Nikon 1 AW1 underwater interchangeable lens camera now in stock

Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera 1
Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera 3
Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera 6
The Nikon 1 AW1 underwater interchangeable lens mirrorless camera is now in stock in limited quantities at:

Additional images:

Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera 2
Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera 5
Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera 7
Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera 4

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  • Aldo

    I want this and I want the rumored full frame… damn you nikon why you gotta make things I want! Now to convince the wife I NEED these.

    • Reality Check

      I’m wondering how you convinced your wife to marry you.
      Don’t know many chicks that like chatty Cathy’s or internet addict boyfriends… just saying you post here A LOT. 😉

      • Aldo

        I can show you how I did it if you want… loners tend to be on the bitter side. As for me writing on this forum… lets just say I like the news/posts and my job makes it easy to keep up. And it’s not so much that I’m addicted as people commenting with 10 different names.

    • So true.

      But I’ve been instructed to buy the white AW1 with orange protector by the misses, so I get a pass.

      After carefully scrutinizing and taking a pass on lots of camera launches the last two years – and unless Nikon really fumbles the DF – it shall be all mine!

    • neversink

      I never have to ask permission from my wife to buy anything. And my wife doesn’t need to ask me permission to buy anything. Time to cut those chains of bondage, and buy those cameras if you want them.

      • reporteratlarge

        Since you apparently don’t have a limit on your budget, can you send an AW1 my way, too?

        • neversink

          I wish I had no limit. We just use common sense (most of the time.) Although it works out as an expense for me, I really don’t buy a piece of equipment unless I need it for a shoot, or it needs replacement. However, I slip up sometimes and buy some thing I can’t resist, but don’t need….. which I probably will do with the AW1. I ike the idea of being able to take this little camera with me on a kayak without worrying too much about the bulk and the water. Just rinse it in fresh water at the end of the day. Doubt I’ll be able to sell any pics from it, but hey, you never know.

        • neversink

          Sure, I’ll buy one for you if you send me your credit card info. There should be one in the mail any day now… 🙂

      • Aldo

        It’s not so much that I need her permission as it is running things through her as a token of respect… since we both add to our income. I also feel uneasy when I buy things I don’t use enough to justify the expense… but that’s just me. If you run on a higher budget then of course a 700 dollar camera doesn’t seem like a big deal…

        • neversink

          Aldo, as long as you and your wife are happy, it doesn’t matter. Of course, you realize, I was just having a little fun at the expense of your comment. It’s just my sarcastic sense of humor. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’ m surprised there weren’t other similar comments from the peanut gallery….

          • Aldo

            eh.. sall good. I’ve always said whatever works as to not end up as a negative statistic. I also know where you are coming from… I’ve learn not to take this forum too seriously… it will turn you gray.

  • Aldo

    btw annoying shallow depth of field on these photos…

    • desmo

      good use of DOF

      • David G.

        It’s way too shallow on most shots.

      • d7k2v2

        Stop it down for product pics, or better yet, use a 1″ sensor.

  • MMS

    I wonder if the instructions say “do not changes lenses while underwater”?!

    • lorenzo

      those for the US might say so, even for the battery

    • likes_to_read_manuals

      From the manual (page 61):
      “Do not remove the lens under water, open the connector or battery-chamber/memory card slot cover, or operate the lens release button or the latches or security locks on the connector and battery-chamber/memory card slot covers while the camera is immersed.”

      There you have it ☺

  • Zord

    I want, but I’m gonna wait for some reviews and owner analysis before I pick one up. I want to see how these fare first.

  • Henri De Vreese

    Amazon DE link is not correct (it links me the 58 1.4).

  • Scott M.

    Where are the photos underwater that this has taken?

  • Gareth O’Neill

    I want this, but I really want to see how it performs with the strobe.

    • lets hope for a 1/320 sync option, I can live with 1/250 but not below

  • AnotherView


  • R!

    If instead of 1″ sensor nikon choosed APSC …

    • groucher

      … the camera and lenses would be much larger/heavier, anyone printing up to A3 or displaying on an HD telly wouldn’t be able to see the difference and you wouldn’t get 60fps which is amazing for action/wildlife. If you want APSC, buy a Samsung, Sony or similar – 1″ sensor is perfect for the N1.

      • R!

        Actually you are right It is better to buy a Sony with a 1″ ensor but with 20MPX,or to get a full frame or APSC nex or A7 with 60 p video,and even the M4/3s lenses are smaller than Nikon 1s lenses so is the sensor and quality!The problem is that the one sensor should have been on a compact camera priced around 500$.
        I like the N1 concept but for his speed and special capacity ,but It is to expensive for what it is and what you get,and the lenses should really be a lot smaller,they are doing the same errors that M4/3 did at the begining.
        And the biggest is that Nikon’s don’t want to get an APSC on an interchangeable mirror less camera but prefer to put it on a compact like the coolpix A.
        I want my APSC Nikons interchangeable lenses camera!!!!!!

