Nikon Germany to concentrate on full frame products

A rather strange press release came out from Nikon Germany - it basically says that Nikon Germany will focus/concentrate on FX products. They even created a new dedicated website (not yet online). Here is the full press release (Google translation):

Full format. All possibilities - with a focus on Nikon FX full format photography

(BUSINESS WIRE) (Dusseldorf, 22.10.2013) Nikon puts in Germany the full-frame imaging in the focus and concentrates trade and communication activities on its strong portfolio of powerful FX cameras. Driven by the demand of an ever wider audience has increased significantly over the past year, the share of FX full-frame segment in the overall market for digital SLR cameras. The company wants to exploit the existing growth potential in this segment even more and increase the fascination for the full-frame imaging on.

Susan Grundmann, Department Manager

Marketing Communications & Branding the Nikon GmbH: "It is increasingly the owners of digital SLRs of the middle class , who are interested for higher standards of photographic cameras and suitable equipment. We want to use this potential and bring consumers together with our trading partners the topic FX Photography closer . We want to show them what opportunities are available with this type of photography and how much fun taking pictures can prepare with an FX camera. Nikon therefore committed to continuously develop the imaging market . We achieve this through more product innovations and an even closer cooperation with our partners in the photographic trade."

Advantages of FX format

FX stands for the full-frame Nikon. And the decision to make no more compromises. In short: perfect images in any situation. Due to the design, the high resolution FX full-frame image sensors are superior to the smaller image sensors in two essential points: the dynamic range and image design. More dynamic range means finest image detail drawing with high brilliance and clarity even in high contrast pictures with lots of light and shadow as well as extremely low noise even when using high ISO sensitivities. The advantages of image design result on the one hand by the larger precipitates viewfinder and therefore better control over the photo and the other by a highly accurate depth of field control, with an attractive discontinuation of the subject of the image background more targeted is possible. The effect is simply a lot more fun when shooting at a significantly higher level of quality. The current portfolio consists of FX camera the Nikon D610 , the Nikon D800 and D800E its sister model without low-pass filter as well as the Nikon D4.

FX Photography - support activities for consumers and trade partners

Focusing on FX photography involves extensive communication activities (in print and online ) as well as a strong POS presence to increase brand recognition at point of sale . In addition, the activities also include special measures for the camera retailers , the Nikon regarded for its high quality advice as an important partner to make the FX full format photography for consumers more tangible.

There will be a total of 7 FX NIKKOR a CASHBACK action that granted consumers discounts of 60 to 200 euros. In order to benefit from the refund, the buyer must during the promotional period 01.11.2013 - 31.01.2014 only follow the instructions in

To convince yourself of the quality of the Nikon FX cameras, consumers will also have the opportunity to use the Try and Buy Program at participating retailers. This program provides Nikon participating merchants, a rental set the Nikon D610 and the Nikon D800 including matching lenses available that traders use for Leihstellungen and thus can support their clients in the purchase decision process even more.

In addition, purchasers of FX cameras can get to enjoy a free voucher for attending a workshop on the Nikon FX- school to learn photography and FX FX camera technology more intensively at participating retailers.

Detailed information about the benefits of the FX full-frame imaging to Nikon's FX models as well as the CASH BACK action can be found on the 01.11.2013 on the special FX microsite - Also here is the information then available, which traders participate in the Try and Buy Program.

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  • rhlpetrus

    Weird indeed. But it matches what one is seeing coming from Nikon.

    • Peter

      As I already wrote in the german forum: This is a country related marketing decision. I guess that Nikon just try to push the FX sales because there are not so many competitors at the moment (Canon, Sony, Leica) whereas APS and smaller are flooded with interesting cameras and more competitors (Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Pentax…).

      As soon as the market conditions change there will be coming new messages out of Nikons marketing department.They won´t give up on DX or CX but they concentrate on FX. Germany still is a country with good buying power I guess that Nikon try to gain market shares in the FX segment where the margins are higher than in the more consumer oriented segments.

      Take a D7100 and a D610. Same body platform, higher cost for sensor and mirror – I guess around 400 Euros (just a rough guess). Selling prices are 900 vs. 1700 Euros (at least in a few months). That´s 800 Euros revenue to 400 Euros costs. Even if the production of a D610 is 600 Euros more expensive, there is still more money to earn.

