Nikon Df camera menu screenshots

Time to start another thread again. Here are few screenshots of the Nikon DfΒ camera menu that shows the new AI lens settings:


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  • J. Dennis Thomas

    I couldn’t think of anything hateful to say. πŸ™

    • Celtic

      Thank you. The general tone of this forum is already depressing enough.

    • Pete Grady

      You’re weak, bro.

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        I was too overcome by the beauty…

      • nikkorlodeon

        I’m with J. It’s like staring at your favorite supermodel and trying to find something insulting to say.
        Only jealous beotches have negative things to say.

        • Pete Grady

          Sorry you couldn’t find the sarcasm in my remark.

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    Wait! I got it!.

    I see they still have the stupid retouch menu. Stupid Nikon.

    • jarmatic

      That retouch menu is handy for small fixes for web publishing when one is away from PS. If you’re on vacation and don’t want to (or can’t) lug a laptop, it’s the next best thing.

  • Shawn

    Any ideas as to what ‘manual focus mode’ could mean?

    • patchenp

      The ‘Manual Focus Mode’ is in the a5 focus point illumination sub menu which leads me to believe that there will finally be an on screen alternative to that spiteful green dot! That could be very good news indeed for me.

  • the dude

    Manual focus mode?

    Any info as to whether the camera has a viewfinder and focusing screen optimized for manual focusing? I would love a split image or microprism collar and a screen optimized for popping into and out of focus (and not brightness). That’s all I want… I want to be able to easily focus zeiss primes.

    • sausage_grinder

      No idea what it could mean, but it certainly sounds promising!

    • OZ

      My guess.. maybe the AF point will illuminate based on if the subject is in focus or not??

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        No. That determines if your active AF point lights up red or remains black.

        Remember that even in MF the AF point determines if the rangefinder meter or the green dot consider the image to be in focus.

        • Sahaja

          Limited to the sensitivity of the AF system though

    • Sahaja

      The AF point illumination method is also limited to the sensitivity of the AF system, usually around f/2.8

  • babola

    The old and classic Nikkor glass will increase in value, with this camera crying for it.

    • Mirko Bacich

      Oh yes…people that wil go for a DF camera won’t be pixel-peeper type and th eloss of sharpness or vignetting and CA won’t be on their list of priorities. They would just like the old “glass” for what it is.

      • Baaaaah

        Some people are human beings, others are just sheep and following the marketing.

        • Anthony

          so so true!

      • MrSkelter

        The 105 and 135 DC are among the best lenses Nikon’s ever made. There’s no vignetting issue and a 16MP sensor means the CA issues which film hid are going to be less visible.

        Amazingly Nikon seem to know what they’re doing.

        • john

          Those are not pre AI. Every DSLR from Nikon above the D90 can use them.

          • MrSkelter

            I know. I have the 135. I was responding to the ‘old glass’ comment.

    • Kaouthia

      The old and classic glass has worked on pro bodies for years.

      • kotozafy

        Yes, but the “very old” (non-ai) ones have to be set in real aperture for metering πŸ™

  • Mike

    I was leaning towards all black… But after seeing the 105 DC on the two tone….. gzzz…. I sound like I’m buying a car.

    • Marc W.

      So does this also mean it supports AF/AF-D lenses?!??!

      • MrSkelter

        Yes. It supports everything according to the Amazon info.

        • Marc W.

          Yeah, saw that after they posted it. Thanks.

    • Loriolus

      I have the 105 DC and you’re right…seeing the combination makes me want the silver one.

  • Mike

    I AM Dead Sexy

  • James

    It’s called “focus point illumination”. It means exactly what it says. Those little focus squares in the viewfinder will illuminate (red colour) when you are focussed on that particular subject.

    I’m sure you could just use the centre focus point or even use all of them with focus point lighting up in each part of the screen depending on if the lens is correctly focus.

    It’s extremely similar to the electronic rangefinder in my F100 camera which has the two arrows (telling me to focus closer or further) and the round dot for focus confirmation.

  • BuzzAldrin

    No F/F2 cable release thread = no backwards compatibility for AR-2 owners. If you’re going to go retro, at least go pro retro.

