Top 10 NikonRumors posts for July 2014

Nikon-1-V3-mirrorless-camera Nikon-D810-DxOMark-test-score Nikon-D810-Switch-&-Save-promo
Nikon-Capture-NX-D-logo Eye To Eye With A Frog Nikon MC-30A remote trigger release
Metz Mecablitz 64 AF-1 flash for Nikon 11_evening_jump Nikon-D810-camera-shipping-date
These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for July 2014:

  1. From DSLR to mirrorless… and back again
  2. Nikon D810 sensor: new DxOMark leader
  3. New “Nikon D810 Switch & Save” promo coming on July 17th with up to $1,000 in savings
  4. Nikon Capture NX-D 1.0.0 officially released
  5. How to use a polarizing filter
  6. The new Nikon MC-30A remote trigger vs. the old MC-30 version
  7. New Metz Mecablitz 64 AF-1 flash for Nikon cameras to be announced this month
  8. Guest post: How I ended this summer
  9. New Nikon videos on YouTube
  10. First Nikon D810 cameras are already shipping a week before the official release date


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  • Paul

    Of which none are rumors. What about the d9300 Nikon?

    • Craftwerkman

      With true full manual control in Liveview mode. And maybe a touch screen but not really necessary.

  • JJ

    Not one single rumor. The site sure has changed, but so did most of the other rumors sites. It’s all about generating ad traffic and affiliate link sales now. Just six weeks to Photokina and there’s nothing to report on the rumors front?

    • Probably you have not noticed, but reliable rumors are very hard to come by. Of course I can post “unreliable” rumors like many other sites, but I choose not to. I still have managed to predict (usually months in advance) every major Nikon product over the past 6 years with the exception of two lenses if I am not mistaken. I am currently collection info for the new products that will be announced at Photokina, but I do not feel comfortable enough to post it online. Most likely we are talking about one new DSLR camera and two lenses.

      • JJ

        Absolutely, Canon is the same, they both tightened their ship when it comes to leaks. But you have to admit that the site has changed. From being a rumors site (unique source of information) to being a site posting random Nikon related news that can be (and is) found on many other photography websites. I feel for you and understand that Nikon has in a way ruined your business by stopping rumors from getting out. :-/ But let’s not forget that you’ve posted *MANY* great rumors in the past. Good work, not forgotten and very much appreciated.

        • Anthony

          The site has changed? I would hope so. That’s what good websites do. I visit most of the rumors sites that there are on the internet. They were all born from our need to always look to the next “great thing” as if that will somehow continue to improve our photography. I am guilty as most, but at least I accept it. I love photography and I love the gear. I happen to enjoy the rumors sites more now than most “photography” websites. You get the rumors of what’s to come, a heads up on good deals, and insightful guest posts.

          Also, this is a community. Even the trolls… In this digital age, sites like these give us a place to come and talk with others who share our passion.

        • I am not sure how long you have been reading NR, but few years ago we had a big discussion with a poll on whether to cover other Nikon related news on the blog or continue with rumors only. The majority of the readers wanted a “one stop” for all Nikon related news. Just curious – if I report only rumors, where would you get your other Nikon related news?

      • eeh3

        I think you do a damn fine job and will continue to visit your site daily. Keep up the good work.

      • d810_shooter

        I think no rumor is better than bad rumors. I almost botched a once-in-a-lifetime trip based on an inaccurate D700-successor rumor. How many inaccurate D700-replacement rumor we’ve seen over the 4 year wait?

        Now the Panasonic GH series gets all my video business. For those who miss their Dx0 plus 18-200VR combo, the GH4 + 14-140 is a million times better. Give it a try.

        • I agree, I prefer to post information that I feel comfortable about instead of every rumors I find on dpreview (like some other sites do).

    • broxibear

      I’ll give you the “unreliable” rumours if you want…
      New DX flagship body, telephoto FX lens and a wideangle zoom DX lens at Photokina. It’s possible the DX body will be behind glass like the D4s was though.
      Oh, and Canon and Fuji will steal the show with their new products.
      But all this is just “unreliable” rumours on a rumour site, lol.

      • d810_Shooter

        telephoto FX lens? would that be the Af-s 300 f/4 VR?

    • Degsy

      To be fair,no point in rumours that are worth jack.If the rumours given out proved worthless,you would be whining about that.No pleasing some people

    • Spy Black

      The article is titled “Top 10 NikonRumors POSTS for July 2014”, not “Top 10 Nikon rumors for July 2014”.

    • David G.

      Admin can’t invent rumors out of thin air… -_-

  • Michiel953

    Just out of interest I took a look at canonrumors. That place looks like a graveyard compared to this site. No complaints from me, just compliments to Admin.

  • broxibear
  • Top 7 Canon 5d?

    Oops… I am in a wrong Forum/Rumors… bye.

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