New Nikon videos on YouTube

Here are the latest Nikon videos from YouTube:

→ Robert Beck on his favorite Nikon D4s feature:

→ Dave Black on Nikon D4s group-area autofocus:

→ Jewelry photography tips with lifestyle photographer Frida Fahrman (Nikon D610):

→ Lifestyle photography tips with photographer Frida Fahrman (Nikon D610):

→ Flower photography tips with lifestyle photographer Frida Fahrman (Nikon D610):

→ Photographers' Voice - Spirit Bear:

→ Behind the scenes of "Every Moment Counts" Nikon D810 promo video I published online earlier this week:

→ The Song of Freedom at the Estonian Song & Dance Festival (Nikon D810):

→ Nikon D810 unboxing video:

→ Sports Photography - Capturing Fierce Competition (from Nikon USA and CNN):

→ Short video shot with the AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G lens (Nikon Nederland):

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  • Michele Perillo

    Want a video with D9300 (or a D 400, whatever)

  • d900

    Those sports and outdoors video really makes you want to buy.
    But, holding off for D900 – for major improvements and practical spending…

    • broxibear

      Are you expecting the D900 to be the next development of the D810, or a replacement for the D700 (small body with flagship sensor) ?.

      • Indy man

        The D710 will have A7S sensor

        • broxibear

          They could just stick it in the D810 body and call it D810s. Perfect choice between high MP and high ISO…or a great two body combination to have.
          But Nikon won’t do it because it makes far too much sense, is far too easy and would make them far too much money, lol.

        • Neopulse

          They won’t make one. Plus the D700 successor is too difficult to choose. Not everyone wants the same thing, so they made a good choice making the D800/810 in my opinion. New and different with less likely people bitching about it compared to a fictitious D700 successor.

  • broxibear

    Here’s a few more (There’s an unboxing from Mr Polin on Youtube too, it’s so dull I can’t bring myself to actually post it here)…

    D810 moiré video test

    Nikon D810 vs Nikon D5300 Video

    • Allan

      The video shows that that the D5300 has an excellent sensor and movie software. Was this video posted by Nikon or an individual?

      • broxibear

        Hi Allan,
        It’s not from Nikon.
        I was discussing these video comparisons that have been filmed in India with Peter(admin). He is somewhat suspicious about them, I on the other hand think they’re legitimate. There’s no reason to put these videos out there unless real, they’re not selling anything, there’s no commentry to push you in any direction…it’s just a side by side and you decide type of video. It’s a lot of trouble to go for something that is fake, especially since the views those videos are getting are extremely low.
        I think it’s one of the Indian photo magazines who got their hands on a D810 at the launch event and were able to do various side by side comparisons with different cameras.
        You’ll have to decide yourself if this, and their other videos, are honest comparisons.

        • Allan

          This is an experiment that can be easily repeated.

  • Phonton

    I hate DSLR video more every day. It’s everywhere now, despite being so obviously choppy, wrong colours, saturation, no dynamic range, pathetic motion, just total rubbish. And that goes for all DSLR video be it D5300 or D4s, maybe Sony is a bit better. But in general is simply sucks! It’s OK for playing around with but if you want proper video get a VIDEO camera. The only trouble is a decent video camera still costs both arms and both legs, just to protect their high end market and what’s even more depressing is that it’s never going to change. Maybe once 4k is in full swing we might be able to buy an outdated 1080p proper camera for a semi reasonable price. Here’s hoping!

    • george

      You can buy a blackmagic pocket and a Canon C100 together for less than a D4s alone. And video can’t really get any better than either of these, no matter how expensive a video-camera is.

    • Mardock

      Tell that to the producers of ‘House’.

      • Neopulse

        And the Avengers as I recall which made like $1 billion opening week.

  • HF

    The Photographers’ Voice – Spirit Bear, is a really nice video with a great message. Great photos, too!

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