Nikon DF camera rumors recap


Nikon DF mockup from Slrclub



Nikon DF overlay from Dicahub



Screenshot from the next Nikon Pure Photography video

Because of the number of posts I published in the past few weeks on the upcoming Nikon DF camera, many readers have missed some of the rumored specifications. Here is a recap of what we know so far - if you have some additional information, you can contact me anonymously here:

  • The new camera will be called Nikon DF which stand for "Digital Fusion"
  • Nikon FM2 like design, but with a larger pentaprism
  • Most likely be available in two colors - all black and silver/black (a.k.a. as Panda version)
  • Standard Nikon F-mount
  • Pentaprism viewfinder (meaning the camera will not be mirrorless)
  • 16.2MP 36x23,9 full frame sensor (same as in the D4?)
  • The AF system of the Nikon DF will be most likely the same as in the D610 with 39 points
  • SD memory card
  • 2016-pixel RGB image sensor
  • 9-cell framing grid display
  • 3D color matrix metering II
  • Native ISO range: 100-12,800 (incl. ISO 50 and ISO 102,400)
  • 5.5 fps for up to 100 shots
  • 3.2" LCD screen
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • Battery:EN-EL14
  • Dimensions: 143.5 x 110 x 66.5mm
  • Weight: 765g
  • No video recording capabilities
  • The camera will meter even with non-AI lenses down to full aperture
  • The camera will ship with a new special edition Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens to match the look/design of the body
  • The camera will have physical controls and excellent build quality (which explains the 765g weight)
  • Nikon calls it a "hybrid" camera - not sure what exactly they mean with that
  • The Nikon DF will have settings for 1:1, 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratios
  • The announcement will be on November 5th right on time for Le Salon de la Photo show that will take place in Paris (November 7-11, 2013)

Additional screenshots:


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  • f-stop

    Really do not understand the reasoning behind not wanting 1) an LCD 2) video capabilities. I certainly understand desiring a “pure” “retro”-styled DIGITAL camera that offers intuitive and ergonomic manual controls, with a solid metal body that happens to look good.
    As a working photojournalist of 20+ years, I have shot professionally on a daily basis with F3 and FM2 film bodies, hand-processed and printed film every day, on very tight deadlines. Bulk-loaded100′ rolls and mixed chemistry non-stop, while pushing film to its grainiest limits.
    The LCD screen is in my opinion the greatest achievement of a digital camera! Being able to tweak exposure, lighting, and color balance in the field at a moment’s notice does not make you a worse photographer.
    If you really just want to learn how to be a (old-time) professional photographer then only shoot film to begin with, on a FILM camera.
    Manually expose and focus every frame, and advance without a motor drive. Manually calculate flash exposure and fill-flash. Try to do all of that on fast-moving subjects, at night, shooting wide-open on pro lenses at f/1.4 to 2.8 max. It will absolutely make you a better photographer, especially after years of doing that on a daily basis for a job.
    If you don’t want to chimp on a DSLR, then just don’t do it. 😉
    You can still enjoy that special moment of surprise later, when you see that your images are “soft” or just plain out of focus, improperly exposed, or with a horrid color cast that you just can’t fix easily, even in Photoshop.
    As a photojournalist, you don’t “pre-visualize” anything. It’s there in front of you, in whatever light God gives you–and you have to do something with it, in a hurry. Not much can be set up or thought out in advance.
    Video capabilities? I’ve never once HAD to use them when I didn’t want to. But they are sure nice to have when I want/need to create cinema-quality video for multi-media. And if the DF does indeed have a hybrid viewfinder, that would be the most usual tool for video use in fact. DSLRs are crippled as they are ergonomically horrid for shooting video, particularly not being able to see what you are shooting (through a viewfinder).
    I guess having come through the transition over years of work, going straight from using an FM2 to the D1 (and now using a D4), I just don’t understand not wanting features that have made the progression meaningful.

    I do really miss solid, manual controls (with no menu-driven features), especially a manual aperture ring. Hopefully, that’s what could make a “pure” “hybrid” camera great, not a LACK of features that also make it a good DIGITAL camera.

    • BroncoBro

      The answer is simple, really. Every “feature” has a cost, a weight and a size. Look at the cameras that offer what you’re talking about and then tell me there aren’t a lot of people who’d want a smaller, lighter, less expensive camera that handles like the F3 you mentioned. Some day we will probably be able to have it all. But, we’re not there yet. The capabilities you rave about (instant calculation of fill flash at fast apertures with moving subjects) are available in cameras now. You don’t have to wait; go buy one. But, not everyone wants or needs that. That’s who and what this camera will be for. If it ends up with an LCD screen, it will have to be a bigger camera than if it didn’t have it. It will have a screen AND the additional electronics to drive it and a bigger battery to power it. Video costs something to include…it’s not free. If you want to shoot video you can…use the D800.

      • Joel Coulson

        Video functionality is a fundamental feature of both the Expeed 3 and 4 SoC. Aside from potential licensing costs for the codec (doubtful as its probably included with the price of the SoC), there wouldn’t be an additional cost nor circuitry needed to include it within the DH.

