Weekly Nikon news flash #270

→ You can still buy a new Nikon D40 DSLR camera from Amazon for $400.

→ You can get a refurbished Nikon 1 J3 camera with 10-30mm VR lens for $199 with a promo code YADIG ($120.00 off).

Nikon-D4s-camera-cover-black Nikon-D4s-camera-cover-yellow Nikon-D4s-camera-cover-camouflage
→ Easycover released new camera cases for the Nikon D4s.

→ Nikon D810 live view performance review.
→ The Nikon D810 brochure can be downloaded here.
→ Confirmed: Nikon D810 is produced in Thailand.

→ Nikon F3 NASA TV ad from 1981:

→ VH PseudoLog gamma profile for Nikon DSLR cameras (more information can be found here):

→ Nikon Behind the Scenes - Starry Night Time-Lapse:

→ Shooting the Northern Lights with Nikon pro Dionys Moser:

→ Nikon service and repair video:

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  • Nikon Fanboy

    I feel that the “Nikon service and repair video” is Nikon’s desperate but useless advertising method to restore our trust…

    • Levente

      well said!

    • mikeswitz

      And you didn’t even mention that facility was in Thailand! I’m switching to to Canon!

    • saywhatuwill

      The unboxing of the camera that needed repair made me think that it’s a good thing it wasn’t someone checking baggage at the airport or it would have found its way into someone’s pocket.

      • Nikon Fanboy

        That’s how some user got “impact damage” =p

    • halo9

      Very True! Imagine if they just invested that money into fixing cameras rather than the marketing/production to make the clip. Better outcome I think.

  • MrOzMan

    I’d love a D40-sized FX camera

    • TheFantasticG

      But @ what price? Personally I just wanted a D5300 sized FX camera with two dials, wifi/gps, 51pt af for $2-2.5K. Currently waiting to see what the next Df will bring to the table (if there is one at all).

      • MrOzMan

        $800-1000. I don’t care if it’s 12-16 megapixels and <3fps. I think there's a b-camera market for that.

        • John Baxter Photography

          I’d personally like a D810 that weighed under 300g with an integrated vertical grip. I don’t care if it’s <3fps. I'd pay $500-700. I think there's a b-camera market for that.

          • george

            I’d personally like a D810 with the same weight and fps for $200-300. I’m pretty sure there’s a huge a-, b- and c- market for that.

            • MrOzMan

              that would be my z-camera

        • mikeswitz

          See above

      • Andrew71

        An FX D40 with 16mp is a wet dream. Just change the screen resolution, add live view,, basic video and done. $1200.

        • Better add a built-in lens motor. Lots of lenses won’t work on a D40 (or D40x, for that matter).

          • Andrew71

            Don’t need it. All lenses work fine on a D40. MF and ME is not hard. Would get even easier with an FX viewfinder.

            I get it that some peoples eyes require auto focus (AF-D lenses fail on D40) but hey there’s already a well priced D610 for you. An FX D40 would be a “no frills” lightweight full framer

            • george

              You would require auto focus or at least focus confirmation (which the D40 lacks), for any lens faster than 2.8 (85mm 1.4, 50mm 1.8 etc), as the current design of the Nikon viewfinders doesn’t allow anything faster to be viewed through it.

    • Matthew Fleisher

      Add another 0…
      Sorry, I just had to throw that out there.

      • MrOzMan

        Good point, I think a D400 or D500 (or 410/510) will come as an entry-level FX.

        • mikeswitz

          That makes absolutely no sense! Do you even own a camera?

          • MrOzMan

            Yes I have a D610. Is that good enough for you?

            • mikeswitz

              Yes, but tour reasoning isn’t.

            • MrOzMan

              I’m ok with that, we all have different opinions, and presumably that’s why Nikon and other manufacturers make a variety of products.

    • Joe

      You can easily buy one. It is called the Nikon F65.

    • David Peterson

      Then check out the Sony A7 , A7r or A7s!

      They’re certainly looking very tempting, I might get a Sony A7s myself one day. Can very easily use your existing Nikon lenses on it.

      • MrOzMan

        Great looking camera. For the price though, might as well get another D610. I think Nikon should use that A7s sensor in a D400 or something.

        • Kyle Farris

          The mythical D400 would be an APS-C sized sensor. The A7s is full-frame.

          • MrOzMan

            But the naming convention has changed. I meant a D400, an FX that would sit below the D600 and D800. Not the anciently rumored replacement for the D300.

