Weekly Nikon news flash #272

→ The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens for Nikon mount is now in stock.

Save up to $225 on SanDisk Pro CF memory cards.
Refurbished Nikon SB-700 flash for $259 with 90 days Nikon warranty and free shipping (regular price: $326.95).
→ Topaz Labs ReMask software is 50% off till July 31st with coupon code "julyremask".

→ For the past two months the Indonesian Communication Agency has registered two new Nikon digital cameras under the code names N1403 and N1404.

Metz Mecablitz 64 AF-1 flash for NikonMetz-Mecablitz-64-AF-1-flash
→ The previously rumored Metz Mecablitz 64 AF-1 flash is now officially announced.

→ This one of a kind Nikon Df camera will be the first prize award for the upcoming "Camera Grand Prix 2014 Photo Contest" (in Japan only).

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  • Jon Ingram

    Three things:
    1. Anyone on here have thoughts on the Sigma 50?
    2. Anyone using Topaz? I use thier denoise but have never given re-mask a shot.
    3. That Sb-700 is tempting. I could use another one.

    • Spy Black

      1. If you can afford the Sigma, there it is. 😉

      2. if you don’t know how to effectively mask in Photoshop Topaz may be of use to you. Otherwise it’s not really all that great.

      3. If you could use one, go for it.

    • rt-photography

      -overpriced that sigma. this is new time in history where a basic 50mm lens has a $1000 price tag. I wouldnt pay more than $600 and truthfully, the 50 1.8g is more than almost the majority needs. faster and sharper than the 50 1.4g unless youre pixel peeping, youre really not going to notice such a huge difference. 50 is very boring to me. its been used to death and doesnt offer anything wow in my eyes. Ill save my money and see if theyll offer a new 85 1.4, but $1000 for a 50mm. no thank you.

      -used some of their software in the past. meh

      -SB700 is a good flash. has almost all the bells and whistles of the SB910. as a wedding protog I need the power the 910 has, although recycle is noticeably faster on the 700.

      • Jon Ingram

        Agreed about the 50s and about the flashes. I use the sb700s for quick wedding light setups when I feel like being lazy, which is frequently.

        • rt-photography

          its an excellent flash on or off camera. it will do the work just fine. there are certain times where I do need a little more power though. but bumping iso is also an option. its also built very wheel and the menu system is very also.

          the 50 1.4 and 1.8g are fine lenses. ive seen examples of the sigma and truthfully, one wouldnt notice the difference in a print.

      • Spy Black

        “…unless youre pixel peeping, youre really not going to notice such a huge difference.”

        Right, you’re not going to notice the lack of spherical chromatic aberration wide open. You won’t notice the lack of chromatic aberration. You won’t notice the lack of image smear at the edges. You won’t notice the minimal optical distortion. You’re not going to notice anything at all…

        • rt-photography

          look at reviews and notice how they show the picture close up so you can see the eyes at 100%, then you notice and yes its sharper and looks better. but otherwise, both the 50 1.8 and 1.4g will do a fabulous job.

          and more than that, my clients wont notice at all.

          not one will say “you’re right, I didnt notice the lack of spherical chromatic aberration
          wide open. I didnt notice the lack of chromatic aberration.I didnt notice the lack of image smear at the edges. I didnt notice the
          minimal optical distortion. we didnt notice anything at all…”

          “we did notice these images (made with a nikon 50 1.8 or 1.4G) just looks incredible, thank you”

          and thats bottom line spy. so spending $1000 for a 50mm 1.4

          • Spy Black

            Yep, no one will notice that spherical chromatic aberration wide open, especially when you make it only 800 pixels wide for the web. Nobody will notice it at all…

            • rt-photography

              nice try 😉

            • Spy Black

              No try, just do.

          • umeshrw

            But we do! And once in a while one does find a knowledgeable and discerning client. As for me I do the kind of work where almost all of them are knowlegeable.

            • rt-photography

              “once in a while”

              thank you. you have just confirmed it. and no ones going to give a rats ass about bokeh and CA, and distortion. all they see is what you sell them. if one is a shitty photog, doesnt matter what youll use. I use the 50 1.8 and 1.4g and have only but compliments of wow, beautiful.

              again, no one looks at the irrelavant things. they look at the pictures bottom line. creativity, use of light, exposure. the rest is irrelevant. gear is the least important thing a client cares about. and the last thing you want to talk to a client too about. you are an amateur if youre explaining your gear to a potential client.

              if you hired joe buissink to shoot your wedding, would you care if he used a 50 1.8g? no. you care about connecting with him because you already know how great he is.

              if you invited an intl famous singer to perform in your wedding, do you think the client wants to hear what equipment he uses? no. no one gives a shit.

              people care bottom line about your eye. they dont give a crap about the gear. they only care about what you will deliver to them.

