First set of rumored Nikon D7300 camera specifications

Here is the first set of rumored specifications for the Nikon D7300 DSLR camera:

  • 20MP sensor (same sensor from the D500)
  • 4K video
  • 51 points AF
  • SnapBridge

I do not have an announcement date yet.

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  • AYWY

    Since the Canon 80d gets an articulated screen – yes that needs to be a D7300 feature.

    Otherwise they might as well cancel this like they canceled the DLs. Can’t sell this over the D7200 just based on cropped 4K, Snapbridge (:p) , and the 20MP sensor.

    Edit: Plus aperture control in live-view, darn it.

  • James Jackson

    Surprised they’re using the same sensor. For sure thought they would use a 24mp, and gear it more towards image quality and less towards speed, action and low light. Seems like it’s just going to be a nuetered version of the d500.

  • Randy Stiefer

    So lower resolution. If they give it d500 performance it may well cannibalize d500 sales. They should buy the sony sensor in the a6500 to give on sensor pdaf for better video autofocus. 24mp. 6fps. 24 raw buffer. Dual sd cards. 4k video. $1000 price tag.This would make it more apealing as a compliment to rather than alternative to the d500. They’d be smart to start churning out affordable video friendly lemses a la canon’s STM lenses.

  • dabug91

    Seeing as how the D7300 would be an enthusiast/bordering on pro camera body, I could see them including 4K video to give them an instant edge over Canon’s offerings. But they could also easily skip adding 4K as to not cannibalize sales of the D500. If the D7300 gets 4K and no flippy screen, just how many people would be willing to spend $800 more for the D500 just for more AF points, higher-res flippy screen, LED buttons, and 3 more frames of continuous shooting and XQD?
    I also don’t see them shying away from the 24MP sensor, but who knows. I am betting the D7300 will have the same sensor that’s in the D5600.

    • darkedgex

      I think they’d be hard pressed to get people to buy it without 4K video. Even point and shoots are starting to get 4K video, and with cameras like GoPro and KeyMission having 4K support… it’d be nuts to keep it from an enthusiast line like the D7X00…

      As for the upgrade differences: I may have missed something, but doesn’t the D500 basically have non-stop shooting (thanks to the deep buffer capacity)? I doubt a D7300 would get that. A higher FPS and more focus points are valuable to folks shooting sports or wildlife, and you get the added flash connectivity with the D500 that you’re unlikely to get with a D7300.

      Will everyone see the value of spending $800 more? Nah. But that’s the reason we have choices. 😛

  • darkedgex

    4K video: yes, but lower resolution: no. I get that it’d be a side effect of using the same sensor as the D500, but… or at least use more of the sensor when doing video to up the quality.

    I’ve actually seriously considered just getting a D500. I just don’t like the idea of having two different memory card slots. I wish they’d either given us two SD card slots, or two different D500 models so you could choose (as they did with the D5). I’m sure XQD is great, but the way I use dual slots (basically mirror the shots to both cards) wouldn’t really provide any benefit.

    Hopefully, if nothing else, they give us the backlit hardware buttons like the D500 has. I could see those being convenient. 😛

  • nicola foulkes

    As a landscape shooter I do not like the idea of a dumbed down D500. I shoot the D7100 and I would prefer a decent upgrade for this camera that fits to landscape photography.
    If you have the top 2 crop sensor camera’s in Nikon line up both aimed at wildlife and action photography, where are the landscape photographers supposed to go to FF or move to another brand.
    If Nikon did buy Samsung, what about the beautiful 28 megapixel sensor from the NX1….. Time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

  • Reggie

    They rolled out out to match the resolution of the D5 because that’s the resolution that their new processing engine was designed for. Are you trolling? I’m done either way. Your constant personal insults combined with stunning levels of stupidity are just too much.

  • SFF53

    If nikon made a set of small, fast primes for aps-c i would gladly move back to nikon.