      • Hulyss Bowman

        Video is important. I want to have something as rugged as my D700 but smaller who is principally used for stills but also I want to be able to shoot some video sequences with my 58 f1.2 when needed, even if the function is buried in the menu, I don’t care. But I want video and I guess I’m not alone. If video, even in some limited conditions, I’m in. If not video, I wonder how this thing can go over my D700. Retro: OK. Regressive: NO. D800 is overkill for 35mm. Better way to go MF, even second hand. I would loved if my D700 was able to do videos. This is the only thing I miss on this gear.

        • silmasan

          well-phrased on “retro” vs “regressive” 🙂

        • BroncoBro

          I guess you didn’t read my comment. Maybe you need to start over.

          • Hulyss Bowman

            Even a simple yet simple DP merrill offer video… C’mon we speak about SIGMA here. Cost to had video in a DSLR is not high by today standards. And I do not speak about the DP batteries life ! …

    • VictorC

      There are 10 + Nikon DSLRs that already have LCD, video, etc etc. May be (just maybe) it is time to introduce a different product for a different audience?

    • Sahaja

      I think most people want a rear LCD, only a handful say they don’t – and I wonder if they are all serious. Nikon could always supply an opaque black LCD cover to keep those people happy.

    • Anthon

      No rear LCD = No buy

    • Joel Coulson

      Exactly. A childhood spent loading and processing film by hand. Metering by eye, or if you were lucky to have a meter with you, manually metering first off several different objects around you to get an idea of the dynamic range. That (pretty horrible) experience has made me appreciate the advancements in automatic metering, tracking and auto-iso controls that are build into cameras these days. Heck, even having the rear LCD for chimping; zooming in and looking at the histo means I hit a perfect exposure every time with almost no prep when having to shoot in a hurry. It’s now no longer a hair raising moment when you run indoors to shoot something important. E.g. the bride cutting the cake and you realize that your camera is still set up for outdoor shooting in direct sunlight.

      So Im with you. I dont quite understand as to why people would want to remove the features that allow them more time to look through the finder and ponder how they’d like to represent the subject. But hey, I guess there is a subset of people who enjoy had the experience of having to do it all by hand for years and enjoy the challenge. Fair enough if they do, but I just wish they’d understand that they could still do this by setting the exposure mode to manual and turning off image preview. 🙂

    • peterw

      makes sense f-stop.

      perhaps the LCD problem can be soved by connecting it through blue tooth/WIFI/cable to a tabled.

    • LRH

      Call me a luddite, but it shouldn’t have video for one reason–it’s an SLR, and SLRs on the *principle* of it shouldn’t have video. If it were up to me I’d ban it on ALL DSLRs period & if the YouTube crack addicts ran to a competitor, help yourself, but I’m not going to prostitute the SLR design by tacking a YouTube mode on it. Over my dead body.

      Rant aside, the problem is that the buttons get in the way & compromise the experience, even if just a fraction. That red dot button could instead be mapped to a stills function that otherwise would require a trip to the menus.This is not the same as condemning autofocus, or through-the-lens metering, or any host of other features because those were still about the experience with taking PHOTOS which is what an SLR is meant for. I am hardly alone in being someone who has ZERO interest in video & wants a camera that makes no compromises being tailored SOLELY for that endeavor. This comment may be “so pre-D90,” but if you want video, then buy a video camera, & quit making excuses about how you hate toting 2 devices.

      • f-stop

        Huh? Hardly anything you wrote even makes sense.
        If the DF has a hybrid viewfinder (a LCD–or should I say VIDEO–screen inside the viewfinder) it will not really even BE a traditional d/SLR in the first place.

        If ‘buttons getting in the way’ is a problem for you maybe you should just figure out what they do in the first place and learn to use them.
        So people that may want to shoot stills and video should HAVE to tote two systems because it makes it confusing for you? Many pros also have to shoot video on occasion for their jobs.
        Comparing youtube clips to cinema-quality video that can be achieved in a DSLR is idiotic. There are many reasons pros have chosen to use DSLRs for video, notwithstanding the quality of the image, interchangeable lenses, etc.
        Nor would any manufacturer have ever made a DSLR with the capability had there not been a demand for it.
        So you don’t want to give up any other modern advancements–such as AF, AE, TTL, etc.–because that would make your “experience taking photos” just too hard?
        If “RETRO” were truly the point of it, then it should be without any of the useful SLR evolutionary advancements.

      • KnightPhoto

        Well… LRH I sure hope you are going to get the DF then! Are you?

    • f-stop

      ‘What i was talking about’
      has more to do with experience and technique vs. camera capability.
      Can you
      name even one DSLR by any manufacturer that doesnt have an LCD screen?
      And most are reasonably priced.
      If the DF has a hybrid viewfinder, that
      would likely cost way more than any other component to make the camera
      video-capable. Most other factors hardware-wise are negligable.
      The ultimate
      physical size of most cameras are generally determined by their sensor, do you
      want a smaller one (they are much cheaper too)?
      Much of cost also has to do
      with build quality, hence the D4 vs D800 scenerio.
      Did anyone ever buy an F3
      based on its weight or size? Not to mention it wasnt the cheap camera in its day
      either. 😉

  • T53

    You report that the DF will have the standard F mount but then you report that its not clear what mount the new (50mm f/1.8G) will have?

    • I’m confused by that too. I thought it was confirmed – or is there something more you’re not telling?

      • This should not be there – I copied and pasted the wrong bullet point.

    • KnightPhoto

      The thing I don’t get is how can the supplied 50mm f/1.8 be a G lens and have an Aperture ring at the same time?

