Nikon Pure Photography video #3

The third Nikon Pure Photography video revealed a bit more of the DF camera:

The slogan this time is: "No clutter, no distractions, this is my world".

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  • piscesen

    I just made another image for assumption of the size of Nikon DF. I overlaid Nikon DF on D4 and F3 based on positions of buttons around mount. But I can’t be sure this is correct. 🙂

  • jkclapham

    In that light, it looks like (unlike the F6) it has an interchangeable roof pentaprism (like the original F) that is currently removed from the camera. I don’t know if I’m buying the “hybrid rangefinder” theory (that would be a pretty small viewfinder window) but this camera definitely has some sort of surprise up its sleeve…

    • hexx

      I believe that it will feature EVF of some sort – that metering with all lenses makes me believe so, we’ll see. can’t just somebody get all remaining videos? 😉

  • thomas

    anyone notice there is no autofocus confirmation “beep?” you think that it was edited out or does it not have autofocus?

    • hexx

      that’s the first thing i disable on every single AF camera I own.

      • same here

        • I leave mine on for mirrorless cameras because I would like to be informed when they finally get around to finding focus.

    • Michele Perillo

      You just be joking. NOBODY keeps the af confirmation
      beep on.

    • thomas

      yes, mine is off as well. but in other nikon videos you can hear the autofocus beep. I also cannot find an rumors what AF system it will have in it

  • FredBear

    Nikon: Not out of the woods yet?

  • Douglas

    Notice that the window to the right (our right as we look at it) seems to have a similarly sized and shaped optical viewfinder as the P7100. Bizarre.

    • Douglas

      I just have a horrible feeling in my stomach Nikon are going to mess this up really badly. They hype it up to the max, and then it will be like “oh, is that it?”.

      • hexx

        could it be just rectangular AF assist lamp?

        • Douglas

          Not sure. I’m ashamed of myself for getting sucked into this hype. But, I guess like som may I’m just hoping for a simple, classy, well-built FX Nikon to use with my old AIS primes.

          • hexx

            yep, that’s why I’m here after loooong time. haven’t used nikon gear since 2011 when i replaced my small DX setup with X100 but collected some Nikkor glass (AF-D 60 f/2.8 Micro, AF-D 50 f/1.4 and am after 85 f/2 and 28 f/2.8 – that would be all I’d ever need)

            • Douglas

              Yeah, I’m currently using a Lumix GH1 with F-mount adapter. Been waiting for something F-mount compatible, full frame but compact to hit the market. The Sony A7 is looking nice-ish, but something without an adapter would be great. All my other Nikons are long gone, except my FM2!

    • tap0

      I had the similar theory a few posts ago. However, it looks like the DF or whatever logo has been masked, giving it the illusion of an optical viewfinder.

      • jkclapham

        If it were really “retro”, wouldn’t the DF logo be on the left (as we look at it), not the right?

    • Thomas

      I think it looks more like the AF assist lamp. The DF logo could be on our left side (camera right side). (?)

  • Crazy horse

    Is it a film rewind lever on the left side??

    • Lamar Lamb

      D200, D300,D800, F100, F5, F6, etc all have a set of buttons and selector at that location.

  • Andy

    So emo.

  • Andy

    The relaxing sounds of a crackling campfire, the flutter of birds, classical music, and ……pumping an air blower?!

  • JohnH

    Where’s the pentaprism in those images? Is it removed or did Nikon black them out?

    • blacked out, it will start showing up in the next videos

      • jkclapham

        With this lighting, though, wouldn’t it have to be removed? The pentaprism extends out past the face of the camera body, so how/why would they black it out?

        • Edward

          The magic of After Effects….

  • jtorral

    notice no switch for single manual or continuous foucus

  • xt

    who knows the words below? Is this possible the snap of next video? the guy finally found his way out of jungle?? it is interesting that when a video is out, one of the NIKON facebook pages will give out a snap of next video. Nikon is playing a game.

    • xt
      • that’s probably from the next video

        • xt

          admin, it is also strange that each video is exactly 34s..

          • Hidden message?

            • tap0

              $3400 list price ? or $1700

            • photoroto

              34 megapixels! Could only be!

