Nikon D810 now available for pre-order

Nikon D810 pre-order options
The new Nikon D810 camera is now available for pre-order:

The D810 will also be available in a special "filmmaker's kit" with 3 lenses and other accessories:

The Nikon D810 will start shipping in late July, 2014 (Amazon, Adorama and B&H list the shipping date as July 17th).

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  • Naser

    What about Australia ?

    • FredBear

      It’s a country in the Southern Hemisphere sometimes mistaken for Iraq.

  • itcrashed

    What would I do without this site?!?! Again and again, you ROCK!

  • trekamg

    Can’t wait to get mine

    • saying

      Wait till its tested for AF, WB, and all other fiascoes….

      • Ron

        Yep that’s what i will do… Remember the D600 guys?

  • Ang

    Adorama est. ship date is the same. July 17th.

  • Global

    The Adorama filmmakers kit is a bit interesting.

    It comes with the 35mm 1.8G, 50mm 1.8G, and 85mm 1.8G, some kind of Atmos Ninja 2 (which appears to be a $700 external recording device), and an ME-1 microphone ($120). You save about $430 for buying them all together in this basket, which is pretty much $100 off each of the lenses and the recorder, and $30 off the microphone, if you want to think about it in simple terms. It also comes with a couple lens Filters.

    Assuming you were going to buy at least 2 of the bigger ticket items in that basket anyway, it means you get the others at a pretty nice discount. Not my cup of tea, but anyone considering it can look at that way.

    • PGi

      That is a nice package but almost all lenses in that package deal I already have. So just ordered the body only.

    • David Peterson

      The Atmos Ninja 2 is sweet, am kinda considering getting it for my Nikon D5200. But what I’d much rather see is simply Nikon removes the recording limit and add focus peaking! (which is the two main reasons I’d first of all consider the Atmos Ninja 2, recording the HDMI output is secondary to those first two)

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        Actually, I find it hard to record w/o my Ninja now, since the display can be angled, is bigger, and can be viewed in daylight with a hood. I find the back LCD almost useless for my video capture purposes.

        • David Peterson

          The D5200 display can already be angled 😉 It certainly is a nifty but simple feature, I enjoy it on my Panasonic cameras too.

    • Martin Brooks

      That’s not an Adorama kit – that’s a Nikon kit. Official Nikon U.S. model #13456. There’s also going to be an “Animator’s Kit”, model #13457.

      • Yes, they mention the kit in the press release:

      • Global

        Even though I believe you, it seems very strange to me that Nikon is including a 3rd Party recording device. I find it even slightly bizarre. Nikon is pretty much the enemy of all 3rd party equipment, lol. They seem to wage war against it.

        Has Nikon ever included 3rd Party equipment in kits before?

        • Spy Black

          They don’t make a competing product, no sweat off their backs.

  • reductron

    The US price is enticing.

  • AnoNemo

    What the f**k is wrong with Nikon? The UK price is almost 40% more than the US price. (UK= $4585 (or 2699GBP) US=$3296.95). The Vat is only 20% in the UK.

    • AnoNemo

      Oh, maybe I cracked it … Nikon just cannot calculate vat … maybe they added twice 20% + 20% = 40% 🙂

      • WDF

        1. US price is ex tax
        2. Stuff is made in Japan so Forex matters.

    • David Peterson

      The blame lies not with Nikon, but your bloody European politicians!

      Next time there is an election in the UK vote for politicians who will deliver on lower taxes for once! (taxes and regulations impact the prices more than just VAT does alone)

      • AnoNemo

        David – Let’s not open a discussion about the politicians … (I hate them). However, if you carefully look at for example many of the lenses, the prices don’t show that huge difference. Also, many sony product cost almost the same when you adjust the VAT. I think Nikon also creams the market.

        • David Peterson

          We have that in common! I’m not too keen on politicians either… as I’m an anarchist.

          • Martin Brooks

            Oh, good. So since you believe in anarchy, you’ll have no problem when I come steal your camera equipment.

            • David Peterson

              I believe in rules (such as no stealing!).