      Is this going to be the new Electronic Aperture implementation? I hope so…

  • Captain Megaton

    Dimensions: 143.5 x 110 x 66.5mm
    Weight: 765g

    Fun fact: the Nikon F100 comes in at
    155 x 113 x 66 mm and 785g (without batteries)

    • JohnH

      And there is a lot of empty space in the F100 where the film canister goes and the film-wind up side.
      Let’s hope the rumored weight either includes the special 50/1.8G lens or the battery (or both!).

      • Captain Megaton

        What struck me was the thickness, 66.5mm, is a fair bit below any full frame dSLR to date, slotting in instead close to the F100. In fact overall the two are quite similar in size.

        The F100 is not a huge camera, but I wouldn’t say it is a small one either. Think of it as a more elegant predecessor of the D300.

        Your logic for the weight is backwards: the film canister space means the F100 is less dense than a digital SLR, so for the same dimensions the DF is expected to be heavier, not lighter…

        The point, regardless, is while the DF is a small full-frame dSLR, it is shaping up to be a fairly large (and heavy) camera compared to the Sony a7.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          I think something that people are forgetting is that this camera isn’t supposed to be Nikon’s answer to the Sony A7. It’s something different. It’s not a direct answer to the Fuji either because it’s not a pseudo-rangefinder.

          This is a foray into a niche DSLR territory. Yes, it hearkens back to the Fuji because it’s “retro”, but Nikon is really alone in this territory.

          • Captain Megaton

            Well, to my mind a small full-frame system camera is a small full-frame system camera. If you are in the market for an a7 the Nikon DF is of interest, and vice versa.

          • Erik

            They might be after different markets, but, personally, I will compare the pros and cons of the Nikon DF vs Sony A7/A7R before I make my purchase.

            • Sahaja

              If you want video, a higher mp sensor, and don’t mind an EVF, the A7/A7r look pretty good – especially if they are built as well as the RX1. (I wonder how good the AF will be though)

              If you want a traditional Nikon SLR look and feel, simplified features, no video, and full compatibility with all F mount lenses including G lenses without an adapter – then this DF camera may be it.

              Of course there are Nikon’s “regular” DSLRs as well.

        • MisterF

          I’m thinking in no LCD, yo chimp in the Hybrid VF. It will be nice if you can flip de pentaprism and use the focus screen-hybrid VF as a waist level VF, like you could do with the F3.

  • Captain Megaton

    “Nikon calls it a “hybrid” camera”

    Transparent LCD under the pentaprism just above the focusing screen, when the mirror is up it displays the live view image, turning the viewfinder into an EVF.


    • JohnH

      Referring to their patent.

      There is a transparent electroluminescent display sandwiched in the focusing screen of the OVF. When the mirror is down it is either transparent or can be used to display things in the view finder. When the mirror is up, it can be used to display the image from the imaging sensor. One of the key things in the patent is the addition of an LCD layer between the mirror and the EL display sheet that is transparent when the mirror is down, but when the mirror is up it turns opaque so that there is no light leakage via the partially-silved mirror, thus making it easier for the image generated by the EL display to be seen (higher contrast).

      • Captain Megaton

        Sounds like the have it pretty well thought out.

        When was the patent filed?

        • JohnH

          It was granted a month ago as I recall – very recent.

  • broxibear

    It’s always interesting reading the posts on nikonrumors, what one photographer covets is what another hates…and that’s a good thing, we’re all different.

    The question with the DF is will it be desirable ? The “Pure Photography” slogan, the stereotypical lone photographer with Billingham and Land Rover isn’t going to help if the first thing you think when you finally see it is “that’s ugly”. When the Fuji X100 was first seen, it was instantly liked because of the way it looked…no one knew at that stage whether it was a competent camera or not, they just knew it looked beautiful and they wanted one. Fuji took a risk and it paid off big time for them…I don’t see Nikon being that brave. I’d love a stripped back body with minimal controls, but with every new video all I keep seeing are more buttons, more switches.

    I fully understand that the term “Pure Photography” is a marketing tool, but if you build up hype with these type of teaser ads, and highlight things like “No clutter, no distractions”, then you better be ready for a backlash if it turns out that the DF is nothing like what was suggested.
    I hope I’m wrong and the DF turns out to be a classic camera that’s super desirable, not just for Nikon users but all photographers.
    If Fuji can do it then so can Nikon…but will they be brave enough ?

    • James

      @ broxibear. Agree with you. I actually wish Nikon would have been bolder, of course they’re in the “center” of the market with Canon. A difficult place to be, don’t mess with what is not broken. If they got the DF down to 450g, even 550, I might think about sticking with Nikon. But then I think, no my back remembers, a full day of lugging Nikon D700 and pro glass around in the heat (Brazil). What I am loving about the Fuji X PRO is the weight, quality and unobtrusiveness of the camera and the lenses. Also the price. Fujis X100 may have been a love at first sight, but it has staying power because of quality, weight, size. The DF will certainly have quality, but will Nikon lenses its going to be still heavy lugging around all day, crouching, getting in out of boats, canoes, walking on the streets. Fuji risked starting a whole new line, with some new tech, and its paying off. Actually wonder if it would be less risky for Nikon?

  • Osawa

    D610 AF = No buy

    • Erik

      I am equally negative about the focus points cluttered around the centre. But then yesterday I was shooting with my old D40 which only has 3 focus points, and it was an OK experience. So, I might be softening.