          • TV advertisements are usually 30 seconds with a bit for editing fill.

      • Douglas

        That’s Edinburgh. Probably not within the last month, given that the trees are still very leafy and green.

        • Sahaja

          Maybe he’ll end up on St Andrews golf course or in a whiskey distillery.

    • RMJ

      It’s Finnish and it just says the same it says on every other Nikon site. Guy going around in Scotland looking for inspirations. No new information.

  • Zen-Tao

    Why any body needs a small camera? I want to show off my camera and look my friends open their mouths amazed. I want to see my customers blazzed for my camera and paying happy the money I ask them because I own a bigger camera than they do. I want a big camera, not a camera for children, for real man, sh….The bigger, the better.

    • jkclapham

      Overcompensate much?

    • Pat Mann

      And with that 58mm f/1.4. Now there’s a real MAN’S normal lens. No Pascal programmers or quiche eaters here, no sir.

  • aarthoor

    Never before have there been so many posts by so many people speculating so wildly about a camera that is being released next week….

    • Jonathan

      Because, never before has next week been next week, until this week. Blows your mind doesn’t it?

      • BroncoBro

        Almost as much as knowing that if I wasn’t here I’d be somewhere else!

        • Jonathan

          woah! dude! that’s deep!

    • lancecouzens

      i know – isn’t it fun!

      • I’m having a great time!

        • Erik


  • NickW

    I really wish this new DF is only a digital back for FM2, F3,… (with different mounting kit.)

    • Erik

      Me too. Could be too good to be true, though.

  • Giovanni

    I hope it’s the Sony 24 MP sensor like in the D6x0. Wouldn’t be happy with 16 MP for landscape/cityscape/nature stock photography. It won’t be a sports shooter after all.

    And btw. I hope it won’t have too much electronics stuff, i.e. a hybrid EVF/OVF would be terrible for this kind of camera IMO. The only thing I’d wish to have “hybrid” in this camera is the hybrid shutter as seen in the FM3a.

  • Bayou Bill

    What a crock! This is getting ridiculous.

  • enzo addi

    Let’s focus on the name for a second… “Pure Photography”
    I think (i wish) it will be a new type of sensor for Nikon. I’m thinking about the FIRST EVER Foveon sensor with 3 color layer (instead of the classic sensor with the Bayer pattern). The potential of this type of sensor huge…Unfortunately, sigma failed when they put it on the DP3 because of a poor hardware and an autofocus too slow.

    • Enzo Addi

      Sorry, i mean “the FIRST FULL FRAME Foveon sensor EVER”

      • Jonathan

        I wish we could get a Foveon in a Nikon pro body! I had an old Sigma SD9, it was junk as far as features and super slow (no change there with the SD1 merril) BUT the COLORS! It looked very nice. I was tempted to get the new SD1 but, it is still s l o w!

      • hexx

        Sigma owns technology. And as far as I know, Fuji with Panasonic are working on some ‘organic’ sensor tech, but still far from production.

        the AF on Sigma DPxM isn’t that bad, if you don’t expect SLR speeds which I doubt anybody who purchases any of these cameras expects. But when you think about it, Sigma provides 3 small Merrill cameras (35 eqv.) 27, 45 and 75 Macro – still smaller and lighter than carrying one body and three lenses. Yes, you need several batteries 🙂

  • photoroto

    No mention of the DF at all on,, or On you have to click down one level. But it’s headline news on Is this somehow a regional camera?

  • BroncoBro

    All this anticipation on the part of NR readers is a pretty good indication that there is a disconnect between what camera manufacturers are offering vs what photographers want. Much of that I suspect is people’s desire is ahead of the technology. Additionally, I read a lot of “wants” here that just aren’t possible yet (like, a small body that has a36MP sensor that produces clean images at ISO 25,600 and does 12 fps in RAW mode).

