New versions of Camera Control Pro, Wireless Transmitter Utility and UT-1 firmware updates released with D810 support

Nikon Camera Control ProNikon UT-1 with D800
Today Nikon released updates for Camera Control Pro ($139), Wireless Transmitter Utility software and Communication Unit UT-1 ($374.95) firmware with added support for the D810 camera. Here are the download links (still not available on Nikon USA website):

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  • Panda Imagery

    Any word on when the new camera raw plugin for Photoshop will be released as currently D810 NEF files won’t open in Photoshop (using Photoshop creative cloud fully updated). Currently only capture NX-D opens them. Also tried Lightroom

  • Eric Calabros

    in a connected world in 2014, you need to pay 140+375=515 dollars for only “communication” with your camera!
    Nikon policy has more retro look than Df

  • palitos chinos

    I think mirrorless give you a lot more in this field…

  • rea

    Will be the nikon wt5 enough for wireless transfer of images to ipad mini retina (dont want this bulky ut1 if not necessary….)

    Any thougths will it work with the huge NEF files of the d810..

    So wt5 is relatively small but nevertheless we have to pay 500 euro bucks more….

    • Ngoc Nguyen

      Buy the TP-LINK TL-MR3040 at amazon for $35, and use free app qDslrDashboard (Android, Windows, Mac), you will have the wireless connection to any Nikon and Canon cameras with ton of useful functions: advanced custom bracketing, timelapse photography… You could set Raw+Small Jpeg to have faster jpeg transfer to you device for preview. The qDslrDashboard is far more function than CCP2

      • Ngoc Nguyen

        Sorry, I forgot to mention that you need to flash the openWRT firmware for the TPlink which explain clearly at qDslrDashboard

        • rea

          thanks is there any router with even 1000 gigabit ethernet….the tp mr 30 40 is only 100….

          thanks in advance!

      • Jayson Tanega

        Wow nice one!!

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