Nikon Df body only price: $2,746.95, kit: $2,996.95


See the full details on (now removed).

The Nikon Df and 50mm f/1.8 kit will cost $2,996.95. The body only is priced at $2,746.96. The camera is available in silver and black. The release date is Thursday, November 28, 2013.

Screenshot of the entire listing is available here.

Additional information:


Reignite your passion for photography with this thrilling blend of classic and modern. On the outside, it's classic Nikon—our thinnest, lightest FX-format body with an elegant mechanical operation system inspired by the legendary F, F3 and FM/FE series film cameras. On the inside, it's flagship Nikon D-SLR—the advanced 16.2-MP FX-format image sensor and EXPEED 3 processing engine from the D4, our ultra-fast 39-point AF system, an ultra-high resolution LCD display and even Wi-Fi® photo sharing (with optional adapter). Embrace a more personal shooting style that results in some of your most inspiring photos yet.


Rediscover the joy of photography

As digital camera technology has evolved, so has the way we control our cameras. Mechanical dials have given way to buttons, menu systems and LCD displays. But what if we could blend the elegant, simplistic control and styling of classic Nikon film cameras like the F, F3 and FM/FE series with the advanced technology of Nikon's exceptional new D-SLRs? Enter the Nikon Df, a thrilling FX-format D-SLR with a unique mechanical operation system and classic styling along with Nikon's flagship digital camera technology. A perfect blend of classic and modern, the Nikon Df offers a more personal shooting style that will inspire a new relationship with your camera—one you may have known and lost over the years—and reawaken your joy for taking photos.


Beautiful photos, beautifully taken
Classic Nikon on the outside; digital Nikon on the inside

The Nikon Df is designed exclusively for taking still photos, enabling high reliability, advanced functions and elegant camera control in our thinnest, lightest FX-format D-SLR. Dedicated mechanical dials for shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, exposure mode and release mode let you focus on what matters—achieving your creative vision. Capture stunningly sharp, detailed images with rich, faithful colors, even in low light. The perfectly coordinated AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Special Edition kit lens is an outstanding companion, providing the exceptional performance of NIKKOR optics and advanced Nikon lens technology. Its manual focusing ring features the knurling/hatching of classic manual lenses for precise focus adjustments.


A lifetime of great performance
Flagship image quality, versatility and reliability

Life is full of diverse (and often difficult) shooting situations. Many of the advancements in digital photography have enabled new levels of versatility—remarkable ISO sensitivity, breathtaking resolution, ultra-fast performance and more. The Nikon Df is no exception. Like our flagship D4, its 16.2MP FX-format image sensor is paired with EXPEED 3 image processing for an optimal balance of resolution, image quality and shooting speed. Its wide ISO range (100–12,800 expandable down to 50 and up to 204,800) lets you capture sharp low-light subjects with crisp edges, shadow areas that reflect proper, natural tonal gradation and highlights with rich, smooth gradation.


Breathtaking results
Powerful advanced Nikon technologies

It's no surprise passionate photographers are passionate about Nikon—our engineers have invented and perfected some of the world's most important camera features. The Nikon Df continues that legacy of excellence and innovation. It incorporates our outstanding 39-point autofocus system with 9 highly accurate cross-type sensors that work all the way down to f/8. Achieve sharp focus no matter where you subject is within the frame at up to 5.5 frames per second. Quickly adjust white balance with our Spot White Balance feature. Create photos with dazzling dynamic range with built-in HDR and Active D-Lighting. Its rugged magnesium alloy body will withstand harsh conditions, and its 3.2-inch 921K-dot LCD display provides beautiful high-definition views of your shots.


Compatibility beyond compare
Pair with current and past NIKKOR lenses, Speedlights and more

For over 80 years, NIKKOR lenses have been regarded as some of the finest optics available. In fact, photographers are still using NIKKOR lenses 30 or more years old! The Nikon Df wouldn't be a true classic camera if it couldn't work with those lenses, so we developed a mount system that works with all current AF-S, AF-D and AF NIKKOR lenses. Additionally, a metering coupling lever makes it possible to use both AI (Aperture Index) or non-AI lenses. Use i-TTL compatible Speedlights, the AR-3 threaded cable release, Nikon's new WR Remote System and even Nikon's exciting WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter for instant Wi-Fi photo sharing to your smartphone or tablet!