      And with a good marketing strategy they will find enough customers in the market who are willing to pay the premium for the “higher quality” of the larger sensor.

      • phil

        A brand new D800 can be had for 2100 eur today. Making the D610 way overpriced at 1700 eur.

        • Peter

          That´s today prices. In a year or so we will come down to 750/1400 I guess.

          • phil

            the point is – if you’re ready to shell out 1700 eur for a FX camera, you might as well add those measly 400 eur and get a pro level camera with a real AF system instead.

            • DaveyJ

              Sure agree with Phil!

      • J Dub

        The D7100 is a different body than the D600. Similar construction, but different dimensions & weight.

      • DaveyJ

        I own the D7100 and having looked at the D610 and the D600 before that and concluded I did not like the center packed focus of the FX D600 and the shutter problems were too experienced for me to try it. There are also differences in some body related dimensions between D7100 and D600 and D610. I do admire the D800 just not for our work in the field where a camera might get scrapped right then, right there.

  • dxuser

    I am- determined never to release the D400.

    • Lubos

      And why bother with D400? DX in digital age make a life since back then, new technology was very expensive and they come up with DX format. But DX is just “time fix”. Original size of film is coming back as it should. No compromises. Yes, Nikon did produce well build DX cameras for time being, but I agree that financially affordable FX camera should be the de facto of standards of today photography.

      • j v

        I was still expecting them to release a D400 – not for me, D7100 suffices for me – with some of the missing features (those that were on the D300s, but not on the D7100). Now, I don’t think it will happen.

        I do have the feeling I should get a D7100 on time, as it is currently the only DX camera that has an AF motor, and I don’t have a need for FX (personally).

        Affordable is a good point you make, but DX at the moment is still much cheaper than FX…

      • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

        Untill nikon can make a camera with the D800 body with a 56 megapixel FX sensor that shoot a 8+ fps with a good buffer at under $3000, there will be a demand for a D400

      • captaindash

        Because the D300 had pro features and body, just with a smaller sensor. If you could get the same features and body with an FX sensor for the same price we’d all switch tomorrow (and bird watchers can just crop their new 36mp shots to DX size at more than enough resolution). The D300 cost less than a D610, but was, sensor aside, a far superior camera. That’s why. The affordability of a gazzillion MP FX camera that’s great in low light just ain’t there yet.

      • uvafan420

        The price would have to about halve from the D600/610 before you could say de facto. Most ordinary shoppers for a camera do not spend 2K on a body alone, and then another 4-5K on good FX glass.

        I see de facto being quite some years down the road with Nikon’s pricing.

        And until the main buying public buys into full frame at a much cheaper cost, the FX lenses will retain high costs as well.

    • MRGABE

      the D400 will show up when the 7D2 is ready.

      • Mr. Mamiya

        Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt, as Nikon Germany would say. 😉

    • aarif

      D400 will probably replaced by A new 36mp FF, shooting in crop mode 16mp 10 fps

  • what_the_fox_says

    Das ist Wunderbar!

  • Ottoben

    What I believe we are seeing in the not-so-far future is:
    Classic DSLR (mirror, optical viewfinder) = FX (only)
    Mirrorless and/or electronic viewfinder = DX

    • Norton

      and…Where is CX?

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        It’s on your stupid phone.

        • phil

          you meant smart phone

      • sperdynamite

        Taking over the coolpix fixed lens cameras which it should have done in the first place, instead of trying to be a competitive, near thousand dollar toy camera.

    • Horange Cones


    • phosgene

      I’m cool with this future

    • MyrddinWilt

      I can’t see any point to a mirrorless DX camera.

      They appear to be going in the opposite direction with a hybrid camera that is FX sensor.

  • DaveyJ

    Absolutely Stupid on the part of Nikon Germany. Want to start an exodus of Nikon loyalists? This is the way. If this had come out of Nikon Japan I would never buy ONE more Nikon. The D7100 is easily the best Nikon for the money. It had FAR fewer problems than the D800. Another look at Nikon in action is the unacceptable D600/610 disgrace.

    • CHD

      Seriously dude….lighten up….they’re just cameras.