      If we forgive Nikon for this bad move and buy the DF anyway, they might come out with a DF2 in a year or two. But if the DF flops totally then I am not so sure about the future of Nikon at all and if there will ever be something similar to a DF2.

  • lordbaldric

    Is that the same actor that plays Stannis Baratheon?

  • Blah

    Why are people excited about this camera?

    • broxibear

      Because many people used a FM2 or F3 camera before moving to digital, and since then many have wanted what they liked in those cameras but in a digital version. Dslrs got bigger, heavier, more expensive and more complicated…people are excited that after several years of asking their voices may finally have been heard, and Nikon might be about to announce a digital FM2 that fills a creative and emotional hole.
      And of couse people like shiny new things, lol.

      • Hexagon Jr.

        We all love shiny new things :3

      • Blah

        So I see these replies both say something about ‘new’ but images of this camera look like it’s 30+ years old. Speaking of awkward humps on top of the camera this looks about as awkward as you can get without going back in time.

        If not for image quality and features of a new camera what else would you want? The only answer seems to be as above – ’emotional hole’ or a fashion item or something. As far as I’ve read it’s anticipated to be expensive too. None of this appeals to me but oh well, if people like it and buy it then I guess it’s good for Nikon.

        • Killroy™

          My desire for this camera will not fill an “emotional hole”. I prefer the handling, the shape, and the layout of the older film camera bodies over the new DSLRs. They just feel better in my hands and I can find everything on them without ever taking my eyes off the viewfinder.

          • Blah

            Maybe that’s because there’s not much to find 🙂

            • Killroy™

              No argument there. My emotional bankruptcy is well-known and, uh, often-lamented facts of Internet lore.

            • You should look at all the control knobs, levers, and switches on a Nikon F4S. 😉

        • broxibear

          You’ve got to remember this isn’t a replacement or update to any dslr. What people are after is a stripped down camera that still uses the latest sensor technology, latest AF system…but with less of the buttons and functions that many photographers don’t use. Some will say just don’t use that particular feature, but the beauty of a camera that’s been simplified is that there are less distractions, less to annoy you, less to get in your way…so you can look through the viewfinder and see. Those interested in this type of body would be happy with two dials on top, one for iso and one that shutterspeed, a lever that switches for On/Off A for aperture priority and M for manual and a shutter release button with a screw thread. I could easily live without any function buttons on the front…I don’t miss them on my GF1 and rarely use them on my D3.

          It’s not a fashion item. Think of it like a Lotus Elise…it hasn’t got a big engine, it isn’t the fastest, it isn’t competing with a Bugatti Veyron…it’s a stripped down, manual gearbox, back to basics type of sports car that gives you what you need…it gives you the bare essentials…and it gives it to you in a very well designed, well made beautiful package…and all that adds up to a wonderful driving experience.
          That’s what many people want in a digital version of a FM2…at least that’s what I want…for some it will fit perfectly for the way they take images, for others it won’t work at all…that’s why Nikon make a whole range of different cameras.

        • BroncoBro

          It has little to do with emotion (by which I think you mean nostalgia) and it’s not fashion. It’s about being able to use a camera without having to flip through menus or push a button down while you roll a thumbwheel. It’s about keeping your eye at the viewfinder anticipating the next shot, not looking down at an LCD screen to see the status of the camera.

    • Stylish

      For many years, Nikon always focuses on DLSR segment. However, every DSLR they released was in the same pattern, same style. Only image quality was improved exceptionally. Every time they announced a new model, I knew promptly how it looked like physically. Same DSLR-shape style with awkward hump in the top middle. Nothing new. Nothing surprised. It’s more and more boring every year. This is probably because their design department lacks artful creativity and stylish innovation. I even thought that their designers should consult with FUJI and Panasonic in terms of how to design eye-catching cameras.

      However, this rumor makes me turn back to Nikon. It is a sign of interesting innovation. If it’s true and successful, this model will create a new path for more camera models and other designs.

      • Micheal

        so true…..

      • Abubaca


        DSLR market share keeps shrinking every year. In Japan and in many Asian countries, the mirrorless market segment is now bigger than DSLR. It may be the reason why Nikon doesn’t want to put effort and resources in DX
        flagship. However the key point is that most market analysts predict that the same old style of bulky DSLR will be gradually evaporated from the market in the near future. In order to survive, Nikon has to react quickly to this trend
        ,must re-engineer their DSLR product line and come up with something more creative and innovative than ever before.

        • KnightPhoto

          Yes, the DF-line may well outlast the DSLR-line that is ultimately going to be killed by the Mirrorless line…

  • Bikada

    Nikon pls do me a favor just full reveal it!!

  • xt

    this must be the camera attracting the most number of comments on this website

    • Erik

      Admin, you probably have some stats? But I guess the D800 was bigger?

      • the D800 was bigger

        • Groosome

          D600 bigger again?

  • George

    Dear Nikon, Why why
    why why don’t you renovate and bring S2
    back to digital era. I swear that it will take my soul away immediately if I
    see it in the digial version.

    • foukographer

      Wow, this is a pretty beautiful baby.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      My guess is that there are very few people with S-lenses. Fuji could do this because they didn’t have to worry about legacy lenses.

