How to replace your Nikon D600 camera with a D610

Back in March Nikon officially promised to replace defective D600 cameras if the spot issue is not fixed even after the warranty expires (the company allocated $17.7 million for D600 related issues). Here is an email I received from a reader that describes the process - note that the D600 can be serviced in any country, regardless where it was purchased (new D600 cameras are still available on eBay):

Ok here is how it works: If you have a Nikon D600 and you want to get a new D610 you need to go to Nikon service centre or simply ship it, they will change the shutter and clean the sensor for free. Now here is the interesting part, after the third time when you return the camera(D600) for sensor cleaning you have an option to request an exchange for the brand new Nikon D610, again they will not offer it to you but you can ask them after the third time and they have to change the camera for you, obviously only if the problem of the sensor dust occurs in all 3 times. However the Nikon D600 has unlimited free sensor cleaning forever in any country around the world. Also to change the D600 for the D610 or simply only to change the shutter mechanism it is free in all the countries regardless where you both your camera. An example: I bought my camera Nikon D600 in Australia and I had 3 times sensor cleaning in USA after that again in the USA they exchange my D600 for the new D610.

Hope this helps people who were having many issues with the sensor dust and still have it after many cleaning.

The bottom line, many people refused to exchange their D600 for the new D610 because there is not too much of the difference as with the D600 they get free sensor cleaning for life, in other words you save at least $100 -$150 a year for the sensor cleaning.

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  • Heruman

    I had mine exchanged after three sensor cleanings. A pity, because mine was not particularly bad (actually as bad as the new D610 is) and I was happier with the AF of my old D600…

  • Martin K

    Hi! I’ve a D600 bought in USA. I live in Argentina. Can’t Nikon official repr here in Arg refuse to clean it and then replace it?? Many Thanks!!

    • John Doe

      Maybe you’d best ask Nikon

  • JR

    I quit Nikon because of this, I have had problems with my D90 ( battery internal connection problems ) then D300 ( metering problems ) then the last one D600. Sold them all for a loss after many returns to the repair center. Sold all the lenses too.
    Nikon makes pretty good glass and awesome film bodies back in the day but their digital bodies, quality control and service after sales is a joke. Or maybe I was just one of the few that had so many problems with this brand. For me it was 3 strikes and you`re out.
    Very happy to be with another brand, no problems so far.

    • And amazingly, you still visit a Nikon rumours site.

      • JR

        Of course, any chance I can put down a crap company like Nikon.

        • koenshaku

          A troll unveiled… I guess when you get tired of unverified purchase spam on amazon reviews you come here to tell your tales. heh

          • JR

            No, I really did have all these problems with 3 different digital bodies starting in 2008, I never had a problem my F4s or Fm2 and I do say in my post that they make great glass and awesome film bodies. It`s there digital bodies and after sales service that`s horrible. And yes because of the poor service and defective bodies, I no longer have any faith in Nikon. Any company that leaves so many customers stranded with duds and refusing to admit their mistake should not be in business. Imagine if car companies were like this.

            • umeshrw

              I had almost believed you as per earlier posts. But when you talked about F4s and FM2 as your earlier bodies, it is quite difficult to take it seriously. Because anyone who had used F4s and FM2 before can hardly be said to be satisfied with D90 / D300, or D600 level bodies.

            • JR

              Why? I was using film bodies up to 2008 then I bought my first digital, a D90 then a D300 in 2010.
              I had nothing but problems with these cameras then I switched to an affordable full frame the D600. More problems with that one. What’s so hard to believe? I will not say what I use now cause it will only attract more negative comments. The point to my post is I got screwed by Nikon big time.
              And so did many others. Fuck Nikon.

            • koenshaku

              Now after your three products it has created a person to campaign against everything Nikon for the rest of their existence. Sounds like the origin of a cheap super villain. I am guessing JR is the secret identity of Canonman.

            • Troll buster

              JR, You stuck with FM2 and F4 for almost 20 years and then suddenly your buying habit changed. You decided you needed to upgrade every 2 to 3 years. Go away troll.

            • umeshrw

              What is not believable is , as I said in my post, a person who has been using totally pro grade bodies earlier is quoting and using non pro bodies consistently even when there are better ones available. I can understand price increase- point of view. But D700 was available and decently priced.
              It is actually commendable about you avoiding to take the name of your current equipment. I said that too in my post.

            • “Imagine if car companies were like this.”

