What to expect next from Nikon

After the D850 announcement, it is time to update the list of expected Nikon cameras and lenses (see previous lists here):

Nikon has two new cameras that have already been registered with various government agencies but are not yet officially announced - N1546 and N1622 (both will be made in China). Here is a list of other recently annoucned Nikon cameras matched with their registartion/code number:

  • D850 - N1608 - WiFi, BT (SB)
  • D750 - N1404 - WiFi
  • D5500 - N1405 - WiFi
  • D7200 - N1406 - WiFi, NFC
  • D500 - N1501 - WiFi, BT (SB), NFC
  • D3400 - N1510 - BT (SB)
  • D5600 - N1538 - WiFi, BT (SB), NFC
  • D7500 - N1610 - WiFi, BT (SB)

BT: Bluetooth
NFC: Near Field Communication
SB: SnapBridge (uses BT or WiFi)

Thanks Silmasan for the list.

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