Instantly share your great photos

Attach the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter and instantly share your beautiful photos. Connect to the Nikon Df with a compatible smartphone or tablet, then use it to browse your camera's memory card, import your favorite photos and even see what your camera sees and fire the shutter!

Nikon Df Wi-Fi

Supplied accessories

  • AN-DC9 Strap
  • EN-EL14a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • MH-24 Quick Charger
  • UC-E6 USB Cable
  • BF-1B Body Cap
  • BS-1 Accessory Shoe Cap
  • DK-26 Eyepiece Cap
  • DK-17 Eyepiece
  • ViewNX 2
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  • nikonzall

    This thing has a DK-26 Eyepiece Cap, I hate it,
    That is it, I am going to switch to Sony.

  • Bill Cain

    $700 to $1000 too much.

  • Saffron Blaze

    Can someone explain to me other than the sensor how this surpasses the D700?

    • rhlpetrus

      And why should it? This is not supposed to be a D700’s replacement, that was the D800 a long time ago (oops, yes, D700’s owners don’t agree with that). BTW, what was the D700’s price at launch, 5+ years ago?

      • Alistair Maitland

        3K at launch. But as a D700 and D800 owner, there IS no comparison. The D700 was a great cam and in some ways better than the D800 because it was the best at everything at the time of it’s release. Shoot in the dark, shoot sports, shoot wildlife, studio, whatever! 🙂

      • Saffron Blaze

        I just bought a 60 inch 3D Plasma TV for the price I bought a 36 inch CRT TV the same 5 years ago.

  • JJ

    My 2 cents? It’s an amazing looking camera and for me the best part of it is that it will allow the use of pretty much all old Nikon lenses. I’m the proud owner of a 35MM PC (shift lens, non Ai) that I’d really like to start using again, and this may just be the perfect camera for it. I also have a 105mm F4 (Ai) that I would love to shoot on this.

    Looking at the design I do have one issue though… Why is the PSAM selector on the right and the Exposure compensation on the left? The other way around would be much more convenient for the way I hold a DSLR. (Left hand on lens, right hand on the shutter.) I always set PSAM before shooting and often adjust exp.Comp. while composing, with this camera I’d have to take my hand off the lens to do that! Why? 🙁

    Overall the camera does seem a little overpriced, at least for my budget. I’ll have to think long and hard… At E(uro) 1500 I would probably have ordered one now.

  • Patassa

    3k?…thanks for nothing, Nikon. This will be the equivalent of the Canon 5d classic that I bought this year. It took that long for it to be affordable for me.

    • matador

      You really believe the original Canon 5D can compare with this Nikon?


      • lol

        It costs 1/6! so it surely delivers proportionally more!

        • matador

          See Pablo’s comment above…you should get some break from this forum today and get some rest…your logic and judgement is getting clouded.

          • MClouded

            Thats why I’ve come here in the first place, to get my “logic and judgement is getting clouded”!!!

      • Patassa

        Dear lord fan boy, you’re proving my theory right that verbal reasoning in the internet age has gone to absolute shit. No, of course I don’t think that, my point is that it will be 7 years before I can afford this Nikon. Nevermind.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Maybe if you were a little more clear about your ‘reasoning’ that ‘fanboy’ wouldn’t have responded the way he did.

          Just a thought…

        • Aldo

          may I ask how much you paid for your 5d?

        • as water

          It was clear the first time.

      • Stan Dibben

        Nope. But a FF Canon 5D costs 600 buck. And, believe me, takes great shots. And, as I stated around, it’s far more hipster an old scratchy 5D than this shiny pretend-to-be-a-pumped-retro-style-dslr-camera. 5D+70-200/4is =1500 bucks. But Vsco cam, and you may can’t do pure photography, but some real photography for sure.

  • skeptical

    Nikon seems to be completely out of touch. The digital camera market moves too fast for Nikon to release a stupid camera like this. Nikon and Canon were quick off the draw when it came to DSLR’s, which gave them a major lead over competitors, but now Nikon is just being stupid. How many people out there are really looking for a D600 that has a more retro look about it? Why did they not release something comparable to a D700 with the D4 sensor?

