This is the Nikon Df camera *UPDATED*

Nikon Df-silver frontNikon-Df-back
Nikon Df black and silver

Update #2: The Nikon Df and 50mm f/1.8 kit will cost $2,996.95. The body only is $2,746.96. See the full details on and in this post.

Update #1: more Nikon Df images are available here.

Those are the first images of the Nikon Df camera that will be announced in few hours (see specscontrolsLCD):

Nikon Df camera body
Thanks Mrz!

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  • conurus

    Does this have the spring loaded aperture ring sensor from the old good days to support the aperture rings of old AI and AI-S lenses?

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      Admin posted that it does a few days ago…
      There is no information on whether there is an axle to drive the AF lenses that don’t have AF-S though…

  • Jay Pike

    Am I missing something? Does that 50/1.8 look drastically different from the current production one? Used to be that only the manual focus lenses and the defocus control lenses had that silver ring on the lens barrel….

  • mikeswitz

    This forum has descended into a nastiness I’ve not seen before. Over what? Price? Build? Design? It’s just a fucking camera! If it is too expensive for you, don’t buy it! If its something you can use and can afford, great. But calling each other stupid or an idiot because they disagree is prtty stupid snd idiotic. It’s camera for chrissake.

    • Dano


    • Micky Finn

      Agreed, no need for it.

  • laurentg

    the addle is ugly! and 16mp is not for the artiste.

    • toby

      Go use your 20mp sony xperia smartphone then

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    And just last week, I was thinking of tossing my old screw in cable release! 😉

  • Killroy™

    The Amazon page does not make any mention of split-prism focusing screen. I would have guessed that this would be a HUGE marketing plot for Nikon if it indeed had it.

    My tears have began to flow as I am more convinced that “My Prescious” will NOT have a REAL focusing screen for my MF lenses.

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    I just called to amend my previous order. I had them put me on the list for TWO. One black and one chrome.

    • Integral Moments

      what are you talking about !!!

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        My dealer places me first on the order list whenever they know a camera is being released. I called this morning and told them to add another one to my current order.

        I don’t buy from Amazon or B&H.

        • Integral Moments

          Good for you J. and i hope it turns a good camera

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            I have a good feeling about this camera.

            On the down side. I had to cancel the order for my Leica M-E

            • Eric Calabros

              nice to hear. I like to see your images taken by this camera one day

            • Integral Moments

              well i hope you will avoid buying new lenses for the leica and good that you canceled the order

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              I’m stocked up on Leica lenses 21, 35, 50, and 90. I’ll wait for a cheap M9 to pop up somewhere.

        • hexx

          do you think that you might be approached by your publishers about this camera – seems like it is creating quite a lot of interest?

    • Killroy™

      I cannot buy one without a REAL split-prism focusing screen.

      How can Nikon advertise the use of old lenses since pretty much all Nikon DSLRs can use them using the rangefinder function…which absolutely sucks BTW.

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        Yeah, A split prism would rock, but this is the ONLY non-entry-level (and FX) camera that allows you to mount non-AI lenses AND enables metering.

        Edit: In any case, I sold of all of my Nikon MF lenses ages ago. The prices will probably skyrocket now.

        When the D600 was released the awful silver plastic 28-80 f/3.5-5.6G went from $20 to over $100 overnight.

        • Killroy™

          That is true. I am so used to carrying around my light meter when using non-AI lenses that I forget that feature was even left out.

      • sausage_grinder

        I second that.

  • T-bow

    I’m excited about this camera- Namely the sensor of the D4 and the omission of the AA filter. I’m hoping they don’t hobble the performance of the chip in anyway. I wish the form-factor was more in line with the Coolpix A. It has a more modern look, devoid of artifice. (Basically I don’t like the gauche brightwork). I understand the wish for an all-metal body, but it is cost and weight-effective. I work for an automobile manufacturer and we use plastic in many structural areas- it’s light, cost less and is strong.

    • Integral Moments

      if anyone take good care of their product, i guess needless for the metal and avoid high cost.

  • joebrenden

    Too expensive, too ugly.

    • Hm… How can I vote that up one and down one?

    • T-bow

      I don’t mind the price- But man it IS ugly, namely the crass bi-tone “look at me” model. The more of it I see and how they’re positioning it as a “lifestyle product” the more disappointed I become. It seems like something you’d see in a SkyMall magazine. I really wish Nikon would EMBRACE the future and marry industry-leading industrial design and leave the artifice behind.

  • hexx

    OK, managed to read through that screen grab from Amazon, thank you to original poster.

    It looks good, it really might tick all the boxes. I will wait for field reports but this might be the FF I will get (was leaning towards A7r for last couple of days)

    • hexx

      I just hope that IQ will be better than X-Pro1, let’s not forget, Fuji has some really good lenses for X-Pro1

  • JohnK

    wow, cheap looking camera… kinda looks like the pictures of the camera is out of proportions?

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      I thought the same thing, almost as if some shots are computer generated in isometric perspective… Something just feels ood, possibly making the body look bigger/fatter than it is?

