Nikon promises to replace defective D600 cameras if the spot issue is not fixed

Nikon issued a news announcement today indicating that they will replace defective D600 cameras with a new D600 or an equivalent model. Here is the full text of the announcement:

With regard to the issue with which multiple granular black spots are reflected in images captured with the D600 digital SLR camera, Nikon sincerely apologizes for any concern and inconvenience suffered by D600 users, retailers, and all concerned.

Because Nikon takes this matter very seriously, we will continue to offer users of the D600 a special service with which cameras are inspected, cleaned, and if necessary, shutter and related components are replaced free of charge, even after the product warranty has expired. However, if a number of multiple granular black spots are still noticeable in images captured with a D600 upon which the above service has been performed several times, Nikon will replace it with a new D600 or an equivalent model.

Nikon will continue to work to improve the quality of its products and services even further.
We hope that you will continue to choose Nikon products for your photographic needs.

I reported back in January that Nikon is replacing some D600 cameras with D610 models.

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  • Jonathan Lin

    If I buy a used d600, but don’t have receipts or anything.. will they still fix it?

    • Greg Heller

      Yes they will

      • Harry

        Any update Greg? Did they give u a D610?☺

        • Greg Heller

          No they only cleaned the sensor and sent it back, unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to do much testing yet. I will though

      • Jonathan Lin

        For how long you think? 1 year? 2?

        • Greg Heller

          I have no way of knowing that — I would imagine at least through the summer and I do not think they will stop the program with out giving the customers a heads up, but this is just my opinion.

  • Ptluzzi59

    my camera has been there for 2 weeks and still no email that they even received it!! I’m getting a little worried they lost it!

  • Lord Mox

    Good things rarely get the limelight, since people seem to expect them. I am very certain that there are millions of Nikon customers who have had good experience with Nikon whether in using their products or services. Yet, those who had bad experiences, albeit the minority, have the louder voice or the only voice sometimes!

    I like to break this routine. I bought my D600 in Dec 2012 after I sold my d5100 to move up to full-frame. I didn’t pay much attention to earlier dust claims, then decided to do test shots. Sure enough, under the right circumstances the spots were visible. Took my camera to Nikon’s authorised service center, they offered to clean it for free (before any service advisory. This was back in January 2013).

    Few months later, spots re-appeared with any shot of f16 and higher (practically never bothered me as I never shot higher than f11). Thinking I might get lucky and take advantage of the situation hoping Nikon would give me the new D610 (bad of me, admittedly), I decided to write them and complain about the D600. They sent me shipping slip so I can ship the camera to them free of charge with no question asked. Less than a week later I got my camera back with new shutter.

    Now, I do have few spots showing up, but I have the confidence that whenever I need, regardless of warranty, I can send it and get it cleaned for free and may still get that elusive d610 I was hoping for. If this is not good customer service, I am not sure what is. Again consider the facts:

    Local authorised service center, takes the camera and clean the sensor for free. This was before the issue gone viral.

    Nikon offered free shutter change and provided other maintenance to the camera that I don’t recall now, but are written in the service order. Again, this was before they officially offered the shutter replacement. They have been doing it all along, they just messed up their PR and didn’t announce it. Hardly a problem!

    Nikon extending this guarantee for the life the camera, free of charge.

    If you ask me, that is a lot of goodwill considering the issue is few spots on sensor that can be cleaned easily by anyone and are only visible when you look for them, in most cases.

    Imagine that you didn’t buy a D600, but were one of the first who bought the d610. Soon you warranty will be over. I would be jealous of those who own a d600!

    I wish my car dealer, mobile maker, laptop vendor, and all my other providers extend me such ‘bad service!’

    Thank you NIKON! I am a satisfied customer.

    • Nikon User

      What I can say is you are a great customer.

      Nikon such a ruined company in recent years.

    • Harry

      1. Nikon knew about this issue in 2012, way before the bulletin was released in early 2013. They had been subjected to a lot of folks complaining and all they did at the time was clean.

      2. Where did Nikon say they will extend this warranty for ever? Please show me a written document that states that. All they have said is they will replace the shutter and then it follows normal repair-warranty or your camera’s warranty, whichever is longer.

      Yours probably took 1 week. Mine took 3 weeks and then 2 weeks. The number of people that have not even received an acknowledgement after a few weeks of sending it in, what do you have to say about that?

