher than they otherwise would be in a well-planned health care system.

          • Ric of The LBC

            Yet the strange thing is, is that more people are using Emergency Rooms because they have insurance. So the costs have increased with more insured.

    • Next time you get sick, move to Spain. Seriously, I hope you feel better soon.

      • T.I.M

        I’ve been in Spain (31 years ago), nice and friendly people, beautiful women and delicious food !

    • Max

      That’s terrible news. Sorry about your lens.
      If it makes you feel any better, we here in SA have real bad public health care facilities – only route is going private which is crazy expensive..

    • MB

      Hope you are Ok now …

      • T.I.M

        Thanks, I’m OK now, it goes up and down, I’ve been fighting the disease for 11 years now.
        The moments I’m well make me appreciate life much more.

    • ZoetMB

      Best wishes on your recovery. Yes, affordable health care in the U.S. is a big, big problem and it’s going to get far worse before it gets better.

    • Great picture! I wish you a good recovery!

    • JoCarpenter

      I hope you have a full recovery, barring that, may you get plenty of time to make great photos on the way.

  • KnightPhoto

    More telling will be how is Canon’s stock price going to react. I.e. are the “sector sell” ratings going to be issued if they haven’t already – anyone know how Canon’s stock has reacted?

    Is the whole sector in trouble, one might expect even Canon is going to start to take a hit notwithstanding their recent positive “holding steady” sales data…

  • Eric Calabros

    “It’s just getting really difficult to trust this company,” said Yoshihiro Nakatani, a senior fund manager at Asahi Life Asset Management Co.
    He said that about Toshiba, but maybe in next few years they say it about Nikon too. Very sad that Japanese are destroying their century old companies with avoidable mismanagement.

    However, I have a question for anyone who is lecturing Nikon these days: DSLR sale is declining, but Dxxxx series are falling way faster. Its like among those beginners who start with entry-level DSLR, fewer people are choosing Nikon. Why? ignoring the slight difference in price, for exactly what reason someone prefer Canon 1300D to Nikon D3400?

    • Captain Megaton

      You misread the data I think. What’s your source?

      Entry level is falling fastest because ‘good enough’ is more apparent to consumers in that segment, and because other options than DSLRs are most attractive in the size conscious low end.

      Afaik Canon isn’t doing significantly better than Nikon at selling its entry level DSLRs.

      • ZoetMB

        Nikon is losing share which does imply that they’re doing worse than Canon. Nikon’s DSLR share for the first three quarters of their current fiscal is 27.3%. It was 31% in fiscal 2016, 34% in fiscal 2015, 34.3% in fiscal 2014, 36.3% in fiscal 2013 and 40.1% in fiscal 2008 (although lower between 2009 and 2012). The question is who are they losing the share to? Canon? Sony? Olympus? So aside from the fact that the market is in decline, Nikon appears to be doing less well with the remaining buyers in the market in spite of the high quality of the D5, D500 and recent lens releases.

        Nikon also sells fewer lenses per body than the overall market. Among CIPA companies, 1.65 lenses are sold for each body during Nikon’s fiscal (1st 3Q). Nikon sold 1.49 although that’s very slightly up from fiscal 2016.

        If they’re losing share to Sony, one could argue it’s Nikon’s lack of mirrorless that’s the problem (regardless of the merits). If they’re losing share to Canon, one could argue that it’s either a pricing problem or a video quality problem. Or one could argue that it’s a marketing problem, since Nikon does quite little as reducing marketing was part of their cost savings program or that it’s a customer service problem, although that would affect primarily current Nikon buyers.

        Personally, I think it’s all of those things. I think Nikon is seen as “old school” by younger photographers, like GM in the 1970’s-1980’s. And I also think Nikon has been pricing themselves out of the market. While Sony is no bargain either, both Sony and Canon have been lowering prices and Nikon keeps raising them. Back when I was making “decent bucks”, I was willing to pay what Nikon was asking at the time. But I paid $1450 for the 70-200 2.8 and the newest one is $2800. Even adjusted for inflation, that $1450 would only be $1842 today. How many non-pros (aside from Leica buyers) are willing to spend $7000 for a set of lenses and another $2K+ for a body? That’s one expensive hobby.