      • Tony

        “…..worry about legacy lenses.”
        To me, this implies that Nikon now gets stuck in their own trap.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          One of the greatest things about Nikon is that you can use most F-mount lenses on any of their DSLR’s.

          If Nikon released a S-mount rangefinder style camera they’s have to reinvent the S-Mount lens with AF and come up with a new lens series. Since Fuji is way ahead of the game on this it would be foolish. Why buy a Nikon-S and wait for new lenses when you can simply buy a Fuji?

          Instead Nikon puts out a uniquely styled DSLR that can be used with existing lenses.

    • broxibear

      I think there are thousands of Nikon users who don’t understand why Nikon couldn’t at least use the SP as a design inspiration. before the D4 was announced nikonrumors ran a concept/design competition and if memory serves correct the SP was used as a base for a few designs.

      As I said if Fuji found a market for their X series with these type of aesthetics and design cues then so can Nikon…for whatever reason they prefer the P7700 coolpix plastic look ?
      I wonder how many X100s would have sold if it was exactly the same but instead of Fujifilm it said Nikon ?
      I think Thom has mentioned a few times that Nikon is a very conservative camera maker, it holds them back…I fear the DF will be a half hearted attempt when what is needed is a massive leap of faith.
      Lets see…they might surprise us all ?

    • Robert Daniels

      That’s a sweet ass camera!

  • Any rumors about the maximum shutter speed?

    I’ve been on a “shoot wide open” trip lately.

    • delay

      And what about shutter lag?

  • tharealmb

    I understand people will want to buy this out of nostalgia and looks… But is the shape of the DSLR not the optimized form of comfort and ergonomics? it’s not that DSLR’s look the way they do because its pretty, but because its functional. It’s a tool so it doesn’t need to be “pretty”

    • Kasser

      Unfortunately current market trend doesn’t think like you.

    • JohnH

      Then you don’t understand why people will buy this.

      • tharealmb

        Enlighten me

        • JohnH

          Size, weight, simplicity, perhaps a waay better OVF (and possibly EVF), and a different functional form.

          • tharealmb

            It’s about as big as the D600 (only 2cm less deep, because no bulk for grip, rest is about the same size)
            The weight is the same as the D600
            Simplicity? for a Pro full frame? i want buttons, so i don’t need to delve deep into menu’s
            OVF might be a thing. But i’d rather see the scene as is. Not as seen by the camera. But that might be an option. So only the OVF?

            • toby

              That weight may include the 50mm lens – we don’t know yet

            • FredBear

              You might like to see the scene ‘as is’ but you’ll spend more time viewing it on a monitor or in print.
              The viewfinder is there to frame the picture – nothing more – and if it succeeds in that aspect then it’s fine.

            • tharealmb

              i didn’t say that an OVF or EVF was bad. But isn’t there any drawback from using an EVF or OVF? Of course framing is fine with any method. Even putting a square on top of the camera specific for the lens would be fine… but for this kind of money (i’m guessing it’sgoing to be semi-pro to pro priced) i have some choice

            • FredBear

              I’m not convinced it will have OVF – even with an included pentaprism 🙂
              I don’t think they say it has a mirror ….

  • R!

    Are you sure for the video ?? this is really stupid If It’s true !
    Nikon really suffers of product development and marketing,It’s sad!
    They offten come with a good idea that they f…ked up by themself later on during development.Who’s in charge of all that mess!??????????

    • MisterF

      If there is no LCD there is no video.

      • JorPet

        Why not? If they have an OVF/EVF hybrid, then all video would be handled through the view finder which, from an ergonomic standpoint would be a win.

  • dmakoun

    What ‘hybrid camera’ means? Remember the patent for the interchangeable digital sensor on an analog camera!

  • dmakoun

    A bulit-in fixed aperture ring (with compatibility to AF-S lenses AND the older lenses as well) would be nice, too.

  • LowRezFez

    I have an FM2 and a few manual focus lenses. It would be great if Nikon could also provide split screen focusing on this camera.

  • Hulyss Bowman

    I really wait for the shutter specs. If they claim this camera is rugged, they must describe how it is, the materials used on the shutter and curtain mechanism and his approximative durability. Hope 1/8000 but… who know ? Nikon should raise the level if they want me to buy it and selling my D700, but for now I doubt it will be as strong as the D700…

  • peterw

    Ah, so this is what should replace D700 😉

    I’d like it to have some more D4 specs to it, like compact flash cards, and AF- and metering unit 🙁

    I can find only one reason why option to film is not included. Sales. The product is primarily meant for hairy men with a heavy scent of aftershave.

  • Nokin


    Will there be a new video tonight?

    • Jeff Curtner


  • Stan Dibben

    In communication/mktg terms, Nikon is miles away (not behind, just different) from Fuji. Fuji, with the x100, revealed design and project, opening a dialogue with customers. Nikon may be watching closely to web trends and talks (in this case, please, consider a split screen simulation for mf), but never shared this project with mass. We all wish Nikon knows what we want, and we all know it will be a compromise. If Nikon started a dialogue, we would accept the compromise as the best compromise, but Nikon seems not to be in need of our thoughts, so Nikon accepts the risk we will recognize the compromise as a minus.

    • Joel Coulson

      I trust you’ve seen the sort of dialogue that takes place within this forum. Do you honestly believe that somewhere out there, a company exists that could make sense of the requests that get bandied around in here alone?