  • hexx

    any X-Pro1/X-E1 and D4 owners here? if yes, how do they compare in terms of detail, DR? fuji doesn’t have AA filter, D4 does – any feedback would be appreciated – please comment only if you have both

    • jkclapham

      FWIW, the X-Pro2 probably isn’t far off…

      • hexx

        well, if this new camera fits the bill I would replace Fuji with it, I just need to know if I’d give up something in terms of IQ – I don’t shoot grey squares in the dark so I couldn’t care less about ISO100000, up to 3200, 6400 max, more important is detail and DR to me.

  • Erik

    The other countries are probably just a bit slow…

    • extra now has embedded the videos on their starting page.

  • broxibear

    The only mention I’ve found of price so far is on the nphotomag facebook page. (nphotomag is the semi official Nikon magazine… they say “A luxury-priced digital FE2 or FM2, perhaps?”
    “luxury priced”…that sounds expensive.

    • They probably based that on the fake specs I posted last week.

  • 700

    Anyone see the size of that 50mm… It was massive, if it is a f1.8

    One other thing, I keep hearing about a low power mode; This is some fanciful thinking but, what if it had an old film advance lever to cock the shutter… like what the epson r-d1 had, could be kind of cool.

    I doubt it though.

    • JohnH

      The size of the 50/1.8G in the video looks about right to me.

    • Börje Dahrén

      As I posted below: If the filter dimensions of the 50/1.8 is 58mm like the current AFS-G version, this means that the DF is only 122mm wide. This is assuming the dimensions in the image we’ve seen are accurate, and not altered by perspective/post processing.

      Cameras like F3, FM/FE and D700 are all between 140-150mm wide. D3200 is 125mm wide.

  • saywhatuwill

    The prism writing has “Nikkorex” instead of “Nikon.” 😉

  • Zen-Tao

    I want a big camera on exchange of the money I pay .If they charge me 3000 USD I want to amaze my neighbours an make my customers open their mouths. An advice: never bring a camera smaller than your customers if you want them to pay you without reluctancy. A big camera makes you feel like driving a “chevy”. Why a leading company like Nikon wants to sell small cameras to professionals?. It’s a sexual issue: the bigger is not the better but give it glory to see.

  • scott800

    removable/swappable viewfinder?!

  • Maciej Długosz

    Or maybe this:

  • stk

    That is one seriously intense photographer!

  • Funduro

    Looks like my FE2 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens AiS.

  • Clubber Lang

    I finally get the ad campaign. This guy has spent thousands of dollars on overpriced camera gear. His wife has divorced him because he is a gear junkie. He is roaming around in the woods by himself with his overpriced digital objects that consumed all of his time instead of paying more attention to his wife and shit that really mattered.

  • ɯɐן ǝɔuɐɹɹǝʇ

    Not sure If I’d be keeping an open camera near a campfire… but I guess pure photography also means all the dust and soot to go along with it.

  • R!

    Hey Nikon I have an idea:
    D400 :
    FX 16 mpx 10FPS ,you will get D700 & D300 all frustrated clients happy at the same time!
    What you think?
    I would buy this baby rightaway!!!!

  • lancecouzens

    the thing i find most confusing about all this is the lens… if they’re introducing a new 50|1.8 with no groundbreaking features, it seems like their only motivation for doing so is to have a normal g-type lens with an aperture ring specifically to go along with this camera.

    will all future g-type lenses have aperture rings? no? this all seems to imply that this camera IS a bit of a boutique item. but then why f1.8? if it’s boutique, go all out with it, right?

    then, there’s the 50|1.8 af-d version that can still be had new and with an aperture ring, to boot.

    is it possible that there’s something more going on here? could they possibly be introducing new f-mount lenses with leaf shutters, for example?

  • newoldmate

    16mp, no video, price possibly higher than Sony A7’s.. Yeah, good luck with that.

  • Topher Koper

    anyone notice those classic neck strap ring on the side? now i just need a classic prism and boxy form factor. and it’s leathered!!! for you guys who reviewing this camera from technical point of view, there’s no doubt that this thing is below standard. the main selling point in this camera is purely in it’s form factor and nostalgic approach. as someone who’s making money in photography industry will surely won’t use this camera as a work horse. but much more for weekends & holiday warrior, or possibly a backup camera. strap in the old ai-s lenses and you could get away from your daily routines that involves technical stuff and shoot for fun.

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