      The issue at hand is with the way the spotting has been handled. It took a class-action in the US and a expose’ in China for Nikon to react. A company with sound principles wouldn’t do that. I am happy you are happy but please do not insult the folks that have been given crap. Please read my posts on the way the Sr. General Manager said things to me. They blatantly lied about my service, simple.

      • Lord Mox

        Where did I “insult the folks that have been given crap”?
        Just to give you an example of how you missed the point of my reply, you said than my camera took 1 week to be returned, yours took 3 weeks. Now, my own reaction of whether I should be disappointed or not should be built upon your experience or mine? I am happy because of the service I got, not because of the service you got. Take this and apply it to all the points you mentioned. I find Nikon reaction to issue relatively acceptable and meets my expectations. Yes they were late, yes they could have done better job, but this is an argument that could easily apply to anything.

        Disagreeing with those who have had different experiences is not insult to them. Sorry if you felt that way.

        • Harry

          In retrospective, I cannot disagree with your statement. You can only speak to your opinion. Maybe the problem does not bother you (which you said yourself since you shoot at f11 or higher). I, and a number of others that shoot landscape, shoot at f16 or lower. I personally know a friend who has a D600 that doesn’t have an issue. However, he shoots street and it does not bother him at all (and to your point, doesn’t complain either). While you have had a moderately positive experience, you have also not been pained as much as some of us others. That is the point I was trying to make. For me, personally, I make it a point to write a +ve review as much as I make it a point to write a not-so-great review. Again, when I have had issues (from a BT receiver to a car charger to a projector), the manufacturer has NEVER (in my experience and a number of others) made the consumer look like an idiot by making statements such as “unrealistic”, “dust is common in DSLRs”. You should probably read my communication history with Nikon and that is not an isolated incident. This is literally what everyone with more than one repair has gone through. So, I apologize if I made an abrasive statement.

          That said, I dont people here are complaining just for the sake of doing so but rather because they have really been pained (most of them, incl. me). Everything that Nikon did was wrong with this issue. Waiting until a class-action to at least semi acknowledge and offer repair even out of warranty for a known defect. Waiting for a expose on a TV channel and a regulation stopped them from selling further D600s before they have made this new offer (“several” is still vague).

          A good consumer oriented company would have resolved this issue amicably long time back without resorting to gimmicks such as releasing a D610 with “enhancements”.

  • Ptluzzi59

    4 weeks i sent it in and they signed for it on the 3rd!!! i have yet to even receive an email so my camera is sitting in a bin somewhere in a warehouse!!

    • Harry

      LOL, but you do your own cleaning. Why did you send yours in? Why are you then complaining knowing that this is what it was going to get to. It was easy to poke fun at others until the issue hit you personally, didn’t it.

  • sexyjon

    It is never too late. This is actually very good. First of all, the rather small, but still to big fault in D600 cameras will be repaired. Second, Nikon has learned that they have to take quality complaints seriously, because if they do not, legal actions may rise and force them to. Third, this is a warning for other camera manufacturers. Fourth, I have no problem buying more Nikon products now.

  • neversink

    Two years and lots of pressure including lawsuits for Nikon to do the right thing. Shame on Nikon. I hope they have learned their lesson. Customer comes first. Not saving face, and the best way to save face is to admit you were wrong, that there is a problem, and do the right thing immediately. Instead Nikon waited for such a long time and didn’t care about their customers.

    • Harry

      Yeap if Nikon had voluntarily stated what was wrong and offered to fix it in 2012 when the issue was posted in YouTube, not released the d610 (or at least for ppl that had multiple failures quietly replaced it with a d610-like without actually releasing one), Nikon would have won my appreciation. What they did instead was to blame the user. I got emails stating that my test was unrealistic. I was told it would manifest limitations without stating what they were. Not personal but I have 6 patents issued and many more in the pipeline and I just got really angry because it felt like he was insulting my intelligence.

