Nikon DF announcement on November 5th

I finally can confirm the Nikon DF announcement date: November 5th, 2013 (Tuesday). For all US readers, that means the announcement will be Monday night. The actual camera name could be Df and not DF. As previously reported the Df will fully support non-AI lenses. The AI coupling lever can be moved up in order to mount non-AI lenses - just like the Nikon FM, FE, EL2, F3, F4 and Nikkormat FT3 cameras:


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  • marinamusic11

    it says pure photography.. i supposed it’s like an FM or F3.. it should cover all the essential only in photography.. in short, a basic.. price wise? it has to be the lowest among the FF line up..

    • BroncoBro

      the F3 was their highest priced camera at the time. Just sayin’.

      • marinamusic11

        you’re right, i used the fm2, my dad used the F3 🙂

  • TR_T-Rex

    Admin: Do you have a particular announcement time (certain/estimate) for US on Monday EST?

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      The announcements always come at Midnight EST.

    • Usually is at midnight, but sometimes they do it at 11:00pm EST.

  • BroncoBro

    3,700 comments and counting; that’s the number for all the Nikon DF posts on NR so far. Quite a response on any blog. As I said previously, I think the response here is as much a referendum on what camera manufacturers have NOT been able to provide the enthusiast/professional market as anything else. Otherwise the readers here would have a) bought a camera that suited their needs from a manufacturer other than Nikon, or b) decided to live with or be happy with what is currently offered from Nikon. The curious thing is the number of people who are so insecure about their own camera choices that they seek to berate this camera despite not knowing what it is yet. Or to put down the desires of those who rally for some feature set that doesn’t conform to their expectations. It shouldn’t be that personal. Anyway, this comment is just an observation about the responses here, not about what I think I see in the videos or what I hope this camera actually is when it gets here. I have faith, still, in Nikon and am looking forward to seeing what they put in front of us.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      If the camera isn’t good enough for me then it’s not good enough for ANYONE.

      That’s pretty much the general attitude around here for any camera.

      I’m still at a loss for why people keep comparing this camera to the A7, which is a completely different beast. Nikon isn’t trying to compete with the A7 at all.

      • mikeswitz

        absolutely correct!

      • BroncoBro

        to the extent that we know what this camera will be when it’s announced…

    • mikeswitz

      +1. But so many of the responses have been “What pros want… “, “what Entusiasts want…” or worst of all “what I want and therefore what everyone else wants”

    • Shucks

      Unhelpful comment, Bronco. You are literally judging the people who are just wishful thinking for the best feature sets for their needs, without contributing anything yourself. Of course people are going to raise their WISHES and LIKES/dislikes in a wishful thinking manner (either wishing for or against certain feature sets, because this is a RUMOR site. But criticizing people for wishing for the features they want out of a rumor is about as silly minded as criticizing people for having different tastes in porn.

      People will look for what they want and criticize what they dont want. But you dont need to criticize those people. A feature set in a camera does NOT have feelings, people can critique feature sets and no harm no foul. But you putting down people for voicing their preferences strikes me as ironic (since you are doing the exact same thing, only against humans, instead of objects), and just silly, since this is specifically a forum for writing comments and opinions on gear. Youre doing it the wrong way by putting down people. They are doing it the right way by critiquing fantasy gear that is still in rumor mode. They are excited and wishing for the best, thats all. You on the other hand only choose to see them negatively. Its too bad because those commenters are interested and well meaning.

      • BroncoBro

        You really need to re-read my comment. The only people I am bashing are the one’s that are calling people names because of what they put on their wish list. Terms like “loser” and “geezer” aren’t appropriate. As you state, features are just objects. Beyond that, my comment is primarily about camera manufacturers and the state of the art of camera design at this point in time. I’m saying that the volume of response to this camera is huge and suggest that it is because photographers currently aren’t happy with what they have and want something else.

  • Jet
    • A7?

    • BroncoBro

      that doesn’t look like a 52mm filter…:-)

    • Tair


    • tap0

      eagerly waiting for the forensic analysis to begin

    • jec6613

      Nice angular pentaprism. 🙂

      • Pentaprism shown, different actor, some manual focusing action, city scene instead of forest…

      • Nathan

        What did he say?

        • He says, “Wherever I go, the camera leads me somewhere new”

      • Harold

        Can anyone tell that actor? He needs to shave NOW!

        • Scott

          What’s with the shaving fetish around here? It’s like it’s personally offending people or something.

          I’m never clean shaven, always just buzzed down.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            I hate shaving. I always have a bit of scruff. I guess this camera was made for me.

            What would be sweet is if they replaced the LCD monitor with an electric razor.

  • RMJ
  • Sahaja


    You say “the Df will fully support non-AI lenses”. Can you clarify, or get a clarification?

    If the AI tab just moves out of the way it will allow you to mount pre-AI lenses, but you will still need to use stop down metering – which is not full support. To have that, the camera would also need a tab or pin to couple to the “rabbit ears” in order to read the aperture.

    • jec6613

      My supposition is that it will use the main image sensor to do the metering – which should be able to meter in stop down with full visibility without issue.

  • malchick99

    This DF idea, not sure if this is a good thing though. At least it’s not a good time to release a retro enthusiast DSLR like this anyway. Where are the pro-grade (or very high-amateur) machines that promise speed, performance, and durable build, which are more needed in the workplace?

    Perhaps retro style DLSRs like this should be released when image sensor technology and faster microprocessing power get further matured in the future (say, a 24-36MP chip with ISO performances on the D4, plus good fps speed).

  • Philip Tianyu Zhang

    What do you think about the word “Hybrid”, any possibility of digital and film back?

  • 103David

    Hey, admin, may we please lose the “jizz my pants”thing. It’s not only offensive but inappropriate to this site,

  • click

    Any rumors about the price?


    No video.. no sale. Why???? Why does Nikon HAVE to screw it up before they get it right?


    Why does Nikon have to screw it up before they get it right? No video = no sale.


    Follow me on twitter: paparazzinc

  • AAA

    wonder how good the viewfinder screen will be for manual focusing… nikon FF DSLRs are useless for manual focusing …

  • photoroto

    Can we expect D4-like high ISO performance out of this camera? Same sensor, same processor…right?

    Or is there some heat sink effect in the larger D4 body, or something missing in the Df that will compromise high ISO?

    Just went back and looked at some old high ISO D4 raws, they are pretty clean even even at the big numbers. The only real sense I could make out of this camera would be as a high ISO workhorse, at half the price of a D4. I care not for pretty knobs, but clean night time landscapes could push my happy buttons.

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