The three new Nikkor lenses are now available for pre-order *UPDATED*

Nikon AF-S Fisheye NIKKOR 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED lens (more info):

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 28mm f/1.4E ED lens (more info):

Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G VR lens (more info):

Nikon Coolpix W300 camera (more info):

I will add more pre-order links as they become available (B&H and Adorama will open on Thursday).

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  • Plug

    I like all of these lenses. I will certainly purchase the fisheye but the 10-20 tempts me too, I suspect reviews will be positive.

    • Husselang

      I don’t see much need for the 28mm f1.4, all the time you have both a 24mm f1.4 and a 35mm f1.4, but more wide angle DX options were sorely needed.
      I am very interested to see how the fisheye zoom turns out. I am currently shooting both FX and DX, and would love to try it out on both 🙂

      • Brubabs

        The fisheye has a minimum focus distance of 1/2-inch! There should be a lot of creative things that can be done with that.

      • Alfred Benas

        It doesn’t seem logical, but I “feel” a difference between the 24, 28, and 35. For me the 35 never worked; the 24 is a bit too wide, and I loved the 28. I gave up on the 28mm f/1.8 because of lack of confidence due to the reputed focus shift problem. I was hoping for an improved 28. Primes can be very personal.

      • jake337

        I had a 28mm f2.8 aid and I traded it in when I got the sigma 20mm f1.4 art.

        I miss the 28mm for environmental portraits. The sigma just doesnt have the same “feel”.

        • fanboy fagz

          20 is far from 28 in feel. 20 isnt even close to 24. going even 1 mm on the wider end significantly changes feel

  • Steve

    No link to announcement?

  • Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G VR F/4.5-29 Fixed Zoom Camera Lens, Black

    Price: $306.95 & FREE Shipping. Details
    This item has not yet been released.

    IS THAT THE RIGHT PRICE, SO IT IS £240, compares well to other makes, if I didn’t have the 14-24 I may consider this

    • TouchmymonkeyUK

      £329 at Jessops

    • It always upsets me when UK prices are way higher! I was hoping for a similar price but the UK links say £320. The samyang 10mm 2.8 is that price so for ultra wide and star stuff tempted by that. Mm have to wait for reviews. People seem un decided on af-P for older bodies though. My understanding is that af will work on my d7100 but turning vr off won’t.

      • Fifi

        Please, don’t compare Samyang to Nikkors! 1.4 Samyang is no way 1.4! 2 is streched, actually they are more like 2.8. They’re not bad, just not full open,

        • Nothing wrong with comparing at this price range. They are both about £320 but the samyang gives me infinity focus guide and is much faster then the 10-20 nikkor albeit without the zoom range. Besides my comment wasn’t really comparing nikkor vs samyang, it was stating that i have that option.

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    Now that’s a weird looking D820…

    • I’m lost.

    • I was not expecting the D820 to be announced today.

      • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

        I know… I just never loose faith… wait a minute! Let me check! … nope false alarm…
        I’ll keep checking!!

      • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

        5.5frame/S 8 for apps-c
        D5 af with -4ev AF
        I like what I see.

  • RC Jenkins

    According to Nikon’s press release:

    Price and Availability
    The Nikon AF-S Fisheye NIKKOR 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED will be available immediately for a suggested retail price (SRP)* of $1249.95.

    The AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G VR and AF-S NIKKOR 28mm f/1.4E ED will be available in late June for a suggested retail price (SRP)*, $309.95 and $1999.95, respectively.

    So that fisheye should be ready to go ASAP.

  • SPshooter

    Expensive & luckily non of the focal length attracted me.

  • Skyliner

    Are there really people willing to give $1,240 for a f/3.5-f/4.5 fisheye lens.

    And can we be friends?

    • Eric Calabros

      You can’t afford going out with them

    • I am actually getting one. I think it will be a great lens, I just wish it had a constant f stop.

    • Bob Thane

      Canon’s costs the same, and is a hot seller among sports and landscape photographers. Don’t see them in the wild too much, but people find them useful.

    • Charles

      I am. I have the Tamron 15-30mm that I’ll keep… It’s a nice lens and was nearly the price of the 8-15mm Nikon. I find , at times 15mm aint wide enough… I chase storms and shoot stormscapes. These type of lens’ are right up my ally.

