First Nikon D810 cameras are already shipping a week before the official release date

It seems that the Nikon D810 is already shipping in some countries - the first camera already showed up on Instagram in Australia. There is also an unboxing video on YouTube:

Today Nikon Japan confirmed that the D810 will officially start shipping on July 17, 2014.

The D810 pre-order options are listed here.

Update: here is another D810 unboxing in Czech language:

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  • freddygetshisheadstuckinD810

    Short and sweet unboxing

  • introvert

    I upgraded my D800 to D810 by turning of my live view forever.

  • ronin

    Under-promise and over-deliver, what smart consumer product companies do.

    Don’t expect this model to be on a 5-month wait list like the D800.

    In fact, don’t expect any camera ever again to be, those days are gone.

    • I jumped in late on the D4S purchase, and was able to get it delivered within a week of release, . . . . i am hoping to order the D810 to replace my D800 on the 17th

      • Ol’ Pickle Pony

        Oh yeah? Well I’m hoping to order the D810… for FREE! With a side of waffle fries (also for free).

        • it comes with fries?

          • Ol’ Pickle Pony

            That’s correct. One order of waffle fries drenched in truffle-infused oil. You can also get the D810 drenched in truffle-infused oil, if that’s you thing.

   it? How hard do you want to drench that D810 in truffle oil? I’ll drench it so hard.

    • Global

      *cough* Nikon V3 *COUGH*


    • Stanley

      Is this d810 going to be just another one of nikon’s recent let downs?

  • TeaBreak

    No Gorilla Glas like D3 / D4???
    I HATE this plastic protection cover ….

    • Bokeh Monk

      I keep mine covered with gaffer’s tape! Like the protection but hate the reflections it casts…

    • Global

      Meh, small issue. Buy two protectors in case one scratches. For the price, it should be Gorilla glass though. Well-agreed. But not enough of an issue to hate it. At some point the covers and plastic wraps and cases are supposed to get dirty and scratched. Thats why they are covers.

      • TeaBreak

        Aesthetically I won’t care about some dirt and (insignificant) scratches as I use my Nikon gear. Even my D3 doesn’t look new after 300.000 shots.:-)
        However – desite some minor scratches – the screen is still brillant.

        Problem with that damned platic covers is that you can’t see anything clear on screen. Even when it’s fairly new it causes a somehow milky view. It’s impossible to check portrait sharpness @ f2 with cover on. And beware of cleaning it – scratches are garanteed!

        For the price it HAVE to be Gorilla glas.

    • I keep my cover minty for when I sell it in a few years. People genuinely get upset if its not included.

      • Hawg427

        Just buy a new one from Nikon when you sell your camera 🙂

  • rt-photography

    with stock at its lowest since 3 years ago, I can understand why their in such a rush to sell sell sell..

    It was never like this before.

  • julianliues

    On the Japanese website linked above, I saw they have D810 24-85 VR lens kit. Is this lens the one already out ” Nikon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR AF-S Nikkor Lens” ?

  • broxibear
    • broxibear

      And a longer unboxing if you’re into that sort of thing, although not in English.

      • Thanks, I will add those to the post.

      • mikeswitz

        A little light on character development, but I really enjoyed the part where he attached the lens shade.

  • JT

    Stavanger foto obviously got theirs before the release date–although they won’t start selling until 17 July–I wonder if many Nikon dealers are sitting on advance shipments?

  • Unboxing videos. This is a relatively new phenomenon that I’m not quite sure I understand. I want to sit and watch that? OK.

    • Aldo

      I think exactly the same thing… as I’m watching them…

    • Youtube pays $5 for every 5k hits a video gets. When a product is new you can almost guarantee that people will want to see the video. If you just got a new piece of gear before everyone else.. why not make a video and put it online 🙂

      • Spy Black

        I have a video with well over that number of hits, I’ve never seen a dime. Not that I really give a crap, but I’m just sayin’…

        • verycunning

          The minimum payout might be something like $20. Not sure, but Amazon’s affiliate payout works/ed that way.

        • You are correct. Youtube will not automatically pay out. You have to enable “Monetize with Ads” and sign up for AdSense. I think the payout cap by default is set at $100. You wont see a dime until you hit that cap.

          People would be crazy not to enable it. Who knows if your video will go viral?

          • Spy Black

            I have to sign up for AdSense as well? They can keep the lousy hundred bucks.

            • Yes it can be done after the fact, but they wont retroactively pay you back for hits you have already received. AdSense is a part of google so its as simple as googling “AdSense”, approving the terms and conditions, adding your info and preferred method of payment. Once you get your first $100 more options are available to you. It can happen overnight if your cat video goes viral 🙂

        • mikeswitz

          What’s the video? Maybe we can push it over the top and you too can make $5.