    Maybe they’re trying to catch onto this retro fad that Fuji brought about. The only difference is Fuji is listening to customers, and producing cameras that are absolutely fantastic and really pushing the envelope in digital photography. I have an X100S and Fuji’s crop sensor is better in low light than my D4! If Nikon isn’t careful they could be in real trouble. There are some camera snobs out there that love to hate on Sigma, Tamron and the other 3rd party companies, but from what I can see they are progressing much faster than Nikon is. Sigma’s ART lenses are fantastic and innovative. I tried the Tamron 24-70 2.8 and it is a freaking amazing step up from some of their previous stuff.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      You’re getting tired hexx, time to leave the forum now and get some sleep. Who knows you may even feel much better in the morning and things could appear and appeal a whole lot better to you..

      • hexx

        reload love, disqus is playing up with nicknames – and no need to be sorry for being a dick

        • mikeswitz

          robert how would you know? you’ve been a dick pretty much since you started using your phone as a camera.

          • hexx

            robert too? 🙂 it’s getting better, next time i might be betty

          • Stan Dibben

            iPhone 5 is actually the camera I use the most. The worst, but the one I always got with me. If only kitcam was faster, I’d never miss a street shot.

            Plannig to buy an Impossible Instant Lab ( and tons of film for my Polas with the money Nikon just refused from me. It won’t be pure photography (although shooting with a Pola 190 and Fuji fp3000b is closer to pure photography than with any digital), but it will be fun.

            For 600 bucks you buy a gently used 5D nowadays. That’s more hipster than 3000$ for this body.

            I’m speaking loud and I just used your ‘phone as a camera’ statement to run free: nothing against you mikeswitz. Peace.

            • mikeswitz

              no offense taken. you actually have cameras other than your phone. robert is a troll who doesn’t.

            • hexx

              dude, you called me robert, who the hell is robert and reload so you get correct names

            • mikeswitz

              dude, I didn’t call you anything. I didn’t reply to you . disqus is getting impossible, but I’ll reload, if you will. I actually liked your post and it certainly wasn’t from robert.

            • hexx

              LOL! it looks like disqus is properly messed up

            • We crashed disqus 🙂 There is nothing I can do.

            • mikeswitz

              I know there is nothing you can do. Just venting. Pretty awesome that NR crashed disqus though

            • I published a new post – hopefully disqus will behave better.

            • mikeswitz

              I give up, someone named jay just just replied to me with the very same comment. I would reload but I can’t take this anymore.

            • ?

              Why do you think that buying a 5D nowadays is hipster? Can’t really follow…

            • Stan Dibben

              Sorry: hipster means many things and is often used as an offense. I was using the word to indicate something between the cool, the cafe-racer and the demodé. Ok. I’ll try this way. I think is more cool to shoot around with an old 5d than with this Df. The real poser is the one that does not pose.

    • Integral Moments

      i doubt that the fuji X100s is better than D4 in low light

      • skeptical

        I’ve compared them in my studio and the X100s is better. Have you looked at any high ISO tests of the Fuji x trans sensor? (It’s worth as Google) Or are you just assuming a company like Fuji couldn’t possibly outclass Nikon? Until 12 years ago Sony ruled the portable music market. Then some computer company invented the iPod. Nikon isn’t innovating. Other companies are.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          The X-trans is preeeeeeety good. Maybe not better, but on par with the D4 depending on circumstances.

          • rhlpetrus

            C’mon, these remarks just make you and your firends that love everything but Nikon a pretty bad face.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              Huh? What have you been smoking? I’ve been a Nikon shooter for two decades. Where do you get the idea that I “love everything but Nikon”?

        • Sandy Bartlett

          Sure with heavy built in NR, colors fall apart by 6400 too.Still very good for crop, but it aint no D4.

        • flightofbooks

          have you compared the d4 and x100s at ISO 204,800? Oh wait, you can’t.

          • hexx

            LOL! what do you shoot?

