Nikon is rumored to announce five new Nikkor lenses in 2017

In addition to the D820 and D7300 Nikon is rumored to announce five new Nikkor lenses this year (as of today Nikon still has two camera models that have already been registered with various government agencies but are not yet announced: N1546 and N1610).

The Nikon D750 replacement is rumored for late 2017 or early 2018.

It is still not clear what will be Nikon's future mirrorless solution and when it will be announced, but there is a good chance that nothing will happen anytime soon - at least not in 2017 (the pictures above are just design concepts by broxibear).

The future of the Nikon 1 is also not clear.

I still would like to think that Nikon will do something big for their 100th anniversary, but there is a possibility that we will only see the Nikon D5 and D500 limited editions sets.

Nikon is going through a major restructuring and I just think it will be a while until we see the results of it. Nikon even canceled their lens-only rebates they have been doing for years during the February-March timeframe.

Here again are some of the key points Nikon made regarding their future plans:

  • This is a quote: "bringing in multiple mirrorless cameras at an early stage"
  • In the future Nikon will concentrate their resources on mid-to-high-end DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses.
  • Nikon will have fewer models in the future.
  • Nikon still wants to develop a high-end compact camera.
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  • TheBronx

    If I were Nikon, I’d introduce the D760 before the D7300; an opportunity to get DX owners (with bodies a few years old) to move/upgrade towards FX. That has been their goal for many years.

    I upgrade to every other release. In my case, owning a D7100, if the D7300 comes out first (with the tilt screen that I want), I will definitely upgrade to it and ignore the D760. If the D760 comes out first, I will give some thought towards upgrading to it.

  • DSP~

    When I visit NR, I always think to myself:
    People are discussing about their wishes and demands all the time – what do I need, do I really need something new, what does Nikon offer, what do I really want Nikon to offer me?

    And I just right now, I came to the conclusion that:
    – Nikon does not offer anything I need right now
    – But Nikon offered me everything that I work with right now and what gets the job done so that my customers are satisfied. I can wait for Nikon to finish restructuring the company until I need an upgrade
    – There will always be things that I dislike about every piece of my gear
    – The main causes for “bad” shots are human error, wrong lenses and wrong accessories
    – There are no Nikon lenses that I want to buy (price/performance wise), Tamron and Sigma will be considered for a 24-70mm and possibly a 35mm
    – My B cam is a D600, I have to deal with the fact that it is a beginner FF camera and does offer an inferior AF performance to my D750
    – I don’t need a new camera at the moment. But the buffer rates, memory slots and USB connection have to be upgraded in future cameras
    – Nikon needs to offer a m4/3 or APS-C video camera with 4k, log, peaking, good AF and decent low light performance without a 30 minute recording limit – Panasonic is taking all my income at the moment because of my video needs

    Bottom line: I am fine with the gear that Nikon offers at the moment or offered when I bought it. I don’t need an upgrade but there are issues that need to be addressed in the future if Nikon wants someone like me to stay with their gear.

    • It’s not only on NR that people are expressing there wishes. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Anyway, it’s a good thing that sometimes someone expresses its satisfaction too. So you’re perfectly right on every points. Whereas I may be wrong but the D500 is quite more than OK with video performances. I’m not a specialist, by far, though. If you already have Nikon, it would be a more logical and satisfactory choice, wouldn’t be ?

      • Max

        Do you think someone at Nikon reads these things? Someone who is paid to do so as part of research?

  • outkasted

    Here is what I think Nikon needs to do. Just like Nikon has the Nikon Pro Services (NPS), Nikon needs to have an Advanced amatuer, Semi Pro Service (NASPS). With membership Semi Pros can get more services above the consumer. Many of us do not shoot full time to make NPS services cut but I would be one to pay a yearly fee to access better quality services such as:
    -Camera Repair and Cleaning
    -Special Discounts and incentives
    -Tiered Services i.e. Gold, silver ,bronze
    -Access to exclusive video and learning tools
    -Maybe a path to NPS after a couple of years (grandfathered-in)
    Any other ideas you guys can suggest…comments below.

    • MY OB

      You are assuming Nikon is moving toward a “Customer Friendly” profile. Currently, they only care about the Shareholder, and this is where they FAIL! This company has lost site of who butters their rice.

      • Bukakke Comet

        I am sipping my coffee agreeing with your comment, then I get to the very last line, and coffee was spit all over my pajamas. Wow just wow. Way too funny.

      • Tieu Ngao

        They eat their rice with soy sauce and drink sake, they don’t need butter haha…

        But I agree with you that without the support from customers, the shareholders will walk away with their money to invest somewhere else.

