Nikon announces Coolpix W300 waterproof camera with 4K UHD video

Nikon announced the Coolpix W300 - a new waterproof camera with 4K UHD video. The camera will be available in Summer 2017 in orange, yellow and black for a suggested retail price of $389.95. Sample photos can be found here.

Pre-order links can be found here.

Press release:

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the COOLPIX W300 compact digital camera. The W300 is waterproof to 30 m, can withstand the shock of falls from as high as 2.4 m, and offers even greater performance with 4K UHD movies, all of which enable beautiful capture of the intended subject in nearly any environment.

Primary features:

1. A tough body that boasts waterproofing to depths of 30 m and the ability to withstand the shock of falls from up to 2.4 m

The W300 is waterproof to depths of 30 m, allowing those with a recreational diver's license equivalent to the PADI's Advanced Open Water Diver license, recognized the world over, to shoot photos and movies while diving to approved depths without using a separate underwater housing. The shockproof characteristics so popular with its predecessor, the COOLPIX AW130, have been improved to withstand falls from up to 2.4 m. What's more, the camera's tough body is designed not only to withstand temperatures as low as -10°C, but also to resist dust and sand providing fun, worry-free use on both a daily basis and for extreme outdoor activities.

2. Superior rendering capabilities in even the harshest conditions

The W300 is equipped with a 5x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers the wide-angle 24 mm to telephoto 120 mm*1 and offers a maximum aperture of f/2.8. It is equipped with Dynamic Fine Zoom*2, which supports zooming up to approximately 10x. An effective pixel count of approximately 16.0 million*3, a backside illumination CMOS sensor and high-performance vibration reduction (VR) function enable beautiful capture of the intended subject with effective reduction of blur caused by camera shake or subject movement, even under water and while engaged in outdoor activities.

  • Equivalent focal lengths in 35mm [135] format.
  • The zoom ratio indicated for Dynamic Fine Zoom is the combined ratio of optical zoom from the maximum wide-angle position and digital zoom.
  • May be reduced with image processing.

3. Even more beautiful movies with support for 4K UHD recording

Support for 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)/30p movie recording allows users to enjoy shooting movies with outstanding image quality. Further, exposure can be locked (AE lock) with underwater recording, achieving imaging expression with exposure as intended, even in circumstances in which the brightness of light passing through the surface of water changes. The W300 is also equipped with functions for recording not only time-lapse movies, but also Superlapse movies. Superlapse movies are recorded and saved in fast motion, enabling recording of unique movies with which changes in the subject that happen over time are compressed into minutes or even seconds.

4. A stylish design that is even easier to use with outdoor activities

As well as an elegant and stylish design that looks great for use around town, improvements to features such as the grip and shutter-release button make the W300 easier to operate, even when wearing gloves. It is also equipped with a new LED light button that can be used to turn on the LED light, convenient when preparing to take pictures or record movies, in dark surroundings.

5. The new Active Guide displays information useful for outdoor life

The camera is equipped with the new Active Guide feature that helps to enrich the user's outdoor life. By simply pressing the tool button on the side of the camera, information such as location data and altitude (water depth*) can be displayed. Altitude or water depth logs can also be displayed as graphs. What's more, verified location data can also be added to photos and movies after they are recorded.

When Underwater scene mode is selected, and when the camera automatically recognizes that it is under water in Auto mode.

6. Additional features

  • Support for SnapBridge, which enables simple upload of images to SNSs and the like
  • Pre-focus and Target Finding AF that support smooth and comfortable shooting
  • A variety of scene modes with which the camera automatically applies the appropriate settings
  • Creative mode that makes the ideal imaging expression simple
  • Available in a rich variety of colors that add to the outdoor experience

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  • tjholowaychuk


  • Eric Parker

    Wow, when the sample photos look horrible…how do you expect the real world photos to turn out?

    • Bob Thane

      Do you mean the videos? I didn’t see any photos, but maybe that’s on a different site. The videos look quite good to me. Underwater quality is always extremely limited, but this looks way better than what I get with my GoPro while diving.

    • JXVo

      Was thinking the same. Those underwater sample pics aren’t great but they look a lot better than what I get out of my AW130 when its underwater. Above the surface it performs as an average cheap p&s…..only slightly better than my smartphone but much more resilient.

      The built-in Wifi on AW130 works OK and I’m not a 30m diver so I don’t have any reason to ‘upgrade’ but these are nice cameras to have for rough stuff. Mine went kayaking, diving and hiking with lagoon crossings all in one day recently and recorded some good memories in wet and at times, very dusty conditions. Simply rinsed it off when I got home.

  • Bob Thane

    Definitely not stylish, but looks like an interesting camera. Could be a great side piece for photographers who can’t justify dropping $2000 on a DSLR housing.

    • Nemmondom Meg

      Meike dearest is about 400

  • Bob Thane

    Good find. Yeah, nothing spectacular there. Then again, demo photos always suck, so I wouldn’t discount the camera just yet. (Unless you have no use for it regardless.)

  • Yawn. So it looks like the AW130 with 4K video, Snapbridge, and most importantly – a name change. But nothing else…

  • Mr_Miyagi

    No RAW capture, no Aperture or Shutter speed Priority shooting mode…why bother?