  • Wade Bryant

    I was one of the first buyers of the D600. When I heard the specifications ahead of the release I sold my D700, then also sold my D7000 when my D600 arrived. I noticed spots on my sensor after about 2000 shots and wet-cleaned my sensor. About half as many re-appeared by 5000 shots and I re-cleaned it. In general I felt it was attracting dust at about 3X the “normal” rate for a DSLR. While never as severe, the spots continued and now having only one camera I soldiered on doing frequent, and mostly successful cleanings of the sensor with somewhat expensive wipes. I tend to be a fix-it kind of guy and hate giving up on mostly-excellent products like the D600. I took 17,000 + great photos before the recent offer to replace the shutter. I sent mine in with about 20 spots on the sensor including one stubborn spot that my previous cleanings didn’t remove. My camera was returned in about 16 days and it has the new shutter, about 1000 extra shutter actuations (!) and about 8 TINY dust specs on the sensor (only visible at f/22). I’m glad Nikon made this final promise to replace D600 cameras that require repeated cleanings of granular specks. I suspect I’ll get a replacement camera in the next couple of years. In the meantime I’ll have taken tens of thousands of great photos. I’m not the least bit bitter. I’m much less satisfied with my Bosch dishwasher that requires a new handle trip plate every 6 months, my Suzuki DR650 that never starts in the winter, My 6 year old garage that’s sinking into the earth, etc.., etc.. I think Nikon made a mistake, took a long time to understand the magnitude of the issue and is now acting in a reasonable manner balancing customer satisfaction with shareholder desires. What else would you really expect them to do?

    • Harry

      Wade, I am an angry customer. That said, I cannot disagree with you. Now, let Nikon walk the talk and I will agree with your viewpoint more whole heartedly. One statement you made that I have my own theory is about “took a long time to understand the magnitude of the issue”. They did not take too long. In fact they understood it so well that they thought they would get away with it by releasing a newer version of the camera (D610) and hoped that the damage had been limited and they could move on. That is the part that I am most pissed about. On top of that I asked the Sr. General Manager who said verbatim ” but it’s likely that whenever you “test” a product in unrealistic conditions you’ll find limitations.”

      I asked if the D610 or D800 would show the same response and mum was the reply. They just thought that their customers were being unreasonable whereas it was the other way around.

  • cucu

    Omg, just stfu and move to canon already!
    Greedy stupid people just trashing Nikon name with no gain at all.
    is this “replacement policy” available only in US?

    • Harry

      this is on Nikon’s global site, I believe. Not sure if this applies to all countries.

      • Yes, it is on Nikon’s global site.

        • Harry

          just curious, do you know how many times counts as “sevaral” :). I heard 2 in China

        • Integral Moments

          So, can i take it to the Authorized dealer in my country instead of sending it to nikon US for repair or replace. ” I bought it from Adorama online but i live in Middle east now” !

  • Harry

    @PhotographyLife @nikonrumors wud @NikonUSA reveal its magic algorithm to determine D600 has been srvcd"several" times?— Harish Natarahjan (@nharish77) March 29, 2014

  • PGi

    Too late,I sold it ,give us who bought the d610 or d800 to replace bad d600 all our money back ,this is just too insulting to us who bought the d610 or the d800 because of our bad d600 junks.

  • Tonio

    Imagine if they had done this when the problem first surfaced. Bear in mind that — spots aside — the D600 is one of the best enthusiast cameras ever made.

    • Harry

      cannot disagree. Apart from the “spots”, the camera is one hell of a camera except the fact that the focus sensors occupy the same area as the D7000 but I knew that before I bought it, so no issues.

    • Harry

      cannot disagree. Apart from the “spots”, the camera is one hell of a camera except the fact that the focus sensors occupy the same area as the D7000 but I knew that before I bought it, so no issues.

  • Harry

    just curious. Assuming Nikon replaces the camera with a D610, what about the warranty? Do we get a new 1 year warranty. I ask because I just noticed that Nikon-N has extended all warranties to 3 years.

  • Integral Moments

    They refused to admit the problem when i was in the US and they just cleaned it for me. now I’m abroad and i sent them an email telling them that I’m not in the US and want to send it back for the issue fixing, they told me that i have to pay for the shipping !!!!. I said ok, but will they really fix it well before sending it back to me, so that i don’t resend it again and pay more ? if there is someone who knows how this is being done, please share it with me kindly. Thanks in advance

  • Res

    I sent mine in for spot removal service and when I received it back, it would take one picture, then show err. Turns out that the mirror would stop half way down. You could press the shutter release a second time and it would drop, so it wasn’t mechanically hitting anything obvious. Now I have to send it back a second time since after the shutter replacement to fix the spot issue it now has a more severe problem.

    Anyone else experiencing something like this? Seems that there are some significant design oddities going on or QC is somewhat slack.

    • i’m having the exact same issue as well. did you send it back and what did they say was the problem. Getting very frustrated with this camera.

  • Kristopher Doucet

    3 times i sent mine in started February 17th, just sent it back again March 21 and im hoping now i get a replacement seeming this is the 3rd time in a row..and i have a replaced shutter as well..2 years later an d finally they are doing what should of been done.. I think the next move is the move they should be doing..a full recall!

