More pictures of the Nikon Df camera *UPDATED*


Update: The Nikon Df and 50mm f/1.8 kit will cost $2,996.95. The body only is $2,746.96. See the full details on and in this post.

I uploaded few more pictures of the Nikon Df camera to the last post. Here are all leaked images so far:


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  • decisivemoment

    Oh dear. The Rube Goldberg eyepiece blind, same as the F100. Irritating for tripod users.

    And why 16 megapixels instead of 24? I don’t see the point of restricting yourself if it’s only 6fps. 24MP with no OLPF, a sort of Leica-killer — I’d go for that in an instant. At 16, I want to wait and see, to check out what else it does. Perhaps there’s a booster grip that pushes it to 8 with a sufficiently high voltage battery like the EL18. Then it would make sense.

    • Scott M.

      Hope so.
      Lately, Nikon grips have not increased the frame speed. Hopefully this one will. $650 for the grip, but hopefully worth it.
      That will be Nikons’ “Oh, and one more thing…” moment tonight.

      • Guest


    • Lamar Lamb

      Selling point. Their claim is it’s the same sensor as in the D4 and therefore they can justify the higher cost because its the same as their flagship model. The D4 is using 16MP for processing speed and low light. I see it as a use of parts that are already developed, available, and sourced to reduce per unit costs.

  • Scott M.

    I WILL buy that cool strap, if nothing else 🙂

  • Rich Murray

    If history is our guide, after the initial rush to buy this camera has subsided the price will come down.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      And it means that Nikon will gain the ability to make it’s own full size sensor at an affordable price. I suppose it’s also why the price is high to start with…

  • Mark James Luzzi

    TOO EXPENSIVE It should be around 1500-2k Tops But its nice Will wait to see reviews Once all the clamor dies down and they have refurbished available I will consider one

  • fjfjjj

    This, or D800 at the same price? Let me see… 😛

    • josh


    • Scott M.

      Hopefully they compliment each other
      I am hoping the grip brings 8fps

    • Last Mohican

      No contest for those of us who are not on a holiday. But those who are retired and loaded with old glass have a choice.

    • Aldo

      “this” has the d4 sensor… that’s gotta count for something.. not to mention many complained about file size… even from the d600/d610

    • Sahaja

      A camera for the male menopause?

  • Scott M.

    Body only is very close to D700 price.

  • decisivemoment

    Overall take so far — take the D600/610, beef up the construction, improve the controls, lighten the load, move in an oddball direction with the D4 sensor, and you have the Df. Unless there’s some sort of speed-boosting powerpack, I don’t see why it costs $750 more than the D610. If it had 24MP and no OLPF, that would be different.

    • ronin

      Who said the construction is “beefed up” from the 610?

      • Sahaja

        Well it has the illusion of being beefed up – from the outside.

        • SteveHood

          How much is the illusion worth?

    • Ronan

      Because it’s finish is more expensive to make, all those buttons/dials/etc are more expensive, less of them being made is more expensive, the target audience has more money to spend, it’s a niche camera, and the list goes on.

      That’s why people feel it’s going to be expensive 🙁

      • ronin

        The 610 has plastic buttons and dials, too.

  • intergalactic_turkey
  • noname

    “Instantly share your great photos”


  • umeshrw

    It seems the lens is also nothing great. Or rather same as current 1.8 g. Just csome cosmetic change. Note the very small DOF marking range. If it had longer throw then the DOF markings area would have been bigger. But whatever it is it would be (I hope) accurate.

    • Sahaja

      This camera cries out for some F mount lenses something like Pentax’s K mount limited primes.

    • flightofbooks

      I was surprised by the lens to. It looks as big as the 50 1.4 but built about the same as the old 1.8G. Not a great deal for a $350 lens.

  • SR

    Somethings seems wrong though; why would they market this for use with manual lenses and then not include a proper viewfinder for that… i doubt that the amazon listing had the full specs..

    conspiracy tells me the amazon price is a hoax 🙂 Or maybe I’m day dreaming..

  • Alex Gordon

    Yes, I’m afraid I’m a little disappointed in the pricing as most others are as well. Obviously, we all want things to be as cheap as possible. From what I can tell, for what you’re getting, they priced this model about $400-$500 too high. It should be sitting right on top of the D610, not right underneath a D800. A $2399 body only price tag on this probably has the community pretty excited and also would sway quite a few of the $1700 Sony A7 buyers this direction.

