Nikon Capture NX-D 1.0.0 officially released

The new Nikon Capture NX-D (version 1.0.0) image editing software is now officially released. The download links for the different regions can be found here.

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  • neogene

    I’m missing the control points of Capture-NX 🙁

    • Boon Seang Lim


      • neogene

        Now Nik Collection plugin seems the only alternative

        • Markus

          But These addons won’t work from any Nikon Software. I would like to save my edited NEF files directly without the Need to convert them to TIF (which is significantly larger)

          • tomherren

            In LR5 you also need to convert to TIFF when you want to further edit in Nik Collection. I still need to try but I expect that the Nik Collection (except HDR) can be accessed from Capture NX-D in the same way as from CaptureNX2 and ViewNX2.

            • Markus

              How could it be accessed from Capture NX2?

              What I like using Capture NX2:
              You can directly edit(/save the NEF files. If you choose not to embed a JPEG preview, the file even gets smaller than larger.
              If you export it to TIF you’ll get a 200MB monster, loose information and you cannot undo your steps

            • tomherren

              Just by “open with” which automatically creates a TIFF-copy of the so far edited NEF and opens the chosen Nik Software as a standalone program

            • Markus

              Well this is not a reasonable solution. It means that you have to create a TIF file and edit it apart from the original file – this means that you’ loose Information.

            • tomherren

              Reasonable or not, LR5 does not do any better. Only photoshop allows to use Nik Collection as editable layers. Saving the PSD-files with layers makes files of 200MB and more.

            • groucher

              You don’t loose any information when you use a 16 bit tiff. NEF to tiff is a re-formatting of the data, not a compression as with jpg.

            • Markus

              I think you’re wrong:
              Let’s say you have edited your Image and some parts of the Image are now much darker than before (or actually black). If you try to make them brighter again, yo’ll find out that it is actually impossible to get back the original state ecause the tiff file “does not know” what has been there before!
              When you do the same in Capture NX2 you’ll get back exactly what has been there before since all editing is non destructive!
              Additionally the NEF fils are much smaller (approx. 40MB instead o 200M for my D800e).
              Two good reasons not to used TIFF (which was originally made for scanned fies)

            • groucher

              The NEF file contains a record of the commands that were applied when you last edited which allows you to get back to what you started with originally but these commands do not contain image information in themselves. I was simply making the distinction between tiff and jpg.

              The problem is that NX2 isn’t a fully featured editor as you cannot e.g. resize the image/canvas or clone parts of the image. It’s therefore necessary to go into Photoslop or similar, for which you need tiffs.

              It’s extremely unfortunate that Nikon didn’t put these features into a new version as NX2 is by far the best image editor that I’ve used.

            • Markus

              From my Point of view, cloning etc. already is a typical photoshop application. As far as you want to edit your Images, but still keep the Image itself without adding “artificial” Information (such als clones), an application like Capture NX2 is what I expect.
              What I am missing in Capture NX2 would be a tool to correct perspective (the D800 can do that in the nef file).
              It’s clear that Capture NX2 only stores what has been edited without saving the result. This should be ok unless the editing does not take too much time when opening the file

            • porl

              aaarrrggghhh . . . you can’t loosen information . . . you can lose it though . . .

            • Ric

              Same way Nik plugins work with LR.

            • fdff

              How are you going to loose information . . . like, loosen it? Or do you mean LOSE? . . . like in, make it lost?

            • fdff

              the information is not “loose” . . . but you may “lose” it . . .

          • Cristian

            The tiff is not only significantly larger, but you also loose the possibility to work on the adjustment you made on the original nef.

            • Markus

              That’s exactly what I said in another post! NEF is non destructive, TIFF not

    • groucher

      I’m missing the Selection Brush too.

    • neogene

      Installed, tested, unistalled, useless for my needs.

      • Markus

        same with me!

    • Andy Aungthwin

      Are you also missing some hard-earned cash out of your pockets?

      How about you write a plugin for this at your own time and expense, and I’ll come back and tell you what else is missing.

      • neogene

        What’s your problem bro?

        • Andy Aungthwin

          I ain’t the problem “bro”.

          It’s people like you who think you have the right to have/download anything and everything you like for FREE.

          If you don’t want or need something that is offered to you for free, then don’t use it.

          Oh, that’s right. You have no need for it but here you are complaining about it.

          And I am the problem?

          • neogene

            Maybe someone has drink too much today, have a nice day.

          • neogene

            There are already solution free like Adobe Photoshop Express, The Gimp, Paint.Net etc, and releasing a new tool which replaces the old one in which they removed one of the best features which made Capture NX the right choice for many of us doesn’t seem too smart, if i only have to use capture nx-d to do some color tuning and stuff like that and later go to photoshop to finish the work this is not how things should be done, instead Nikon could have deloped a better capture-nx adding features requested by photographers creating a really nice alternative to Aperture and Lightroom. This is not about free/not free, is about a step back for users which used it.

