Refurbished Nikon D600 for $1,325, D7100 for $890 and other deals

The price of refurbished Nikon D600 cameras dropped to $1,325 on eBay with free shipping and 180 days warranty from Roberts Camera, an authorized Nikon dealer (see other listings). Adorama still sells the refurbished D600 for $1,499. Refurbished Nikon D7100 cameras are now listed for $889.99 (free shipping, 180 days warranty). Here are few other Nikon deals (all limited quantity):

More refurbished Nikon products are available herehere, here and here.

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  • Oleg_M

    I don’t need this shit even for this price.

    • scoobydoowhereareyou

      you dont need it cause you dont have the money for it?

      • MostInterestingManInTheWorld

        And if he had the money, he wouldn’t know what to do with the camera.

        • Aldo

          Everyone knows that the green square is the pro setting. I’m sure he knows that as well.

    • Spy Black

      No, you need a life…

  • robert

    D600 w/24-85 for $1500 and im ready. sell the lens (across the pond) here for $400 and its $1100 for me. cmon adorama. dont let me down.

    • Aldo

      I don’t think it will be too long before we see d600 $999 body only.

      • Spy Black

        That’ll be awesome.

      • Joseph Li

        If that’s the case that’s the perfect full frame backup body

  • soobydoowhereareyou

    bought 2 last week and been shooting sport. and no dust issues. its always good to have a refurbish one. )

  • Joseph Li

    amazing price for full frame…prob the lowest i have seen, and u dont need to sell that kit lens

  • Celtic

    Clearing the decks for major changes? The battle is joined…

  • Dave

    So can we assume if its a refurbished unit that it has the same shutter as the D610?

    • I would not make that assumption.

    • Aldo

      yeah I think you have to a lot of whining and a lot of painful waiting without your camera including sending it a few times before they put the d610 shutter.

  • skaarj

    Looks like inspiration for another Tom Petty Hit…… Free falling yes I’m free falling……I AM FREE FALLIN

  • Andrew

    Incredible, awesome deal!

  • Jota

    What a shame.

  • cgw

    The D7100 refurbs aren’t exactly a killer deal when new D7100s with a 2-yr Canadian warranty are going for just shy of C$1000. Think they can do better in the US.

  • Spy Black

    This is awesome. It’s a great time to be a Nikon gear owner.

    • MostInterestingManInTheWorld

      It’s been always great to own Nikon gear, but it’s even better to actually use it.

  • Gil Aegerter

    With the D600, I’ve learned my lesson on buying early. Mine was at the top of the stack when the first shipment arrived at my local camera store. It produced excellent images out of the box (still does, when it works). But mine suffered from the dreaded oil spots, which required two services to expunge. All was well until my warranty expired in September — now the aperture actuation arm has failed. I could have held off for a year (as I did on the D300 — mine is still going strong five years later) and saved a thousand bucks! (Although, yes, I would have missed out on some shots that would have been difficult to get with the D300.) Next time, I’ll let the model shake out before I decide to buy.

  • Dpablo unfiltered

    Wow. The lowest price for a (Nikon) full frame EVER and nobody cares. I suppose we are all waiting for the play station 4 to come out or something. The market really IS fickle and TRENDY. And everyone is talking trash about the new camera that won’t have video. Wow. They could buy this on the cheap and shut up, but that wouldn’t give them enough things to complain about… I mean other than that they’re afraid to clean a sensor that someone else is complaining about…
    Also, can someone tell me how to focus a wide angle lens on a D800? I don’t know how to focus a wide angle lens…

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      And where is the D400? I know this is cheaper and the D710 has better images but I don’t know how to do anything but mash the shutter button and I’m out of bufferin. Does anybody have some more bufferin?

  • infrared conversion coming up

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