  • Amir

    f/3.5-4.5?f/4.5-5.6?Too much f stop,too much variation f stop!That needs constant f stop with lower number!Nikon is lagging behind Sigma and Canon!

    • Chewbacca

      This lens is needed. Many people will buy it and Nikon’s profits from this lens will help them to work on more expensive lenses. Not every lens can be a $2000 product.

    • Husselang

      Why don’t you get the Sigma then? Or go FX and get the 14-24mm f2.8 (or the Tamron 15-30mm)?

      I honestly don’t see why the variation in f-stop is an issue. When you get a wide angle zoom with fixed f-stop I just feel like they have artificially capped the f-stop at the wide end to make it constant 😉

      • MB

        You can make any lens constant aperture on Nikon … just set the f stop on widest end to something same or lower than maximum on longest end … that’s it …
        As you I actually don’t see any advantage of constant aperture unless you are shooting with strobes … and having faster lens at least on one end seems more useful …

        • PhilK

          I don’t get it either.

          Are these people using handheld light meters or something?

          Perhaps if you were a videographer that wanted to maintain consistent exposure wide-open during a zoom shot.. but given the characteristics of this lens that seems like a pointless undertaking unless MAYBE they are using DX where the complete shape of the image isn’t changing as much during zooming like it does on FX.

  • Brubabs

    Amazon describes all three lenses as “fixed zoom”. What does that mean? Or is it just Amazon being creative with their descriptions?

  • doge

    28/58/105. New prime shooter kit. 100th anniversary special edition kit soon.

    • Exactly what I was thinking.

    • CBJ

      Nikon’s Bokeh Trinity.

  • jake337

    So I can already see Nikons 100th anniversary box set.

    28mm f1.4
    58mm f1.4
    105mm f1.4

    Hopefully a Df2 to go along with it.

    Not that I can afford or need any of it anyways.

    • Upvote for the last line…..

    • Proto

      All those 3 lens are like step-children — or late bloomers —
      compared to more prevalent f.1.4 of 35mm, 50mm and 85mm

      • jake337

        Well of course I would lovr the whole lineup in that box but at that price I would just get a Fuji gfx 50s.

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    • 16mm f/2.8 DX
    • 24mm f/2.8 FX
    • 165mm f/2.8 FX
    • 400mm f/4 FX
    • TC-17e III

  • Ric of The LBC

    So exciting!

  • JasonsArgonauts

    How much?!?!?! £2100 in the U.K. for a prime lens that doesn’t say Zeiss on the side of it is extortionate. I can understand the 105mm f/1.4 costing as much as it does because it’s a truly unique lens, but this is a 28mm f/1.4, not exactly the most exotic piece of glass you’ll ever buy. Buy a 24mm and stand a bit closer. Buy the 35mm and stand a bit further away. I really am shocked at how much they’re asking for this.

    • Aditya Gupta

      From what I’ve seen, the low light rendering of the old 28 1.4 is brilliant. Maybe if this can carry that tradition, it’ll be worth its price.

    • Markus

      Well, it seems to perform as good as a Zeiss and has AF. Good glas is pricey.

    • BVS

      The 24 1.4 is the same price as the 28, at least in the U.S.

      • Chris

        In the Netherlands the new 28E is about 25% more. (€2469 against €1828)

    • Spy Black

      No problem, just cut out a Zeiss logo and tape it on to the side of the lens…

      • JasonsArgonauts

        Done. I’ll preorder it now. 🙂

    • Too bad Zeiss doesn’t make a camera.

  • Nakayamahanzaemon

    Nikon has also announced five Arcrest protection filters from 67mm to 95mm. I’m not sure whether it’s available in the US or not. 77mm is 13500 yen (about 120 dollars) without taxes.

  • Brubabs

    LOL …and the 28mm f/1.4 has a zoom range of 28mm to 28mm

    • TheInfinityPoint

      If there’s focus breathing that’s technically zooming lol.

  • Isn’t the crop ratio for​ D500 4k video 2.125x or something? If it’s not too distorted cropped that tight at 8mm this could really open up the usability of the DX 4k mode.

    17mm 4k equivalent?