            • Irving

              I really think it ALL comes down to ‘licensing’ rights of various technologies. ( i.e. Greed of patent owners outweighing any public good )

            • tomherren

              You might want to have a look at Lightzone 4.0, an excellent RAW converter for free which offers i.a. local editing features that are not as efficient as CNX2′ U-points but in my view better than LR5′ brushes. Due to Google owning Nik technology and not wanting to license it to Nikon anymore, Nikon was simply not in a position to develop something equal or better than Lightroom.

            • nobody cares

              I never used NX2, but from what I’ve read, most of the features that people miss are NIK’s IP and NIK and Nikon parted ways several years ago.

              I don’t disagree with you, as I’d prefer to do everything as a virtual edit on the Raw file. Personally, I’d be happier if they’d just open up the format enough that Adobe and other companies could get the colors right as soon as they’re loaded. If they’re giving away the S/W, why not let other companies do the development for you?

          • umeshrw

            I sure do not have problem with this crippled NXD offered for free. I just have problem with nikon discontinuing PAID and very good CNX2. And all these people are complaining about just that. If you had used the two softwares, you also would know that.

          • Global

            Spoken like a true ‘brah.’ I’m imagining a wife beater on his chest, a beer in his hand, and a tv remote in the other. Pants optional.

            Of course he has the right to have/download anything and everything for FREE — at least when it really is free — and to have and share whatever opinion on the SOFTWARE that he wants, has, desires. Not really sure where else you expect feedback to come from if everyone is just “oh ladi dah, Me is so happy with this. Thank yous thanks yous.” Sober up, bro (and put some pants on for cripes sake :-)).

            Most of the people here would definitely be willing to chip in a few bucks for a functional version.

            • Andy Aungthwin

              Here is what I made today! One in the morning and one in the evening.

              Let’s see what you did.

              I don’t drink so I never need to sober up, bro.

              Keep imagining on your keyboard whilst I plan my next shot.

            • JXVo

              Congrats for the really nice pics…but I still don’t support your argument in this thread.

          • JXVo

            Andy, sorry yes! You are the problem. We all paid good money for something called CNX2 and would probably have been prepared to spend more to keep it updated.
            However, its replacement, free or not, is less functional. We are not only disappointed but also somewhat insulted. Buying into Nikon is to invest into an integrated system. CNX2 was unique in the industry and was part of this system. It is good enough that I have no need of LR, PS etc. But any new Nikon bodies I buy will not work with CNX2 and so I will be forced to adopt a totally new workflow for the new camera/s and choose to retain my old workflow for my D800 or change to a new less functional one.
            What will happen to my CNX2 processed files when I want to make prints or publish them via a future OS that cannot run CNX2 (or its non-existent updates?)
            NX-D is simply not a viable replacement so I will be forced to BUY a superior alternative. I will also have to re-process many of my old files in order to keep them all useable in a single filing system.
            I understand that a lot people might have worked very hard to get NX-D ready for us Nikon users but free or not, we feel we have been downgraded.

            • BasicD

              Here Here! Well Put!

            • brn


              When CNX2 was still being updated, all people did was bitch about it.

              Now that CNX2 is gone, all people do is rave about it.

            • umeshrw

              Same like we do for nikon. Don’t you think so?

            • Andy Aungthwin

              I also paid good money for Capture NX and also for Aperture. Both, as it’s turned out were dead-ends.

              I’ve come to the conclusion that LR is the only one that is going to have a real future (for me).

              There is no point complaining about NX-D because it is a clear and unequivocal way of Nikon saying “This is all that you are going to get because we are out of the software game”. Remember, Nikon had asked for input and yet they still left U-Point out.

              Either you are a serious photographer or you are not. If you are not, then all you need is View NX or NX-D.

              If you are serious about your photography, unfortunately, you should have done your homework and got out of Capture NX years ago.

              It has ALWAYS been fundamentally flawed.

            • umeshrw

              See. It was not so difficult to be civil and logical after all.

            • neogene

              Opening the NEF file format will be another right way.

            • umeshrw

              Very true. But nikon is not known to be reasonable these days.

            • Cristian

              I’m sorry Andy but, even if Nikon heard many “where are U-Points?” from customers, they won’t be restored not because Nikon doesn’t want to, but simply because it is not able to.

              The U-Point technology has been sold to Google with the whole Nik Collection and now Google retains the rights on it.

            • spydah

              if you are serious post processor then you need LR…

            • RC

              What software does one serious about his/her photography use?

            • Andy Aungthwin

              I think it’s more about what you are willing to invest in. You pick you product and stick with it.

              I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the brand products, but most people you will do fine with Lightroom.

              It is great product and works well with Photoshop.

              If you are serious you will need to invest at least 3 years into each product.

            • RC

              Thanks for your reply. I’ve been shooting digital since 2000, and I consider myself more serious about photography than most of my friends, but I haven’t used any software consistently other than CS2. What kind of edits does one do that require the software that you have in mind? Maybe you can give me some ideas to try out. What do you do with Lightroom that simple editors cannot?

  • Great update , very usefull

    • That’s hard to follow.

      NX-D is a slightly updated ViewNX2. I don’t see why Nikon would produce a duplicate converter. Although I hear that ViewNX2 conversions don’t work well. Still, fix and update ViewNX2 with the transfer function and we don’t have to add another application to our workflow.