              Could you imagine of a company like GM sold duds and didn’t promptly own up to it….oh, wait…

            • E

              Ralph Nadar, would agree too…

            • LarryC

              Maybe you haven’t been watching the news. It took 15 years for GM to admit they had a defect – that killed people. And Lexus’ recalls required lawsuits, dead bodies and and still a lot of kicking and screaming.

          • Rmartin Photos

            Revisit the definition of a troll, if he didn’t have the experience id say troll.

        • Ms.KrystalMeth

          JR Deluxe. Are you happy with your 2008 New Canon Camera.

          • JR

            Go snort some more drugs….lolll

        • KeeneGuy

          LoL … a douchebag revealed.

    • Puff n’ Stuff

      Yeah, It’s was just you, my D700 has been dropped, scuffed, banged around, baked in summer heat & humidity and frozen in winter snow and STILL works perfectly!

      • SPfan

        My D700 has been flawless. But that has nothing to do with the D600 or D610 or even the D800.

        • Reality Check

          It does in the sense that the D700 demonstrates how a camera should perform while the D600 and D800 demonstrate how far Nikon has fallen from that standard. I pity those trying to resell theirs for any decent amount in light of the D610/D810.

          • watsdamattau

            I was thinking of selling the D700 until I took comparison photos between the D810 and the D700 using the same lens, ISO and aperture. The photos were cropped almost 70% and there wasn’t much difference in the results. In fact they looked pretty similar. One person even thought the D700 version was shot with the D810! But this has NOTHING to do with the D600/D610 so I’ll stop here. Have a good day everyone!

            • point

              Yes, the reality is, I cannot tell the difference in images shot with my Sony Alpha 700 and my Nikon 600/610.

            • watsdamattau

              Goes to show that sensor technology is such that it may have reached a peak point in its current incarnation. Most of it is marketing and hype. When I was playing around with the Sony A7R at the Sony store thinking I would pick it up. I shot a few photos and brought them home. When I looked at them I wasn’t impressed at what I found. I must have forgotten how I felt because I picked up the D810 thinking I’d get a miracle and again found it was the same as the A7R. I did think of returning the D810, but I did need a second body should the D700 fail.

            • koenshaku

              Depends on what kind of shooting you are doing. Landscapes you would appreciate the 3x mp to the D700, shadows I think the dynamic range should be notably better, video doesn’t exist and as for the A7R electronic view finder lag and weaker auto focus. Come on guys we all read reviews! If there were no improvements what would really be the point? I don’t have to comb a review site to make them all so obvious. Depending on the kind of photo you shoot you can compare a quality smart phone to some images.
              The same people will say Windows 7 and 8 offer the same functionality when in fact there are many differences that make 8 the more optimal OS just depends if you don’t mind weighting a little longer do accomplish the same thing in 7.

            • fjfjjj

              Why wouldn’t you just buy another D700?

            • saywhatuwill

              Might as well have new tech with video capability than 7 year old technology. I really like the lightweight and silent shutter on the D810.

    • Rob

      I’m keen on a DX sensor SLR body, but my problem is I like UWA lenses. Now Canon have released a 10-18 that comes in for NZ$480 vs the Nikon 10-24 for NZ$1365. Personally I would be happy with a 10mm prime for NZ$450 from either company but I’ll have to wait for Sigma or Samyang to do that. In the meantime I’m scanning the internet for second hand Canon bodies.

      • Rob

        Not trying to troll here. I’ve had D40, D90 and currently use a P7100 and I was very satisfied with all three.

        • Ms.KrystalMeth

          at best. mediocre

          • Rob

            The Canon lens is suppose to be a sweet number, very sharp. It’s about a third of the price of the Nikon lens and NZ$850 cheaper! That’s more than the price of a low end body. Looks like Canon are bringing it on home for the beginner users.

            • David Peterson

              You can’t use one lens comparison to claim Canon is better. As the overall picture is totally damning for Canon, they’re an incredible poor choice at this point in time of 2014 for a person starting out.

              It is just their history, marketing budget, and brand name, which is keeping them going.

              Oh, and the fact 90% of people are happy enough with getting “good enough”.

      • David Weinehall

        Get yourself a Tokina 11-16. Great lens, sharp and works perfectly with a Nikon body. No need to buy Nikon/Canon-brand lens.

        • Rob

          $900 for that here, almost twice as much as the Canon though it does look less plastic 🙂

          • …and it’s worth every penny! It’s the best lens in it’s space. At least on Nikon, you can use it for DX and then FX at 16mm. And it’s damned sharp.

          • David Peterson

            The Tokina is totally worth that much! It is a fantastic UWA.