              I just don’t believe in one state having a monopoly in making up these rules and enforcing them. Thus, I’m an anarchist.

            • guest

              BTW, anarchy means nobody is in control. It does not mean everyone is out of control.

            • ZoetMB

              Yes it does. One dictionary definition is “A STATE OF DISORDER due to absence or non-recognition of authority.”

          • mikeswitz

            An anarchist that quotes the WSJ. And I’m the new king of Spain.

            • David Peterson

              Why limit what I read? And besides, I saw the WSJ article from first reading

            • mikeswitz

              There you go again. No one said anything about “limiting what I read” I mentioned an anarchist who quotes the WSJ to prove a point. And don’t you believe I’m the new king of Spain. You might if you, as an “anarchist” believe anything in the Wall Street Journal

            • David Peterson

              Are you doubting I’m an anarchist?? It is a broad church. (some who have radically opposing views to myself even)

    • Andy

      It is not the Nikon UK. It is the UK government tax to feed your extensive Royal family . And Royalties do not eat hot dogs…
      Plus to feed the army of butlers that cater to the Family

      • AnoNemo

        …and they are hungry like a wolf! I cannot believe but apparently they can eat an entire cow for just one dinner. 🙂

    • Henry

      I think Nikon’s UK pricing is sponsored by the NY City tourism board, as it encourages you to fly there to buy your camera and yet still save money.

    • Global

      Just plan to visit to New York for holiday. And to squeeze the most money: Order it from a California or Mid West online retailer to avoid 10% tax, have it delivered to a NY friend to hold for you – with free shipping! 🙂

      I don’t see this as unethical, you’re skipping on wasteful tax, but you’re supporting 3 actually productive business industries (hotel, airline, cultural arts/tourism). Nikon UK “Squeezing” the Brits without any added value is what’s unethical.

      Better to get a vacation, than taken from behind.

      • AnoNemo

        Here is a better idea … btw I did this b4
        Step1: Buy the camera and ship it to a friend in the US (somewhere you avoid the tax)
        Step2: Ask your friend to give you the serial number
        Step3: Get a brick, package it, fill out some shipping and custom declaration forms with your serial number.
        Step4: Ship your brick for “repair” to your friend
        Step5: Your friend waits a week after brick arrival and sends your actual new camera back to you. Friend will fill out the forms etc. that shows it is a warranty repair and now it is going back to the happy owner
        Step6: Collect your new camera free of vat and duties
        Step7: enjoy using your camera
        Step8: ask your friend to dispose the brick 🙂

    • cos

      Home prices in the UK are double of what you pay in the US. Let’s complain about that too.

      • AnoNemo

        and less than half the size

    • MK

      Average Joe in America has less saving than those in EU, I guess.

    • Nexus

      Your all forgetting that the UK middlemen insist on gouging their public by assuming that anyone who purchases this body is making major pounds !

    • anon

      Nikon sells like this: Nikon JP -> Local subsidiary or 3rd party -> Retailer -> End User

      The final price of your camera is something like this: Nikon JP’s profit + region tariff[s] & tax[es] + distributor’s margin + retailer’s margin (add more taxes if you have vat/gst ect).

      The pricing as you can probably tell varies by region/country for example here in Australia Nikon/Canon gear is expensive because the original supplier charges us that price because they can. Also as broxi mentioned they charge based on what the majority of consumers in that particular region are willing to pay.
      Almost every [big] company does this to a certain extent (look at Apple).

      It’s the old charge what the market will bear.

  • vincebm

    any canadian links?

  • PGi

    I thought I pass on this one, but I decided to get it in next month, the improved af and live view made me sell one of my two d800e cameras.

  • Aldo

    I pre ordered the brochure 😛

    • lorenzo

      the basic one or the kit?

      • Aldo

        I went for the collector”s edition one…

        • broxibear

          That was a mistake, you should have waited until the second editions. All the first editions left hand pages are out of focus, and there’s a green cast on cover.

          • lorenzo

            Well said LOL
            Hope it was free expedited shipping.

  • introvert

    Quick, spend your money on 2009 technology!

    • WDF?

      Dear troll, 2009?