      Has anyone tried to use NX-D? Wow! what an amateur product!

      I can’t even get setting readouts (like WB temperature) to stay visible. You have to click to see the value, but move the slider and the value disappears.

      The picture control screen is cut off – I can’t adjust saturation or hue for any image.
      There are probably more, but I have to stop to cool down.

      • spydah

        I have no problems seeing WB temps, kelvins or tints.
        Also, no problem seeing Picture Control settings.
        The only thing I miss is the Touch Up tool and XMP data. I don’t do a lot of post processing so it is a little improvement to NX2. If I really wanted to Post Edit my photos I’d use PS or LR. Had no issues with NX2 either.

        • That’s odd. I’ll have to try re-installing the (rather large) program.

          • Nope. Re-install and re-boot remains the same. The minimize, maximize and close buttons top right won’t work. All number boxes are blank white – pink with number when clicked, but this goes back to blank white when the cursor is moved away. The picture controls below “brightness” are cut off. Not sure what to do next.

            • spydah

              update your Windows packs if you have Windows OS and GPU

            • Yeah, I installed all my windows updates, re-booted, still the graphics are messed up. I’ve got a question in with Nikon – I’ll let you know what they say.

            • Wormwood

              I’m getting exactly the same with NX-D version 1.0.1. The slider boxes are all blank white. Clicking on them turns them pink and the numbers show – the numbers disappear again as soon as I release the mouse button. What an amateur piece of software!

            • No. Nikon gave up. Clearly, they need to do a lot more work on this software. Here’s the last of our exchange:

              Hello Mr. Gaetner,

              Not at the moment, I have reported
              your issue. When and if they provide a fix for it is not known at the
              moment, but I have reported it.

              Please watch for future updates to the software.
              Kind regards,


              Dave, “if they provide a fix” does not sound very re-assuring. Surely Nikon can do better.

              Here are some major problems that need fixing in this software:
              – blank slider boxes as described below.
              – cut off picture controls
              – bypassing User Account Control to identify the Nikon software in Windows as a legitimate publisher.

              A recurring problem that NX-D will not export Tiffs to Capture NX2 or
              photoshop. The render box progresses, but no picture opens in NX2 or
              PS. This is very disruptive to workflow since this requires shutting
              down the other software (and losing active settings). This is a major

              Beyond these essential fixes, I would think further
              work on the software would increase speed of setting changes and views
              such as the highlight indicator (Shift-H). More attention to finesse of
              operation would also help: if “fit to pane” is selected, this should
              apply to both landscape and portrait images. This does not work now
              (portrait images are cut off, and landscape images are too small to fit.

              I hate to give up on Nikon software to process the D810 RAW files, but NX-D is a major fly in the ointment.

            • Wormwood

              Thanks for letting me know.

              I saw your post on the other forum about dpi – I tried that and got the same results as you did.

              Anyway, NX-D is nowhere near good enough to replace NX2 – even if they fix all the issues on your list.

              It can’t even edit two NEFs at the same time – and the sidecar files are a nightmare.

              Nikon have made a huge mistake not adding D810 support to NX2 and it’ll cost them in the long run – they obviously don’t care though!

      • Constantine

        No, NX-D much more powerful than ViewNX. RGB curves, and LCH color space give great control. Sure, that I really miss adjusting brush and LAYERS. Layers are more important than those idiotic U-points wheach folks praise so hardly.

  • SteveOJones

    Capture NXD BETA version 1.0.0 is now released.
    Really unfortunate use of XD in the name.

  • groucher

    No thanks – I tried the beta and will stay with NX2. This software is pretty useless and does not deserve the NX name.

  • Richard

    pardon my french but F*CKING Nikon didn’t disappoint – 2 days away from official launch of D810 so of course all of us that have bought Capture NX2 can now blow each other…. no more control points, local edits, nada :/

    How anyone with a sane mind can call this a great update is beyond me… it’s still beyond me why anyone who knows how to use Capture NX2 should even bother downloading&installing this POS

    • phil

      Sorry, but anyone with sane mind moved away from CNX2 a long time ago.

      Did you seriously expect to see a CNX3 after Google bought Nik Software ???

    • brn

      F-ing Nikon? How about F-ing Google? They’re the ones that destroyed the possibility of any future development for Capture NX.
      Nikon was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      • Richard

        I’m aware who owns license to Control point functionality and I don’t have any kind feelings towards Google for wrecking Snapseed on Mac & giving damn sh*t about updating NIK plugins. But Nikon could have done similar move as Adobe did with adjustment brushes, I’d be more than happy to use just local selections with adjustments – you think this was beyond Nikon’s ability to develop? With some new UI and usability improvements it would have suffice for NX3 for me….2-3 years ago.

      • umeshrw

        If you check online, you will come to know that google bought (could buy) nik because nikon refused to work further and hence alienated nik. Again …. Nikon is at fault.( Check jason odell’s site for instance)

        • Richard

          well, even if that might be true I didn’t see any value added by Google after the acquisition of both NIK and Snapseed… like I said there were ways how Nikon could innovate local adjustments further even without NIK, but they chose the easier path and canned it

          • umeshrw

            Sad but true.