    • phil

      actually no, the best Nikon for money would currently be the D600, or maybe even the D800 – it’s price is attacking the 2000 eur range – low cost e-shops sell it for 2099 eur already.
      What was the launch price ? 2900 eur ?

    • Jorge

      Oh Please…
      You piss black and yellow

      • DaveyJ

        I would like to have you say that to my face. I would take great pleasure in the next couple of minutes that would follow. Thankfully there are far classier people on NR than you.

        • Jorge

          Like CHD said: Lighten up. It’s a camera, not a child mr. Black and yellow.

          • DaveyJ

            Your response is somewhat toned down. You are lucky this medium does not leave you accountable. Lets just leave it at Nikon Germany does not speak for Nikon apparently. In terms of lighten up you still should be a little less careless with what you say and write ANYWHERE!

  • This fits somehow to the “world premiere” to take place in Germany (allegedly for the new retro camera with the D4 sensor) that Admin was stalking about.

  • captaindash

    This is the most boring way you could possibly trumpet something that’s supposed to be all about fun. For some reason, ‘pro’ camera anything is all about being deadly serious and boring. No colors, no flip screens, no dedicated CLS buttons for those who actually get creative with their gear. Black, plain, boring. I can’t tell any of the companies apart other than the fact that most 3rd party stuff is made for Canon first, Nikon second, and anybody else if you’re lucky (look at Pocket Wizard for example).

    This industry is desperately lacking someone else to come in and shake things up. Nikons new big innovation is copying their own cameras from 20 years ago? Thanks for the retro, as opposed to something new and exciting. Getting a film looking body and film mimicking software in 2013 is NOT advancing anything.

    • captaindash

      Nikon just lied to me about a repair and tried to scam me into buying a new D600 (I had an independent repair shop figure it out). I have no loyalty to any camera company anymore. I’d switch to Canon, but I hear they’re no better. When will an honest company with proper customer service (like I hear Paul C Buff has) come out with something ergonomically sensible, with some pizzazz? This industry is in the toilet.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      Yeah, and my life is really boring too…

    • Jorge

      Well then your Pink D3200 is waiting for your creativity. Go for it!

      • Neopulse

        Pentax already has the pink covered 😛

      • captaindash

        I damn near went to Pentax just for their colors (and their K3. If they came out with full frame, good lighting system and pocket wizard liked it, I’d be all over it). I would totally rock a pink DSLR just to piss people off ;-P. You can love yer black stuff all you want, I’m cool with that. I just wish I had some options, that’s all.

    • SK_HDP

      For your information, PocketWizard had difficult time configuring Nikon Complicated and sophisticated CLS system. Canon was easier to figure it out Vs. Nikon, therefore PW system for Canon was introduced year earlier than Nikon. Not because Canon is any superior than Nikon.

    • J Dub

      Nikons are boring because they’re black? You don’t think that the D800 (or even D600) were innovative? I’d suggest dumping all of your camera gear and getting an iPhone w/ bedazzled case.

      • captaindash

        You are exactly the type of photographer I’m referring to. I talk about specific features that it’s a joke these cameras don’t have, and all you read was me whining about the color. If that’s all you care about, then let’s talk about that. These are imaging products to produce aesthetically pleasing things, yet their own image is carbon copy. They’re almost all black, and have the same general appearance. Other than size, a black D5200 doesn’t look much different than a D800 to the untrained eye. A Kia Optima looks radically different from a Mini. Both get you from A to B, but they’re at least unique. No, the D600 isn’t innovative in the least. They took a highish end DX and shoved a FX sensor in it. Yippee. It’s a piece of garbage. I have one and learned to the tune of $450 I’ll never get another body with a plastic mirror box again. The D800’s big innovative claim to fame is mostly just megapixels. Are you shooting billboards or need to extensively crop? If not, then it’s just MP overkill at the expense of hi ISO performance. It’s like how all the men get Ford F150’s to transport their tool belt to work. They don’t need it, and it guzzles gas. It doesn’t make sense.

        If I could get a bedazzled iphone with non-retarded CLS system ergonomics, a flipout screen and better hi ISO instead of a gazzillion MP, then I’d get it in purple diamond paisley. Functionality first, looks second. Still, having something that looked somewhat interesting would be nice. Even you have to admit, whether it matters to you or not, that DSLR bodies all look kinda the same.