      Heck, if you took the requests from this thread alone, they’d walk away thinking that we wanted D800 sized body with no top mount LCD, no rear LCD and manual focus only. We’d probably end up being given a box f***** brownie.

      • Stan Dibben

        Opinions are data. Companies are (should be) perfectly able to translate big data into smart data. I do honestly believe Nikon is monitoring, in a sentiment analysis key, all the photoblog around the web. And obviously market trends, aspirational trends, style trends, etc… There is probably a resource in Nikon offices that is monitoring these words, and Nikon is matching them to a lot of other data trying to give birth to a product that is able to attract a large segment of niche…

    • tap0

      Is that why Fuji released the X100, a camera which can best be described as a ‘beta’ version, needing several firmware updates to bring it to an acceptable level of performance. I own a Fuji X100, it is small, takes great pictures but is not reliable. It has focusing issues, is slow to wake up and its battery indicator goes from 3 bars to just one in a second. My D700 is big and heavy but is reliable. I hope the Nikon DF continues to carry the reliability inherited from the D700.

      • hexx

        update it, the last FW update transformed it again. MF is completely usable, peaking helps with MF, AF is much faster and I’ve never had problems with startup – using 45Mb/s cards and always format them in camera

        • Stan Dibben

          I hope here at Nikon Rumors we are talking about a completely different level of camera. FX, interchangeable (Nikon lineup!) lenses, something better than peaking for MF lenses… I was talking about the X100 just to underline the completely different mktg approach in introducing to the world a camera so design-sensibles oriented (in fact, we can’t see it in the teasers…).

          • hexx

            true that 😉

  • ereshoping

    I wonder if we will be lamenting the design of the D800 et al in 30 years time, hoping someone will make a camera from ‘the good ol days’ ?

    • hexx

      in 30 years i’ll be grumpy as hell and will b***ing and moaning about everything (if still alive) 😀

      • ereshoping

        +1 think my wife would say i’m like that now 🙂

  • hexx

    any new leaks? there must be something 🙂 c’mon

  • Kokc Renwell

    Looking at Video #3 there should be an in-body focus motor as he is clearly mounting an older AF-D lens. Good news there then…..

    • Emilio García

      Are you sure about the “AF-D” lens? I think there is clearly a “M/A – M” switch on the right side of the lens. I would bet on the new AF-S 50 f/1.8, reworked with some brass to make it look more “vintage”

      • tap0

        he is referring to the other lens shown, I guess at 24mm 2.8 AF-D. That is the lens he is cleaning with the blower. The lens he mounts on the camera is different than that.

  • Mikko Moilanen

    When I look at all that plastic one word comes into my mind. That is “no”.

    • Stan Dibben

      I really really hope it won’t feel plasticky. X100/s looks really iron&steel, but I get the plasticky feeling every time I handle one…

      • hexx

        so put your fingers on the metal parts, problem solved

        • Stan Dibben

          It’s about the feeling, not the material. When I put my hands around (I hold, grip and grasp a camera, I do not touch she -sorry, it) a plastic Polaroid 680/690 I feel the tool… Tool that I can’t feel holding my beloved metal Pola 190… Just hope the feeling of this camera is in the same D700 league…

    • FinchBug

      Put that dildo aside, man!

  • VictorC

    The calm before the storm?:)

  • lancecouzens

    the thing i find most confusing about all this is the lens… if they’re introducing a new 50|1.8 with no groundbreaking features, it seems like their only motivation for doing so is to have a normal g-type lens with an aperture ring specifically to go along with this camera.

    will all future g-type lenses have aperture rings? no? this all seems to imply that this camera IS a bit of a boutique item. but then why f1.8? if it’s boutique, go all out with it, right?

    then, there’s the 50|1.8 af-d version that can still be had new and with an aperture ring, to boot. maybe this lends credence to the thought that the df won’t have a focus motor?

    is it possible that there’s something more going on here? could they possibly be introducing new f-mount lenses with leaf shutters, for example?

    i’m confused

    • Jet

      Am pretty sure it is just a kit lens to go with the styling and an option for body only will be available too 🙂

      • lancecouzens

        it just seems weird (and very un-nikon) to release a lens that doesn’t really stand on its own two feet. have they ever released a lens that you could only get new by buying it in a kit with a specific camera (that’s a genuine question)? if the lens will be available on its own, what differentiates it from the existing f1.8 g-type lens?

        • Börje Dahrén

          I agree. I can see them remaking the current 50/f1.8 with a more solid build, to match the DF. Both the AF-D and AFS-G versions are very cheap, and it doesn’t take much of a knock to break them, really.

          From the pictures I’ve seen, there is no evidence of an aperture ring on the new kit lens. Only an ornamental chrome ring.

          • lancecouzens

            i suppose you’re right – it may not have an aperture ring at all… i guess i got into my head that it would based on the pre-shot sounds from the first video.

            • Börje Dahrén

              Yeah, those sounded decidedly aperture-ring-clicky! 🙂 Seen this?

              I hope the manual focus ring of the new lens is massively improved. most lenses produced from the 90’s onwards are horrible to focus with. It does seem like there’s a M/A switch on the lens, which could mean it is actually mechanical! I like that.

            • rosshj

              I don’t see an aperture ring here. The chrome part is similar to the AIS type lenses. It’s the part that doesn’t move to help screw your lens on to the body.

              Also, the G stands for gelded (aka castrated) from an aperture ring.