    • Kynikos

      Stop being so ambiguous and tell us how you really feel, Son.

      • Richard

        Sorry if you don’t get it grandpa

        • Kynikos


  • Alex

    since they couldn’t continue updating Capture NX2, they should just stick with View NX2. This is embarrassing !!!!!

  • Heinrich Beck

    This will be the best version of Silky Pix evah.

  • Jamie

    Why pay for CNX2? It’s easy enough to get a serial then block it with windows firewall.

    • brn

      Because that would be wrong.

    • Cristian

      … so you think Nikon stopped CNX2 developement because it is easy to find a serial?
      Just a question: do you know how much easier is to find a cracked Photoshop??

  • Markus

    To all those Software-tweakers:
    Is it possible to “tweak” Capture NX2 in such a way that it supports new camera modells such as D810? COuld it be possbile that Capture NX2 and View NX use the same DLLs for Decoding rwa files?

    This new Capture NX-D is a pain in the ass! Even free is too expensive!
    It’s a shame for Nikon that they do not Support other Software but won’t offer a Software which is comparable to the excellent camera they produce. Won’t they understand that such a camera Needs Software support? There is simply one choice: or they offer a siutable Piece of software like Capture NX2 (or better a real update NX3) or they enable Adobe & Co to implement a full support for NEF files!

    • Thom Hogan

      Yes and no.

      The usual method that people have used has been to edit the camera name in the NEF (e.g. change D800 to D810 using a hex editor). Because the size parameters and a number of other things about the file are pretty much the same, this usually works.

      However, it might not work on a D810 for a couple of reasons. First, we have new picture controls and settings. I can guarantee you that if you use those, the hex change method won’t work. But the notion that the sensor is a bit different now (different base ISO) means that in all likelihood you’d need new converter profiles for the new camera to make things work the way you’d want them to. We don’t know what Nikon changed sensor wise, but I’m betting that we’ll see that we need newer profiles.

      • Markus

        I had the idea (since ViewNX does support the D810) that the relevant dlls in Cature NX2 and View NX probably could be the same and thus it would work to copy those dlls into the capture4 NX2 Directory?!
        Any idea? Capture NX2 already had Support for some Expeed4 cameras (D4s)

        • Thom Hogan

          Nope. Won’t work. Moreover it’s a bad idea to mix and match DLLs in Windows.

          • Markus

            OK, it was just an idea for a quick and dirty tweak

  • Carlos

    please, stop complaining. Nikon does not listen to you. Whoever thought they would has enough prove, now.
    Take what fits your workflow best. LR, Google, CaptureOnePro, Apple iStuff, SillyPix or whatever. Nikon could not continue with CNX2, because the code is partially based on Google owned NikSoft and without real pic-app developer stuff nikonsillypix is the best they can do. Fuji hasn’t done any better, neither has Canon, Sony or whoever from the Manufacturers.

    • Markus

      The other manufacurers have done better: the have disclosed their file specs to others like Adobe.
      Nikon still keeps the file Format secret that’s why there is no 100% support for those NEF files in any 3rd party Software.

      Nikon surely could write a new Capture NX3 Software. If they could not get any license from NIK/Google they could at least Permit users to buy the NIK Software and use those addons from a new Capture NX3

      • Arsen

        I agree , write NX3 and charge extra for Nik software addons support. I will buy in a heartbeat. One software for all your raw edits..

        • Markus

          What was the cost for Capture NX2 (I got mine with the D800e). I think approx. 150$/€?!

          Let’s assume Nikon could offer a bündle Capture NX3 + Nik Plugins (t least those that were available with NX2 if not the whole collection) for 200 $/€ (and 99 $/€ without Nik).

          I would buy it and have still support for my already existing NEF-fles (what Capture NX-D does not offer)

        • MonkeySpanner

          Nikon may have jettison a lot of there software writing staff. I am not saying I know this for sure, but it is a possibility that they do not have enough staff to write CNX3.

          • Garfield

            As I think Thom said, it’s likely more that Google refused to continue licensing U-Point technology after they acquired Nik. Nikon may not have had a choice but to abandon CNX2’s u-point technology. It still stinks though.

  • Markus

    Why People are buying D810 camperas if there isn’t any appropriate Software support? Probably Nikon will understand when they’re sitting on all those nice cameras they have produces because nobody will buy them!

    Current Software support:
    1) Capture NX2: no support
    2) View NX: only rudimental functionality
    3) Capture NX-D: even worse that View NX and file Format not compatible to View NX
    4) Adobe Lightroom: no full support for NEF-files since Nikon does not disclose the file specs (currently no support but this will Change soon)
    5) others: same Situation as with Adobe

    • tom43

      (a) The Nikon D810 is not available yet. Why are you crying about that does not exist? ACR/LR support will be there once the D810 is in the shops.
      (b) What is your source that there is no “full support” for NEF-files by Nikon? Are there any images created NX2 which would have not been possible with LR5, C1 or DxO?