        • MrSkelter

          Whatever you think of Nikon they were the first people to put video in a DSLR with the D90 – one of the top sellers of all time and probably the top selling DSLR, and they invented the high MP DSLR market with the D800. It took Sony almost 2 years to match the D800 and they made the sensor! With the D3S Nikon made the best performing low-light camera ever (in regular production). To say they’re not innovating is ridiculous on its face.

          Like it or not the Df is another innovation. I suspect we’ll see this emulated in time too.

        • Horshack

          The X100s compares unfavorably to the D7100 let alone any contemporary FF sensor and especially the D4. I did a careful comparison between the XE-1 (same sensor in terms of IQ as X100s) and D7100 here:

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      You wanna talk about sharp detailed images? The Sigma Foveon sensor makes the D800E look like mush in good light.

      I have a DP1 and DP2 right now and they are crazy sharp. Slow to focus and not great in the dark, but damn sharp.

      • Lamar Lamb

        I’ve been scoping out some images from the SD1 since Sigma came to their senses and dropped the price to $2200. That Foveon sensor produces amazing quality at ISO 400 and below. It seems to me to get the closest to the color attributes of film of all the digital cameras. They need to work a bit more on the camera tho.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          The black and whites are jaw-dropping. SOOC.

      • rhlpetrus

        Hmm, great files that are either oof or which you have lost the decisive moment you wnated … Not interested. It seems this launch has attracted all types of Nikon haters and users of all these great cameras. So the X100S is better than D4 in low light? really? The Sigma whatever is better than the D800E in detail? What next? Please, give Nikkor owners a break, let’s wait and see this camera at work.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Where do you get the idea I’m a Nikon hater? I write NIKON field guides. I’m an NPS member. I have well over a dozen Nikon lenses. I’ve owned nearly EVERY Nikon DSLR that has been released INCLUDING the Kodak bodies.

          I’m a photographer. I test gear. I buy cameras. I have a couple of Sigma loaners that I gave opinions on both good and bad points.

          I had the Fuji XPro-1. The sensor was great the camera was crap.

          So why don’t you stop seeing what you want to read and actually read my posts for CONTENT. Obviously you have NO F’N CLUE as to what you are talking about.

          Better yet, IGNORE MY POSTS.

  • Neopulse

    Around $1500 more than I expected. Actually thought this was going to be a <$1500 FF camera that would compete with the compact, retro styled camera market to kinda steal clients away from the Fuji and MFT area utilizing superior sensor quality. Why??? It has EXPEED 3 still in it and a D4 sensor that's it. Oh well, hopefully the price will drop a bit in the December-January time frame.

    • Derek Smith

      If it was 1500 USD then it would be selling like hotcakes. They wouldn`t be able to keep it in stock. They are betting on early adopters wasting therir money before they reduce the price.

      • Neopulse

        You know what, it would be the cheapest high performance FF sensor.

  • Sudhar

    I was seriously looking to buy this, but now I am out, not going for this, just for the 39 af points, I was already frustrated with D600.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I hated the 39 point AF of the D600 too. Badly, but I’m hoping that they re-worked it. This quote gives me a glimmer of hope – “Achieve sharp focus no matter where you subject is within the frame”

      edit: spelling error not mine.

    • Rad Alzyoud

      I am not sure why you say it’s a D600 not a D610 focus engine?

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        They’re the same.

  • aarif

    So were getting the Ferrari body with a 4 cylinder Toyota engine after all , big mistake from Nikon in my opinion 🙁

    • Chobot

      engine in this body is excellent. would you like to have Ferrari engine in Ferrari body, then you would have Ferrari price tag 🙂

      • aarif

        no that would have been asking for too much , but they could have used the d800 AF and made it 7 fps with the smaller files

        • Sandy Bartlett

          Then it would have been a D4

        • Chobot

          I think that if anything, then the sensor from D600 / D610 would be better choice then the one from D800. for the moment I think that 24mp is the sweet spot. and overall the camera looks fantastic to me. something from both worlds, past and present. and if quality is there, then it is beauty.

  • reporteratlarge

    And you still have to plug in a wifi adapter.

  • nathanleebush

    No video? Um, exqueeze me?

    A7 it is..

    • MMS

      Please do. No need to hang out on “Nikon Rumors” anymore.

      • nathanleebush

        Please do what?