  • zach

    I don’t understand why american people can’t accept the look of the Df, you know in our japanese communities, well, mostly online ones, people are excited of this camera. I guess our asians just like complicated looking things.

    • Marc W.

      Because us Americans complain about everything, unfortunately.

      • Kotozafy

        What ?!! WE, French, are the champions for complaining about everything (and it’s opposite)

    • Stan Dibben

      I knew japanese for their minimal approach to product-design, attention to details and honesty in giving the best in everything they do.

      Japanese made this:

      Nikon just made this:

      • Young Lee

        Omg, black Nikon F with plain prism! I’m so gonna get one..

    • Matthew Saville Baldon

      I’m one american who is thrilled by this design concept, and cannot wait to hold one! The whiners just don’t understand that part of loving Nikon is loving Nikon’s history.

      IMO, they can do both, but the internet is so instantaneous that nobody ever stops to realize that more cameras will be announced soon. Lest we forget, in Nikon’s darkest hour before the D3, people thought it was game over; and yet Nikon has been on top of the pro DSLR game for years now and Canon has been floundering.

      Yeah, Nikon desperately needs to start competing with the likes of the Sony A7 / A7R mirrorless systems, and the likes of the Fuji X100S compact systems. But jeez, have a little faith! Or, just do us all a favor and jump ship now LOL… More used Nikon gear for us to scoop up!


      • johno

        I thought the same thing, I know they are still building DSLR’s and I love the look of this camera.

    • Aldo

      we love how the Df looks… I don’t think you’ve been reading.

    • peanutpancake

      NO. even the japanese community is hating this camera and for a reason, this camera sucks totally, 3000 bucks for a crippled D4, nikon is insane

  • Colin Stuart

    I LOVE the look/idea of this camera. Back to basics yet retaining the D4 sensor… truly amazing.

  • ama

    OK so I’m confused – is it an AF camera or not? And can you only use older lenses with an f-stop ring? If you can use newer AF lenses, how do you change the f-stop?

    • Matthew Saville Baldon

      You can use ALL lenses, and if it is an AF lens then it will AF.

      How to change the aperture on this camera, I’m not sure yet. but I suspect that dial on the front near the shutter will do that function…

      • rosshj

        I think it would be the back thumb roller no? The speed is set by a dial on the top.

        • Matthew Saville Baldon

          We’re still not sure what that rear dial does, but yes it could also change the aperture. However there is a setting on the shutter speed dial that reads “1/3 stop” and some are suspecting that this enables 1/3 stop control for shutter speeds on that main rear dial, which would put us back to needing a separate dial for aperture.

          Surely at least DPReview will have a sneak peek with the camera that shall answer these questions, in about an hour’s time. πŸ™‚


    • Marc W.

      Yes, AF camera.
      The front dial by the shutter button is for changing the aperture. Similar to the P7x00 cameas.

  • So many haters these days πŸ™ this camera was not even officially announced , no one held it from all of us here and people already HATE it πŸ™‚ humans are weird. Would not it be nicer to hear I Love πŸ™‚ this and that about Df..? Or is there nothing to L.O.V.E.?

    • Celtic

      Amen, my friend.

    • Aldo

      We love how it looks… but like a prostitute you can’t fall in love with it…

      • To find a real L.O.V.E. you have to stop looking at prostitutes and meet the real people πŸ™‚ Btw. my grandma is not super sexi and believe me or not I LOVE her a lot

        • Aldo

          you are too nice to be here… save yourself while you can.

          • It is not about being nice but rather being patient with those who are not. This is a rumour site and Peter/admin is doing great job over here. I am just a bit ashamed when I read silly stubborn negativity which changes the point of this site from rumours to gossiping and whining nothing more nothing less πŸ™‚ And I love funny guys with tech geek background who call themselves photographers, because I am pretty much same. Other than that, awesome story this Df thing, everyone is following this and I think NR hits record of followers after this is over… πŸ™‚

  • dudemanppl

    Too bad that the price is such a boner kill, but I’m still at least half-mast.

  • Aldo

    What’s the big dial in fron of the camera?

    • rosshj

      I’m still wondering that myself.