    • FredBear

      Antiques like Canon are a better investment.

    • D700s

      Thanks, I am. Don’t you wish you could afford it?

  • torwag

    Could someone give an explanation why the price differ so much from country to country? Even taken VAT and warranty differences into account it seems a bit off.
    E.g. Japan list the D810 for
    313,470 Yen -> 2259 Euro
    removing the Japanese VAT (8%) and adding e.g. German VAT (19%) , it change to:
    2473 Euro
    Now, the price in the Euro-zone seems to be set to 3.230 Euro.

    I really would be interested to understand the reason for that. I mean a real reason beside the fact that Nikon ask for more in the EU, simply because they can. If there is a real reason, it would be good to know before trying to get one from US/Japan.

    • SkyMeow

      It’s mainly has to do with import duty and taxes. Not just Nikon but vast majority of electronics are more expensive in EU zone. On the bright side, you get free education and healthcare. Here is the US, we get rape by insurance company and hospital.

    • broxibear

      Hi torwag,
      Yes, Nikon set different prices in different countries.
      If you don’t belive me then ask Nikon, that’s what I did a few years ago. If a country has higher prices for electronics equipment in general then they set the price at that higher rate.
      When you put aside any tax differences the prices are not the same at base level from one country to another.
      It’s not just Nikon, other manufacturers do the same thing, it’s only because of the internet and forums like this that people have started to notice.

      • AnoNemo

        broxibear, thanks for the clear explanation. This is what I suspected.

    • nwcs

      It’s rather simple:

      Currency fluctuation hedges
      Warranty differences as required by law (warranty is an insurance cost built into the price)
      Cost of doing business (regulations, etc. vary by country)
      Expected demand (more demand, more buyers = better price)

  • David Peterson

    Told you the new camera needed 4K!

    “WSJ praises Olympus and blames Nikon startegy.”

    Got to add other features too, such as focus peaking would be a nice start.

    • Bamboojled

      That’s so funny that you link a WALL STREET JOURNAL article from a Micro 43rds site.

      Considering that Olympus continues to lose money quarter after quarter, year after year, it is amazing that “Wall Street” Journal is praising the company.

      No wonder we had such a bad financial crisis.

      If anything, Nikon and Canon are the only ones that were not in the red this year…Profit down, Yes, but still managed to stay in the black.

      So forgive me if I skip the cool-aid that you, and the WSJ are drinking.

      Oh BTW here is an article to throw some ice on that cool-aid 🙂

  • Steve

    D300—-> D300s—–>Nothing

    • lorenzo

      with the Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX, same identical chip of the D800/E I guess the misalignment will be the same, so next will be a D811 or D820 with a new chip that fixes the problem… will see.

  • Steve

    D300—-> D300s—–>Nothing

    • some.guy from.texas


  • JJ

    Thanks for all the hard work Peter! Now that the D810 has been announced and the preorders are live, will you post some info on the 54MP D4x rumored to be announced at Photokina? There’s some info on other websites, but NR is the BEST Nikon rumors site, I’m sure your info is the best. Please share! Thanks!

  • Studor13

    Have you actually used focus peaking for critical focus?

    On my NEX 5 the 14x preview zoom is more accurate than focus peaking. In any case, the top line AFS lenses are dead on focus so for anyone who actually wants the highest possible quality manual focusing in a non-issue, unless you are a full time macro shooter. Even then, the 46x zoom is going to be better than focus peaking.

    And what’s this 4K? How many people who shoot a camera designed for stills shoot 4K video?

    I almost never use the video on my D800. I much prefer my V1. It’s simple and the quality is plenty good enough on my HD TV.

    Be interested in seeing some of your 4K video though.

    • David Peterson

      I don’t have a 4K camera yet, but I expect I’ll be getting the GH4 sometime in the coming year.

      Punching in with the preview zoom is handy prior to starting recording, but once recording has started, focus peaking is more useful on the fly.

      • mikeswitz

        Why would you care? I thought being out of focus was an “artistic choice”.