        One thing Nikon can do is to return to the model where they let their dealers set prices and forget about minimum selling prices. It doesn’t affect Nikon’s revenues because they get the same wholesale price anyway. While Nikon doesn’t give the dealers much margin anyway, prices were definitely lower before Nikon established MSP’s. The original idea of MSP’s was to protect independent physical retailers against the chains, but they largely don’t exist anymore anyway.

        • Captain Megaton

          “Nikon is losing share which does imply that they’re doing worse than Canon.”

          First you’d need to confirm that “dSLR” means dSLR and did not include mirroless ILC. Second, you’d have to compare with Canon’s marketshare numbers and break out the entry level from higher tier products.

          Canon is doing relatively well recently, this much is true. Partly because their mirrorless cameras since M3 are quite popular, and partly because they’ve got a strong dSLR portfolio now their sensors are competitive again. Oh, and they have functioning 1″ compact cameras for sale, now in their second generation in fact.

          In contrast Nikon have not meaningfully updated any of their <$2000 cameras in years now. Adding snapbridge does not count. Their mirrorless ILC and 1" compacts are MIA and KIA respectively.

  • sickheadache

    No…Nikon Is about to announce..Key Mission 2 The Zero Edition.

    • Sawyerspadre

      It’s mounted in a contact lens, to be more convenient than you smartphone.

    • Max

      LOL or Key Mission Lite.

  • Alissaknowsbest

    I always cringed when I red about these, knowing what a failure these are and the fact that this was/is the only Nikons PR matherial at that point was very grim (I also wrote it here, but everybody including admin told me that I know nothing about and these waskind a good news).
    I will sell my Nikon glass when I will read something about Coolpix or another try in soon to be extint pointandshoot market. You can say that I am infested in Nikon almost as if I had a stocks – so I must check if there will be any use of my dozen of thousands worth (at point where Nikon is funcional) F-mount lenses.

    • Scott M.

      D500 is still a fantastic camera

  • I start to have the impression that Nikon doesn’t know anything about the young new consumer generation which are starting taking snapshots on Smartphones as their first camera. They grow up with Facebook and Instagram. For them a D3xxx is a clumsy, combersome device, a thing of the past. Even if this is having a lens mount or Snapbridge but they don’t see any value in it. Why should they prefer it over the Smartphone? Second impression is that Nikon doesn’t know how to advertise sophisticated enthusiast cameras to such a generation. What can their cameras do better than a Smartphone? Are people interested in big prints? Action/Sports? Wildlife? Night/Astro? People? Portrait? Street? Art? Why should they choose Nikon? Do they give them any reasons? I am 37 years old so i am clearly not from a Smartphone generation but the people of today are different than people that know the 80ies.

    • fanboy fagz

      I would read what you wrote had you written it properly in paragraphs. Write something long…
      . Thats fine.. Dont expect people to read it as one big block

      • Now you have it.

      • Max

        For my amusement I googled arai helmets, then shoei helmets. i then saw what you speak is truth.

        • fanboy fagz

          Yes easily noticeable. Not only the graphics but the shapes. They still use the side pods to cover the visor release mechanism. Everyones using a quick release system thats flush with the body. Arai are notorious for wind whistle because of them

    • Samuel Masini

      Wouldn’t a dslr running a barebones version of Android solve the connectivity issue? Think of it as DSLR that you can connect over wifi that has email, image capture and social network integration. It may also be preloaded with a Nikon appstore that includes apps such as Lightroom mobile.

      The only downside I can think of is impact on battery life and potentially startup times.

      • Sawyerspadre

        They have to want a dslr first. The job is to show how a better camera can make better images, and remove obstacles to sharing easily. Maybe start with a photo contest on social media, photo walks and social events. Making more artistic images and better captures of memories, is something millennial are interested in, but Nikon needs to show why Nikon, and why a dedicated camera can do that better.

      • nwcs

        Not really. Samsung and Nikon have both tried, and failed, to produce a camera using Android as the OS. The S800c coolpix and Galaxy Camera just didn’t close the gap. The problem isn’t the OS running but the implementation and seamlessness in working with everything else. That is the inherent problem — especially with the camera makers. They really, really want to keep things within their ecosystems and don’t see themselves as a commodity.