    • Jason

      Why FX? You’d have a tiny body with huge lenses. Unless you have older screw-drive lenses, the D5200/D5300 (which are D40 sized) improve on the D300 in every respect apart from weather sealing and buffer size. And as for weather sealing, unlike a D300 they’re easy to tuck inside your coat

      • MrOzMan

        That is true, but I meant more for cheaper b camera, rather than wanting a smaller body

  • Better hurry if you want one, there’s just 15 left.

    • Mirko Pazi-Metak

      That’s if you really want one which I doubt many do.

      • Of course, duh.

      • But the really funny thing is that now there’s just 7 left… are people really buying such ancient technology without first researching their options?

  • DuncanM

    Do you have a different link to that Service/Repair video for those of us not using flash?

    • bjrichus

      HAHAHAHA…. Speaks volumes for Nikon tech support/marketing (or whoever did the video) “lets do it using a decades old video system that half the devices out there are moving away from and that Adobe are no longer actively developing…”

    • I could not find the video on YouTube.

  • lorenzo

    D300s for $684!? Intriguing. Here is a cheaper one for $679
    Neither sites want to say if the camera is new, refurbished, used, black market 🙂 or stolen.
    Everyone says the D300s was a great camera: I thought of replacing mine that was the only defective made by Nikon – and not reparable – but the risk of getting another piece of junk here is high 🙂
    Better wait for the nonexistent D400/9300.

    BTW, does anyone know where the D610 is made? If you start Google Maps (the classical one) and type “Nikon Sendai” you will see several markers (A to E) in the area. If you click on each of them there are two that in the Japanese text also have “D610”. Is it made in Sendai?

    • Omar Salgado

      It is made in Thailand.

      • broxibear

        The “Made in Thailand” thing is interesting and isn’t what it seems. Nikon opened a factory in Laos, Vietnam not long a go. One of the things they do there is they import dslr parts from Nikon’s Thailand factory, assemble most of it, and then send it back to Thailand for final assembly…So where is it really made, Vietnam or Thailand ?…the sticker says Thailand.

        “managing director of Nikon (Thailand) Co., said, “While the benefits of
        labor-intensive projects were decreasing in Thailand, we began to think
        about moving into Laos in the latter half of 2010… The young workforce
        is attractive.”” http://hri.hidajapan.or.jp/u/news/g4dz1if6z6gv3j?sf_culture=en

        • broxibear

          That should be Laos near Vietnam, before anyone jumps on me saying it’s a different country, lol.

        • lorenzo

          And surprisingly it is still convenient for Nikon to do all that shipping back and forward; they must work for a minimum wage of 5 cents/hr in Laos 🙂

          Seeing the word D610 in those markers on Maps made me think that it was made in Sendai to be sure to cover the shame of the D600 oil.

        • photoroto

          So the label should say, “Made by Attractive Young Workers in Laos.”

        • Omar Salgado

          Well, by the sticker you “know” it is made in Thailand. But by reading what you wrote, the important thing relies not on a place, but in wage labour. It is a globalisation and exploitation matter.

          In this driven-profit world that is no surprise. The surprise might be: are we doing something about that?

          I’m no activist, but the debate should get our attention because in the end, we too support exploitation–our desires justify it–, aside from paying premium prices for what could be less, much less expensive.

          In any case, what is important in a sticker?

          • broxibear

            Part of doing something about it is highlighting the fact that it’s happening.
            Globalistaion, expoitation, capitalism it’s all by design. People are brainwashed into a certain way of thinking. I don’t want to turn this nikonrumors thread into a philosophical discussion about the human condition…but I do believe we’re at a turning point and the world can’t go on like this. I just hope it isn’t another world war.

          • KnightPhoto

            I’m not exactly sure it is “exploitation”. Having travelled somewhat extensively in the developing world, these people can oftentimes be underemployed or employed but at extremely low wage levels and even more difficult conditions before the developed world comes along, builds factories, and “exploits” them 😉

            These people want to get ahead, raise their families, and typically of paramount motivation, begin to give their children a leg up in education, financial, and career opportunities for the next generation. Don’t take this as an excuse for conditions that we would not put up with, clearly there are abuses that no one condones. But human nature, and read your evolution please, the drive to propagate your DNA is an under-riding facet that explains much of human behaviour. Those are good jobs in Thailand, China, etc. for many families that as we speak are hoisting themselves from poverty on the backs of the hard work of their parents and those before them. That’s what prevents wars – education, jobs, justice, sufficiency, etc.