    Also not thrilled with the D610 AF system. D7100 is frankly superior. Not a fail, but some of the polish has likely come off this release. I’m anxious to see some hands on reviews.

  • TxCamFan

    Beautiful camera and an exciting line-up to the Nikon family but SO disappointing at the price – US $3K with lens is too expensive. Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but still disappointed. $1699 would have been a better price point.

    • Aldo

      give it time you should see 2500 with lens within a year. I mean look at the d800…

      • flightofbooks

        I’m holding out till the first wave of used bodies hits ebay.

  • WesleyL

    Only window shopping this holiday season for me.

  • Duffgen

    Where’s the prong for full compatibility with non AI lenses then????

  • Peter G

    on amazon about Df autofocus:

    It incorporates our outstanding 39-point autofocus system with 9 highly accurate cross-type sensors that work all the way down to f/8. Achieve sharp focus no matter where you subject is within the frame at up to 5.5 frames per second.

  • FinchBug

    Help me! I am afraid there is the D610-viewfinder inside. Tell me, its not true!

    • Sahaja

      If it doesn’t have a good manual focus screen they have blown it and Sony’s A7 cameras may be a better choice for using MF lenses

  • Joseph Li

    oh damn..just saw NR’s really $3000 with the lens and D4 sensor…I think just the sensor is already worth that price. Now wedding photographers who cant afford a D4 can pair this Df up with a D800 and they are done 🙂

    • flightofbooks

      Honestly, while I was hoping it would be closer to the 2k mark, $2750 for the body is not horrible, assuming the D4 low light capabilities are there.

  • RC

    Would anyone under 35 actually want this camera based on looks/styling? It costs more but doesn’t offer any significant benefits (in fact some could argue it has disadvantages vs. others in this class), and it can’t shoot video (yes, I know…another polarizing feature). Maybe I’m one of the few odd ones. I embraced the N70 when it came out. That camera was way ahead of its time.

    • Ian Dangerzone

      Yes. I was planning to buy it if it came in under 2300, as I’m a photographer, not a videographer and don’t care a whit if my DSLR has video or not; video is a vestigal organ as far as my use of the instrument is concerned.

      I like the angular design style and think it’s a pretty sexy body, silver and black alike, and certainly am leaning towards FF now there’s no successor to the D300 in sight and support for DX is withering under lack of lens choices.

      But for 2700, what’s the point? As a landscape and macro guy IQ and resolution is everything, and for that money I might as well get the D800. Style goes a long way with me, but not so that it eclipses the practical elements of my photography.

      • RC

        Which is why I think this is an impractical camera. I can see the appeal of the manual controls but if you’re experienced, you can flip to any shutter speed in no time and not have to take your eye off of the viewfinder of a typical DSLR.

        The D600 is the successor to my D300. There is absolutely nothing I miss from my D300 except maybe the 8fps that I rarely used.

        You’re right. If I’m going to spend that much money, it would be impractical not to choose the D800.

    • Sahaja

      Seem to be quite a lot of young Japanese who like old film cameras

      • RC

        oh, like a hipster thing?

    • Rich Murray

      “Would anyone under 35 actually want this camera based on looks/styling?” Which demographic is more likely to have the income to afford this camera? Why would Nikon target a group who might lust after the product but not be able to buy?

    • toby

      Im 22 and I do. I can’t afford it at the moment, I was hoping it was closer to 2k. I will wait for it to drop it price or pick up a used one

      • flightofbooks

        I’m 30 and basically in the same boat. But assuming it doesn’t have any d600-type issues and has the D4’s low light capabilities, this would be the full frame camera I would choose if money were no object.

      • RC

        Are you attracted to the controls or the looks more?

        • toby

          I think both (obviously haven’t held it yet). My friend has a Fuji X100 and I really like that, but am not sure I could give up the reliability I’ve got from Nikon (way less quirks, and Nikon is more of a workhorse). Will definitely go have a play when it comes to a store near me – but as I said it’s way to expensive for me. Even if I had that money, it would be a D800, no doubt about it

    • flightofbooks

      I don’t think anyone wants this camera “looks/styling”. Based on ergonomics and a preference for the functionality of manual controls perhaps, but that’s not what you’re implying now is it.