        Was a long time Nikon user but Sony has been slowly winning me over with innovation and cutting edge technology. Nikon is packaging second tier tech in a vintage-styled body and calling it new. I’ve been waiting for Nikon to step up its video game but it just refuses. I know there are all these people who don’t care about video and like to scoff at this issue, but in 2013 video is considered an essential value added proposition for most people. Here it’s completely absent when it’s enabled with a software solution and there’s already an D4 EXPEED processor on board? What are they thinking?

        • MMS

          What are they thinking? Do you know? No one here has even touched this camera yet and everyone is in a lather over it! Time to wean ourselves from the hypnotic effects of the ad campaign. I am doomed to continue shooting with my heavy D4. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

      • Global

        Stop pretending that Nikon is a country.
        Its a hand tool — like a screwdriver or a pooperscooper.

        People are free to think about any brand that does it right and support the ones going in the right direction and put down the ones that are just plain confused or going in the wrong direction.

        • MMS


  • Will

    The specifications are far too familiar… just think about where these 5.5 fps, 39-pt AF mirror boxes might have come from.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      You really think Nikon would put out the 610 fix the problem and then make the same mistake with a camera that costs 1/3 MORE. I don’t think so.

      • Will

        I agree with you on that, the allowance for flaws & production mistakes is basically nil for this new guy. That doesn’t mean you can’t make use of parts there were not used from the previous year. 5.5 fps is really a give-away.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          5.5 fps doesn’t mean the same shutter. The D700 was 6 fps then boost the voltage with a new battery et voîla, 8 fps.

          The fps can be crippled via firmware just like other things.

      • nbleak21

        Yes. As from Nikon:

        “Drawing on lessons learned from the diminished profitability of the fiscal year ended March 2013, Nikon will focus on sales of high-margin new digital SLR cameras”

        Those higher margins have to come from somewhere…

        • Will

          I’d say it’s forgivable for Nikon to come out with fancy designer products to save themselves from potential debt & financial problems. I hope Nikon knows they are not another Leica. But to put it fairly, Nikon has a better “collector’s value” appeal than Canon.

    • Sudhar

      D600 🙁

  • Overpriced and Underloved

    Note on Availability: Due to lower than expected demand resulting from overpricing, the camera will be available immediately to anyone crazy enough to buy at full price.

    Also, Nikon rebates will be available starting January 1st, 2014.

    • Derek Smith

      Very nice! They will still make money when the price crashes. The mark up on this must be massive.

      • Overpriced and Underloved

        I expect my tongue in cheek humor will be true on both counts.

  • Jay

    Looks like a gorgeous camera to me!! Simply wonderful to have all the old dials (shutter speed, transport, ISO) back, and I love the design too (especially the silver version)! Reminds me of my old, small but study FE2 and F3. I’m very curious about the focusing screen, manual focusing via the viewfinder is not easy with the current AF focusing screens. My favourite non-digital Nikon was not the F3 but the F4 (not the F5, never bought that one because I really missed the shutter speed dial!), awesome, extremely ergonomical design by Giugiaro. The current flagship, the D4 (Giugiaro design again!), has a superb sensor, great to see that sensor in the new Df. The Df really looks like a joy to work with, intuitive without scrolling through all the menus. I’m really glad that Nikon respects the users who still love the way they used to photograph in the analogue days and handed them a great, and beautifully crafted, tool to work with a camera in the classical way with all the benefits of the digital technology of today. Kudos for Nikon!

  • Jay

    oops – a typo! Correction:
    Looks like a gorgeous camera to me!! Simply wonderful to have all the old dials (shutter speed, transport, ISO) back, and I love the design too (especially the silver version)! Reminds me of my old, small but sturdy FE2 and F3. I’m very curious about the focusing screen, manual focusing via the viewfinder is not easy with the current AF focusing screens. My favourite non-digital Nikon was not the F3 but the F4 (not the F5, never bought that one because I really missed the shutter speed dial!), awesome, extremely ergonomical design by Giugiaro. The current flagship, the D4 (Giugiaro design again!), has a superb sensor, great to see that sensor in the new Df. The Df really looks like a joy to work with, intuitive without scrolling through all the menus. I’m really glad that Nikon respects the users who still love the way they used to photograph in the analogue days and handed them a great, and beautifully crafted, new tool, to work with a camera in the classical way with all the benefits of the digital technology of today. Kudos for Nikon!