            • umeshrw

              I was talking about the final images and not about gear. About getting tokina, exactly what I was saying. I would prefer nikon over 3rd party and when people wowed 16-35 and said “NO NOTICEABLE distortion etc” I thought I could . But as it turns out, many people are incapable of noticing.
              “and no ones going to give a rats ass about bokeh and CA, and distortion.” — Again as I said , we as professionals do- and should.
              Also there are many types of photographies and each need different kinds of level. Weddings fall in the lower middle so it is somewhat forgiving.So it is ok for you to use and be satisfied with ok lenses. Again your own choice as I have seen some wedding PGs use and appreciate good lenses. Again personal choice.

    • JG

      Download a ReMask 4 trial. I use it all the time.

  • Spy Black

    Who actually would want to win a Df that looks like that?

    • mikeswitz

      If it’s free….me!

    • Andy Aungthwin

      There’s gotta be at least 3000 reasons to win this Df + the 58mm (if you decide to sell it).

    • groucher

      It looks a lot better in the flesh than in any photograph but please Nikon produce a Dfm or Dfe for me with the D800 sensor. My money is waiting.

      • umeshrw

        Flesh? 🙂

    • Kynikos

      Second prize: TWO Dfs that look like that.

    • Aldo

      I don’t see the code anymore… all I see is brunette, redhead, blonde… d4 sensor…

  • peterw

    If you carry it, this means you did win a photo competition… I’d be proud to carry it 😉
    (I’d put the lens on a D800)

  • broxibear

    Battle of the Fast 50mm’s: Sigma f1.4 Art vs. Canon f1.2 L vs. Nikon 58mm f1.4G

    • Neopulse

      Prefer the 58mm personally, at night I dig the reduction in coma and good colors, some say it’s soft wide open, then again sharpness isn’t everything when choosing a lens. Everyone should know this.

      • Me

        The more people scream about sharpness, the less they know about optics.

        Sharpness is (pretty) much the easiest thing to measure so naturally people want a ‘winner’. The trouble is that most MTF charts are — quiet sensibly— cherry picked by the manufacturers to show the best result for an MTF chart.

        However, you really need to see a group of MTF charts to really see what a lens does. It’s like trying to understand a trend from a single point.

        Secondly, MTF charts don’t measure everything. A group of them can be used to measure:

        • Resolution
        • Contrast
        • Astigmatism
        •Lateral Chromatic Aberration
        • Field Curvature
        • Focus Shift

        On the other hand, MTF charts do NOT measure:
        • Color Reproduction
        • Distortion
        • Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration
        • Vignetting
        • Lens Flare

        Sauto, head of Design Team 2 at Nikon regularly announces that he makes lenses for skin tones and has said in interviews: look at the images you get out of the lens as your primary data. Lo and behold, the Design Team 2 lenses like the 35mm 1.4G and others don’t MTF well and so are dismissed as garbage by the internet bitches who want a winner by looking at one number.

        But feel free to scream about sharpness people and then scratch your heads wondering why DXO recommendation don’t survive a trip through Lightroom.

        • Ms.KrystalMeth

          I refuse to pay $1,700 dollars for some Soft Ice Cream from Nikon. Everyone…the legit boys..all say the same thing. Soft! Soft wide open and not till 5f. Not what I want or need. But you stick to the soft. I will buy Hard Ice Cream any day.

          • Me

            ‘All the legit boys’ sure.

            It’s a bit like saying this vehicle can go at speed X carrying load Y so therefore any other vehicle with any other performance characteristics is ‘bad’.

            You want an absolute winner when what you’re actually doing is selecting trade offs.

            For example, what does sharpness mean as it’s measured by an MTF chart? Well, it’s an image of a two dimensional black and white target at minimum focus distance.

            Most of the time we’re taking photos of three dimensional objects spanning the spectrum at a variety of focal lengths. You’re basing you’re ‘definitive winner’ on the assumption that the MTF results apply constantly throughout the lens’s focus settings and the entire spectrum.

            Finally, searching for Nikkor 58mm 1.4 soft until F5 returns no search results. You’re probably confusing forum chatter which is often full of reverse snobs who don’t own the gear they scream about, with people who have a clue.