      • Studor13

        Serious video makers shoot video in full manual mode. They work out start and end focusing points and then pull focus. You can get these two points with preview zoom easy enough on the LCD but attached to an external monitor would give you even more precise focus points. Then you use the pull focus zoom ring to go from your starting point to your end point. I don’t know how anyone would be able to turn the zoom ring on a lens and expect to get a smooth result. Do you?

        In any case my point is not to discredit your views on your preference of using focus peaking.

        However, you are dissing the D810 because it doesn’t have video features that you want.

        People are not going to NOT buy the D810 because it doesn’t have focus peaking and 4K.

        The updates from the D800/D800E are pretty amazing IMO.

        The D810 is a camera, not a video camera!

      • Studor13

        Serious video makers shoot video in full manual mode. They work out start and end focusing points and then pull focus. You can get these two points with preview zoom easy enough on the LCD but attached to an external monitor would give you even more precise focus points. Then you use the pull focus zoom ring to go from your starting point to your end point. I don’t know how anyone would be able to turn the zoom ring on a lens and expect to get a smooth result. Do you?

        In any case my point is not to discredit your views on your preference of using focus peaking.

        However, you are dissing the D810 because it doesn’t have video features that you want.

        People are not going to NOT buy the D810 because it doesn’t have focus peaking and 4K.

        The updates from the D800/D800E are pretty amazing IMO.

        The D810 is a camera, not a video camera!

        • David Peterson

          > “Serious video makers shoot video in full manual mode. They work out start and end focusing points and then pull focus.”

          This depends, you can’t make such a sweeping claim about all “serious video makers”.

          Sometimes I’ll do such careful preplanned shots for some productions. For others it may be more run and gun style, or live events, where you have no such luxuries. Focus peaking comes in quite handy in those circumstances.

          Besides, wouldn’t Nikon get more sales by catering to not just professionals but the casual videographer too? Focus peaking is great for them too.

          I know even some still photographers prefer focus peaking with manual lenses.

          > ” I don’t know how anyone would be able to turn the zoom ring on a lens and expect to get a smooth result. Do you?”

          Yes I do. Have you never seen focus gear rings on a lens?

          > “The D810 is a camera, not a video camera!”

          For me it is all about the video. If it wasn’t, then I’d happily carry on using for casual photography the Nikon D90 I have available. Or even the Panasonic GX1 which I use.

          • Studor13

            “For me it is all about the video.”

            I hate to tell you this but you are looking at the wrong tool. Nikon is in the photography business, not in the video business.

            “Yes I do. Have you never seen focus gear rings on a lens?”

            That’s exactly what I am talking about.

            If you have nothing more sensible to do please have a look at this video I did which illustrate my point that for people other than yourself this is how focusing is done for video when shooting everything in manual mode:

            • David Peterson

              > “I hate to tell you this but you are looking at the wrong tool. Nikon is in the photography business, not in the video business.”

              Wrong. In my market segment that I operate in it is the vast vast majority DSLR/MILCs, aside from a small number of Blackmagic Design or Canon Cinema range. Plus the dinosaurs who are still using old “professional camcorders”, who can’t keep up.

              Somehow I suspect everybody else in this thread is just photographers (or perhaps photographers who dabble in videography, which is a wise move! To prepare yourself as professional photography declines into a smaller and smaller niche).

              I skimmed along and watched your video (I have almost the same as yours myself, it is basically the cheapest option out there. But also is NOT what I meant either! Here is what I meant, but still at the dirt cheap affordable end of the market:, but hardly see the point…. we’re not exactly in disagreement here? Focus peaking would not be a replacement for that, but an additional aid as well.

            • Studor13

              How do you suppose that I am wrong?

              It’s Nikon who has come out with the specifications. If they wanted to target you then they would have done so and introduced focus peaking and 4K. BTW, you did see the official promo, right? No focus peaking or 4K needed there. The guy who did it is not exactly an amateur.

              Clearly, the D810 doesn’t meet your requirements but you seem hell-bent on hijacking the thread.

              For what’s it’s worth I agree with you that focus peaking would be a “nice” inclusion but it’s not a deal breaker.

              4K? I have no interest as I shoot 1080 and output at 720 (on my V1).

