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Thunderstorm and a Kugelblitz?

Thunderstorm and a Kugelblitz? By Christoph Malin (see also his previous guest posts here) On June 22nd, 2023, the heat was finally peaking after days of a heatwave around Innsbruck, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Bavaria, and South Tyrol, evening thunderstorms were predicted. and a high amount of dust limited visibility. On my way back from filming fireflies […]

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Low light astrophotography from the ISS

This long video video (25 minutes) by Christoph Malin provides a lot of interesting information on taking photographs from the ISS with Dr. Don Pettit:

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Island in the Sky: Christoph Malin talks about his time-lapse documentary of the night sky near the Island of La Palma

In today’s guest post Christoph Malin (see previous articles) talks about his journey during the making of the short documentary film Island in the Sky shot at the Island of La Palma, near the coast of Morocco (click on images for larger view): Imagine yourself resting on a lonesome hiking trail in the middle of an island, 2000 m […]

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Guest post: “Astronomer’s Paradise” time-lapse video

This week I will publish several guest posts on NikonRumors. If you have an interesting Nikon related topic you want to share, contact me. You can see all previous NR guest posts here. The first article is about the time-lapse video “Astronomer’s Paradise” by Christoph Malin (images by Christoph Malin and Babak Tafreshi). Here is the video (click on […]

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Another time-lapse landscape video from Christoph Malin

Do you remember the guest post on Time-lapse Landscape Astrophotography from Christoph Malin? He just sent me his latest video. Enjoy: Teaser: “The Island” – La Palma Time Lapse Video from Christoph Malin on Vimeo. Now on National Geographic/ thanks to NG, awesome! Imagine the world’s largest volcanic erosion crater. Then imagine an island with an […]

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Guest post: Time-lapse Landscape Astrophotography

This guest post about time-lapse landscape astrophotography is written by Christoph Malin from Austria. He has been a Nikon NPS Photographer for many years doing mainly outdoor, landscape and sports (bicycles) photography for various international magazines and bicycle manufacturers: Last year I got myself into landscape astrophotography as I was invited to do a story about that topic […]

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