New set of specifications and US price for the retro-styled Nikon FX DSLR camera (D4H?)

Update: this set of specifications is fake. The name of the camera will be Nikon DF.

I feel pretty comfortable with the information I have published so far on the rumored Nikon full frame retro-styled camera. Today I received another list of specifications from a new source (take them with a grain of salt) that slightly differ from what I have already reported (different battery, LCD screen size, etc):

  • Will be called Nikon D4H
  • Will use EN-EL15 battery
  • 3" LCD Screen
  • EVF/OVF hybrid viewfinder
  • Can be used with true mirror lock up for non-AI lenses while still allowing viewing through view finder.
  • New hybrid mechanical shutter
  • No AA filter
  • No video in low power mode but otherwise it will have video (?)
  • Expeed 3A processor
  • Price: $3,000 for body only, $3,300 for a kit with the new 50mm f/1.8G lens
  • Black, Black/Sliver and Chrome version will be available

Nikon has filed patents in the past for a hybrid viewfinder (OVF & EVF) viewfinder and this may explain why they classify the new camera as "hybrid". I am a bit troubled by the D4H name - I was expecting this to be a new product line and not an extension of the D4, but on the other hand I have been reporting for months that a new D4 camera will be announced before the Olympics. The rest of the specifications are pretty much in line with my previous reports.

The Le Salon de la Photo show will take place in Paris on November 7-11, 2013. Expect the new camera to be on display. The official announcement will be right before the show.

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  • Spy Black

    Kinda sucks it’s not gonna be FM size. There’s already enough large body Nikons.

    • Perhaps it is FM size, but with the winder/grip thing to make it chunky.

      • Spy Black

        If the given dimensions are true, it’s more F3 size. It’ll suck if has a grip too.

        • Tom Terrific

          Check the specs… I would rather handle an F3 than a D800 any day… all day long. The F3 had a trace of a grip and was a very comfortable, slim camera to work with.

          • Spy Black

            I would rather handle an FM if it’s gonna be a retro, we have plenty of big cameras already:
            FM: 142 (W) x 61 (D) x 90 (H) mm
            F3: 149 (W) x 97 (D) x 66 (H) mm
            D600:141 (W) x113 (D) x 82 (H) mm
            D800:146 (W) x123 (D) x 82 (H) mm
            D4: 160 (W) x157 (D) x 91 (H) mm
            Numbers rounded off to the nearest whole millimeter.

            • John

              I think you have your F3 measurements out of order.

            • Spy Black

              I think you’re right, gonna correct that.

          • Marc W.

            I agree, partically.

            I was using my D70s yesterday and it felt awkward. I then used my D700 and it felt right. The same right when I use my FM2n. The mid size bodies are weird for me. At least the D70/s is. My friend’s D600 doesn’t, though.

  • Celtic

    Sounds like a gaze-on, like I gaze on other lovely things I can’t afford: Leicas, Porches, and giant refractors. However, it all sounds interesting, reminding me a bit of the retro-viewfinder types produced a decade or so ago. Will the new camera have a practical application; will it replace any other camera in Nikon’s stable, or more to the point, enhance the usability of the line?

  • Grandmaster

    why the $300 difference b/w body and kit when the 1.8G lens only runs $219??

    • Jet

      This is a newer lens styled to match this camera set to launch along with this camera 🙂

  • kenshigawa

    Everyone…please keep calm.

    Admin said that he is so comfortable with previous posts, which seemingly came from his trusted sources. And this latest information came from a NEW SOURCE!!!! so as admin suggests, let’s read it carefully.

  • Danny Li

    I think D(X) is a top series, don’t think this number shall be used in a new cam

  • ronin

    We’re all pretending this is a retro camera.

    It has autofocus, program auto exposure, video; it’s gravity-challenged, puffy, with EVF, and LCD, requires a charged battery to avoid brickdom, and my right thumb has nothing to do.

    Just like the film cameras of the 70s.

    We’re deluding ourselves if we think this is the mythical digital FMx. It may look like it in drag, but it ain’t it, boys.