            Though I got mine for only about NZ$500ish, from overseas.

      • David Peterson

        Rob, don’t go with Canon! They’re *waaaaay* behind with their APS-C sensor tech than where Nikon is at! Is another reason why I went with my Nikon D5200 for my video work.

        Also getting an UWA lens on DX isn’t a problem at all.

        I use a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, as I like the f/2.8 for filming with (came in handy for me last night when I was filming a music video live at a bar! As you can not use a flash for video 😛 ), but you can even get the Sigma 8-16mm instead which would be way wider again! (but believe me, 11mm is already very wide!)

        Oh, and there is already a 10mm prime which is out. The Samyang 10mm f/2.8

    • JG

      Yes, you are the unlucky one. I’ve had 13 Nikon bodies , three currently, and I’ve never had a problem with any of them requiring Nikon service.

  • K3r

    It’s worth noting that in order to participate in the replacement program, you have to sign a release/waiver from Nikon’s law firm waiving all future claims against Nikon RE: the D600 and sensor dust/oil issue.

    Probably not a sticking point for most, but if you would lose the opportunity to sue Nikon in civil court for damages-for instance, if you’ve lost income due to Nikon’s 2-3 week turnaround for mail in service.

    • D600 in Seoul

      K3r: So my 600 is a US purchase camera but i am currently in outh Korea.. Would the official Nikon place in SK do the exchange with a release/waiver?

    • Brad

      That is not Nikon’s law firm. Do a search of the name of the firm and Nikon and you will see that is DEF NOT Nikon’s law firm.

      • K3r

        Rawr! Settle down haha ok a law firm representing Nikon in this matter :]

        • Brad

          My friend – do the google search. This law firm is not representing Nikon in any way. Exact opposite.

          • K3r

            OK! So a firm possibly trying to gather a class suit againest Nikon. In any event, you send in a waiver. That’s the meat of my comment. Thank you for the correction!

            • Brad

              It’s an important fact to note because if this is the result of a class action suit then the option you mentioned is not available to everyone. Only those who were involved in such a suit.

            • K3r

              It is important. Again, thank you for the correction!

            • John Doe

              Yes, and he’ll see you in court!!

  • Kerry

    is the waiver.release option world wide?

  • broxibear

    This just sounds like a controlled way to switch all D600 bodies for D610 bodies. If they said “All D600s will be swapped for a D610” they would be inundated and stock would run out, this way it happens in stages over a period of time.
    What a mess.

  • stormythecat

    I had mine exchanged after three sensor cleanings and 2 replacement shutters. Unfortunately, I have the same exact problem with my new D610. I’ve finally started wet cleaning the sensor myself with VisibleDust swabs. It takes about 3 or 4 swabs at $4 apiece.

  • jk

    about 2 years too late, most of us actually suffered from this issue’ve already bought something else. So Fuck you Nikon

  • zorwick

    Mine is with Nikon now, 3th time in The Netherlands. And according to the service it has been shipped to Germany? ! ? For no idea why! Apperantly the dutchs cant define the problem!? I think its lame and shame. This will be the 4th week without camera. Not to mention the previous two repairs which took 3 weeks together. And the typical dutch reaction when I am asking why and what a heck is going on….”well what can we do!”…….fcuk!

  • FrankJGladneyy

    D600 for the D610 or simply only to change the shutter mechanism it is free in all the countries regardless where you both your camera. An example: I bought my camera Nikon D600 in Australia and I had 3 times sensor cleaning in USA after that again in the USA they exchange my D600 for the new D610.

  • Stan

    And Nikon will still NOT admit to the same issue with D800! I’ve had to pay for six sensor cleanings in the last 2 1/2 years. I’d be happy to exchange for a D810.

    • Reality Check

      I’d worry more about the defective PDAF performance of the D800.

    • El Aura

      I don’t understand, Nikon has publicly stated that they will exchange a D600 with a D610 if the problems persist after servicing. This article just clarifies that this applies after the third servicing and that Nikon doesn’t offer it automatically but that you have to request it.

      • El Aura

        Sorry, replied to the wrong post.

  • hubass

    Right, this maybe a daft question but I really seek adn answer to it.
    Does the subject above also applies if:
    1). I buy a used D600 from ebay for example (would it still be vlid if it had those issues)
    2). If I buy black market D600 such as Digital Rev or any other ebay sellers…

    Thanks for the attention

    • John Doe

      Answer: only if it was a full moon at the time

  • Professional Photographer

    This article is clickbait. Please do the right thing and delete it. Or at the very least, change the title which deliberately encourages fraud against Nikon.