    • n11

      Just be careful because some lenses change their focus area when zoomed in, so when you end up pulling all the way back your focus is off.

  • Steve

    We all blame Nikon recent strategies, nothing new there, and 4K has nothing to do with it.

    • Eric Calabros

      Even mirror has nothing to do with it. How screwed we are that not only Nikon, but also market analysts dont understand us 🙂

  • Filmmaker

    …”D810 available in a special “filmmaker’s kit”…

    Filmmaker’s kit?… Are you joking, nikon?…

    D810 could be filmmaker’s tool over 2 years ago, but not now. Were is 4K nikon?

    • Barbu

      What type of TV set do you have ?! Ah . . . a CRT one ! 🙂

      • Filmmaker

        I am not going to teach you what to do with 4k content during editing to end in HD format.
        Just educate yourself before posting stupid comments.

        • mikeswitz

          Not a stupid question. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, “filmmaker”.

          • David Peterson

            Filmmaker is completely right, there is reason to record at 4K and edit it to then deliver at 1080.

            So pointing to a lack of delivery options for 4K is totally pointless (although that is quickly changing! Many I know are buying 4K sets), as we’re discussing the *production* side. Where 4K is very handy to have.

            • mikeswitz

              As we have seen from your other answers you have no idea what you are talking about either. I think yu should call yourself the “out of focus anarchist”.

            • David Peterson

              Would you just stop with the attempted ad hominems?

        • Bill Ferris

          4K is necessary for only a niche group of videographers. The vast majority of video acquisition (>95%), post and delivery can be quite satisfactorily accomplished working in 1080p or 720p.

    • boo

      Yeap, right:

      54 mentions of video vs 32 of photos in Nikon D810 press release”

    • Bamboojled

      EOSHD is such a pathetic site, they haven’t even used the camera and they are already dismissing it.
      Considering that this camera now offers more features in video than the very well respected Canon 5DIII, and even has features that can only be gotten if you hack the Canon 5DIII via Magic Lantern, I don’t understand the hate fest…

      • Kyle Whitney

        I understand it. basically they would be cool with it if only it had better than 28mbps bitrate. which I am guessing it does not. They have a point but Andrew over there hates everything Nikon…. so that’s whats up with that.

      • David Peterson

        The D810 doesn’t have focus peaking, doesn’t have unlimited recording, and doesn’t have raw video. Just to list a few of the many benefits Magic Lantern gives.

        I really truly wish Nikon would improve, as I am a big Nikon user already (mainly Nikon F mount lenses though), a couple of ways they could:

        a) develop more of these features
        b) open source their camera software so it is then easy for others to add on and develop more that Nikon hasn’t done! As Magic Lantern is soooo far ahead, NikonHack is never ever going to catch up in the foreseeable future. Not unless Nikon gives the community a huge boost over Canon, such as open sourcing it.

        • Bamoboojled

          it has unlimited recording via Atomos or other like products.
          Focus peaking would be nice…
          As far as Canon is concerned, they do not offer this natively in their cameras so it is not a feature.
          The camera has to be hacked to provide those features.
          With regards to open sourcing, I can’t disagree with you on that, from what I understand Nikon is being more open with this release than in previous models so only time will tell.

          • David Peterson

            > “it has unlimited recording via Atomos or other like products.”

            Indeed, but when you’re going to use it with a camera such my D5200 (a better camera than Nikon’s D800 for filmmaking, back then) then the add on recorder can end up costing more than the camera itself!! Which kinda makes it hard for me to rationalise :-/

            So I’m holding off on buying a recorder just now, and keeping on using my Panasonic GH1 instead when I need unlimited recording times. Maybe I’ll get an external recorder for unlimited recording times before the next Wedding Season starts (I live in the southern hemisphere). But I hope and cross my fingers for is NikonHack makes just this one improvement to the D5200…. unlimited recording! Would be sweet 😀

  • Kynikos

    Bad ‘startegy’ indeed.

    • David Peterson

      I stick to using only the best high level of Engrish when mindlessly commenting! 😛

      • mikeswitz

        And we all know how the WSJ knows about quality filmmaking, being owned by that fabulous filmmaker Rupert Murdoch.