  • Last Mohican

    Admin, is the announcement going to be made in Japanese or English? Any idea where one can see it on the web?

  • RC

    Sorry but this camera is mildly repulsive in my opinion. At least you won’t have to worry about something stealing it.

    • ‘Orrible

      It’s totally repulsive. Not that appearance matters.

  • Geoff

    The made in Japan low light demon.

  • Read the FAQ

    The fact that they have posted images with Nikkor AI lenses suggests that this should have a decent focusing screen and quality optical finder. Maybe even interchangeable screens.

    Yes, the price of the body is up there, but it appears to be very well-built, made in Japan, and with top materials. Considering those factors, the price is not really that high. What else is there that has a TRUE high quality optical viewfinder (and can use basically any Nikkor lens ever made?) Not the Fuji. The only thing that comes to mind is Leica with its build quality, optical rangefinder, and use of legacy lenses (but no AF option.) And the Nikon will have much more reliable and up-to-date electronics (trust me on that… I used to own the M9 😉 )

    I think that this could be a nice addition to an existing fully auto designed FX Nikon (D800/D4/D3s, etc..) The fact that it has a 16 MP sensor (hopefully the D4 sensor) means high ISO and excellent D4 type of IQ. One could consider the D800/D800E as a medium format studio and landscape camera (i.e., for more calculated uses) and the DF as a durable documentary/street/journalism ‘everyday’ type of tool. And one which will feel tactile in the hands and probably pleasurable to use.

    This is simply an addition to Nikon’s FX line up. One still has a lot of other choices from Nikon. So if it doesn’t fit your agenda, then it’s just not what you need. It’s as simple as that (and if you want something besides a DSLR, Nikon will come out with a FF mirrorless and EVF just like everybody else will.) In the meantime, this is just something different to consider (if it your needs/desires.) There’s nothing inherently wrong with Nikon building this camera. It’s not like they are going to stop producing cameras.

    • Ryan McBride

      Thank you for that incredibly factual, intelligent note. They are hard to come by on here.

      • inevitablecrafts

        also very short, i like that ..

    • TOR

      Thank you for a great post. All is not lost on the internet.

    • flightofbooks

      I definitely see this camera becoming the backup for a lot of pros who use a D4 as their main body.

      • KnightPhoto

        Also backup/side camera for D800 owners.

    • RichMonster

      Great post. I am certainly considering it as a sister camera to my D800. Blimey, I might even sell the D700!

  • R!

    This retro style is comming from Japan ,I think,to compete with Leica.
    They don’t have to make us pay that muchonly for style!
    I’ll wait for the price to go down,because It is a fine Camera to take picture with: fast access to configuration is very nice but price should be half of what they asking for.
    Actually It’s probably good,because indirectly It’s going to stop people of willing to pay for It and the price will fall quick when they will realize that It was a marketting error,then we all going to get one for the price of the D600,my advice wait 1 year,It’s going to be hard I know!

  • Chris

    You’re gonna be mine, MINE!

    • Why?

      Lemme guess.
      That fake leather strap sold it to you, right?

  • Df00

    found on a comment on chasseur d’image


    That viewfinder cover, it’s like something from the rangfinder era.
    And the price!! Nikon’s on a leg-lifting excercise here.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Pricey and without video WiFi, GPS and bet Nikon slaps another £100 UK price after they realize their UK price is wrong

  • Tony Persson

    NO built in wi-fi? God damnit why The fuck not?

  • Jeremy

    Finally, this is just about a D610 with less intuitive/fast controls and +1000$ lol. Very disappointed, every one’s looking for this D4 sensor although it’s not that better than their last 24Mpx FX sensor. They warned us they wanted to bump their margins up, but that much o_O! Think about this : how much money for the same thing with a 16Mpx DX sensor (let’s say the same as D7000) ? Ok, now compare this retro DX with something like D3200 or D5200 ? Yeah you’re realizing right, this is just the most expensive alloy-magnesium FX-blabla body for expert users range.
    And to the one who will tell me “You don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re too young to realize blablablabla”, I’ll will answer “Stop reading those hardware speculation news, go out with your gear and make great shoots!”. Just a gear to have “the look”, nothing more.

    • inevitablecrafts

      ken, is it you ?

    • Last Mohican

      And before you go out, don’t forget to set saturation to max and jpeg to min. Looking good!