      • outkasted

        indeed! Totally agree. But if I’m a consumer spending loads of $$$ on Nikon Equipment you would think they would pay e closer attention. If I’m willing to purchase an $12,000 lens and I may not be an NPS member simply because I’m not a full time pro, then at least reward me with a tiered level of above average services

  • vwking

    Sorry, but the two mirrorless design concepts shown above are non-starters from a marketing point of view. They are too modern, too clean and sleek. There is only one camera company in the world that can successfully market a camera with sleek German Bauhaus design. It is not Nikon. As long as they’re going to design a new mirrorless camera from scratch, I think Nikon will do well to create a “classic”, not just for serious photographers, but also for “collectors”. Its a business necessity to expand the market in order to sustain the business. The Df didn’t appeal to “collectors” because it may have captured the looks of a classic camera, it did not capture the “spirit” of a classic camera. It had the looks but not the feel. Look to the Fuji X-Pro2, or Olympus Pen F. Better yet, Nikon need look no further than their own model-S and SP cameras from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Just fix that razor sharp finger cutting focusing wheel !! If Nikon is to survive, it needs to build products that appeal to more than just those who buy for function and performance.

  • Chewbacca

    Throughout history, The people living in the present never seem to realize they are the ones living in the past in some regard. This happens in art, medicine etc. I think that is what is happening with camera technology.
    I’m not sure a new D7300 or a D820 is going to change the fate of Nikon in the end whatever that may be. But, I really do think they need to blaze a new trail somehow.

  • Stephen Gatley

    I am still waiting for a bloody 135mm 1.8 when Nikon? I couldn’t care less about the flat no contrast 105mm 1.4!

    • Eric Calabros

      If 105 1.4 is flat no contrast to you, abandon the photography and find another hobby.

      • Stephen Gatley

        Sorry Erik some photographers are spoilt on quality I can’t be held accountable if you consider McDonald’s a high class restaurant!

    • br0xibear

      I think the 135mm could well be one of the “rumoured five”, but I don’t think it’ll be a f/1.8…f/2

      • Davo

        If you can accept some MP loss, 105/1.4 cropped 1.3X pretty much gives you 135/1.8.

    • EnPassant

      135mm is such close to 105mm that I don’t think a 135/1.8 lens will be released this year as the 105/1.4 is still such new.
      135/1.8 should be released some day, but propably not before sales of 105/1.4 start slow down, so maybe in 2019?
      But you could of course hope I am wrong.

    • Wesley

      *looks at avatar* And here I thought you liked flat no contrast…?

      • Stephen Gatley

        Looks at your avatar ohh nothing nvm!

        • Wesley

          This default avatar has more contrast than yours…
          Your first comment was ironic and your reply unoriginal

          Had to take off my Nikon Vader avatar so I don’t get no fanboy trolls.

    • Davo

      If you think the 105/1.4 renders flat with no contrast, what makes you think a Nikon 135/1.8 will do any better?

  • drororomon

    *Tinfoil hat on*
    What if one of the five is a new macro lens, the other being the 14-24 refresh, and the last three of those lenses are for their new very hypothetical mirrorless line?

    • Bukakke Comet

      I’d be interested in a brand new Macro/Micro lens from Nikon.

      • peter w

        28mm F2 ~ F2,8 macro, that would be nice.

        And perhaps another one to mount on a bellows.

  • sickheadache

    Dear Nikon Please Re Design your outdated 50mm series of lenses. Others (Sigma) out performs your extremely outdated series of 50mm. Please do not produce another 18-55mm for the dx queens. Eight of them are enough.

    • arrrr32

      I have the Sigma 50MM ART lens, it is huge and heavy. My 50MM D lens is small and light. Also, I find the Sigma 50MM and 35MM ART lenses have huge lens flare and ghosting compared to their Nikon counterparts. Sharpness is not the only factor in lens design and Sigma falls short in a couple of places for me.
      Not saying Nikon could use an upgrade, but I’m not sure what I would prioritize.

      • sickheadache

        I have 50 art and 35 art…I don’t get those lens flare…dx queens get those when they don’t know what they are doing…The 50’s from Nikkor are so out of date and compared to Sigma’s…just a purple mess and truly not as sharp and just cannot keep up.

        • Sawyerspadre

          What is a DX queen? Does that include D500 owners? If meant as some sort of derogatory term, I don’t get how a DX camera might someone a queen? Is DX for aging monarchs in the UK?

        • Tony

          It’s more a case that the Nikon 50’s were designed with different parameters in mind, than that they are ‘out of date’. Nikon lens are generally designed to strike a good balance between optical quality and physical compactness, whilst Sigma give absolute priority to sharpness (Sigma ART 50mm 1.4 is 815g, Nikon 50mm 1.4 is 280g!). For my own use, there is no way that I would carry around a 50 weighing 815g.

          I can’t say that I ever noticed the purple mess to which you refer but, sure, if Nikon could design a stellar 50 which had better edge sharpness at larger apertures, without sacrificing portability, then I would be interested.