            This is a subtle and complex topic. However, if you think you understand it better than everyone else. Good for you.

            • Ms.KrystalMeth

              Bottom Line is this. I am not buying it. IT has a consistent and underlying theme about it, soft, and overpriced. Show me your sample please!

            • umeshrw

              So are 105-135 DC. But the images are wow.

            • Ms.KrystalMeth


            • Neopulse

              Seen the 105mm images on a D700 before which I liked, but never seen 135mm ones.

            • umeshrw

              Both have same characteristics.

            • Neopulse

              I know, they are like sister lenses. But still, wanna hand hold it and try it out. They’re held in high-esteem both of them.

            • Neopulse

              Overpriced? Are you kidding? It has 2 aspherical elements, weather sealed, fast aperture, modern optical element design, lightweight, nano-crystal coating, reduced coma. worth $3000+ less than it’s predecessor, etc? What is overpriced about it?

            • EnPassant

              The same description fits the Nikkor AF-S 28/1.8 G. (f1.8 is fast for a 28mm wideangle lens.)
              And it sells for $700.00
              Based on build a reasonable street price for the 58/1.4 G would be $799.00. At least it should not sell for more than $999.00.

              Nikon are simply selling a f1.4 lens at a f1.2 price.
              They decided to make a big profit from each of a few lenses rather than a small profit for each of many lenses so that only those who do appreciate the qualities of the lens will buy it.

            • Me

              Just because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean it’s overpriced.

            • Neopulse

              Yeah, they may have a similar description yes, but then again the f/1.4 apertures are more expensive because more work is put into them (eg: 35mm f/1.4;1.8, 85mm f/1.4;1.8, etc.) and it justifies for them that kind of cost after research is put in and plus where they are manufactured is taken into account (Japan vs China)

              Saying that it is being sold at an f/1.2 price is wrong in my opinion. It is sold at an f/1.4 price if you look at the $1000+ f/1.4G lenses and their sub-$1000 f/1.8G counterparts you’ll notice the trend. While the 58mm f/1.2 is in the $4000-$5000 range. So it’s not the same pricing if you pay attention. (There are lenses in the f/1.8 range that I like, like the 28mm you mentioned).

              Also they do make a profit even from the less expensive lenses also, because even those profits help in research and development for that f/1.8 range and even the more expensive f/1.4 ones. They just charge what seems fair to the market. They do give sales in bundles and lens rebates often throughout the year. So it does become cheaper and less of a burden on the consumer’s wallet.

            • EnPassant

              Yes it’s overpriced and propably has the highest profit margin of all 50-58mm AF lenses.
              So that you and others won’t waste your money on something you don’t need.
              You should say thank you to Nikon for saving you from unnecessary expenses!

            • Ms.KrystalMeth

              SLR GEAR.COM

              When not shot wide open on a full-frame camera, the Nikon 58mm ƒ/1.4G is a pretty sharp lens in the center. Unfortunately, at ƒ/1.4, it’s quite soft and shows somewhat of an “upside-down sombrero” shape on our blur index chart. The center is somewhat sharp, but not overly so, a surrounding region out from the center is softer, followed by slightly sharper edges. On a sub-frame camera, it’s not as soft relative to the rest of the frame at ƒ/1.4, but still not as sharp as we’d like to see from a $1,700 lens.

              Stopping down a bit significantly improves the sharpness of this lens, though. Stopping down to ƒ/4 on a full-frame camera and ƒ/2.8 on a sub-frame both show very sharp centers. The corners on a full-frame are still a bit soft, and sadly, the corners never get very sharp, regardless of how much you stop down. Between ƒ/4-ƒ/8 looks to be the sweet spot for critical center sharpness, and there’s only minor diffraction-limiting softness at ƒ/16. (Strangely, this lens’ smallest aperture is only ƒ/16.)

            • Neopulse

              So you’re quoting rather than using personal experience or at least RAW sample images then?

            • megadon357

              “As I said when I started, Nikon’s marketing blurbs on this lens “virtually no sagittal coma or light falloff” are not things I tested in the optical resolution lab. For many people (OK, for some people), those are the things that will make them want this lens at any price.