    This might be a must buy for D810 owners who use a D500 as a secondary.
    My D500 is my primary videography tool now. 14-24 on it feels unwieldy.

  • Charles

    I didn’t see anything noted for Weather Sealing on the 8-15mm… I will be using it on a D3s in bad weather.

    • Brubabs

      The Nikon USA website says about the 8-15mm “Weather-sealed design and Nikon’s protective Fluorine Coat for use in harsh conditions”

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    5.5frame/S 8 for apps-c
    D5 af with -4ev AF

  • D700s

    Joshua Cripps did a nice review of the lens since he shot it for Nikon’s promo photos. I like! Found it on YouTube searching for 8-15mm fisheye review.

    • br0xibear
      • D700s

        Thanks br0xibear

      • Chewbacca

        Really interesting lens. I never considered a fisheye before but this looks pretty fun.

      • Proto

        Yes!! Great video really made me consider this lens. Wonder how the distortion will be with humans in the picture… curved trees look great, but curved humans? can be artsy or nasty

      • Here’s what I really liked about the lens…A FREE TRIP TO PATAGONIA!!! Uh, I mean, it’s really sharp. It has great contrast. Built like a rock…

  • Azimuth1

    Nikon is investing in type E lenses, which means electronic control of aperture. That means to me a clear sign of a EVIL camera is coming!

    • Yes, something is coming and they will have lenses for it.

      • Charles

        Smart… Very smart.

      • MB

        If only E type lenses will be supported that means we can throw away everything else …
        Most Nikon customers won’t be able to use any lens.
        Canon is again in much better position … every EOS lens produced in the past 30 years is E type …

        • CBJ

          Probably an adapter of some sort that will cost 300 bux lol.

      • Pat Mann

        That’s really good news! And we heard it here first! NR Forever!

        • Lol 🙂 Some think that Nikon is dying because DSLRs are dying, but not many consider the option that Nikon may and will release a mirrorless camera. One day…

  • Yanny Nao

    I have 20 2.8D, I sometimes feel I need more wider lens.
    What is the use of 28 mm focal length? Any suggestions?

    • MB

      What’s the use of any lens?

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Nice to see that the 10-20 comes with the hood included, Canon makes you buy it separately for their 10-18, but then they include a nifty for only $10 more than what Nikon is going to charge for the 10-20 alone, so hopefully Nikon will do a similar kit in the not too distant future.

  • PhilK

    Looking at the Google translation – the way that product is described makes it look like they are selling those clear filters for $1000 or something. Glad to see that’s not the case.

    And that perhaps customers over here in the US might think such accessories are some kind of scam. I guess Nikon has to find something they can make a high profit margin from, tho.. 😉

  • Jonno

    The 28mm 1.4 is the lens that will make me finally jump to digital. Outstanding photojournalism lens.

  • I love that pricing eg. US/UK. On the 28mm price difference, just buy a ticket to the US, travel a bit and buy the lens there. You spend the same money but have some fun. 🙂

    • Jonno

      US prices are usually quoted without tax fella.

      • You mean the 6-10%? Or buying cross state? That is still ridiculous charge.;)

    • Ric of The LBC

      gotta pay for the fee heathcare some how

  • Daniel D

    I’ve spoken with about 40 professional photographers abut 28/1.4 and its price. USA price 1996$ vs 2079£ UK price. Conclusion is simple – if you can, buy one from US (and you are a lucky guy), or keep using your old Nikkor 28/1.4 D. Otherwise you can wait for next Sigma ART – it’s on the way.

  • At last they’ve listen a bit to customers with the 10-20mm DX, hoping it’s not already too late considering what all other serious brands have been offering these last years.

  • Ben Cushwa

    I’m still hoping that Nikon releases a pro-quality tele zoom optimized for DX cameras. Using FX glass on a D500 is all good and fine, but it’s more weight than you need to produce a DX-sized image.

  • Peter do you think we will see a 18 or 20 mm f/1.4E in the near future?

    • I don’t think so.

      • nek4life

        What about 35mm 1.4E? 😀 They seem to be updating missing D primes, I wonder when they are going to start updating G primes.

        • I think it will be a while until they start updating the G primes.

  • I love seeing these lenses being offered. Next time you think about buying into the Sony “system”, think about what you’re missing.

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