          • Viktor

            Thing is the construction abilities. Case you want better sometimes means more elements, therefore more glass and therefore more mass. The thing is that “every product has got its buyer”. Someone wants lightweight, someone sharpness, soneone bokeh….. It is only about specifying everyones needs.
            However this class Nikon 50mm with excellent optical quality will probably never exist, because they would outperform their 58mm.
            Those 50ies are just low cost lightweight easy to buy easy to wear toys. We cannot expect more on them…. 🙁
            I am fine with 1.8 for mountain walk, but for professional purposes I do need to carry out that Sigma.

      • Viktor

        I have them both (for historical reasons and lazines to sell the Nikkors) and I have not encountered the lens flare on Sigma you are talking about.
        Last week I was shooting against sun and none of the Art photos had flare 🙂 Excellent pictures and sun always in the image circle (sunset and sun behind hair to be precise, but you do not need to have direct sun in the picture for these focal distances, its not a 15mm ultra wide :D).
        Yes they are heavy, but its worth to wear the quality while its so good 🙂
        My Nikkors stay at home most of the time, their softness and abr wide opened is irritating me. 50/1.8 is good for its price and light weight, but 1.4 is uninteresting at all…..

        For pro usage the Sigma 35 and 50 Art are great and worth to wear! At least for me 🙂

  • Rod P

    I would like to see a pro 24-105 similar to the one Canon has

    • Bob Thane

      The Nikon 24-120 isn’t that far off from the new Canon 24-105 at most focal lengths. Would be nice to see an updated version, but definitely still a good lens for its class.

      • Tieu Ngao

        If there’s an update for 24-120 I hope that it’s significantly better than the 24-85 to tempt me. Oh, and the price must be reasonable too!

        • Allen_Wentz

          The DX 16-80 and sister FX 24-120 are significantly better than the 24-85. High priced though.

          • Tieu Ngao

            It has to be considerably better than the Sigma 24-105 to be worth upgrading from 24-85, IMHO.

            • Allen_Wentz

              If you like Sigma.

  • Jacek Siminski

    300 2.8 update is coming. I’d love an ultra wide fast zoom for dx though.

  • DrNo666

    14mm, 16mm fisheye, 135mm, 180mm and 200mm micro are extremely old… but not directly any bestsellers so I am not sure about any updates there. Of course they will continue with E versions and FL upgrades. But when it comes to completely new things it would be interesting to see more PF.

  • Nikita

    Five new lenses? Probably replacements. I continue to wish for a fast DX UWA prime, i.e., DX 10mm 2.8 (AF, filter thread, and removable hood for compact travel).
    Thank you.

  • CBJ

    135mm 1.8E VR; 200mm 2.8 Micro. I will buy both if they are released 🙂

  • Gerard Roulssen

    200/2E FL, 300/2.8E FL, 400/4E PF, 28/1.4E, 135/2E, 50/1.4E, PC 24/3.5E, PC 45/2.8E, PC 85/2.8E, new wide-angle E f/2.8 zoom … all possible …

    • EnPassant

      But not all of them at the same year. The PC lenses are already E lenses. That’s why they have the letters PC-E in their name.

      • Gerard Roulssen

        Ues, but there is a difference between PC NIKKOR E and PC-E NIKKOR lenses, RTFM

        • EnPassant

          Care to explain the difference? E stands for Electronic aperture and nothing else. Therefore the PC-E lenses already are E lenses.
          If you think about adding free movements to the old lenses just like PC Nikkor 19mm f4 E that has nothing to do with where Nikon put the E in the lens name.

  • Allen_Wentz

    Sure someone reads us. The question is does upper management listen? And despite being opinion leaders, we are a (likely atypical) tiny subset of buyers. What is important is for Nikon to have a solid, statistically righteous market research feedback mechanism in place that accesses their overall market.

    Having lived in that market for decades I can confidently state that no such righteous feedback exists at Nikon.

  • Pat Mann

    If they just used the cameras, they would see these things. They’re pretty fundamental to actual users. Perhaps Nikon should just issue cameras to their employees, and then give them a questionnaire now and then.

    • Allen_Wentz

      That is probably exactly what Nikon does. And that is NOT market research, and it shows.

  • I was hoping for a Df2 with two card slots and better AF system. Financially, I totally see why it might get scrapped, but I hope not.

  • pjpo

    I would love to see their mirrorless be a new Df that can do mirror that can have sensor PDAF when using live view or regular DSLR’s af when using the ovf. Best of both worlds, retro look, lighter weight, keep F-mount. I’d drop my A7Rii for that.

    • Alex Ionas

      No mirror, no ovf. Best of both worlds would be the same size as a DSLR. Only the true mirrorless would have the weight/size advantage.