            • J. Dennis Thomas

              The G does NOT stand for gelded. Stop taking Ken Rockwell seriously. He made that up as snide comment.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              The G does NOT stand for gelded. Stop reading KR.

            • rosshj

              I love it when you try to be helpful on forums and people can’t help but to be rude.

              Anyways, wether it’s gelded or not, the point was that it has no aperture ring—hence the link to Nikon I posted… not KR.

              If it’s not gelded, I would love to know the real meaning to what the G stands for, also D and for that matter. I know AI means Aperture Indexing.

            • rosshj

              I heard D means Distance Information, but I don’t know if this is correct.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              D indicates that the lens has a distance encoder that transmits the data to the imaging processor. Initially the distance info was to make TTL flash exposures more accurate. G lenses have the same encoder. Perhaps G was used because E and F were taken.

            • rosshj

              Thanks for the info. That was actually helpful.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              You’re welcome. I’m not always rude. 🙂

            • Marc W.

              But when you are, you’re somewhat funny. That’s a new meme.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              For what it’s worth, I asked my contacts at Nikon what G stands for years ago and none of them know. I never even got a postulation. They did confirm that they would never use the term “gelded” at all. Very negative connotations.

            • lancecouzens

              yeah, i suppose it seems like introducing a lens with an aperture ring and a ‘G’ on the front wouldn’t make any sense, given that the absence of the ring seems to be the primary thing that makes a g-type lens a g-type lens.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              What’s rude about correcting misinformation? I KNOW you learned that from KR because is the idiot that invented that lie.

              You’re NOT being helpful by posting things that aren’t true.

              All you had to say was that G lenses have no aperture ring. Pretty common knowledge. The simple fact is G does NOT mean gelded.

            • Marc W.

              It stands for Gelt. Like you pay more Gelt for less.

            • Sahaja

              They could put an aperture control ring (for G lenses) around the lens mount – like where the shutter speed was on a Nikkormat FTn

            • lancecouzens

              i wonder though how that would work with lenses having different aperture ranges[?]

              i suppose it could be just an aperture-by-wire ring with no ‘stops’ on either end.

            • rosshj

              Believe that would require the lenses to have an AI coupling—therefore would reduce the amount of lenses that could be used with the camera. Unless it has a dual system in place.


            • Marc W.

              I think Sahaja was referring to a system like those made to adapt G lenses to other systems. There is a ring on the adapter that will allow to control the aperture.

            • lancecouzens

              yeah, there seems to be no indication of an aperture ring on that lens.

            • FlightlessKakapo

              It would be nice if Nikon fit a D (or E) type aperture ring, but unfortunately this is a G lens.
              When will Nikon realise a massive aperture ring is more comfortable than a tiny command dial.

          • hexx

            because it’s a G lens -> confused I am as what that ‘retro’ really means, there’s nothing ‘retro’ on G lenses 🙂

        • Jet

          Well again am just speculating, but it just seems as a marketing ploy so when they do the ads and sell it as kit it has the aesthetics of a retro camera. You probably dont want it that lens anyways (unless theres more to it than we know). I have never bought a camera kit because of the lenses.

        • Stan Dibben
          • lancecouzens

            well, there you go – i guess nikon has a tradition of special-edition 50s. thanks for the link!

            the max aperture of 1.8 still seems curious though. to me, that more than anything implies this may really come in at a price far lower than the 3k mark that some have been speculating.

            • Stan Dibben

              It makes sense. I guess we’ll be able to reach fully usable 3200 and very acceptable 6400: f1.8 keeps production price (i’m not able to imagine a selling point for this camera right now) reasonable. Maybe Nikon worked on the blades to appeal all the Leica bokeh talkers, maybe it’s a sort of pancake, i don’t know. Surely, and I can’t tell why, f1.4 and f2, when we talk about 50mm, are max aperture more appealing than F1.8, that we usually link to a second choice lens… A limited dedicated 28mm f2 would have put this camera in a very interesting league…

            • lancecouzens

              i agree that a lens being 1.4 vs 1.8 doesn’t inherently make it better. the fact that nikon has chosen to make these lenses with a distinct quality differential, though, has led to that perception being widely held. i’m curious if nikon is breaking with that tradition, or keeping with it…

        • Sahaja

          They did release the 45mm f/2.8 P as a kind of kit lens for the FM3a – you could get it in silver or black to match the camera body.

          It was a simple Tessar design and high priced ($450) for what it was.

          In 1979 Nikon introduced the “E series” lenses to go with the Nikon EM cameras – their first “consumer” or “entry level” SLR.

          If they are thinking of making a line of retro styled “pure photography” DSLRs it is possible that they plan a line of lenses to match.
          Maybe some of their regular primes re-packaged with an aperture ring, dof scale and better manual focusing?

          • broxibear

            I wonder if this Nikon patent published today has something to do with the silver ring…it’s described as an “ornamental design for a camera mount” ?


          • 103David

            Actually, at the time (very early ’80’s) Nikon had undergone considerable criticism for the high-cost of their lenses and camera bodies. The “E” was supposed to stand for “Economy.” I don’t rememember seeing the term used in official publicly available brochures and such, but it was widely used by Nikon personnel and in-house publications.
            There was considerable embarrassment when several of them tested out somewhat better than the higher priced spread (specifically, the 100mm f2.8 vs the much more expensive 105mm 2.5.)
            Too bad the EM turned out to be such a dog and most of the dealers had to sell them somewhat below cost.