    • 1741

      Not everybody wants or even needs those features, it’s a simple point and shoot that goes places others don’t and they will sell plenty of them

      • And yet, Olympus TG-4/TG-5: RAW capture, aperture priority.

        Just because it’s a small sensor doesn’t mean you have to dumb it down…

        • 1741

          That can be true tho the majority of people who will buy this don’t need or want those features, it’s a simple point and shoot and that is all they want, having anything other than a program mode is too complicated for them or they would never use such features, having worked in a camera shop I have a reasonable knowledge of what people want and need and how they are used, there are 3 main groups of people in photography, non photographers, amateurs and pro’s, they can all be sub divided, the former just want to take pics for memories and show friends etc of their adventures in any condition, ultimate quality and exposure etc don’t come into the equation, the moment you mention shutter speeds, iso etc it totally baffles them, some will go for the olympus as it has more on it and the others prefer simplicity as they don’t want to accidentally set something they don’t know anything about, if that makes any sense ! Prior to cam phones that’s why so many simple ps compacts sold in huge numbers

          • Mr_Miyagi

            “That can be true tho the majority of people who will buy this don’t need or want those features”

            But Nikon thinks the same people you mention need a camera that is waterproof to 30m? Have you ever done any underwater photography? At 30m depth, you lose a lot of light and a lot of color. This camera (and others like it, e.g., the Panasonic TS4, 5, 6 series) is suitable for snorkelers/freedivers who stay relatively close to the surface. The Nikon 1 AW1, which I own, is a much more robust uw camera. However, it is waterproof only to 15m, which is not deep enough for scuba diving. Several of the cancelled DL models with accessory uw cases would have been perfect for underwater photography. It’s almost as if Nikon has no clue what their customers need or want…..

            • 1741

              Almost all d3/4/5 users will never go into orbit even tho it’s capable of it

        • bonem


        • ZoetMB

          And Olympus costs $60 more, although RAW capture would be worth the price difference to me. But I think the typical consumer is taking this on vacation and just wants to be able to capture something without a lot of hassle. Typically, they’ll give it to their kids to use and these aren’t people who are processing raw images. I think most consumers would care far more about how easy it is to transfer images to their phones so they can post them on social media sites, than they care about Raw or aperture priority. Consumers want it dumbed down, just like their phones have been dumbed down and do all the work for them.

          But what if Nikon did a “pro” version with a DX sensor, included Raw, etc., and priced it under $1K? I think there’s a short window for these cameras, because you know Samsung or another Android phone maker is going to come up with a model that can shoot underwater for extended periods of time.

      • Mike Nottingham

        Well RAW and the increased ability to adjust white balance is very useful underwater ! Gopro Hero 5 even has it…..
        I usually use shutter priority underwater to catch fast moving fish. As they make quite a fuss about this camera being for divers I am a bit surprised these features are lacking.

        • Piooof

          There’s a sport mode that must be a mock-S mode. But no NEF, for sure. Does this mean Nikon still has some ambition of releasing a Nikon 1 AW2?

          • bonem

            I hope so. I’ve been waiting for a solid compact uw camera. This one seems better than the last version. Good video quality. Lacks raw-temp control-etc in post otherwise that turtle video wouldn’t have been so blue I’m sure.
            Since they don’t have a higher option for uw camera with raw, why didn’t they add it? Or did the aw1 have it?

            • Piooof

              Yep the AW1 (like all Nikon 1) has NEF output.

            • bonem

              Oh gotcha. I don’t think I pulled the trigger on the aw1 for some reason. It didn’t seem to stack up to a good package for the price maybe. Something.
              Anyway, an updated aw2 would be great!

            • Nemmondom Meg

              Agreed. I was ok with the j5 sensor mch better than v2 and not that much worst than d7200 what is a hge disapointment for me. So that sensor o a newer as it is like 2 years old at least, with viewfinder an rugged body, could make miracles. (and with normal wireless flash support)

        • 1741

          You don’t seem to be able to comprehend that others would never use raw or anything other than program mode, you only seem to see things from a serious amateurs point of view an not from those who just aren’t interested in photography as a hobby, they just want to turn the camera on fire the shutter and that’s it over an done with, no messing about on a computer just upload it job finished, as photographers we know you can get better results by using raw, s,a,m mode iso etc but they are not interested in any of that, it’s part of the reason there’s not many taking up this hobby as there are no very simple cheap ilc cameras, they all have modes an buttons an menu’s that lots find way too complicated along with price it puts most newbies off so they just stick with their phones as they get (to them) decent results

    • I agree, it should have at least A/S Priority. I don’t understand why Nikon wouldn’t put those features in what should be its best waterproof/shockproof camera. Olympus does it.

  • Narren Rot

    So they cancel DL series, yet they release this crap? I start to believe their decisions making is made over the magic 8 ball…

    • Francis Lou

      I think it is reasonable coz your smartphone can replace DL but you can’t bring your smartphone to dive. Those waterproof is not for swimming. The key concept of current camera is to escape from those markets which directly compete to cam phone.

    • FountainHead

      Signs point to yes.

  • Ivan

    Just the camera Nikon needed to respond to A9, GH5, Fuji’s etc..
    Seems like we reached the bottom, but will keep on digging below.
    Why, oh why did I stick to Nikon so many years

  • Any way to grade the video to remove the blue colour cast?

  • C-M

    Nikon once had Nikonos now this?

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