    • Harry

      did your issue get escalated to David Dentry too? If so, I am curious what his responses were.

      • Kristopher Doucet

        All it said was that it was now escalated, i didnt see any names attached but the last guy i was dealing with his name was Elvis. I did update my question with a new reply with a copy and paste of the service advisory. I’m in Canada and when i asked them before i sent it back in this time, if they would be able to replace my camera for me,they said no Nikon Canada doesn’t do that. I was like wtf? Because Nikon Europe and USA we’re already replacing repeated malfunctioning bodies in some instances. I then also asked him if it made more sense to keep spending money on me sending it in and having them replace shutters paying out labor and ultimately me not having a camera to use? I am jsut so relieved that i might and i really hope i do,finally get a new camera that i can use without having to get cleaned every 2nd or 3rd day!! So now that this is a NIKON Global announcement i sincerely hope that NIkon Canada complies with it!!

        • Kristopher Doucet

          And before anyone starts with big deal clean it..well iw as cleaning it myself for a while and it would take me 10 sensor swabs,a full package!! at 50$ a box here in Canada to clean my sensor!! So no that is not acceptable to me! maybe to you,but im not rich i saved a long time to get this camera and i often think that i should of saved a little longer for the 800 instead. Oh well if i get what i paid for finally that will be enough

  • Chimphappyhour

    Well, I beg to differ. I had oil spots showing up at any aperture. Only dust hides out at wider apertures.

  • Kristopher Doucet

    Soooo,Nikon Canada actually phoned me today. They asked me If i would be happy with an upgraded model and if that’s how i wanted to resolve the situation. So i’m not 100% sure on this,but it seemed like they were leaving me the option to ask for a refund as well? My only hope now is that i don’t get a D610 that has one of the diopter problems, lol. That’s an easy fix though..So glad that this is coming to end finally, for my case at least. I sincerely hope the rest of you each get a quick and fair resolution to your particular issues as well.

  • KRamos

    I have sent my camera back to Nikon four times without the problem being resolved. The first three times the shutter mechanism was replaced and the last time they just cleaned the sensor. I received my camera a week and a half ago and immidiately noticed a load of spots on my images. Two nights ago I sent them another message with images showing the problem and asking them to please fix this problem once and for all. Yesterday I received a call from an upper management Nikon rep. to tell me that they were sorry for the inconvinience and that they would be replacing my camera with a D610. I love everything about the D600 except the fact that I’ve spent many weeks without it due to the multible trips to Nikon Service. I hope the D610 will be the final fix.

    • Harry

      may I ask, which country are you in?

      • KRamos

        I’m in the US…

  • d600

    i sold my d600 year ago… never look back

  • whmitty

    The point of this posting is to urge ALL dissatisfied D600 owners to contact Nikon as I did and they almost certainly will swap your D600 for a D610 as they did with me. Particularly if they have already replaced the shutter box in your defective D600. I tolerated this situation for over a year and now, to finally have the camera I expected when I bought the D600 is a satisfying feeling.

    Nikon demonstrated glaring hubris in their mis-handling of this situation. Still, I can say that I’m happy that they replaced my D600 with a so far flawless D610. This after they replaced the shutter box. But over time I discovered that the new shutter box had NOT fixed the sensor contamination problem. In fact until I took my first “blue sky check” shot with my new D610, which was pristine, I had no idea just how profoundly bad the sensor splatter was in my old D600. I just kept cleaning the sensor in the D600 and got used to the ritual.

    Finally, Nikon’s unmitigated arrogance, if not reigned in following this debacle may well see Canon and other companies taking much of their business.

  • JO

    Just wanted to thank everyone for sharing info and wanted to share my info on d600.
    After sending in a couple times to fix the dust issue, Nikon agreed to replace the camera. I dont’ know if they replaced the shutter mechanism on my d600 but the dust came back. Good luck to all who still has a dust issue with their camera.

  • Refuz Tosay

    I sent my D600 back in March – shutter replacement/sensor cleaning was done. Now, a few weeks later and only a couple hundred shots – the spots are coming back – in the same top/left area of the image as before. This is unpleasant to say the least. But with $18k invested in NIKON gear over the last year – the switching costs are quite high. Maybe a competitor could start making bodies that support the F mount! They’d clean up – pun intended!
    Anyway, I sent an email to the support guys at NIKON let’s see what they do…

  • Tim

    Nikon just replaced my D600 by D610, and I’m in the U.S.

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