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      Ya, I was thinking the same thing.

    • El Aura

      I don’t understand, Nikon has publicly stated that they will exchange a D600 with a D610 if the problems persist after servicing. This article just clarifies that this applies after the third servicing and that Nikon doesn’t offer it automatically but that you have to request it.

    • fjfjjj

      Nikon defrauded its customers by selling them a camera that it knew to be unfit for the intended use. Now those customers will defraud Nikon in return.

      • Caslon Bodoni

        Do you really believe Nikon intentionally made a bad product? I think you are delusional.

        • fjfjjj

          No, I think they intentionally *sold* a bad product after it had been manufactured. Learn to read.

        • Guest



    anyone know how long the wait time is on getting a sensor cleaned and shutter replaced?

    • Andrzej Lukowiec

      Last month Nikon UK had a privilege to keep my camera for 3 weeks. Second shutter plane change…

    • T53

      A little under two weeks for me but I sent mine in right at the start of the program.

    • Robert

      I just had my second shutter replacement and sensor cleaning at Nikon L.A. and it took 8 days.

  • point

    Wait, I thought the new policy was if a 600 owner wanted a 610, they would do the switch? None of this three time cleaning then switch to 610 business.

  • My D600 was taken in twice. After the 2nd sensor cleaning, everything has been fine. The oil spattering issue seems fully resolved, and a bit of dust is to be expected on an FX sensor; and mine is certainly no worse than a D700 or D800

    It’s good to know if I ever need a 3rd cleaning, I have options, but I’m just glad that my D600 is working properly at the moment.
    It takes spectacular images.

  • whisky

    i would tend to think it’s dependent on what state you live in. california has a strong lemon law, and after three times the vendor must replace the product. i’m not sure about other states but it might vary state-to-state.

    • Robert

      That may be true but what about me. I live in Ca. but bought the camera from NYC?

  • Pippo

    Mine have a spot, maybe few, somwhere in the corner. it’s not trouble me, i’m don’t trouble Nikon 🙂
    Good bargain, good camera.

  • jmk2

    I sent in my d600 for one cleaning/shutter replacement last october. I contacted Nikon just last week after noticing dust again and was asked to send a picture showing dust on the sensor, which I did. I received a call the next day from nikon customer service offering to send me a d610, which would be shipped out once the d600 was received. So, this article is incorrect in several respects – my d600 was replaced after only one cleaning/shutter replacement and I did not have to request a replacement, it was offered. Finally, I was asked to sign a release – the release was definitely prepared for and on behalf of nikon (not the law firm representing the plaintiff’s in any class action).

    • K3r

      That was my impression as well, regarding the release, but I believe Brad (who commented on my thread) is correct, it is a law firm representing a potential class suit against Nikon that prepared the release.

      • stormythecat

        There were also blasted by a 60-Minutes type show in China.

      • jmk2

        I am not sure what you signed. I am an attorney and can tell you with certainty that the release I signed, did not come from the law firm representing the plaintiffs.

    • cshphotos

      I had a similar experience only my shutter had been replaced twice. 1st shutter replacement was June 2013, 2nd shutter replacement was Nov 2013. When I first read the rumors that Nikon was replacing D600s with new D610s, Feb or early March, I reopened my service ticket with Nikon. They requested a couple new pictures for verification. 2 days later I got a call saying they would send me a new D610 once they received my D600; I didn’t have to ask for replacement. I sent it in they sent me a D610 overnight.

      I agree that Nikon was a little slow to acknowledge the issue but I am completely satisfied in how they handled my situation.

      • jmk2

        As am I. It may have taken a lawsuit to do it, but Nikon has stepped up and I am happy with how they handled the situation for me.

  • Aldo

    I can confirm that the spots on the d610 are more or less the same as when they replace the shutter on a d600… but they generate within a more reasonable amount of time

  • Caslon Bodoni

    This sounds like you are encouraging people to trade in these cameras just because they can. Its encouraging bad behavior to me. My D600 had oil issues, Nikon was super professional and took care of it, paid for shipping and I had it back in a week. Since cleaning it has about 15K actuations and has no more issues other than what I would expect through normal use. I have used Nikons for many years and I want to use cameras from a profitable company so they have money to spend on making more cool cameras. Nikon should make you wannabes show them your pictures, and if they suck they should tell you to piss off.

    • Random question, but once Nikon replaces the shutter with a new one, does the camera register as having less than 100 actuations? Is it like having a new camera again or does it keep the existing shutter count. Seems like it would be similar to a car getting a new engine, the odometer resets.