          • Spy Black

            Yeah, bring that fiver on! 🙂

            Anyway, it’s an a cappella rendition I did some years back of an old Paul McCartney song called The Mull of Kintyre. You can watch it here:

            • mikeswitz

              Okay, I did my part, just a few more of the regulars and you’ll be rolling in dough. Did McCartney record that song? What album? And just to keep this on topic were those shots from a Nikon?

            • Spy Black

              The photos were sent to me by various members of a website called The Kintyre Forum. I would say they’re from a multitude of different cameras, some possibly Nikons.

              Yes McCartney recorded that song, of course. It was a huge hit in Europe and Australia when it was released in 1977. Didn’t have as large an impact in the ‘States. You can listen to the original here:

            • KnightPhoto

              Very well done accapella, at first it didn’t twig on me this was ALL you including the harmonies – good work!

  • KS

    I see that Stavanger foto lists the D810 body for 28,790 NOK, or about € 3429.13 or USD $4,651.59. The D800E is only 23499 NOK or USD $3796.73

  • Are these reviewers, or just average Joes?

    • broxibear

      A few “average Joes” with good connections, and some dealers who have got stock in and are posting images/video before they go on public sale.

      • SPfan

        Anyone who can be counted on to say nice things. DPR, for example.

        • broxibear

          Yeah, you’re not wrong there.

          Many of the reviews are nothing more than regurgitated press releases. In the hands on video reviews you can see people holding themselves back, or trying to say something critical without actually saying it.

          Those who dare to say what they feel no longer get invited to plush events and no longer get equipment to review.

      • Marcel Speta

        less than average…. i do understand Czech and he has no clue what is he presenting…. and such people have the oportunity to show such advanced cameras. Damned.

      • broxibear

        And a Swedish Magazine, not sure if the hipster strap is included, lol ?…

        • JT

          An AI-S lens on the D810? Ok…

          • Michiel953

            I think it’s the 28/2.8 AiS, which is exceptionally good and does well on the D800 (as does the 50/1.2, which is on my D800 now). So yes, OK!

          • TV

            It’s more than ok, I use them all the time on my D800. Love them.

            • JT

              I use MF too…but still a little surprised to see that on an D810.

  • Marcel Speta

    i speak Czech and have to say he is not really confident what is he saying and he says – let say- bullshit. Nikkor 58/1.4 is not a standart fifty milimeters lens, sorry guy, you are pretty out… my favorite is “i think it has 36 Mpx…” does he know what is he presenting?

  • Aldo

    I’m just gonna pretend that I’m not drooling/jealous

    • Marcel Speta

      don’t shy bud 🙂 We all are… i am seriously planning to buy this one althought i never wanted so big resolution. i would be happy with 24Mpx, but D610 is tooooo cripled 🙁

      • Aldo

        I traded the d800 for the d610… unless you need aperture control in live view… and the better focusing system… it’s the same thing with less mp.

        • Marcel Speta

          AF is more than important, i do wildlife photography. So keeping D3s, D700 and will check this new D810 🙂

          • Aldo

            good choice.

      • Mike

        You can shoot in 1.2 crop and have 20 something MP.

  • KMountaineer

    Looks to me like Nikon’s nervous. Trying to get their product out there before the 645z gets into peoples’ hands.

  • AG

    Enjoy your new photo machines people. I bought a D800e two years ago and despite the cost, never looked back. Its dynamic range is amazing and I don’t regret the purchase in the slightest.

    Certainly it’s a lovely upgrade to the D800/e but I’m not made of money so this will be my camera for the next few years barring any accidents. If you’re upgrading from a six or seven year old camera, this will be like stepping into a different universe.


    • Michiel953

      Sound advice. I’ve had my D800 for one year and three months now; 4000 clicks (I’m not a pro). Fantastic and demanding camera, with a few quirks. The D810 has some very sensible and worthwhile improvements but to be honest, trading my D800 in for it gives off a strong smell of burning money.

  • Spy Black

    No one’s going to buy a 645Z in place of a D810. Anyone who can afford a 645Z already ordered their D810.

    • Ray

      Lol medium format vs full frame it’s like penis vs finger or Brazil vs Germany ….

  • Oops. I AM FAULTY

    Strange how there’s never the same rush to post the first re-boxing video.
    Y’know the one where it’s on the way back to it’s maker……….

  • Mike

    Little bit of a $5000 price discrepancy between the two. That’s before lenses. And before you realize the 645z has a flash sync of only 1/125.

  • broxibear

    Nikon D810 vs Nikon D7100 Video test

    • broxibear

      Nikon Canada and Nikon Professional Services Canada (NPS) just posted this D810 short film.

    • Sometimes I think those video tests are bogus. They always come on the day after a new camera is released and include many model comparisons which is suspicious. I could be wrong.

      • broxibear

        I know what you mean, but there’s something different about these ones that makes me feel they’re legit.
        The fact that they come from India is interesting, I know India and how the hierarchy works. I suspect it’s one of the Indian photo magazines (who have access to different cameras) that have managed to “convince” somebody at Nikon India to give them a D810 to play with for a few hours.

  • broxibear
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