            • Omar Salgado

              Hey, I don’t want to start or continue a discussion in a photo related forum about these topics. The only thing I want to say is that the following is just pure bourgeois ideology:

              “But human nature, and read your evolution please, the drive to
              propagate your DNA is an under-riding facet that explains much of human
              behaviour. Those are good jobs in Thailand, China, etc. for many
              families that as we speak are hoisting themselves from poverty on the
              backs of the hard work of their parents and those before them. That’s
              what prevents wars – education, jobs, justice, sufficiency, etc.”

              You extrapolate human nature to a social system. How is not that ideology?

              Ok, it is not only exploitation, but also devastation of resources only to then flee away to new lands where wage labour can be paid cheaper and cheaper.

              The only that I agree with you is that we would not put up with these situations. Even more, as “broxibear” pointed, we must highlight the fact that it is happening.

              Good luck.

    • I bought a lightly used D300s on eBay for $750 early last year and it’s been a fantastic camera. Sorry to hear yours didn’t live up to the reputation.

      • lorenzo

        I am sorry too and still love the D300s despite it has Amp Glow, lack of definition (blurriness) and randomly over exposes of more than 4 f/stops. After Nikon changed the sensor it became much worse – that’s why I don’t mind to get another one that works. I replaced it with a D800E but I still would like a DX camera for the speed.

  • saywhatuwill

    That’s funny that the Nikon F3 commercial showed the D3 being dropped on Earth but the playback was in reverse to make it look like it floated into his hands. The playback was just too fast and too precise to be done in space.

  • Spy Black

    “…refurbished Nikon 1 J3 camera with 10-30mm VR lens for $199”
    I’d rather have the D40.

    “…new camera cases for the Nikon D4s.”
    No pink?

    “Nikon F3 NASA TV ad from 1981”
    Ah, the old days, when Nikon ruled the photographic world. Brings a tear to my eye…

  • Ian Dangerzone

    Not worth 400 considering what else is available, but the d40 was the first dslr I used, I still love it even though I use a 700/7000 now, and it takes fantastic pictures.

    Then again, you can always trust Amazon to charge top dollar.

  • Dor

    D40 is a great camera!

  • For $77 more than the D40, you can buy a new D3200. As good as the D40 was in it’s day. The D3200 crushes it with much higher IQ.

  • Mansgame

    That’s not Amazon, it’s a third party so you won’t get a warranty. I liked the D40 as it was a game changer opening up DSLR’s to the masses but come on, it’s like 8 years old. 6 MP CCD sensor ain’t gonna cut it.

    • jimmy

      One of my best landscapes was shot with a 6mp D50 and a plastic kit lens. Prints at 16×20 look like it was shot with med. format. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • ZoetMB

    When the guy pulled the camera in the tray off the shelf, he didn’t pick the first one – he picked the 2nd from the right. So it looked to me like they’re not fixing them in order received.

    • sure

      he picked the same tray that was just placed on the shelf by female employee.

      • photoroto

        Yup, pheromones in the workplace! Be sure to fully swab down your returned camera.

  • broxibear

    Nikon published a patent for an “inner focus” 85mm f/1.4
    Here’s the link http://www.freepatentsonline.com/8767319.pdf

    • saywhatuwill

      Hmmm, a 85mm f/1.4 with IF and maybe ED and Aspheric elements? Wonder if I should be selling my f/1.4G now? Nah, I like that pinpoints of lights in the corners when shot wide open at night are almost perfect pinpoints of lights. That’s one of the main reasons why I bought that lens.

    • Thanks, I am curious if this is for the current 85mm f/1.4 lens.

    • Yes, the filing date is 2011.

  • broxibear
  • Guest

    The repair center video is like an McDonald ad showing you how healthy their fries are, and how big and juicy their Big Mac is.

  • photoroto

    Gonna skip the D40. The D71 will be announced any day now. You’ll be glad you waited.

    • MrOzMan

      I’m still waiting for the D700x!

  • photoroto

    Whatever Nikon camera they were tearing into, it is a heckuva lot more complicated that the A7R. That is either a good or a bad thing.


  • txnikongal

    YADIG coupon code has expired. 🙁 I was going to send the link to a friend of mine who wanted to get one.

  • photoroto

    In the director’s cut of that repair video, there’s some dialogue:

    SUPERVISOR: (handing camera body to Ichiro) Here’s another left focus problem.

    ICHIRO: Oh, #%*!.

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