      • T53

        I agree with you but it isn’t the case at least it wasn’t for me. When I got my D600 back with new shutter, the shutter count had not been reset.

    • fjfjjj

      Nikon warranty service is famously slow and unreliable. You’re either an extreme statistical outlier, an NPS member, or fibbing.

      • cshphotos

        Nikon replaced the shutter on my D600 twice. Each time I had it back within 2 weeks, not lightning fast but perfectly acceptable. When they replaced the D600 with a D610 the sent the D610 overnight. That was a pleasant surprise.

      • jmk2

        I also had my D600 back within two weeks and my replacement 610 within a week.

        • fjfjjj

          Very interesting, unregistered users with unusually positive Nikon repair services. Both of you. Bravo.

  • DanielHPC

    Got my D600 replaced with a D610 after three sensor cleans. Now my brand new D610 is starting to show oil spots in the exact same corner as my old D600 did. For me it seems there are problems with the D610 as well.

  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    Oh Nikon Why? Why not just give those D600’ers a new Camera..You would look damn good in the world of DSLR. But to make all your customers jump through freaking hoops! Nikon..don’t make me go over to canon! ? makes cameras like it was still 2008..never mind!

  • Neopulse

    Wonder if there’s a landfill full of D600s

    • broxibear

      Yip…it’s called Ebay.

      • Neopulse


    • John Doe

      No they go to silicon heaven of course

  • CrapSensorGuy

    any comment on the: “The bottom line, many people refused to exchange their D600 for the new D610 because there is not too much of the difference as with the D600 they get free sensor cleaning for life, in other words you save at least $100 -$150 a year for the sensor cleaning”.

    • Minnesota Now 2016

      It’s a nice sentence but it tends to run on for a while, jumping around in its thoughts and not staying focused on the main issue the sentence was trying to address but all in all it’s fine, more or less.

      • some.guy from.texas

        Very well stated, more or less. 🙂

  • recycler60

    My d600 was a refurb I bought from Adorama I bought in March 2013. Is it eligible for a new sensor?

  • Ndawg

    LOL. F U Nikon. Go die a quiet death in the corner, Losers. Every camera you have made since 2012 is a worthless POS.

  • John Doe

    Help I accidentally a D610

  • Pear

    Im in Vietnam and our Official Distributor refuse to exchange my D600 to D610 cause i bought my D600 from Japan…

    • fjfjjj

      And now you know why traveling photojournalists all shoot Canon.

  • MNWS

    Is it only for USA or for Nixon all over the world? I am in Indonesia… I will try to ask but I don’t think they would offer exchange to D610. Even when I try to clean up for free at first they were refused and I have to show them that’s the free program is on their own website.

  • Sharon

    I live in canada and this was the reply I got.
    Nikon has no policy about free sensor cleanings. If the unit has issues related to the original service advisory then of course a free cleaning can be provided as a good will gesture. If the unit is found to have only normal dust as all full size sensors do have in time then a nominal fee may apply. Each situation is addressed individually and no blanket policy is in effect. The information that you read is not accurate. Your unit will need to be seen by a Nikon technician and if it’s deemed to be an Service related issue then a complementary cleaning or refund may be possible. Please send or bring the unit into service for evaluation.

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    I don’t really mind cleaning the sensor. What I don’t like is not being able to remove the oil drops so I set mine off. I’ve had the mechanism changed so far. If the oil issue is gone I’ll be happy.

  • zorwick

    I have just received my new D610 after I have sent the D600 back 3 times, its sensor was extremely dirty after few hundred shoots after it came back from previous services. Funny thing is, I sent it to the Netherlands service centre and I have got the replacement from Germany and I did not particularly asked for a D610. I would have been considering to buy a D800E/810 if they would offer me this option. Anyhow, I am kind of relieved, that my previous troubles are hopefully solved.

  • Ray

    It took a week for the ground shipping to get the camera to Nikon and then another week and a half to get it back. I was fairly impressed with the communication and relieved that I got my camera back. Now we’ll see if the shutter replacement and other adjustments did the job or not.

  • Jenna Miller

    I am sooooooooooooo frustrated, I have used Nikon for 23 yrs,I was finally able to get myself what I thought was a good camera D610 HUGE mistake, it works,then it doesent,then it works, then it doesent, took it to two repair shops, they said two different things both times I picked it up and it doesent work. I am sending it for repair this time to Nikon. I will NEVER again buy Nikon,lost total respect,use to be a great product, anyone else having problems with the D610?

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