        • Jet

          It would have to be something very compelling for me to buy it with that lens. I already own a 50 1.8

    • Sahaja

      Maybe it’s an E (electronic aperture) lens or just a regular 50mm f/1.8 with a metal mount and better barrel.

  • broxibear

    I wonder if this Nikon patent that just popped up is connected with the silver ring around the lens ?…it’s described as an “ornamental design for a camera mount”.

  • Sahaja

    Interesting that – doesn’t look very “ornamental” to me. Perhaps it is a mount that could have an “ornamental” aperture control ring added round it? The inner bit like a cam could be to control the aperture instead of the regular lever.

    Nikon have patented some things just prior to release before.

  • Focuspuller

    Oh sorry. I wandered in here by mistake. Thought this was a forum for serious discussion.

    My bad.

    • Hopeful jubilation here. You’re looking for the dark room across the hall.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Serious discussion? You’re way off the mark. You should go to an ASMP meeting for serious discussion. You’ll never find it on the interwebs.

    • Marc W.

      Are rumors ever “serious”

  • hexx

    shall we open the bets now that on the day of the release KR will have ‘review’ up? 😛

    • Same day as the launch. And it’ll be the “world’s best” something.

      • hexx

        that’s true 🙂

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          It will be the camera he uses 99% of the time. Which means he’ll use it for the 5 pictures of his kids he takes every month.

          Forget about that old beast of a D4, he wouldn’t want to carry that monster around. And he’ll probably follow it by an anecdote about his old pal Galen Rowell and how he made the best images ever made using only one lens and a broken camera.

    • Marc W.

      Wait, Same day? I was thinking the day before.

  • rosshj

    Didn’t you just say that? Ok… breath… count to 10…

  • Diego Tabango

    please please please! Hi-speed sync faster than 250th/sec!

  • vjiay aitha

    I hope DF stands for ‘DUST FREE’ as well.

    I don’t want to get screwed again by Nikon (my D600).

  • Javen

    Why the battery is EN-El 14 instead of 15??

  • johno

    If Nikon releases this camera,,,I’m with Nikon again. I have wanted that retro look with no video and stellar still photography I would grab it. I thought Nikon was going in the wrong direction and this proves me wrong.

    • Yirmin

      Why would you care if it had video or not? From my perspective if it is made without video then I expect it to be alot cheaper or have something else. Otherwise whether I used video or not on a camera I would feel like I was being ripped off. As for looking retro, I could care less what it looks like. I care about the ability to capture what I want. They could paint them pink with yellow spots and I couldn’t careless as long as it does what I want.

      Frankly the retro thing makes me suspect that it doesn’t do anything better than the existing cameras and they are just trying to capture the market for the style over substance crowd.

      • johno

        I don’t know Yirmin it just seems that’s one extra thing on the camera I don’t use. Just my opinion. I never use video. This just looks good to me because I’ve been using Nikon since the late 60’s and it’s light and yet solid.

        • Yirmin

          But you didn’t say if you think it makes any sense to pay more for a camera that does less. That is my point. If they don’t put video on it, fine. Then cut the price. They are pricing it higher than a d610 and only $50 less than a D800… Sorry but drop it to $500 below a D610 and I can accept it as making sense… But not charging more for less camera. That’s bonkers.

          • johno

            Oh I’m not happy with the price at all but I think the robust build and the fact that it will probably appeal to a limited group makes it pricey..
            Maybe after some time the price will decrease….I hope

  • rosshj
  • Looks cool 😛

  • Zen-Tao

    16 Mpx is a fault for that kind of camera. At least 24 Mpx may be minimun pixel rate for a Full Frame camera designed for artistic purposes.

  • captaindash

    Not for me. I understand the market for retro stuff, but I’d way rather some company approach things in a new direction. We have all this camera tech and software and what do we mostly do? Imitate what we already had. Give me something from a completely different ergonomic perspective. Someone from outside the camera industry to help push things forward in a new direction. It’s hard from inside the bubble to see where things can go. Having a retro niche camera is fine, but don’t let this method of thinking stop us from moving forward. Retro seems to be the only body “innovation” lately. Mirrorless is new, but doesn’t have the exterior controls. Someone needs to step it up. I mean, you can’t even get a flipout screen on anything but an entry level Nikon. Seriously? Ever shoot upwards from ground level? Ever have to hand hold above your head to get a shot of somebody being interviewed in a crowd? We already have innovations that are over a decade old that aren’t available in the ‘pro’ bodies. Because it’s not ‘pro’? That’s retarded. Just cuz you shoot portraits doesn’t mean you should scoff at anything that might be genuinely useful to others. Gimme a pink paisley sparkly camera if it does everything I ask of it. Hell make it retro styled for all I care ;-P

  • Henry

    Too fat, it seems much bigger than a old Nikon F……

  • pkny9394 .

    No video capability and only 16MP, hope that around $1500. I want retro look but not retro technology. not even close 5dMKII

  • Irish Murph

    Official price is $2,750 for body only, $3,000 with the 50/1.8 lens.

    Nope, not gonna bite.

    OK,oOK, OK, Dammitt Nikon, you WIN!!!!!! T A K E MY MUNNY !!!!!

  • gene

    I love this camera not only for the upgrades, but for the retro looks like my old film slr.

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