              Optically, it has excellent resolution. It’s a bit better than the 50mm f/1.4 G. I’m not saying the 58mm is overpriced; it’s about the same price as the 85mm or 35mm f/1.4G lenses. I am saying that this test makes the 50mm f/1.4 G look like quite a bargain.” – Roger Cicala, Lensrentals.com

            • sperdynamite

              All of which makes it a uniquely wonderful portrait lens because if sharpness was everything we’d all be shooting 8×10 cameras and stopping down to f32 for every shot.

          • Michiel953

            It’s not soft.

  • tristo

    @nikonrumors / admin
    What do you think ?

    What about the mentioned (registered in Indonesia) two unknown nikon cameras??

    Will it be the successor of the D610, D7200/D400, new Nikon Coolpix A with 24 Mpx??
    Or even a real D700 successor a D710? AF system 51 points+ sensor of d610 and 1/8000…??

    • Thom Hogan

      The Chinese camera is a Coolpix. The Thailand made one is a surprise.

      • I think only cameras with Wi-Fi capabilities have to be registered in that agency.

        • Thom Hogan

          Correct. Well, WiFi or another wireless system that uses regulated bandwidth.

      • reto

        so it wil be the d7200/d400….with built in wifi and perhaps gps then…..if the admin is right only those with built in wifi are registered there….

        • Thom Hogan

          While I still believe we’ll see the D7200/D9300/whatever, I don’t think the Indonesian registration is about a high-end DX camera.

          • PeterO

            Nikon sure does know how to try the patience of its core followers. Shame, there are a lot of fall outdoor college sports that I use DX for extra reach.

            • Me

              It’s 2014 and we’re still explaining this. DX doesn’t give you extra reach. It crops the image.

              Google is your friend.

            • peterw


              It is 2014 and you still don’t get what Peter refers to? If you don’t want to carry around a 800 F5,6, DX is your friend too.

            • Me

              Um, so you’re now referring to weight? Size? Oh, so that’s what you mean my extra reach. Nice attempt to move the goal posts.

            • Me

              Um, so you’re now referring to weight? Size? Oh, so that’s what you mean my extra reach. Nice attempt to move the goal posts.

            • PeterO

              Let me be more precise for you, Me. I’m tired of carrying D4 plus 400/2.8 and YES I know it crops the image. The newspapers don’t care what equipment I use, but my back most certainly does. Thanks peterw.

            • peterw

              In photography moving the goal posts is a legitimate means to reach your goal. The goal being a good picture. Preferably keeping the effort within reasonable bounds.

              Of course a FX camera wih a 500 F4 gives a different image than a DX camera with 300 F2,8. It could be interesting to study if it is possible to tell them apart in pictures. I don’t know if such a study is available.

          • reto

            yeah but with regard to the most selling ff cam nikon was first…. d810 before canons 5d mark IV….canon could easily answer with 4k implementation, built in wifi, gps and fully aritculated/swivel display, maybe touchscreen and better dual pdaf like the canon 70d….so nikon was risky….but if you re right canon will be the first with the highend dx cam then…7d II before d7200/d9000/d400 whatever ….my 2 cents

            • Thom Hogan

              You can’t make last minute changes or wait for a competitor to introduce something. Most of these type of projects are 18 months to two years in the making, and are timed around sensors becoming available. So the 5DIV would have already been in progress when Nikon was making decisions about the D810. Ditto a D9300 and 7D.

              About now Nikon should be doing early testing on things that will appear in Jan/Feb 2015. To appear in stores in Feb means that manufacturing would probably start in late November at the latest.

            • reto

              thanks for the background informations….

              i still wonder why nikon not implemented the uhs II standard for the sd card slot and choose one storage format for their cams…sd or cf let alone xqd…….would make so much sense xt 1 was first and due to the high resolution cam, bigger raw files, faster file transfers, faster writing and reading speed etc….uhs II would be the appropriate standard especially for cams like the d810 is…..


              could you tell me why not.???…a slightly different sd slot which supports uhs II is not so expensive…especially if you produce 30.000-to 40.000 d810s per month…..

    • I doubt Nikon will announce another full frame camera. My guess is that those are APS-C cameras or compact models with 1″ sensor.

      • Thom Hogan

        I believe that to be correct.

  • Digger

    What happened to this site?
    Instead of rumours about cameras all we really get are adverts.
    Sham website!

  • Matt_XVI

    Whoa! For a community that should appreciate aesthetics that “Grand Prize” Df will not look too harmonious with almost any modern Nikon lens on it (save for the special edition 50mm f/1.8 that came out with the Df).

    • Guest

      If that Df, with purple accents and mismatched lens is the prize, should we expect the judges to have any ability to judge fine art photography?

