New Nikon D3400 and D5600 firmware upgrades improve Snapbridge connectivity

Nikon released new firmware updates for the D3400 ($397) and D5600 ($697) DSLRs with improved pairing and connectivity between the camera and the Android versions of the SnapBridge app:

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  • Brent Rawlings

    What about the D500? I guess we can assume the D7500 will come with the new and improved version right out of the box?

  • MB

    So far we have 3 firmware revisions for D3400 … 2 for D5400 … not to mention other cameras … and couple of versions of Snapbridge app itself for Android and iOS … all released only to try to fix some Snapbridge issues … isn’t this too much of an effort to support an app that has very limited value if any …

    • Max

      They’re letting us, the user, do all the testing for them…

      • Eric Calabros

        Which is strange. Many of these users could list all the issues after playing with that for only 15 minutes.

    • Sawyerspadre

      I have to disagree. If Snapbridge actually worked well, and intuitively, it would be of great value to users, and to Nikon. Sharing photos to social media is a big deal for the D3xxx and D5xxx set. Both of my daughters use D5100s and use the Apple SD card reader to transfer to phone, or iPad to share. They both LOVE Instagram.

      Instagram and Facebook are the fully customizable “photo galleries” for everyone younger than the average Nikon Rumors user.

      I think Nikon can sell more cameras, if they can convince them that it can be easy to share, and the photos you get from a real camera are an order of magnitude better than your mobile phone. The roadblocks are easy sharing, and if young people want to carry a camera that is much bigger than their phone.

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        Now, if only IG would fix crop restrictions. Damn them! Damn!

      • T N Args

        Yes, SnapBridge is a great idea but I haven’t been able to get my wife’s nice new D5600 to load up those 2MB JPEGs to her (iOS) devices in a nice, seamless way. The settings are right, because it starts doing it, but as soon as you close the smart device it seems to stop or pause uploading the images, so we open it hours later and hardly any images are there.

  • Eric Calabros


    • sickheadache

      Please send an email to the President of Nikon Akihiro “Godzilla” Nikon and explain you are a Beta Tester for his wonderful Products and he will send you Cash! I Promise.

  • manattan

    Is Nikon attending WWDC this year? They really should as they need to move from laggards to leaders in software if they hope to survive.

    • Thom Hogan

      I’d rather they hire great iOS programmers.

      • Bob Thane

        Forget hiring, they need to buy a start-up. Good programmers don’t want to work for Nikon, but offer them a few million and you might just get lucky.

      • manattan

        Where do you think those great iOS programmers are? 😉

        • silmasan

          er.. busy working somewhere–anywhere there’s coffee?

  • SteveWithAnS

    I was on vacation and I have a D500 and Galaxy S8+ and tried to transfer photos via snapbridge and it would absolutely not work. My camera said the connection was successfully made, but then snapbridge on my phone said the connection failed, lol. I got snapbridge to work briefly about a year ago, but since connectivity sucked I haven’t used it since then, but now it doesn’t even work on my D500 and new phone. What a joke. I love nikon cameras and lenses, but snapbridge still makes me laugh.

    • DSS

      Same here with a Samsung S7 Edge. Absolutely will not work, even with the new Snapbridge update. My D750 still has far more connectivity and use with the WMU app than the D500 does with Snapbridge. The D750 and WMU will connect faster, download faster AND I can transfer RAW files! Can’t do any of that with the D500, even though it boasts WiFi, Bluetooth AND NFC! Ridiculous. Just plan embarrassing.

      • RHC

        The WMU is a piece of $#!T. I used the sony, its very better than Wmu, faster, more functions and transfer images with full resolution, including raw files. What a shame, Nikon.

    • Brent Rawlings

      The only place I can reliably transfer pics from my D7100 to my iPhone is at my inlaws farm in the middle og nowhere. where there is no wifi. Even then I have to put my phone into airplane mode. But it works great there. Anywhere else just doesn’t work reliably for me.

  • BVS

    Maybe I just got lucky or something, but I had the opportunity to try out Snapbridge for the first time recently with a D3400 and my old Samsung S5, and surprisingly it worked pretty well! Pairing was easy and didn’t have any connection issues. Transferring files wasn’t completely intuitive, and a little slow due to the BTLE limits, but worked well enough and seemed like it could be a useful tool. Maybe D3400 got more development love?

  • Amir

    Dear Admin,I believe you should update your ‘Buying Guide’ section with these:New Nikon released lenses,and D7500 body.Thank you!

  • Nikon King

    Do they improve anything else? I couldn’t care less about spam like snapbridge on the camera.

    • James Michael

      I wish that Nikon was more customer friendly with their firmware updates. Some years ago my Sony TV had an audio issue, so I checked online and found a firmware update. To my surprise they redid some menus and added a few features, as well as fix the sound problem. Nikon should do this for all their cameras, if there is a feature reasonable to add. It seems like once Nikon has your money they don’t care.

      • Nikon King

        Yeah Nikon never adds any features. I’m glad they’re old fashioned with some things but they never throw a bone for their customers.

  • RHC

    More than one year last since Wireless app for d750. There’s no evolution and the software is slow, bad interface, bad functions. Almost nothing. Come on, Nikon. Come on!

    • I will not defend Nikon here, but they are trying – they released multiple updates this year already. Of course this is not an excuse and the software should work from day one. Eventually they will get right one day.
      How are the smart phone solutions from other manufacturers? I recently read an interview with Panasonic and they said they want to create something “like Snapbridge”. The actually gave Nikon as an example…
      I’ve used Leica’s iphone app and while it works, it is a pain to connect every time you want to use it.

      • Bill Ferris

        Agreed. Before Nikon can fully move forward with the rollout of the new products and features, they need to make the current product and feature lines more reliable and bug-free. Improving Snapbridge is key. Today’s products are only as relevant as they are reliably connected. Nikon’s effort to improve Snapbridge is on the mark.

      • RHC

        Hi Peter. I used the Sony. They soft can transfer raw images, full res jpgs and a low res file. Its faster to transfer and control the camera. The preview is perfect instead change the settings isn’t perfect, but a million years ahead of Nikon WMU. WMU its almost a bad joke.

  • zipduck

    Meanwhile SB still doesn’t work with an S8..

    • Sawyerspadre

      How has it been with iOS? In our business, we setup a lot of mobile phone apps for home automation, and we find we can budget 15 minutes for iOS, and we have to spend over an hour to get Android working.

      It seems to be related to the various versions of Android and the slight differences in UI and compatibility that creates. iOS seems more consistent.

  • Gonçalo Inácio

    doesn’t work with the 1.11 and 1.12 no name camera on snapbridge.

    (Nikon d3400)

  • Em Anthony

    Why has the bluetooth on my D3400 stopped working, i gave taken one camera back to the store with the same problem and had an exchange. But on setting up the new one, the blutooth is again shaded out and I am still unable to activate the bluetooth. as well as the location setting,
    Is there a work around or is this a common fault with this Camera.
    If so then should they be recalled and sorted as they are now being sold under false pretence of a working bluetooth, which is the reason I bought the camera in the first place

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