  • Michele Perillo

    Stupid german merchandising advertising some cash back offer

    • what_the_fox_says

      du böser, böser mann

      • stormwatch

        bösartige auch :-))))))))

        • Michele Perillo

          Nein! Ich bin nicht böser! ;-))

  • Clint

    Funny….I remember a time not that long ago when Nikon had ‘no plans for full frame’ and ‘didn’t see the benefit’. Fast forward to today and the D800E represents the pinnacle of the current full frame sensors….and as a Canon user I hope Canon responds soon!

    • stormwatch

      If Canon could do anything, do you think they would put old 18mpix sensor all the way from 550d to 700d over and over again? Moreover I personally think that Canon did not make any real Sensor improvement since original 5D, they had only tweaked in-camera post processing…

  • Sports

    Cool, if I can get a D400 FX at the same price as its expected DX price, then this is the greatest news ever.
    But if I have no other choice than to buy a D4 to get high fps, then they’ll just be losing customers and market share. It’s as simple as that.
    They need alternatives before they can “focus on FX”. E.g. where is the fast DX mirrorless?

  • pvilela

    Nice , this will make D710 prices drop in Germany LOL , maybe it is the time ….

    • DaveyJ

      I think you mean D610?? Maybe someday there will a real D710. The D700 was one of the best cameras Nikon ever made. I sold mine since it had no video and the D7000 and D7100 did.

  • click

    Fine! But I’d like the D7100-Features with the D600/D610-Sensor for the price of the D610. And not a 1/4000 with 39AF.
    If I need more MPix for studio photography I can buy the D800 and pay more.

  • Fotoplay

    Would love to see a D400. Seems odd Nikon is leaving the owners of their best selling cameras (2 & 300 series) with no good upgrade. But they did it to D700 owners, too, sigh…..

  • robert

    I know this pisses off DXers. but really, DX is a good format but its limited compared to what FX can do. IQ wise. I didnt think it was a big deal.

    a few months back, I got back into wedding photography. I had my D300 and used a D7000 (from a friend) another good friend took me under his wings and took me to his events as a 2nd photog. he gave me his old POS d3 with 680k frames on it. yes 680k, although the shutter was recently replaced. looks like shit but its a tank and runs beautifully.

    he said, dont you dare invest in DX. since I came from the F5’s he knew I would be disappointed with the IQ. I hesitated so much to move to digital. I hated the way it looks. even today a bit. I still love the way film looks. but today is all digital.

    I didnt know why but every shot I took and looked at the picture in the monitor and didnt understand why the hell the d300 looks like shit compared to the d3. with the FX, the highlights look better, the colors are richer, it doesnt look flat, it pops, and there’s more depth to the picture. it just made me smile and happy to see such beautiful images on the screen compared to the d300. and this is on the monitor. but when I got home and saw the difference, I was shocked. I was never happy with digital. after seeing the D3 images I was quite content and felt at ease with the quality. every photo I saw that came from digital always made me cringe a little inside. still does a bit.a bit.

    DX’ers come to FF. keep your DX lenses for now. buy a FF camera and dont look back. you can shoot cant do that with DX. you cant go past 3200 iso. its something else. no chroma noise, no mushy picture. detail is a plenty at high iso, even in the hairs.

    buy a d610 and use your dx lenses in dx mode. and slowly move your lenses to FX. use your primes the way they were.
    I know some will say but I had more reach with my tele’s. truthfully I hate having my 70-200VR on the d300. way too tight for me. too many blurry shots. I prefer my 105Macro AFD on the D3..its more than enough for tight shots.

    forget the D400. let it go. you have great options today. even a used D700 is fantastic. I feel your pain because I was there. I too wanted a D400. cheers

    • pan

      You sound like a Nikon R&D employee 🙂

      • robert

        nope, I would not work for nikon at the current position they are in. I used to believe in nikon. their products are just tools for me. but im telling it like it is.

    • Hugo

      OK, you convinced me!