    • Mike

      Aperture control.

      • Aldo


      • rosshj

        What’s the thumb dial on the back then?

        • Oz

          I’m hoping you can do easy Exposure Comp with that dial while in Aperture Priority mode… (ala D700/D3)

          I don’t want to be fumbling all the way over to the other side of the camera to adjust exposure comp..

        • Mike

          I think this is what is “hybrid” about it. Admin made comments earlier last week about it having a low power mode…. Where aperture ring and top dial shutter speed control would be used. But in normal mode one might be able to use the front and rear command dials as we do with modern DSLRs.

    • Matthew Saville Baldon

      Not sure yet but my bet is that it’s an aperture dial…

      • Aldo

        sounds logical… can’t say the same about the placement though. I guess we would have to hold one.

        • Sahaja

          Non-CPU lens selector dial?

  • zaku

    I own a Canon 6D paired with a 35mm f/2.0 USM IS and a 100mm f/2.0 USM but two Df bodies with a 35mm f/2.0 af-d and 105mm f/2.0 af-d would be my dream setup.

  • jarmatic

    What’s with the DC lens? Are they updating that lens finally?!

    • rosshj

      Yeah, kinda strange. That’s a great lens though… and matches the retro styling.

      • jarmatic

        I concur, I’ve been meaning to add it to my camera bag for awhile now. The 135mm that is.

        • rosshj

          I had my eye on the 135DC for portraits for a long time… then I got the 85mm f1.4D. Looks great on my FM3a. Both are great lenses though.

          Not my photo πŸ˜‰

          • jarmatic

            Ha! Very nice. NIkon’s current contest is for a 85 1.4, maybe I should enter. πŸ™‚

  • Matthew Saville Baldon

    In other news, DEAR LORD I hope they allow for more than 9 manual lenses like D700 had! That was pretty annoying!

  • James Fernandes

    Sounds like this camera would be great for my summicron r lens that gives me inconsistent metering on my d600 when stopped down. Yikes, I can’t justify the hipster price tag though…

  • Guest

    What’s with the DC lens? Are they updating that finally?!

    • Matthew Saville Baldon

      If they do, I hope they start leaving in the aluminum ring just for the cool look!

  • Miguel

    Question guys. Whats that round dial next to the df letters?

  • Stan Dibben

    Have you seen the point of view of the photo in the post? It seems a beautiful FA-style camera. I do really love photography. And mktg.

  • noname

    Actually these screenshots reminded me that the only reason I go in the menus is to switch the non-cpu lens id.
    I guess they didn’t have any more space for dials..

    • Sahaja

      You can assign that to the Fn button and use the control wheel instead

      • rosshj

        Nice! I gotta try that.

  • cletus_mcginnis

    Admittedly, nice looking camera. Unfortunately, too expensive.

  • Scott M.

    What else you got hiding?

  • Fox no say

    I know the Df is perfectly matched my 135 f2 DC. OH GOD!!!!

  • Chobot

    it is absolutely beautiful peace of art. beauty. every pic of this camera is just astonishing. and with lens like this attached, you can not ask for more… NIKON, bravo…

  • Mike

    Dear Df,

  • Stan Dibben

    But… Wait. Am I the only one here that complains about the translation of a potentially great project in a product lacking of cure, allure and soul?

    Did you see menus icons and font? And the icons on the back (a trashbin… So windowish…)?

    Nothing matches the elegance of an old school camera, except dials. There is no research, study… Coherence. Front and back logos doesn’t match guys…

    This is Leica:

  • Mike

    Admin, DPR has hands on already!

  • eventhorizon

    Since there is no pop-up flash overhang, I assume that PC lenses can be used to their full potential.

    • DistrictGopher

      It says some limitations in the spec sheet.

  • 103David

    So this starts yet another interminable thread.
    Quit your bitching, behave yourselves, be useful.
    Stand back, look at yourselves.
    Still a flock of chickens in a useless fight for pecking order.

  • DonD

    I think this camera may be for those who don’t like to use Toilet Paper because it was not always around and besides, their Grandfather got the job done without it. However, I will probably buy one because it is just so darn cute!