      • Semaphore

        It solves the connectivity issue, but it introduces its own issues such as battery life, boot time, and responsiveness.

        Still, I think an Android mirrorless offering would be a great option to have available

      • Booting an os, however compact or refined would be way too slow. The firmware on cameras is light and very fast, on/off times are practically instant and shutter lag is in the mili seconds.
        I don’t think this would solve the issue any way. For me there are two types of people who take photos. People who enjoy taking a photography as an art and will take the time over each photograph including post. And those that are just snapping a moment and their phones are more then enough. There are artists who work with phones and cross over but I’m generalising here. Improving connectivity is a nice to have rather then an essential i think because the number of casual photogs who want a large camera are a dying breed. Not to say serious photogs won’t enjoy connectivity but i don’t think its a way of changing the tide away from falling camera sells, a camera phone is good enough for 95% of people.

        • Max

          You can have the camera start up instantly as usual and while you are using it, the OS loads in the background. So you have two systems that run on separate hardware in the camera, and once the OS is running it will instantly see the camera and be able to communicate with it. Like a scanner connected to a pc, but with the scanner being able to run independently and instantly.

      • Allen_Wentz

        Sorry but that suggestion is way over-simplified.

        Be careful what you wish for when you suggest adding in a an _unsupported_ OS provided _free_ by a firm that has the primary business model of collecting user data and reselling it.

        • Samuel Masini

          Agreed. There are various options that one can consider as a base OS upon which to build the interface… The issue would be boot times (which may be partly solved if the camera would have a decent standby battery life).

          I agree that the whole concept is way over-simplified. At face value, it would solve the connectivity issues as users would be able to directly upload images, email as attachments etc etc.

          Having said this, there still would be a problem convincing people to buy such a product (regardless of form). Most people I know are happy with their camera phones and some even comment that their phone results look snappier than the standard jpg out of their entry level DSLR.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Not just “Nikon needs to find out what the young new consumer of today finds attractive and appealing.”

      Nikon needs to find out what _all_ consumers want, need and are willing to buy. Basic marketing concept but Nikon has not established a mechanism to do so.

  • peter w

    Looking at those figures and comparing with trends in large indeexes: what is happening now seems minor, compared to what happened in 2013. Someone knows what happened then?

  • NikonFanboy

    Hi Admin,

    Is there any nikon announcement tonight?

    Canon announced it yesterday. So its now nikons turn?

    • Captain Megaton

      Thursday Japan time most likely.

      • NikonFanboy


      • drororomon

        I don’t know. On their CP+ page ( ) under the “I AM THE IDENTITY” section in the yellow bordered box, there is a list of products for people to try. There’s nothing new in there. If they have anything to announce and ready to try, should they have announced it before putting up that list? That list is fairly fresh. Dated 15/2.

        They do have a 2 hour “Press Time” in their schedule on 23/2 though. Could be used for any official announcements.

  • maxx

    The great depression…

  • MB

    Looking at the graph somehow made me a bit more optimistic …
    They waited for the stocks to top up before publishing bad news, so at least someone at Nikon really knows what he is doing …

    • Lucytech

      yes – inside traders and big money always knows what is up… tough they do not care about company or if that ccompany even will exist after a year – all they care about big movement in market that is known or started by them

  • animalsbybarry

    Divide and conquer is a strategy that Canon is using very well
    Several proud camera companies with fierce brand loyalty are going to fail
    It is time to get over this proprietary attitude and work together if they want to survive against Canon
    Sony and Nikon need to combine forces if they hope to survive against Canon
    I have been saying this for a very long time now… while Canon continues to increase market share and dominate the industry
    The longer it takes Sony and Nikon to finally realize this the greater the probability that it will be too little too late

    Sony should buy Nikon and they should do it now

    • Jeffry De Meyer


    • Semaphore

      What’s with the craze for Sony buying Nikon lately?

      Sony doesn’t need another mount to maintain.