    • John

      You are missing the point. It doesn’t have to look like it, but it needs to have a lot of the function and ergonomics, but with a modern digital sensor. I think that means that it doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles of a D4 or D800 (or an F4 or F5 back in the day) that make it bulky, heavy, etc. Make it a non-sports, non-studio, non-video, stills-centric machine with basic controls, small body, well thought-out ergonomics, excellent IQ, and excellent viewfinder (OVF and/or EVF).

      • FredBear

        Precisely. Hopefully you’re right, especially on the ergonomics which is what piques my interest.
        Sod the looks, it’s the functionality that matters.
        People should be more concerned with the pictures that one obtains from a camera, not the looks.

    • Jet

      Fujifilm released the X100 a year and a half ago, a retro looking camera with a huge success and takes amazing pictures according to all reviews. This new camera will outdo that with a full frame sensor and will accept one of the biggest collection of lenses out there without an adaptor! There is no pretending, it’s supposed to look retro, that’s the point!

      • Derek Smith

        Except the X100 was/is reasonably priced.

    • Mars Observer

      Anyone who truly wants a retro camera can pick one up on ebay for under $500. People want MODERN cameras with a retro look and feel.

      • ronin

        Exactly. We like to pretend we want retro cameras, but that’s more about fashion. We don’t REALLY want retro cameras.

        We’re too lazy. We don’t like to use both hands to do multiple things at the same time: brace the camera, focus, adjust aperture, adjust shutter speed, advance the film, compose.

        The manufacturers know this and feed this fantasy. If we’re smart we’ll wear Western hats and boots when we’re taking pix with this new camera, so not only can we pretend we’re being retro, but we can pretend we are cowboys at the same time.

        • Scott

          Screw you I love using my classic lenses on my D5100 and having a real aperture and focus rings to spin! 😀

          Accurate focusing however isn’t this combos strong suit 😀 I usually end up focus bracketing or using liveview.

        • Marc W.

          Western hats? You mean bell bottoms.

  • T53

    I’m all for retro but 3 grand is awfully strong. 25 hundred and I’d still be in the race.

  • ZZPhoto

    No AA filter on what would be 16MP sensor? I wouldn’t trust that source, that doesn’t make sense.

  • Bill

    In terms of style, hopefully its like a X-Pro1 (but autofocuses).

    • Weapons Grade Fox

      its going to be an slr

  • Global

    “D4H” sounds a bit weird — but Full Framers would LOVE to have a D4, so there is appeal to calling it a “D4(anything)”. Some might think they should call it an “F4H” or something like that, but ultimately, this is a digital. “D4H” is as fitting as any. I just hope its actually a D4S with increased sensitivity in ISO.

  • Global

    The “video haters” came out in full force recently — but it seems like we’re getting a clearer picture. Something is odd about the power system of this new camera… so maybe it can’t do video and EVF at the same time???

    Anyway, I strongly did not think that Nikon would abandon video. It would be extremely stupid to abandon video in the current market.

  • Global

    If the price is $3,000, then that is quite reasonable (wish it were $2000), but if all specs remain rather high (and no intentional crippling), then $3000 would be a great deal — just like the D800 is an excellent camera.

    Its still a luxury item, however. They really should make a “D400” version of this in DX at a $1600-$2000 price point — it would sell VERY WELL.

    • FredBear

      I’m very interested in this camera (but not at $3000) because of the ergonomics.

      However I originally wanted a DX equivalent, so fully agree with you.

  • Jun

    With that price I can have a Sony A7 and Carl Zeiss 55/1.8, better IQ, better optic for sure. And all of my current Nikkor glasses will be able work with the mirrorless camera via an adapter.

  • tong

    3000us …..-_-”…i think sony 7-7r to share this cake….

  • Sundra Tanakoh

    $3k? No.
    $2k Better.
    Call it a FM-D.
    Dump the video completely.
    Don’t make a retro styled (a’la F3 for example) battery grip and charge $500 for it.

    Cut into D610 sales? So, make less D610s. A sale is a sale no matter how you get it.