  • Me

    Cue the D700 sock puppets.

    • D700s


  • T.I.M

    I love my MADE IN JAPAN old D800 !

    • T.I.M

      better buy more D800 before they are all gone…

    • lorenzo

      Me too for my D800E.
      There is an Italian proverb that translated sounds like:
      “Who leaves the old road for the new one knows what he left but doesn’t know what he will find”
      I am waiting for the bug finders…

  • BitesLikeSuarez

    Why do a filmmaker’s package with a recorder than can only do 30fps when the camera can do 60fps ? waste or money and time.

  • Neopulse

    Sorry, but as one person commented, Olympus bodies are quite overpriced on launch day. Even Panasonic is heading in that direction a bit in the micro-four thirds format.

    • David Peterson

      We’re discussing a camera which costs over three thousand dollars at launch and you’re pointing at Olympus for being expensive? lol

      • Neopulse

        It is expensive for what it’s made out of, the performance, the lack of features found on DSLRs, etc. Yeah it is expensive when it’s $1k+ and fits in your pocket almost.

  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    A Question for Peter…Is this new Nikon Puppy going to be produced in Thailand or Japan. Thanks

    • I think in Thailand.

      • lorenzo

        That’s also confirmed on DPR. — too bad.

        • Random troll

          Japan is busy manufacturing the D400 and D750. With badges carved from unicorn ivory.

  • KS

    The $3300 price made me reconsider buying a D800 and pre-order the D810. Some of the new features are really worth that extra $300!

  • Eddie

    Preorder?!?!?! Like I did with the Nikon D800!?!?!?! four months I was on the waiting list with B&H, never again!

  • lorenzo

    The specs are terrific, they won’t leave any room for a future D900. Definitely a camera to buy today. While I will still keep my D800E I wait to see some real comparison and NOT by DXO!

    • phil

      umm, the changes between the D800 and D810 look pretty insignificant to me, and I don’t even own a D800. So if I was in the market for this type of a camera, a D800 would make a lot more sense to me.

    • broxibear

      All I can give you so far is a video comparison Nikon D810 vs Canon 5D Mark III…

      • lorenzo

        Thank you Broxibear!

        Hard to say and it might just be my impression (I don’t know much about Canon), The D810 seems a little sharper sometimes, other times the same. The Canon has more saturated colors – that has always been their major difference, I guess. If there was no title on top of the video, I wouldn’t be able to choose which one is better.

        What is your observation instead?

        • broxibear

          Hi Lorenzo,
          First of all I don’t shoot video, so my impressions from this video come from that perspective.
          I agree the colours on the Canon are more saturated, and the D810 sharper. Beyond that the Canon looks as if it has more detail in the highlights, but that may how each camera deals with exposure even though set to the same shutter and aperture.
          The thing that did jump out was the moire on the man’s shirt towards the end of the video.

          Again, I don’t shoot video so I’ll leave the detailed dissection of that to others who have far better knowledge of film making.

          • lorenzo

            I just added the Moire note. I didn’t see any do you?

            • broxibear

              When the guy is taking deep breaths you can see it on the left chest area of his shirt…unless I’m seeing things that aren’t there, lol ?

            • lorenzo

              on which camera?
              Instead what I noticed was the grass in the scene before that moved by the wind made a complete painting spot for the Nikon – canon had no wind.

            • broxibear

              Sorry, D810.
              But as I said, I’m not a video person, you asked me a question and I’ve given an honest answer as I see it…I may well be wrong.

              Look around his chest area.

            • lorenzo

              You know, you might be right, I didn’t notice it before as it is minimal but it is there, just when he moves to breathe, on his RT side. Perhaps with a narrower shirt pattern it will be even worse.
              I am not into the fabric field, neither i shoot videos, and never saw it in my landscapes. Let’s wait for the experts to say what they see.

      • Neopulse

        I remember seeing a video made by Mr. Bloom about video capabilities of the Canon 5D MK III, Nikon D800 and D4 and recommended the use of the D800 instead of the E because of the AA filter. Wonder if Nikon will sell a moire filter made by them (rather than 3rd party) to help with these kinds of situations in video.

