Nikon: we plan to concentrate on mid-to-high-end DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses

Several Japanese news outlets published an article based on an interview with Nikon executives. Here are the key points from a Google translation (if you have a better translation, please post it in the comments section):

  • The Nikon camera business is undergoing a major restructuring.
  • This is a quote: "bringing in multiple mirrorless cameras at an early stage" - to me this means announcing multiple mirrorless cameras soon.
  • Nikon is taking an aggressive approach to rebuild their camera business.
  • Nikon has no plans for closing domestic or overseas manufacturing plants at the present time.
  • In the future Nikon will concentrate their resources on medium to high-end DSLR cameras and lenses as well as mirrorless cameras.
  • Nikon will have fewer models in the future.
  • Nikon still wants to develop a high-end compact camera.
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  • Dean Gagliardi

    Nikon maybe should release 2-3 different “instax” type cameras with different FL’s. Style them a bit like a FM2 for a gimmick. Cheap.

    Start making easy to use lens add-on attachments for Apple & Samsung phones or cases with lenses attached. Cases with lens attached would be great IMO.

    Keep the DSLR’s down to a min … D7XXX, D5XX, D750, D810, D5 and rarely update the APS-C models. Concentrate on FF. Completely wipe out the D3XXX and D5XXX models.

    Make two Mirrorless … one lower end APS-C and one amazing FF mirrorless. Keep everything the current F-mount.

  • take the guts of the sony a7rii such as the eye tracking and focusing 4k and evf. cramp that into the body of their Nikon Df Body give us the dual card slots and d500 tilt screen ….make menus touchable and give us gps nfc and wifi and you have a mirror-less camera the people would buy oh and the the option of a battery grip

  • azur

    Isn’t it strange that the Nikon Corporation doesn’t provide this message / news / interview in some more languages than just Japanese ?

    (Perhaps this has already been talked about elsewhere in this thread, new posts are added all over the place in a nested structure which makes it hopeless to follow new posts without having to re-read the entire thread again and again, even when sorting the posts by “Newest” in the Disqus software).

    • Thinkpad_T60

      Nikon is a Japanese company, they don’t have the obligation to express themselves in foreign languages.

    • there is no better solution really

      • azur

        If I may ask, Peter –
        why not simply use a trivial forum software with chronological posts, where you can also easily quote what your comment is related to, if you like ?
        You already have forum software.
        Don’t get me wrong, I really admire your efforts, I just think the Disqus software makes it close to impossible to try to follow a large thread like this one.

        • I am sure the majority of readers will prefer the current solution. I have done multiple polls years ago before I made the changes. There is no one solution that will make everybody happy. I personally hate the forum solution… you see 🙂 Remember also spam, hackers… I do not want to keep any users info on my servers.

  • Nikon has been asleep at the wheel for too long. Their glass, albeit very comprehensive is now pedestrian, outstripped by Zeiss and Sigma, amongst others. No in-body stabilization, no real pedigree in mirrorless, Sony won’t supply them with cutting-edge sensors, they fall short every time on video compared to Canon and Sony. I’ve always been a Nikon shooter but I actually think they’ve missed the bus. I hope I’m wrong.

  • SmarterEnu

    Nikon and canon keep pumping out technologically obsolete junk which is an endless insult to its fan base.
    Do consumers need a 10 pound large sensor body and lens?
    Canon and Nikon are going mirrorless only because they are losing sales big time.
    They depend on us folks as an endless supply of suckers invested in their overpriced lenses to stay loyal.
    I have no doubt the new mirrorless bodies will be 1 step behind the competition, so next year everyone will have to upgrade.
    Their track record of garbage is well established.

    • Nikon is producing garbage? Let me guess – you are a Sony shooter, correct?

    • BTW, some people still enjoy shooting rangefinders and the last time I checked Leica was doing pretty well. So your opinion about Nikon pumping out absolete tech is just that – an opinion. DSLRs will be around for a very long time, just like rangefinders are. That’s my opinion 🙂

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