  • sausage_grinder

    It would be killer if this camera had interchangeable focusing screens and could use ones similar to the excellent screens for the F6

  • Nick

    Why have Nikon just relaunched the EOS 50?

  • Aldo

    Admin what time is the announcement?

    • K

      9:00 PM PST

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        12 AM EST

        • Rad Alzyoud

          10 PM MST (Monday)

          • Aldo


    • Should be around midnight EST or latest 1 pm.

      • Aldo


  • Kevin

    Ah well. If it has a D4 sensor then I doubt that the price will go down any time soon. I’m sorry I almost cheated on you, my lovely x pro 1!!!

  • Drpeachfuzz

    Keeping my XE-2 preorder. Looks like overpriced D600 parts bin to me with some spiffy looking dials. Will keep the D700/D7100 combo going

  • Spy Black

    It’s a little high, I think. Shoulda been $2500. Overall it’s a great design from my perspective of things. Hopefully it’ll have dust spots on the sensor and they’ll have to re-issue a new Df-10 model and discount this model for $2100…

  • Az

    Where is the focus peaking or help for manual focusing? Is there anything along those lines?

    • Spy Black

      Hopefully it’s called a split-image/microprism focusing screen…

  • Michelangelo

    My money is burning a hole in my wallet. Bring it on. I am in. Can’t be as bad as all the whiners believe. Should be light and more ergonomic in the hand than a D600, which I will relegate to backup. I agree with others, though, that I hope it has improved focusing for my many manual focus lenses… a screen similar to the old “K” model would be great (microprism ring around a split image RF spot). So until the Df is officially announced, piss and moan ya bunch of sissies!

  • I am torn.

    Design wise I couldn’t care less but I am loving all the dials and direct controls. I’ve wanted a D4 for the longest time for that sweet low-light ability and 16MP is just perfect for my tastes but lord knows I can’t justify buying one for $6K let alone $4-5K on the used market. So $2800 for this is a steal in my opinion but at that price I want a better AF-system.

    I don’t need video nor have video anyways on any of my cameras so that’s not the problem. If I sold off one of my D3s I could probably swing the body only right now.

    But that AF system is ugh. I had a D7000. Loved it but when I moved to FX with a D3 and it’s lovely 51pt AF system I swore I’d never go back. So I didn’t buy the D600/D610 and sadly this seems to have the same AF system.

    Really that’s the only thing holding me back. That and the battery choice. I can understand the EN-EL14 to make this super light and super small but going up to just the EN-EL15 wouldn’t have made it that much bigger. Also to a lesser extend the lack of battery grip. The choice to have the SD card in the battery compartment on the bottom basically spells out no MB Grip for it. And half the reason I went to the D3 instead of the D700 was because I was tired of half-bodies.

    I can live without a 10pin port even though it seems to have one of the cheapo connectors below the HDMI port but still.

    Def won’t buy this on launch but will probably pick it up when it’s price drops in 3 months.

    • mikeswitz

      niXerKG, and others that are torn and for others that really hate the idea of this camera:

      • A good article that helps explain the polarization that the Df is causing.

        • mikeswitz

          It’s kind of amazing that being anonymous
          on the internet creates blind opinions inside a bubble.

          • True. I really don’t understand all the anger though. It’s just a camera, and in the big scheme of things, it is, in all likelihood, a good one.

      • Am I the only one that likes the camera? Yes, it is expensive, but look at it that way – you are getting the D4 sensor at half price.

        • I like it too, overall. I can’t say for sure though until I try the real thing. Then I’ll decide. Oh, and I don’t feel it is overpriced either. And for once, the kit lens is something I would actually use. I won’t be surprised if it sells well too – far better than some of these NR comments would lead you to believe.

        • Scott M.

          Yes but needs grip and higher fps

        • mikeswitz

          I think a lot of people like the camera, but even more just don’t get it. Process is not part of their process. Grab and shoot so you don’t miss the shot. Doesn’t have video. How can a camera in this day and age not have video, and especially at this price point.

    • Scott M.