    • Plug

      Horses for courses, I’m not interested in weddings. There are so many types of photography. Wildlife people out in the bush need top end flexibility so want pro DX to complement their pro FX. Why can’t Nikon get that into their fat heads? I WILL spend money on FX stuff but only if I have a properly balanced set-up for my needs.

      • neversink

        I shoot wildlife as well as riots and street photography and editorial / environmental portraits…. I have no need for DX. I’m not saying it is good, but please don’t justify your love of DX by generalizing a certain type of photographer. I have used DX and prefer FX many times over.

        • Plug

          I prefer FX, it is the flexibility of having top end DX to complement FX that is my desire. I’m sorry, I did not mean to generalise and should just have stressed that many people want the DX option.

    • Jeroen Wijnands

      There’s still a ton of hobbyists out there that have to save up for quite some time to buy a D5300 or a D7100 and some of them are really good photographers. They don’t chose DX or FX, they pick the best camera they can find in their limited budget.

      • desmo

        buy the best sensor and the best glasd you can afford

        the camera body doesn’t make the image,
        it’s a result of your skill

        the equipment part of the equation is lens and sensor resolution

        • neversink

          Absolutely correct, except I would add that you could skip digital and just buy a film camera. Cheaper in the long run. If my clients hadn’t insisted on digital, i would have never switched. i don’t regret digital, but I miss film (which I still use occasionally. Digital certainly offers some advantages over film, but film also has its pluses.

  • Andrew

    Admin, the first statement line needs correction:
    [in] basically says – should be “it basically says”.

  • uvafan420

    Don’t really care what Nikon Germany thinks/does. We only care what Nikon Japan thinks/does 😀

    I Am The D400!!!

  • Jeroen Wijnands

    So, in other words, screw you consumers! If you can’t sink 2k into a body and kit lens we don’t want your euros. Go and spend them at Canon or Sony!
    Fits the trend started with the NPS preferential treatment I suppose.

    • desmo

      If you can’t afford the camera
      you can’t afford the glass

      so get a D5300 and buy prosumer DX glass,
      some of which is quite good

  • Plug

    I’m middle class, can therefore think for myself, and want pro DX for specific well arguable reasons! This woman is horribly arrogant. DX for the plebs and FX for the well-heeled? UGH!! Do we have a new German-Japanese social axis? I hope not.

    • desmo

      I want my bobby

  • J Dub

    Prime example of why automated translation software sucks.

  • Spy Black

    There goes your D400…

  • vilaroimages

    I was a loyal DXer having the D70 and then the D300 for years (both flagship DXs in their time) and was always happy with the results i got. That was until i bought the D800E. Wow what a difference in all aspects of photography particularly, dynamic range, colour depth, detail, etc.
    Just before i bought the D800E i was using my pro FX lenses on the D300 shooting in RAW and the difference to those photos compared to the D800E shot in RAW with the same lenses is very noticeable. The advantages of photos shot with FX really come to light during post production work.

    • uvafan420

      Well I mean you did go from a 12 megapixel camera to a 36 megapixel camera did you not? The D7100/D600 comparison would be a little more in line of what a crop sensor is capable of at present time. Comparing an ancient D300 to a D800e is well…..

  • `/1nc3nt

    I think Germans are technology oriented and difficult to shift to new technology. This FX marketing madness maybe only relevant to this unique market.

    ps: I live there for more than 10 years. Don’t argue with me about the cultural understanding.

  • herman

    Don’t they realise “a strong POS presence” could be understood in 2 very different ways?

  • henning

    Does this suggest “no D400” to you?

  • neversink

    The King DX is dead!!!!
    Long Live King FX!!!!

    • DaveyJ

      DX has a following that you cannot deny. I have no intention of taking a FX expensive camera to a work site where today it is snowing and there is the chance of getting the camera damaged. I certainly am not going to take worthwhile photos with a “smart phone”. I have put such images on the screens we show clients and smart phones can’t exhibit usable quality. From about D3200 and up the quality seems to take a big leap.

  • tman

    Right now people have to be enticed to replace their DSLRs; markets pretty saturated and quality improvements in sensor year-over-year are pretty stagnant. FX is an obvious place to focus on selling. I don’t see why people here are offended that a marketting group is prioritizing the projects that are most key to their profits.
    I just hope they realize the price point for the middle-class is around $1000-1500.

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