      • It started as a fake news by one of the clickbait sites and Barry is the only one who still believes it. I will start deleting his comment regarding this topic, it is just getting ridiculous.

      • animalsbybarry

        I understand that people are fiercely loyal to either Nikon or Sony
        But combining forces, technology, and manufacturing capability will provide a better product line for both Sony and Nikon customers, and more importantly it will greatly improve thier chances of survival against Canon

        Otherwise we may soon only have Canon or Canon to choose from

    • Reilly Diefenbach

      No thanks.

  • Amir

    Nikon reminds me of my little daughter:So much works/projects started,but left/abandodned undone!

    • Eric Calabros

      What happened to her?

      • nwcs

        Perhaps she was acquired by a husband? lol

  • Viktor

    I have to mention here a funny words of one our politician I just remembered:
    “We have been standing in front of a large abyss, but now we have done a big step forward”…..

    [Only relief, any coherence with the topic is only coincidental 🙂 ]

  • Viktor

    KillMission, DeadLine, BugsBridge and the problem is on the table….. but is it a fault of those over 1000 employees?


    It is the fault of the management. The CEO and the current managemet is ruining our beloved company 🙁

  • DSP~

    Just a customers perspective:
    Maybe Nikon is not the only one being at fault here. In my opinion even their marketing or their products may not be a major problem.
    My biggest concern are the big retail electronic shops wich are absolutely failing to advertise camera gear. They are the ones still talking about megapixels and zoom range and these factors are not taken into consideration anymore when it comes to “beginners”.

    If I read 24 MP, 3x zoom (on a DSLR with kit lens) – why should I buy one instead of taking my smartphone wich has 10x “zoom” (not knowing what digital zoom is)?
    If I read 24 MP, 99999x zoom (on a brige type camera) – why should I buy one, since my smartphone is a lot lighter?
    If I read 24 MP, 5x zoom (on a compact camera) – why should I buy one, since even my smartphone was more expensive (so it must take better images)?

    We may not solve the issue unless the advertisement of camera gear changes dramatically and shows the customers the value of a “good” camera.

    Then we can talk about all the pros wich are complaining, myself included. Mirrorless, a dedicated video camera and so on…

    • ZoetMB

      Camera shops (at least in the U.S.) do their advertising and marketing via materials provided by the camera companies and by co-op advertising. That’s advertising that at least in part is paid for by the manufacturer. I don’t have data on this, but anecdotally, I believe that Nikon substantially cut back on co-op advertising. Thom probably know more.

      Also, most advertising is not about getting you to use a product that you’re not interested in. Rather it’s about “brand choice”: Nikon vs. Sony vs. Canon vs. Olympus vs. Fuji, etc. If you don’t drive, nothing is going to get you to buy a car. So if you’re someone who is not interested in carrying around a 3 pound camera and lens, advertising is unlikely to change that even if the results were better and smartphone manufacturers are narrowing that gap with every new release.

      In bright light, non-telephoto shooting and especially when the output is an Instagram or Facebook post, smartphone photos are more than good enough for 99% of people as they already get better results than they ever got with a film point and shoot. Don’t believe me? Go dig out that old family shoebox of snapshot photos and take a look.

      • Max

        Shops in South Africa, not necessarily camera shops, write their own copy and they also put down specs that are mostly irrelevant and sometimes even wrong.

        I wonder if they will let me do some copy for them in the camera section.

      • Max

        99% of FB and instagram users never owned a film camera

        • nwcs

          Probably much less than that. Considering the number of people 35 and up using Facebook the odds are the vast majority of those in industrialized worlds used film and had film cameras. Mostly they were the ones who used it because it was the only option available and they have something better as photos are a means to an end for most.

          • Max

            Ok I badly over exaggerated, but I think of most of the people I know on facebook on instagram who have used a film camera maybe once or twice when they were very young or never used one, or only used a point and shoot and maybe played with a dslr.
            And the number of younger social media users is obviously growing rapidly.
            Maybe cameras shouldn’t try to “fit in”, but rather be marketed and even designed in such a way that young people think they are a cool thing to have, feel inspired to use them and go out and buy them.

  • IanMak

    The people are Nikon don’t understand the problem. They know smartphones are taking all their marketshare but the way forward isn’t making niche cameras or making cameras cheaper or better.