      Where do you see the card slot on the bottom of the camera? Look at the xray picture of the door on the side grip and get back to me

      • You may be right but I’m basing my conclusion on the picture of the back of the camera.

        There doesn’t seem to be an edge for a door to pop out on the side. Remember this camera is thin too.

        Also wide so having it in the battery compartment won’t be bad for Tripod placement but would be blocked if they made a grip.

        SD cards are small and so is the EN-EL14.

        • Scott M.

          I also seem to see in that drawing the space for a CF card. It looks bigger than sd to me. I think the grip is going to happen.
          If battery door is blocked by grip, so what? Batteries are in the grip.

  • NikNik

    Specs are what they are -one or two things more to be revealed in a couple of hours.

    What I think will determine the fate of this camera comes down to one word: quality.

    After the D800 blunder and D600 fiasco the one thing that would define the future of this camera is quality.

    Would it be a high quality product? That’s the bottom-line.

    If Nikon gets back on track and delivers a really high precision and quality camera, things will go in the right direction.

    If this cameras has a flaw remotly resembling something like we saw in the D800/D600, then Nikon will be in serious trouble because it would be the clear sign that Nikon is no longer a reliable company releasing high-quality products.

    • rhlpetrus

      I wonder. Is the shutter mechanism the same as in the D600 or in the D610? THis 5.5 fps isn’t it same as in the D600? The D610 is 6fps, and about only diff to D600. But this has the quite mode it seems, which is in the D610. Would like Nikon to be clear about that.

  • steve

    If you are reading this and can’t wait to spend $3K, go pre-order from Adorama now:

    • Saffron Blaze

      No! AF? Dust/Oil? Fuzzy on one side, etc? Price!

  • rhlpetrus

    Just a comment: these Amazon info sheets are not really into details, is more like the generic brochure, not technical details.

    Let’s wait, there may be some interesting news on the VF, my main hope.

  • Stan Dibben

    the light-brown Nikon plastic-leather case is VERY ugly.

    VERY ugly.

    • QueerNation

      Not ugly… chic.
      Very chic.
      Probably costs 2 bills.

  • Scott M.

    After studying the x-ray drawing at the top of previous post, I believe that the card door on grip side holds a CF card. Check it out. Look at the yellow rectangle. Looks more CF shape than SD.

  • Saffron Blaze

    $2,746.96 plus tax! Dammit Nikon!

  • C.Lang

    I remember buying a used AE-1 in the late Eighties. A basic camera that lasted until I got into digital. Am I crazy to thing this is an astronomical price tag for this thing. I’m no pro. I am just an average person with an average income that wants a camera like my old AE-1 but in a digital form that I don’t have to sell my car to buy. I realize I am not the target audience for this due to the price but really…as a musician, one can buy an American standard Fender Tele/Strat. No frills guitars that are classics that cost around $1,300. These guitars will last a lifetime and are the bread and butter of Fender. Where the #!$ is the bread and butter of Nikon? Where is the classic camera that is in reach of the average person that will last him or her their lifetime if they choose to keep it that long.

    • wally

      The camera you’re looking for is the D3200.

  • nghty

    This will be a great backup to my D5200.

  • RMJ

    A bit pricier than hoped but definitely worth the money. Definitely not a shock, we had rumors ranging from 2500 to 3000 all the time. Have to start saving and fetch one during the spring when the price has dropped already a bit. 🙂

    Just amazing camera!

    • Yeah, I though and wrote on these pages more than once, that a sub D610 price was a pipe dream. I couldn’t see it for a lot of reasons. Now we are an hour away from the official release. Let’s see if there is anything left to learn or if NR has already turned over every last stone.

  • a4

    They did it! A new Nikon killer! Wait a minute…

  • ENEL15Man

    I know this is petty, but I’d buy this if it had the EN-EL15 battery. Right now, I’ve got one battery for ALL my active cameras. It would take more than “cool” for me to buy any camera that takes a different battery.

  • Giant Pink

    > Attach the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter

    What year is this? Providing wireless by way of an additional cost and as a stupid clumsy adaptor seems consistent with 2008.

    • MrSkelter

      2008? That’s more 2000 and late… 😉

  • Kristens Mars

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