  • photoroto

    What’s with these honkin’ big, super-sized, weight-lifter’s lenses? Can I please have a nice, compact, lightweight, optically perfect f2.0? I’d be willing to pay the same money, maybe even more.

    And please include a manual focus ring without a slip clutch, so I can accurately focus stack and focus pull using marks that do not shift. THX.

    • Me

      What does “optically perfect” mean to you?

      • photoroto

        My personal requirements for optically perfect are: Pixel sharp or almost so across the entire field, falling off only minutely at the corners. Vanishingly small chromatic, which although fixable still causes a quality hit. NO PURPLE FRINGING which is what turns the Zeiss 35mm F2 into such a turkey. Very smooth manual focusing, so I can focus stack using marks that I make on a piece of tape affixed to the focus ring. The closest I have seen to a lens with those qualities in the Micro Nikkor 55 f2.8 AIS. I could go on. Will not complain if such perfection is available only over 1 or 2 f-stops, but would prefer a useable f11, yes I know I ask too much. Don’t give a damn about bokay, merely OK flare resistance will do.

        Alternate definition: 40 x 60 prints on super sharp, super smooth paper that don’t break down at nose-length distances, right out to the corners. Which is how I make my living.

        • Captain Megaton

          Zeiss 50/2 ZF macro planar I suppose. I cannot imagine what you do for a living that requires such “perfection” though. (perhaps cataloging fine art for museums or something like that?)

          • photoroto

            I have a reputation based on very large prints of civically significant landscapes and cityscapes where every filament of grass and every grain of sand is visible from near to far, in every section of the image, even upon close inspection. Stitching and focus stacking are involved. There’s a market for that, trust me. Movers and shakers and boardroom decorators buy that kind of stuff even in hard times. Technical prowess presented at very large scale impresses the mighty.

            On the D800e the Micro Nikkor AIS is equal to the Zeiss macro, IMHO. And the Nikkor is still wonderfully sharp at f11, that extra 5mm seems to mitigate diffraction issues.

            • Marcel Speta

              ok, if you have such requirements why you do not use medium format? Hasselblad or Mamyia would definitely offer you sufficient level of quality…..

            • photoroto

              I can give you about 40,000 reasons.

              Also I sailed into that situation from below, never intending to go where I did during my retirement years. I just got used to cheap gear and seeing that it did the job saw little reason to rock the boat.

              In my professional years I noted that most of the photographers I regarded as Great used pretty modest gear and were often somehwat gear-averse as a way of staying centered on their imagery. Admittedly that’s now kinda old-school. But the relationship between image makers and the gear they use is pretty interesting, and I can relate many stories of how the acquisition of state of the art gear marked the beginning of the end for interesting careers, in several different fields.

            • peterw

              something to rumor about?

            • trialcritic

              I do not use the Zeiss lenses as they are manual focus only. I understand that Nikon and Canon do not release their AF technology to others as they want people to buy their lenses, so Zeiss can only do MF. However, I like AF at times (except landscape, time lapse, HDR etc). I think that Zeiss does AF with Sony cameras as they have a deal with Sony.

    • Me

      What does “optically perfect” mean to you?

    • Right! I’ve been playing around with some dirt cheap old manual focus lenses. We’ve slowly gained size and lost features.

      This is for a post I’m working on called “Battle of the Sh**ty Zooms”. Spoiler: None of them are that bad.

      • Captain Megaton

        The Ais 35-70 on the right is pretty horrible. Cute though.

  • Ian Dangerzone

    Yeah I’ll stick with my 1.8G.

    • Captain Megaton

      The price-performance ratio of the 1.8G (non special edition) is practically criminal.

  • doge

    Coolpix A with interchangeable lens coming soon!

  • julianliues

    About the compact flash cards, Lexar had a promotion that sold 64 GB, 160 MB/s writing speed compact flash card for around $90, I ordered one at Adorama that time and was told it was back ordered. I am still waiting for the card.
    But I heard that compact flash card was discontinued, at least that’s what B&H told me. Anyone has any news about that CF card?

    • broxibear

      I think the 1000x cards you’re referring to are being replaced by the 1066x ones.

    • Me

      Me too!

      I’m sure heaps of people ordered and they’re backordered up the wazoo as it was an excellent sale. However, given how long the wait is, I wish I’d ordered an even larger card.

  • photoroto

    It seems inappropriate to go around advertising one’s grand prix on one’s camera. There are better ways to meet girls.

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