    Its making them more like smartphones. Sony sells smartphone camera sensors. Why doesn’t Nikon do that? How about put a Snapdragon chip into their camera and make it work on android where they can have an instagram or dropbox ad? I know chinese manufacturer make phones for like $200 USD using top tier snapdragon chips. They can easily add $200 onto a Nikon D810 and have it run on a super sleek snapdragon.

    Because if you cant beat them, join them.

  • Perhaps this sounds a little crazy, but I would totally buy a high quality compact camera that I could make phone calls with.

    • Maybe start a new company to make them. Call it Snapple.

    • Mr_Miyagi

      I did give some thought to the Panasonic CM1 when it first came out, but it looks as if Panasonic has no interest in releasing an updated Mk II version and it may have abandoned the whole idea.

  • FountainHead

    Recovery is a dead cat bounce.

  • bgbs

    Nikon is in trouble because it quit innovating and listening to customers’ needs.

  • Tom Taubert

    MarketWatch has an audio snippet (linked from live quotes) that suggests game-over for the consumer camera market regardless of manufacturer.

  • Dedicated cameras will always exist. People want to document what is happening around us, people want to make art, people want to freeze a special moment forever, people want to show the beauty of nature or things which our eyes can’t see because they are happening so fast…

    • Allen_Wentz

      Sure dedicated cameras will exist. But firms (like Nikon as they are today) cannot exist without continually selling a cost-effective volume of product on an ongoing basis. The onslaught of BILLIONS of increasingly competent smartphone cameras is a major disruption, to say the least.

  • xrb

    Wish Nikon comes up with a killer 4K dslr, so I can use my Nikon lenses for awesome video.

    D750 like body
    Full-frame sensor
    24MP max
    4K video / 60fps (they did on Nikon V1 lol)
    30 min or more recording not like D5
    Flip-out LCD like D5500 / Canon 70/80D
    Fast/silent AF on video like Canon 70/80D phase detect af
    Change aperture/shutter and ISO while recording like D810
    2 SD slots
    1/8000 max shutter
    Focus peaking and zebra stripes
    Flat color profile

  • SLR

    Still down around 14%. Nikon is now an acquisition target. The company is in a death spiral.

    • sandy

      Yeah, not so much.

      • SLR

        When was the last time you heard of a company killing a late stage upcoming product launch in a viable category after making substantial investments in development because they did not have the resources or the confidence to put the product in the market. That’s some desperate measures folks.

        • sandy

          Whatever. Bone head and death spiral are two different things. If they didn’t take the one time extraordinary charge they were more profitable this year than last. They are going to shrink, but they are profitable, they have plenty of cash on hand, and their stock price is already up for 2 consecutive days. Not signs of a death spiral. I’d rather they killed the late stage product than pay to bring it to market and have it crater.

          • SLR

            Your tongue is sharp but your memory short.

            Nikon has had a series of product disasters in recent years. I went through 5 D800’s before I found one that focused properly. Other high end models faced recalls and delays.

            You fail to see that what you perceive as a glitch is part of a pattern of poor management, lax fiscal planning and a slow footed response to market changes.

            There is going to be a big consolidation in the industry. This has all already happened, we are just watching pieces go through the motions they must before the King is tipped.

  • Captain Megaton

    Based on the cadence of the week – DL apology Monday, bad financials Tuesday, Canon product announcement Wednesday, Thursday would be the day for any product announcements from Nikon.

    If nothing, look for press releases only with no production product.

    • Yes, tonight would be the night for any Nikon announcement but I do not think it will happen. I have 0 indications that something is coming. If they announce something tonight, I will be surprised.

  • James Willerton

    Nikon makes some great cameras and lots of fantastic glass. In a declining market it is extremely difficult to look good, no matter what you do.

    Plenty of phantom boardroom critics around: welcome to opinion of course, but Nikon is not an amateur operation.

    Truth is that tech has stagnated for DSLRs for too long, and the main players are too risk averse to innovate, because the market is under pressure. DSLRs / largeish camera systems will not regain footing until tech pushes on and IQ leaps again.

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