      • Markus

        I do not cry about that. I am sure that Adobe & co will Support D810 quite soon! I am crying about Capture NX2 RIP!

    • phil

      4) that “no full support” is still capable of recovering highlight/shadow data way better than Nikon’s own software.. which is rather embarrassing

    • Zograf

      There is an instant and appropriate software for each new camera – in case of D810 it is micro coded in the Expeed 4 processor! This in combination with Active D-lighting gives you tremendous possibilities. Well, you cannot tweak and distort light to your liking but in many if not most cases the in-camera jpeg output is the most balanced one you can have. Just focus on composition.

  • lilu

    I think it’s good that Nikon users finally have a free official raw processing tool.

    • Markus

      Nikon users had ViewNX2 for simple editing for free and they had Capture NX2 (not for free) with Extended capabilities. The files were compatible! The new Capture NX-D is not compatible with ViewNX files

  • Arsen

    Very Sad day.. D810 in 2 days for me.. No more NX2 support. I am excited about the D810, but so upset that no NX2 Support of new camera.. Just release the raw support and make this toy like software for your point and shoot camera’s. They wont know the difference since they shoot jpg only.

    • Mike

      Most pro’s shoot jpeg since they know how to set their camera properly.
      You can shove you noob RAW up your Arse(n)

      • Arsen

        Really,, what was that stupid comment called for? Grow up if you don’t know the benefits of raw..

      • Alexis

        Hey, it’s Ken Rockwell!

      • Pk Bullock

        sorry to disagree. NEF is more of a “negative” and if you shoot jpeg & NEF you can always go back and play with what was really recorded.

      • never will sink

        Some do, and some don’t. Did you take a survey? It’s so easy to use worlds like ‘most.”

      • peterw

        most pro’s you know you mean to say. Most pro’s you know don’t need 14 bit color depth. They need fast results or they hate to spend ‘valuable time’ running a conversion batch while doing the dishes.

    • Bill Pahnelas

      EXIFtool can batch change the camera ID to a model compatible with NX2, so you can continue to use it. Some will insist that this is unsuitable since the software isn’t “optimized” for the new widgets and gadgets in the D810, but c’mon, what do you think they really do to make the software “compatible” with new cameras? after all, every camera that comes out will require you to adjust your PP settings to some degree. Obviously this isn’t a long-term solution, but at least you aren’t “dead in the water”.

      • MB

        I doubt this will work even for D810 … no Picture Control v2 support, different resolution, NX2 would probably just hang opening the NEF file …

  • whisky

    one finger giveth, and the other hand taketh away.

  • Jorge

    I still have Capture NX2 but I’m going to download this one anyway. Silkypix here we come!!!

  • itsmyname

    Well I just downloaded this NX-D and installed it.
    Totally useless program….Just uninstalled it…
    Junk I don’t see how any professional could even think about using it.

    • neogene

      Hei watch out or Andy Aungthwin will yell at you 😉

    • Chuck

      Nikon ruined it. I used the control points all the time. Now they’re gone.

  • Kris

    NX-D is so sloooooowwwww compared to ViewNX2, just to browse a folder full of photos and showing one after the other…. so slowwww

    • MonkeySpanner

      Have you tried this latest download? I have been using the beta version – and yes it is very slow. They were supposed to fix that with the released version. Just wondering if anyone has tried it yet.

      • spydah

        works great

    • spydah

      you need more power, I have no issues.
      Also, NX-D is not for browsing a lot of photos that’s what ViewNX is for. Select photo and “Open with” NX-D

  • Garfield

    Believe it or not NX2 was one a big reason reason for me sticking with Nikon. By jettisoning NX2 and forcing me to adopt a new post processor, Nikon have just made it that much easier for me to switch my $30k investment in Nikon to Canon (mostly for the supertele selection). Just sayin.

    • doge

      That doesn’t make any sense, but have fun with your new gear.

      • Garfield

        It does for me. With the loss of CNX2, the only thing that Nikon has in it’s favour IMO are it’s Sony sensors. If Canon closes the gap in sensor performance with the next generation of sensors, that, plus their robust supertele selection makes Canon the easy choice for me.

        • doge

          Like I said, that doesn’t make any sense. Please take me down the road of how switching camera gear is going to get you back to your old post processing method using CNX2. I’d love to hear it.

        • whisky

          CNX2 may be the straw that broke your camel’s back, but it’s a trivial reason to change platforms. i’m not saying that trivial reasons are entirely invalid, just that they’re typically very inefficient.

          you lost me at the sensor issue, and confounded me by raising the super-tele issue. however, if trivial stuff is what floats your boat, you’ll find solutions to your disappointments very expensive. good luck with that. =:-/

          • Garfield

            Well differences at the margin may be trivial to some but they’re important to me and my style of shooting.

            CNX2 was a big part of my shooting process — it’s demonstratably the best one-off image processor on the market with the fully integrated U-Point technology and Nik Efex 3 plugin. No other software can do what it can do as quickly, easily and efficiently (and I’ve tried all the big players).