  • Douglas Miles

    A (very knowledgeable) little bird told me that there will be no new DX models released by Nikon in 2017. If they were, they´d already be announced. Nikon will be rolling out one or two new FX models for their 100th anniversary with the announcement coming around their actual anniversary date (July 25).
    And I do hope he´s wrong but he usually isn´t.

  • Apiv Arnyik

    It looks like Nikon doesn’t have resources to develop new 24MP sensor with 4K video for D7300, so they decided to use the sensor from D500. That clearly degrade the picture quality compared to D7200 sensor in RAW mode. I’m buying camera to take pictures and the video is just secondary. I would rather have the sensor from D7200 and the autofocus system from D500 than the other way around.

  • psv

    buffer ?

  • Steve7

    Interesting news. I’ve got to say, at this point I’m very happy with D7200. For me there is only one reason where I would definitely upgrade…..51 cross type sensors, I’ve lost too many photos using the non cross types, so much so that I stick to that strip of 21 cross type sensors all the time which is a little restricting.

  • psv

    is a very expensive camera compared with its main competitor .
    Canon EOS 7D Mark II ( 1675 euros ) ; D500 ( 2295 euros ) , this means a 620 euros gap. it is a lot of money.
    Most sports photographers still use canon in Portugal and if we look to a soccer game we will see much more white lenses then black ones.
    so bringing up a D7200 update can be good idea. Special if someone want to start to shot sports, and have to choose form a 1300 € body , vs. a 1675 € or a 2295 € body.
    8 fps is very good special if they are native at 14 bits, and not in a crop mode ( D7200 performs 7 fps at 12 bit -crop mode ).
    Having a less MB sensor …. (ok , we already know there are a sensor shortage on the market, and Nikon is having a problem with that….)
    D7200 24 mb sensor is extremely good. not everybody needs to shoot at completely dark environment. and reality D7200 sensor has more detail over D500 20 MB sensor, try it and you will see.
    I am glad Nikon is bringing new or update products to us , but prices are
    extremely high, and other brands will take a advantage of it.

  • cBBp

    having become a landscape sort of guy I think That if the D820 has a tilt screen i’ll buy it simply for that….

  • cBBp

    They should just stop with DX… they obviously have little interest in DX lenses.

  • thundrrd

    Yep, you said it and still I see people commenting …
    Nikon is not going to make the DL, when are they updating the D810 … they should come out with a new DF … I cannot shoot anything if they never make a mirrorless camera … have you heard anything about a D5s … is it time for a new D501 (oh wait, that’s Levis) … Nikon hasn’t put out a good camera in years, I’m switching to Sony.

  • All I want is a full frame sensor with everything else of a D-500 for less than $2500. Too much to ask? Come on Nikon

  • sjms

    why would we take a step backwards on an already very good body?

  • vwking

    A mini-D500 with an affordable price sounds interesting. I’m using the D500 for main and a D7000 for backup. The D7000 is getting ready to retire.

  • DaveyJ

    Looks good to me. All depends on how it stacks up compared to my D7200. I use the D500 my son owns occasionally, it is a great camera.

  • DaveyJ

    We desperately need DX lenses. It is deplorable that most lens like the 200-500 Nikon, and the Tamron G2 150-600 are FX lens. Bigger and more expensive than they need to be!

  • DaveyJ

    Using the D500 sensor makes a lot of sense to me, it is every bit as good as the D7200 sensor. SnapBridge?? Not!

  • Self cannibalism is fine so long as you can manage inventory. This means not osborning yourself (the camera industry does this constantly) and not being out of stock when the product is hot and then overproducing once it’s lost traction.

    If you don’t cannibalize yourself, others will.

  • ThatOnlineDude

    Is there any word on whether it will have a joystick or not?

  • nothing special there then

  • John C

    20 mp? No thank you! Why would you go backwards? What the hell is wrong with Nikon?

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