  • jsvfoto

    The Df borchure is out! No hybrid viewfinder…

    • rosshj

      “The camera’s top, rear and bottom covers use light and durable magnesium alloy, while various sections of the camera body are effectively sealed to attain superior dust-prevention and weather-resistance, equivalent with the D800 series”

  • jsvfoto


    • rosshj

      X=1/200 s; synchronizes with shutter at 1/250 s or slower

  • Michael_Foley

    I was looking at my 135mm f/2 DC lens and earlier and thought it would look good on the DF, I guess Nikon thought the same about the 105 DC!

    • Sahaja

      Too bad the 28mm f/1.4D is now so expensive – that would look great on this too.

  • Carl Koslowski

    I own a D800 and quite some lenses and equipment.
    I like the look and the sensor.
    But I started parallely with M43 ( Olympus OMD EM 5)

    Shall I buy DF or Olympus EM 1?
    (rhetorical question:)
    let’s compare:

    Nikon DF Olympus EM1

    Nice Look/classic controls Nice Look/classic controls
    16 MP 16 MP

    so far similar, but:

    only 1/4000 sec 1/8000 sec
    only 1/200 xsync 1/320 x sync
    NO WIFI WIFI ( + GPS via Smartphone)
    NO tiltable Screen Tiltable Screen
    NO Video Video
    5,5 FPS 10 FPS ( 6 with continous AF)
    plastic/metal housing full magnesium housing
    weathersealed splash/freeseproof
    big/heavy small, lightweight
    OVF excellent EVF with a lot of Info
    2800 Euro ( body) 1500 Euro (body)

    I would opt at once for DF because of the fantastic sensor and the nice classic style body but:
    No video makes for me no sense ( even Leica, the producer of the purest of all cameras learned that! And Olympus as well by promising to improve video ) And it is already existing, just a software implementation and one button necessary.
    No IBIS means, that if I use old Nikon glass ( a very tempting option) I am on par with Olympus with the excellent IBIS. I can’t draw any advantage out of the high ISO.
    For the price of only the body I can get a EM 1 with a Leica Nocticron 1,2 ( at an estimated price tag of 1200 Euro)

    So decision is easy.

    Sorry Nikon. Pure Photography means to me a camera with classic controls but not to strip down the technical options to a minimum in order to protect the other models in the portfolio. Not at this price point. May be for 1600 Euro.

    Game over Nikon( for me)


    • KnightPhoto

      Well done comparison Carl. That’s the kind of thing I think many of these wish-listers should be doing πŸ˜‰ Maybe then they would actually buy a camera, whatever it may be, instead of yak yak yakking.

      In my case, I’m a low light guy so the D4 sensor, arguably the world’s best low light sensor in production today, is 100 on a scale of 10 in importance, but not everyone needs that and clearly that was not a factor for you.

  • ALEX


  • Young Lee

    This camera, at this angle, with this lens, looks superb.

  • Saulo Kutner

    I loved the concept;
    I loved the look;
    I couldn’t understand the rationale behind matching the awesome D4 sensor with a less capable AF system!
    I hated the price!
    Once again I’ll have to postpone my plunge back to FF πŸ™

  • Nuno Benavente

    Beautiful with one of the two best sensors out there. Unfortunately for me, way too expensive.

  • Kotozafy

    Great coverage senior ADMIN! “Rumor of the year” award !
    Now, what’s next ? 135mm 2.0 VR ? 300mm 4 VR ?

  • knutmsa

    I hoped this camera would be even more retro! The back and front of the body is 2013, and the top 1978-ish.. If Nikon makes a really stripped down version, I`ll buy it. Honestly; AF-on? really? As Nikon made clear in the teaser videos, this is a camera for slow and back to basic photography, why not make a camera that matches? NO, I donΒ΄t want to return to film, thatΒ΄s not my point!

  • Pixyst

    Let’s hear the complaint brigade again. There is no Nikon product a certain section of the public won’t complain about, yet they invariably have a good level of market success.

  • Steve Griffin

    It’s a pity that it only accepts 2GB SD cards for a maximum of 36 shots being pure and all that. πŸ˜‰

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