            So now that I have no choice but to adopt new post processing software, I can take a step back and view the whole market and pick the best system for me — and it’s not looking like Nikon any more. Fortunately I have the financial resources to backup my beliefs.

            • whisky

              i can respect that, but as i said it’s just not very efficient. in the greater scheme of things one’s tools are the least of their worries as there is always more than one way to arrive at the mighty halls of Valhalla. 🙂

        • peterw


          I’d say in the 30 grand leage, the difference in a D800 and D4, versus a 5D-iii and a 1Dx and their lenses is for 95% a matter of personal feel and taste. The Canons are sharper at the moment, it doesn’t show in pictures, but in pixels.

    • Me

      How come I never see $30,000 worth of gear going on sale anywhere? Lots of people on the internet claim to be dropping Cannon for Nikon and Nikon for Cannon but somehow there are never these massive gear estate sales that are promised.

      • Garfield

        Well two years ago I bought $20k worth of Canon gear just to try and sold it all within 6 months. This is just a hobby to more of us than you might think.

      • Carleton Foxx

        You’re on a secret list of people who are excluded from awesome sales of Nikon gear. Even worse, your office mates aren’t telling you when there’s birthday cake.

      • nwcs

        Look on ebay sometime. Or what’s in the used section of B&H, KEH, etc. The stuff is selling in a lot of venues. Not necessarily disgruntled owners. Some may be upgrading or downgrading or whatever. But you wouldn’t be able to tell if someone dumped $30,000 worth of stuff on ebay unless you were specifically looking at sellers.

  • justin

    Can someone explain why everyone is complaining that Lightroom won’t work with their nef files? It seems to work pretty damn well for me and I would imagine many many other people.

    • Me

      It’s kids complaining about gear they don’t own, so yes, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    • NDC

      Yes I can explain to you. If you even care to read it…(?)

      A lot of Nikon in-camera settings like extra sharpness, D-lighting, contrast etc. etc. are being ignored by non-Nikon software. Try to change some settings in your camera and compare how CNX2 looks compared to for example Lightroom…
      Capture NX2 will always win this ‘battle’. The problem is that Nikon is not giving Adobe access to their secret sauce, which is baffling especially now that CNX2 will slowly die.
      All the other camera manufacturers are giving their RAW specs to Adobe.

      In fact you might as well just shoot your Nikon camera straigt out of the box without changing any settings if you use Lightroom or whatever non-Nikon software.

      I have -numerous times- tried to work with Lightroom and give my pictures the exact same feel and look as CNX2, but it never comes close. To me even the original not edited file looks better in
      CNX2 compared to a processed one in Lightroom…

      There’s your explanation.

      • whisky

        “Capture NX2 will always win this ‘battle’. ”

        yet it’s mostly a ‘good eye’ that wins the war.

      • photoroto

        I’ll take mine without the secret sauce, please! Just gimme the pixels, I’ll apply my own secret sauce in LR. Have never been a fan of some third party trying to save me from myself by imposing mysterious mumbo-jumbo on my workflow.

        PS, everything but LR is crap. In three more years DxO might be able to compete, if they can fix the damned fine-edge artifacts that bedevil the current release. LR can do miracles by comparison, and can handle wide dynamic range files like no other. LR and D810: a match made in heaven. IMHO.

        • umeshrw

          “Never been a fan of some third party trying to save me from myself by imposing mysterious mumbo-jumbo on my workflow”
          Don’t forget that LR IS the third party in this case and not CNX2. And what you are calling mumbo jumbo is here the in built settings that YOU yourself had applied to your images IN camera.

      • Alex

        To be honest, what was true before is not that obvious anymore. By selecting the camera profile (in the camera calibration section, bottom of the developping panel, if anyone wonder) you will get similar results with Lightroom. The 2 main differences vs Nikon’s software are:
        – D-lighting: if the NEF you are processing has some D-lighting enabled, it wont look the same in lightroom and you wont be able to make it look as nice as Nikon does … (this is subjective, but I have to confess that)
        – display of the image in Lightroom is not as crisp vs Capture or ViewNX and it makes you think your picture looks crap. However, after exporting the JPG files with matching sharpening no diference will be seen.
        But the overall toning, color, contrast etc are hardly noticeable. I was not expecting that result, I have tried and compared and well … There it is.

        Also, canon does not give their secret sauce either… unfortunately

  • Richie Balien

    DxO Optics Pro v9.5.1 (latest version) supports Nikon D810 NEF files. This software is marvelous for editing RAW files. They always update their program at regular intervals to incorporate new cameras appearing on the market.

    • Benjamin Dover


      What is new in DxO Optics Pro v9.5.1?

      Support for 5 new cameras:

      Sony A7s

      Sony DSC-RX100 III

      Sony SLT-A77 II

      Nikon 1 J4

      Samsung NX30

      The Export to Flickr feature works again.

      Minor bug fixes.