        • Mars Observer

          I have both the Sony (RX100) and Nikon1 (V1).

          The Sony is definitely more pocketable, but the trade-off is that the Nikon, with its interchangeable lenses, offers more, and faster, options (such as the 32mm f1.2).

          I also really like the ‘reach’ I can get with the V1 and 30-110 (about 300mm) and it’s still a small package. You can’t get that reach with an APS-C camera in such a small package (ie. I’m easily able to get that Nikon1 and lens into concert venues… not so with APS-C). I’m not sure if Micro 4/3 is as small when fitted with a 300mm equiv?? Cropping in post often doesn’t to provide the same IQ.

          • R!

            I agree with you , and I still want a Nikon 1 for that crop option,but I also want an Apsc cheap mirror less camera ,I feel like Nikon forgot something!
            But you ‘re right for sure,Nikon 1 still interesting even If Its not replacing APSC need.
            M 4/3 is bigger in sensor size and is a good compromise for crop and DOF also!

  • groucher

    AW1, FD, and I haven’t really got over the magnificence that is the D800 yet – I’m almost out of slobber. Nikon is on a roll.

  • banzaii

    About time i get me some mermaid portraits.

  • julian

    i wonder if they’ll release a kit with just the 10mm

  • Mars Observer

    The poor 1 system – so mis-understood…

    I have a recent tongue-and-cheek post on the 1 system here called ‘The Nikon 1 System On Trial’

    (admin – apologies if the link is not permitted)

    • KnightPhoto

      Super Blog Mars, and the quiz photos are excellent. Guys take a look… 😉

    • PhotoAl

      Fun read and wow, those test shots. Anyone who says the N1 can’t produce quality shots needs to take this test.

    • groucher

      Great blog Mars – should silence the naysayers.

    • Mark

      I don’t really see how these photos are phenomenal in any way. But, right. Good post.

  • lorenzo

    Too bad if it doesn’t float.
    BTW, is Nikon making any underwater tripod?

    • DJ


  • kin notwell

    all canons are 100% waterproof with changeable underwater lenses right

    • blahblah


  • 103David

    Admin, I might suggest a slight re-wording of the headline. While one wouldn’t think anyone would be dumb enough to try it, I absolutely assure you there are. If it hasn’t happened yet today, I promise it will by this time tomorrow.
    Remind me to tell the story of the guy who decided dry off his camera by putting it in the microwave. Really.
    He got pretty good sized lightning bolts off it. 🙂

  • Grandmaster

    Ability to take full res photos while shooting a full res video sounds like a neat feature.

  • Mr_Miyagi

    I was interested in this camera until I downloaded the user manual and read that the PASM modes are disabled during underwater photography, leaving only Auto mode for UW work. A camera that’s been intentionally crippled this way holds little appeal to me. For about the same cost, I can buy an UW case for my spare MFT camera, a Panasonic GX1. I’d been holding off on that while I was waiting for the AW1 to show up. Smaller is definitely better but not at the cost of giving up the basic camera controls.

    • groucher

      That comment is incorrect.

      There’s nothing in the manual which states that PASM is locked out during underwater photography. Underwater mode is a user selected auto-mode suited to underwater use. The mode need not be selected when diving – just use a landlubber mode in RAW and fix white balance, distortion etc. in NX2.

  • EJP

    Without a true wide angle UW lens, this system is pointless for UW photography. Something like a 5-15mm zoom would be appropriate for an equivalent 14-40mm field of view.

    • Mars Observer

      The (non-water-sealed) 6.7-13mm is a pretty good lens. That gives you an 18mm FoV at the wide end.

      Personally, I’m not a fan of the distortion on shots any wider than about 18mm or maybe 16mm, so it works pretty well for my use.

      Of course, it can’t be used under water though. 🙂

      • EJP

        Yes but I am talking about underwater photography. The refractive index of water is very different than air and wider lenses are more generally used due to this. A UW 6.7-13 would work pretty well.

        • jcg

          Forget underwater. An AW version of the 6.7 -> 13 would make this a killer backpacking camera.

  • bublikai

    I tested this cam few weeks ago, it’s a nice toy. It feels good in the hand, good build quality, perfect for active people. Just the kit lens is boring, let’s wait for a waterproof pancake.

  • neversink

    Can one clean the sensor on this??? Because I can’t imagine changing lenses while I am in a kayak or windy condition. I hate to mention this….. Dust on such a small sensor could be disastrous for photos. Anyone have any experience with dust on the other 1 series camera.

    • Neopulse

      It’s normal for dust to exist or to enter the camera when the sensor is exposed. It’s kinda like saying will water fall on my head when I switch hats.

      • neversink

        I realize this. Just wondering if there are specific dust issues related to the 1 series. That’s all.

        • Neopulse

          No…. not at all. If you think there is some kind of issue that is similar to the late D600 you’ll be greatly mistaken.

  • DoiNomazi

    can’t find it anywhere. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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