  • HB

    Those pictures gladden my heart and make me feel young again. Still got my FE2 I bought when I was 19 and it will bring my bagful of unusual AIS lenses back to life.

    • JohnK

      AIS lenses work on newer dslr models.

  • Confirmed no go on the video side of it then?

  • Chris Zeller

    At almost $3K why on earth would you choose this over a D800 except as a fashion statement? I can’t see one single way this is better. They should have made it mirrorless,but smaller like a FF OMD in a FM2 body and ditched Nikon 1.

    • hexx

      what about lenses?

    • Josh

      Exactly. Just look at the second picture. It has the same exact magnesium to plastic ratio as a D610 or D7100 so it’s not like the money is going into the build quality. Could be Nikon just doesn’t expect sell many so they had to price it high despite the features and build being basically on par with the D610. Heck you might as well just save close to $1000 and get a D610 instead. I mean really how many people are sitting around waiting for a body to use their old AI lenses on? Can’t be very many compared to the overall DSLR market. Again that’s probably why it costs so much. The market for it small.

    • TOR

      Shutter. Speed. Dial.
      Funny how a lot of people don’t get manual controls. I’d pay even more for those controls. I don’t care about the styling. A large group of people want cameras with manual controls. Looks are secondary.

      • peterw

        ? Tor.
        I don’t see your point.
        All Nikons have shutter speed and apperture dials. The some what more pro-graded models have dedicated buttons and controls for anything you need.
        Chris Zeller is right.
        The only thing you could consider as an advantage of this one is the smaller file size (but no increase in speed).
        You can use any lens you need on your present camera, and if you think not, you can choose to have it adapted to ai-s or replace it for a better one.

      • peterw

        ? Tor.
        I don’t see your point.
        All Nikons have shutter speed and apperture dials. The some what more pro-graded models have dedicated buttons and controls for anything you need.
        Chris Zeller is right.
        The only thing you could consider as an advantage of this one is the smaller file size (but no increase in speed).
        You can use any lens you need on your present camera, and if you think not, you can choose to have it adapted to ai-s or replace it for a better one.

  • sam

    ugly model…

  • Danonino

    Looks beautiful but WAAAAY TO BIG!

    • Dino Brusco

      Actually it’s the smallest SLR on the market and the 2nd smallest FF camera after the Leica M (so Nasim Mansurov said)

  • David

    Hmmmm, no fllm/sensor plane indicator?

    • JohnK

      right side of the viewfinder.

    • JohnK

      Left side of the viewfinder. Look at the last picture


  • ChiClyde


  • rj

    Nikon DaFuq – As in, what Da F*** is this.

  • zog

    finally nikon picks up where they left off! wake me up when they make a digital as perfect as the FE! this is pretty much the same as the 40$ FE I bought from ebay. Not spending $3000 on this thing. All I really want is a digital back for my FE.

  • Plug

    All these articles, each with numerous posts, Admin’s advertising revenue must be really flowing…. Time for a new competition with a Df as the prize. Shipping to anywhere in the world of course, but preferably England.

  • Mortal Wombat

    One word – Stunning

  • Andrew

    no built-in viewfinder curtain? I love that my D700 has it.

    This is quite possibly the new D700 replacement, i’m excited to see how it holds.

    • peterw

      Looking at the price it is the replacement of the D800.
      which would you choose?

  • Dweeb

    I thought we left this crp behind 30 years ago. The only “advance” is the facility to take a 99 cent cable release instead of one of Nikons 30-200 buck profit centres. Sure hope they include TTL meter batteries.

  • Jnjy

    Does it also come with a motor drive?

  • Funny how marketing works, all the people here used to hate on retro looking cameras, and now that Nikon makes one everyone loves it. Groupies.

  • peevee

    Me like.

  • no one


  • Mandal Pdj

    looks like my fe2

    • peterw

      No, it doesn’t. Only the pentaprism looks a bit like your beautiful FE2.

  • mox

    Wow, that price is way way way too high. Stripped down D4 sensor, no built-in wifi … 5DMk3 pricing … What are they smoking over at Nikon, and why aren’t they sharing?

  • Tom Adams

    Why not just shoot a film camera along with your digital. An FE and film and developing would take a year to match that price if not more and offer you more fun. This camera is for those idiots who shoot in clubs of people with all the new gear and knitpick about sensor details but who want ‘retro’. Buy film not megapixels, idiots

  • Sweet!

  • Throwback

    Ho hum, I’ll stick with my Nikon F.

  • Joe Ipsilanti


  • laurentg

    not enough pixels

  • gimar bazat

    it would have been nice if Nikon actually developed some new technology to make a great camera rather than assembling components from D4 and D600 or whatever other model to make this camera.

  • Rangefinder


    a few seconds ago

    Retro? All I ask for is a simple
    digital body that is light weight, (with basic controls perhaps like the
    F3) and with interchangeable focusing screens with true rangefinders for
    precise manual focus with legacy lenses. (or something equivalent but

  • johani14
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