  • Michael Laing

    Whilst. I know, it Capture NX-D is a bit rubbish. I also think it isn’t probably designed for anyone who is reading Nikon Rumours and it isn’t meant to be a replacement for Capture NX2. I see it more as a replacement for View NX2, which, lest we forget is even worse. It is also free, which is unusual for Nikon (who seem to hate doing anything for free (particularly, firmware updates)

    The ship seems to have sailed for Capture NX2 when Google bought Nik Software and it doesn’t seem to be coming back. So it looks like people are going to have to move on.

    • People who don’t read NR shoot JPEG and leave them indefinitely on the SD card, or transfer all of them to one folder, thereby dooming them to never be found nor seen again.

      • Mike

        My brother has birth pictures of his daughter on his D5000 still. She’s turning 5 next week. 🙂

        • peterw

          I used to work that way with my first camera, a Canon A-1.


  • Maarten

    There seems to be no way to remove dirt on the picture. In Capture NX 2, there was a tool called “Auto Retouch Brush”. But it does not seem to be included with Capture NX-D, which makes this program unusable.

    • umeshrw

      Nikon is going to add auto retouch brush in it. (As per an earlier NR post)

  • TeaBreak

    Has anyone read the Readme????

    “Gray lines may appear at the bottom of images saved in JPEG format as
    part of a batch process applied to RAW (NEF/NRW), JPEG, or TIFF images.

    At this stage this is a display issue only; the JPEG images themselves
    are not affected and should not be deleted while this issue is awaiting

    Note, however, that if the converted JPEG files are converted again, the
    lines will become part of the image; do not attempt to convert JPEG
    files affected by gray lines.”

    Come on Nikon, this is simply ridiculous! Shame on you! Do you really believe I’m going to buy a $3000 D810 to tell my customers, sorry, but you maybe have to pay for grey lines in my images??????

    • phil

      no, you are expected to use a real RAW converter, not some half-baked free tool meant for clueless amateurs

      • TeaBreak

        I know and I do. 🙂
        However I’m sure the discontinuation of NX2 will impact Nikon’s DSLR sale rates negatively. I know a lot of people who buy Nikon DSLRs for the special Nikon look NX2 creates. Me once, too.

  • cletus

    Wow, it’s a 280 MB file.

  • Thaksa Pantip
    • Tadao_Isogai


  • Thaksa Pantip


  • Peter

    Why can’t I open my edited NEF files??
    Its not just my D800 files that lost the editing, my 2003 D1 files also opens up with no adjustments.
    This is insane! Did I just loose all editing I’ve been doing for the last 12 years!?

    • JXVo

      This is what I feared. Fortunately I have always archived my original un-edited NEFs and I save the edited ones to a different location…so I will be able to re-process….the amount of work involved is daunting.
      Luckily, CNX2 still works for all cameras released before the D810. It will only be broken when a new OS comes along that won’t run it any more.

      • TeaBreak

        NX2 checks your licence and for this purpose Nikon is running an authorisation system. Won’t be surprised when they stop this soon to reduce costs. “Achtung” baby …

        What I’ve learned from the whole story is: our NEF’s aren’t save – not with Nikon. Don’t trust them anymore! It’s a terrible pity what has become to my once beloved company.

    • phil

      Why ? You can still open them in CNX2.

      This (NX-D) is a totally different application, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t support the adjustments you made in CNX.

      In fact I EXPECT this to work with OOC files only.

      • Peter

        CNX2 is no longer supported software. That is why I thought Nikon wants me to use NX-D.

    • peterw

      You state you can’t open them, next you suggest you can open them, just without the editing?
      Lightroom can read my edited NEF’s. It just can’t apply the editing (off course I’d say. Neither can Capture apply the Lightroom settings).

      Save the most recent Capture NX2 instalation files for OS MAC and Windows both on a safe place, and you’ll be good for years. You can’t be needing View NX-D now.

  • Dweeb

    Of course there won’t be an upgrade or bug fixes until Nikon have a new camera to peddle. Not even going to instal it. LR5 works for me.

  • Chou Bidouh

    I understand you guys complaining about Nikon discontinuing CNX2. From a different perspective this software is excellent, because it’s free and offers much more than ViewNX2. Unsharp mask, Noise Reduction, LCH, clarity, to me that’s welcome. I’m a fan of not going all too crazy with editing, photoshopping, imagetweaking. I like to get good results out of cam.

  • Photog

    Very Lightroom-ish looking.

  • Killroy™

    Absolutely horrible application. Dead slow on a i7-4700 with 16GB RAM and SSD for the OS.

  • Christopher Eaton

    Way too little (as in 20 steps backwards) and way too late (as in Lightroom now eats Capture NX’s lunch).

  • always floats

    That’s it….. I’ve been using lightroom for years now. Easier than NX2 and I get beautiful photos. NX2 is dead. It has been comatose for years. Get over it.

  • Richard

    Not after I saw Google buying NIK, but I did before it happened.

    I moved to Nikon in 2010 and for next 2-3 years I always felt that the rendering of NEF files and editing was superior to any other RAW engine out there… I started using C1 7 Pro lately and now I’m not so sure about it, I have some dodgy old shots I just couldn’t edit well enough in NX2 and C1 needed just few clicks with 2 sliders.