        • broxibear

          Hi Neopulse,
          Yeah, I posted the links to that video you’re talking about here on nikonrumors a while ago.
          I’ve got a lot of time for Philip Bloom, he does great reviews and always adds any caveats when he needs to, on top of the fact that he’s a fantastic film maker. His site is well worth checking out along with his youtube reviews.
          Finding unbiased reviews on photographic equipment is becoming more and more difficult. Look what happened with Steve Huff, he gave an honest review of some Fuji equipment, Fuji didn’t like it and now refuse to talk to him let alone give him equipment to review. So now he buys it and reviews it.
          I hope there is no moire issue or any other issue with the D810, people just want their equipment to work as it should…that’s not a lot to ask for.

          • Neopulse

            Well there definitely has to be some form of moire unless they pulled off a Pentax style AA filter where it can be disabled under certain settings and re-enable it. The D810 is a step in the right direction (cue angry D700 owners). And yeah, Phillip Bloom has my ear also. I barely know ANYTHING about video to be quite honest. Especially recording formats and such (like AVCHD?). But been following his Twitter for some time now and he’s very down to earth.

  • hajiaru

    a stupid smart phone will cost more than d800 for what ? for nothing poor d800 owners

  • LarryC

    Nice upgrades over my D800, but not enough to justify selling mine for low $2K and paying an additional $1500 (with tax) to get. Here’s hoping the D900 comes out in <2 years and is a notable upgrade.

  • lorenzo

    I’ll say it again: the D810 specs are great but specs are just marketing – on the D800/E Nikon always said, since the beginning, how good the AF system was just when there were hundred complains about it.
    Nikon, show me the real differences at 100% crop on the same landscape scene with the same lens moved from the D800E to the D810 (or reverse).

  • James Blake


    • lorenzo

      I said this earlier:
      with the Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX, same identical chip of the D800/E I guess the misalignment will be the same.. will see.

      • peterw

        it is a state of the art piece of hard and software. Once it is alligned properly it functions excellent. There is no reasson to assume allignement problems.

        There will be problems, of course, but the chance that these problems will be the same as in a previous model are uhm…. void? very small.

    • Neopulse

      No it won’t obviously. Not even my D800 had that problem and got it at a good time soon after release date.

  • Espen4u

    And I thought my d800e was expensive, Nikon EU must be joking.

    • KubaWer

      Taxes, Import Duty

      • broxibear

        No…Nikon price equipment differently from country to country depending on how much they think customers are prepared to pay in that particular country.

      • Espen4u

        I compared a d810 vs a d810 in the same shop from respective country. Taxes and duty does’nt apply.

    • peterw

      D800e was 3200 euro when it came out, D810 is 3300. Which is about 3%.

      Over here, Netherlands, the D800e is sold at the moment, for about 2900 euro – which would be about 10%, but it is not fair to compare the price of a model being around several years with a new one. In januari 2014 they were temporarily about 2600 euro, about 20%.

      (As a matter of fact: a D800e was mistakenly handed to me when I bought a D800 for about 2200 euro then :)… It took me a few pictures before I noticed the small ‘e’ in the files. They were very thankfull at the shop that I noticed it).

      • Espen4u

        Hi there Peter, up here in Stockholm the d800e sells for roughly 2550 euro inc VAT. You’re right that my comparisment is a bit lacking, but I reacted to the differencies worldwide of the markup compared to the model that it replaces. Another way to judge the asking price is against the competition (5Dm3), marketwise.

        I’m thorougly happy with my d800e, and I’m not gonna spend 1500 euro just to upgrade it. I’ll save that towards some nice trip instead. Maybe Amsterdam perhaps ;). I do love the paintings in rijksmuseum. Nikon really has to do better or compell me better to get my money.

  • YC

    order one on Adorama already.

  • DafOwen

    Interestingly – not listed on Amazon UK yet.
    Maybe being cautious as they got stung last time by Nikon UK raising the price of the D800 by £100 post announcement and pre launch.

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