Nikon Coolpix cameras to use Nokia maps

Nokia-Maps-logo Nikon-logo
Future GPS enabled Nikon Coolpix cameras will most likely have Nokia Mapviewer application built-in. This what Nokia reported in their 3Q earnings today:

"Nikon COOLPIX Cameras are the first to launch Mapviewer on digital still cameras and also offer a digital location stamp that allows a city or POI name to be displayed with an image by leveraging the map content from HERE"

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  • Spy Black


  • R!

    …lets conect completely the damn thing to the web via wifi like all other devices!!!!

  • xt

    When I first chose my first DC in my high school 8 years ago, I bought Nikon because I thought it is made by Nokia… now Nokia has been bought… sigh

  • istreetshooter

    Because we know pros like Apple and amateurs like Windows?

  • Markus

    The maps of Nokia are the best in the industry!

  • Mike

    What’s a Nokia? Are they related to dark fruit? Like black berries?

  • Nokia maps suck. Isn’t that what Flickr uses?

    • Robert Williams

      Garmin’s been using Nokia’s maps for years.

  • While I am not super happy about Nokia being used I am glad they didn’t try and make their own like Apple did.

    Now with Nokia being owned by Microsoft I can see a future partnership down the line where MAYBE Nikon will improve their software with the help of Microsoft or who knows maybe Nokia does Nikon’s maps, Nikon does Nokia’s camera tech, not that they need help.

    • UA

      Nokia HERE will stay as a part of Nokia. Read: Nokia does not sell itself to Microsoft, Nokia only sells its mobile phones unit to Microsoft. So do not worry, partnership with Nokia HERE maps has nothing to do with Microsoft.

      And for the record, Nokia HERE maps are probably the best you can get at the moment.

  • lorenzo

    My experience is that the GPS on the P330 is a dead dog. Most of the times on top of mountains, no trees, no power lines and the camera still doesn’t get any satellite lock. Who cares where the maps come from when they can’t be mapped! That GPS feature was only for marketing.

  • Nimloth

    Basically, future Nikon’s cameras will have reduced functionality in Japan and some other countries? Great. Unless Nokia has decided to deliver maps for the whole world, and not just parts of it… One can hope. >.>

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