    • FredBear

      This camera adds to the current range, not detracts from it. Nikon might lose sales of other cameras but will gain additional sales from other manufacturers who want a ‘retro’ style FF camera.
      I don’t see the camera being ‘for owners of Nikon AI lenses only’ but to have general appeal.
      But not at $3,000 ………………

  • Stuart

    At 3000, I will turn back to A7r surely.

  • Nikon Loyal

    This news hits me when I’m on the verge of getting a D3S….so many decisions…what should I do?…what would you do?…D3S or wait for this and see what all the fuss is about?…

    • Aldo

      I’d say if you don’t need the 4 extra mp.. go with the d3s

      • Marc W.

        or if they need a camera like the D3s and not a “retro” style camera then they should get the D3s.

        Nikon Loyal, Just because something new is coming out, doesn’t mean you should get it. Get the gear you need. I mean, were you wondering if you should get the rumored D5300 or the D3s before it was announced? This camera and the D3s sound like they are in two different leagues.

        • Nikon Loyal

          As with anything, you would want the best your money can buy…I was interested if it had the D4 sensor but that doesn’t look likely so D3s here I come…

          • Marc W.

            The best your money can buy and what’s right for the job/purpose.

            If you don’t need the speed of the D3s, but need the sensor of the D4, then sure. It all depends on your needs. That’s all I’m saying. 🙂

  • a4

    Haha! So much for “Nikon you’re still not dead to me”. These guys really don’t seem to get it, but I may be just wrong, of course…

  • HotDuckZ

    It’s may D400 but writepo?

  • Julian

    If it was me I’d put the new source on the unreliable list… there’s no way this will be a D4h!

  • so so

    I’ll like F7 more than any other names 🙂

  • James Hippolyte

    Whether people like it or not Nikon has been a little off lately. Not just of one feature but multiple, 600 to 610. Video capabilities (30fps), af tracking, wifi capabilities. Some people will say if you want video go somewhere else. Well if Nikon chooses to do video then do it right!

    • BroncoBro

      and this has what to do with the new retro camera?

      • James Hippolyte

        Sorry Broncobro. I’m new to this forum. I was saying that even with this new retro camera there maybe some flaws or that Nikon is always late to the party. I would not be surprised that this new/old camera will not be refined enough to compete against other brands.

  • Cinekpol

    3000$? That’s twice as much as for A7. Suddenly my excitement went way, way down 🙁

  • BroncoBro

    It’s more than amusing to read the speculation on this blog. So many have derided this camera, and Nikon as a company, and we don’t even know what it is yet…very funny. On the other hand, it is fun to speculate about what it MIGHT have and express our own wish list for such a camera. At the risk of finding out that no one cares (a high probability), I am hoping for the following: manual focus with a screen optimized for that purpose, compatibility with older lenses (thus the 16MP sensor. anything more and many old lenses won’t produce sharp images), allow the use of the aperture ring on older lenses and current lenses that still have them, a shutter speed knob, the finder from an F3 HP, no video, compatibility with Nikon’s CLS system, weatherproof body, mag alloy body/frame, an option to NOT have an LCD screen…anywhere, and future wide angle lenses that take advantage of the mirror lock-up situation allowing for reduced distance from rear elements to sensor.

  • Abraham Collins

    I hope the LCD screen is detachable and viewfinder can be used to review shots/manage menus. . . that would make this the ultimate street camera.

  • The price sure ain’t retro…

  • Nelly

    3 G’s for a retro camera–>wtf…..I’ll pass!

  • Derek Smith

    3,000 USD? Good luck with that. Specs don`t blow me a way at all. Ill stick with my ol D7100 until Nikon finally makes a FX camera that costs a decent price but isn`t handicapped.

  • S

    If the price is right I suggest a poll asking: would you pay 3k for a D800 or for the new retro body? would you pay 2k for a D600 or for 3k for the new retro body?

  • ernestkoe

    looks like they are pretty committed to not make a new mount. Let’s hope they can take the styling cues and make the 1 series more interesting

  • Nik F.

    A body priced $3.000 in kit with a 50mm f1.8?.. I think it’s a glass for a more affordable camera.. hope so..

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