  • peterw

    D-lighting in Capture NX2 is rather impressing I think. Remember to correct the contrast after applying.

    • phil

      underexpose a scene by 4EV, pull the shadows in CNX2 and in LR5. The difference is embarassing. For Nikon.

  • Marcel Speta

    i just installed it and tried – just for curiosity ….. within an hour uninstalled…
    Especially the Noise reduction is horrible in comparison to Adobe LR capabilities, doesn’t support two monitors etc…
    I am forced to take pictures above ISO 2000 (wildlife) and this software is useless and needs a long journey to be a valuable application.

  • samot

    not for me! capture one pro 7/nik software coll/apples aperture along with dxo optics pro does it for me!

  • Ramon

    Well I just tried this software with some NEF files from a D810, and seems to be working pretty good!!

    Clarity , Curves, Noise Reduction works great!

    NEFs from my old D300 works bad

  • Saffron Blaze

    Well, if someone can hack a patch for NX2 so the Nikon D810 works with it I’d be a happy camper.

    • JXVo

      Agree! Was going to order a D810 to accompany my D800 but stopped dead in my tracks when it became known that CNX2 will not support the D810.
      So now I am looking at a LR purchase and learning curve. I guess this is kind of inevitable. My real problem is future proofing all the work done editing 1000’s of pics in CNX2 and setting up a new filing system because the current one is based on CNX2 presets.

      • Saffron Blaze

        Well, I tried the CC for Photographers and it was a nightmare dealing with Adobe. I finally got so mad and annoyed with trying to get the subscription up and running I asked for a refund and for them to delete my Creative Cloud account. They tried to tell me it was normal for people to have to wait 48 hrs for a subscription to become active after paying for it. I pointed out this was not the case with Microsoft, Apple or any other online subscription service.

        I figured if it was that hard to get the subscription running I would constantly be held hostage to their whims about accounts, billing and use of the product.

  • Cristian

    I think Google has no interest in making a non-destructive photo editor starting from a NX2 base.
    And it will be an enormous fail: with few adjustments in the software funcrions, the support of various raw format, and an freely available interface for plugin developement, it could become the best photo editing software.

  • Saffron Blaze

    I like how the ads are pushing LR+PS subscriptions for photographers to me when I visit here 🙂

  • fourtis

    Capture NXD is far behind NX2! Moreover, may Core i3 PC is at pain treating pictures with NXD (with 8 GB RAM) !!
    Do we need a super gaming PC to use NXD ???
    On the contrary LR5 or Dxo Or Capture One work smoothly with a Core i3 !!!

  • spydah

    for PURE photography…

  • MonkeySpanner

    Just installed the newest version. Is it just me – or did they get rid of the dual monitor function? I am not sure (I could be confused because I am using Canon DPP also – so I may have it confused with that).

    • spydah

      click on “Full Screen” to view larger on other monitor, click again to restore. It’s the icon before the multi-preview icon

      • MonkeySpanner

        Great. Thanks.

  • Mark A

    Phase One Capture One Pro. That is all.

  • User

    Last night i installed Capture NX-D, and i can say Thank you Nikon for this good upgrade of Nikon ViewNX. i’m not talking about CaptureNX its similar but in other hand different. Capture NX-D has all what i was missed in ViewNX. and its enough to me to edit RAW files and later work with other softwares. and its free as viewNX

    • MonkeySpanner

      I agree. I am in the same boat. I use NX-D to do overall adjustments. And anything local happens in another software.

  • Tony Mateus

    It blows. It totally. Blows.

  • Robert

    Capture NX-D v1.0.0 runs really slow on a new Quad-Core MacPro w/32GB RAM, two D500 AMD FirePro chips. I’m shooting RAW with a new Nikon D810. The images look beautiful once they finish processing. NX-D files look much better than what I get out of Adobe’s ACR (ACR runs very fast on this computer). Once Phase One and Apple release updates, I’ll get a chance to see how Capture One and Aperture respond.

    • Olivier Laublin


      i had the same Feeling with the recessing of my D750 nef files that the output was sharper and colors a bit more natural.
      I just miss a few settings for more precise color correction.

      Do you still use NX-D ? i also noticed that it was awfully slow… i hope Nikon does something about that.
      I sometimes wait a few seconds before seeing my new settings, and after that i can’t really see if my new settings are better or not.

      I’ll wait as you do and see what Adobe has to offer in terms of corrections for these new cameras. I kind of like the offer of adobe in terms of fine settings in LR.


      • Robert

        I’ve been using Capture One 8 for the past week. I shoot RAW and set Picture Control on the Neutral setting. Capture One 8’s “Base Characteristics” set at the”Auto” or “Film Standard” curve displays a image that has more contrast and color saturation than I typically care for. I’ve found that if I choose “Portrait” it more closely resembles the image displayed in NX-D.

        Aperture’s default “RAW Fine Tuning” setting displays and image that is too bright and has a bit too much contrast. I’ve found that if I adjust the RAW Fine Tuning’s “Boost” setting down to .60 and knock the contrast in the “Enhance” panel down to -0.05, it more closely resembles the image displayed in NX-D.

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