  • camaman

    No mention of the digital information overlay in the ovf…
    To bad.
    To bad no cdaf in adition. that would negate the need for microadjustments.

    I really was surprised when this rumor broke out but I see they just repackaged what they alread have to steal some retro crowd away.

    Not very inovative but a reasonable move in its own economic right.
    I am sure will see better models in this lineup, but man will that be sloooow.

  • astreias

    I would only add one feature; choose your sensor! I love the D800E image but a like better the ergonomics and action of my FM3a… Great camera but will not switch this time but I would if I had a D700 or D600 ! 🙂

  • Armin

    Nikon proofed: most conservative photo company.

  • Pat Mann

    Very nice job with the retro look IMO. And don’t those people that guessed $3,000 have egg on their face now.

  • ATP

    I case some wondering, I made the size comparison of Df between D800 and F3

    [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

    • KnightPhoto

      Thanks, I’ve been wanting to see it alongside a D800 and the F3 helps too! I think the chrome one looks really nice.

      I can see Nikon pricing it high initially like they have. They should have started the D800 at $3,500, that would have helped with the initial line ups and locked in some profit for MotherCorp. Drift the price down over 6 months to $2,450 and more will bite. I do agree that some of the D700 holdouts, wedding shooters, street and travel shooters, retro-guys, etc. should jump all over this. Some right away, some awaiting their break-price.

      Would like to know about focussing screen. I can tell you guys, I shoot this sensor now and it is a great one!

    • Captain Megaton

      A top-view comparison might also be instructive.

  • koenshaku

    What a sexy looking camera!

  • dl

    admin, some of the updated pix have dead links…

    • refresh your browser please, it has been a mess the whole day

      • dl

        thanks, tried that many times already. top view of black cam and the pic to the left of it do not enlarge – get a dead link. was hoping to see the top view of the black cam in hi-res.others seem to be working.

        • Hmm, it’s working for me. Try to clear your browser’s cache.

          • dl

            odd, cleared cache (more than once) and tried different browsers (chrome and firefox) – no dice.
            thanks for your efforts!

            • very strange – can you see the latest post with the menu screenshots?

  • tt

    Df=design fusion.
    Excellent designer’s work, complete departure from Guigiaro (hate his Aveo), back to clean Techno-Zen lines.

    • Patrick Lam

      I even like the black now, both are beautiful. I wonder if the Df is also a Giorgetto Giugiaro design, apparently the F3 is also a Giugiaro design. Still think it looks more like the FA though.

      • Captain Megaton

        Side by side, the FA is smaller, better proportioned, and less cluttered than the Df.

        The styling cues? I hear them loud and clear. They can’t mask the bulk (especially front-to-back) of the Df unfortunately.

        • Guest

          Great observations, thanks for pointing them out! I imagine the front-to-back bulk has something to do with the built-in motor drive.

          • Patrick Lam

            Great observations, thanks for pointing them out! I imagine the front-to-back bulk has something to do with the built-in motor drive and the LCD display.

    • Last Mohican

      Would you mind explaining the Zen part?

  • Hexagon Jr.

    What a horrible leather color.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Holy jebus. That made me rethink ever buying another Nikon again.

    • Last Mohican

      It’ll change into pink with age. No problem.

  • Patassa

    3k? Thanks for nothing, Nikon.

  • width?

    Any confirmed dimensions on the Df? looks narrower than leaked dimensions.

  • Spy Black

    That is one butt-ugly leather case.

  • Garrett Hayes

    Ah my dream camera in every respect EXCEPT PRICE!. Here in Ireland a whopping €3350-00 or in US Dollars $4515.00. How can Nikon justify such a price and price difference? They have lost a customer

  • Ryan McBride

    Anyone notice on the “File Format Still Images” that is apparently does not shoot a true NEF(raw) image? It will only do an NEF(raw) + JPEG. Otherwise it’s all jpeg. If this is true, then I guess I am out. I cannot fathom how you can sell a full-frame 3K camera and not allow a completely RAW file.. Admin?

    • This is strange, maybe a typo?

      • Ryan McBride

        i think it might be.

  • Lubos

    a dream DF? it would have the layout as someone already posted (with MASP on left side with U1, U2 and bracketing knob or the right side) 24Mb sensor (I think the sweet spot), and have option for RAW only too. 🙂

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