      • pjpo

        technology just isn’t there yet for mirrorless to have DSLR af. This is comparing my D800 to A7Rii with native lenses or with LA-EA3 adapter. I don’t see Nikon using Sony’s SLT, but I could see them using a PDAF sensor like they have in the 1. So basically, I’m trying to stick to realistic. A full mirrorless F-mount would have wasted space or inability to use F-mount lenses due to flange distance. Keep in mind that The good Sony FE lenses aren’t really small, and a bigger body/grip helps out to balance them.

        • Alex Ionas

          of course, we were talking about an ideal situation. Some day mirrorless af will probably equal or even beat the current dslr af but till then i think each of us should make a choice based on our own needs. Sports, events and wildlife shooters will obviously choose af speed versus portrait/landscape/astro etc. who will always choose resolution. I don’t think that a all-in-one solution would fit the budget of the majority of the users and I’d rather see them having a solid line to choose from.

    • Markus

      F-mount means 60mm+ thickness at the area of the mount. If you use the F-mount a mirror has more benefits than disadvantages. I wonder if some kind of hybrid viewfinder is possible. SLT technology is really tempting to me.

      Otherwise we will see a new mount.

      • KnightPhoto

        We just need an optional EVF for our DSLRs and on-sensor PDAF, then very little need for mirrorless 😉

      • Max

        A new mount is inevitable. I can see how frustrating that is for Nikon when one of their biggest strengths is their lens lineup. I’m sure there will be an adaptor.

  • Rafael

    I’m waiting THAT Nikon FX mirrorles from 2011…
    I hope to see it by the end of this century. -.-

  • Thinkpad_T60

    Don’t care. Where are the DLs ?

  • I’d love to see a PC-E 24mm f/3.5 replacement on the sharpness level of the new 19mm. That would be very interesting in the context of a D810 successor, but I guess I’m no the mass market that will be served this year. Wonder if a PC-E update is close and what Thom thinks;)

    • Viktor

      That 24PC is already good enough, however I have not had the new 19PC in my hands yet. Is it really so better, please? Suppose you have it on D8xx….

      • I received some feedback on the new 19 from a very experienced architecture photographer who said the 19 is way better than the 24, which he is not using due to the limitations when shifted on a D810.
        I’ve compared the 24mm with the canon 24 TS-E and use the Canon 17/24mm combo on a Sony a7R2 due to the sharpness difference. For all other photography, I stick to my trusty Nikon gear.

        • Viktor

          I am surprised…. Thank you for information. I will check that 19PC out and I’ll try to get it to my hands for some deeper investigation. I do not have a7 to use Canon PCs 😀

  • AYWY

    5 new lenses for the new Nikon MILC.

    Believe. 😛

  • Theodore Birke

    Any chance the new lenses in 2017 might include DX ?

  • Alexander Otto

    Please update the 16-35 f/4! That’d be a blast. Without VC, because – wait for it – Nikon finally implements VC into their bodies! I’d get that in a heart beat.

  • Ric of The LBC

    no Capture NX3?

    • Allan

      Me too. I love NX2. But we all know that it is not going to happen.

  • animalsbybarry

    So DBI …the technology Sony has licensed for some of its most advanced sensor/ processor capabilities is being licensed to other manufacturers as well

    It seems logical to me that Nikon can have someone other than Sony build their 2 layer PD sensor patent in a 33mp 1″ size capable of 4K video
    That can be combined with their 7.4-600mm f 2.8 lens patent ( 20-1620mm equivalent) to produce a really amazingly versatile and compact camera

    That would certainly put Nikon back on the map’-DBI®-Technology

  • Max Dallas

    BSI the D810, tilt screen and/or tilt EVF, 4k video and take my money.

  • Jason Warner

    Three lenses I’m looking for are a redo of the 17-55 f2.8 with VR and a companion DX 50-150 f2.8 with VR. Also like to see a 23 or 24mm DX f2 prime.

  • Robert King

    Am anxious to see the new Nikon 300 2.8 FL.

  • WorldWiseWeb

    Nikon totally needs to get better at communication
    and online presence

  • M Ark

    The above article was published in March, 2017. It’s now nearly December 2017 and I’m wondering about the statement “Nikon still wants to develop a high-end compact camera”
    Here are some notable compact Nikons, and the release date
    Coolpix P7800 (2013)
    Coolpix A (2013) – the price was too high
    Coolpix P340 (2014)
    Nikon L830 (2014)

    A quick review of Best Compacts for 2017 did not show any Nikons.

    I don’t get their business model: High end DSLRS, low end compacts. I’m a Nikon user, my loyalty is primarily due to good after-sales service; with their latest AF-P lenses I’m wondering “Does the lens resolution fit the sensor resolution?” and if not then is a reasonable suspicion of forced obsolescence warranted? I’ll ask the experts to answer this, which includes you, Thom : ) .

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