Nikon’s patent for a hybrid viewfinder (OVF & EVF)

Nikon hybrid viewfinder patent (1)Nikon hybrid viewfinder patent (2)

The latest Nikon patent from Japan is for a hybrid viewfinder (OVF & EVF) - something similar was filed few years ago. The patent describes an OVF/EVF switch as well as the ability to display zoomed-in or zoomed-out live view from the scene in the OVF:

In the camera which equipped the following Patent document with the image sensor which images an object image, The camera provided with the optical finder (OVF) which observes the object image of an optical image from an eye contacting part, and the electronic view finder (EVF) which carries out image display of the object image imaged by the aforementioned image sensor is disclosed. The electronic view finder is constituted from this conventional camera by the liquid crystal display panel arranged at the back face of a camera body.

In wanting to take a photograph in this conventional camera, looking at an object image more vividly, When wanting to take a photograph, observing the object image of an optical image with an optical finder, and checking a focus, exposure, etc., an object image can be observed by an electronic view finder, and two finders can be properly used according to a photographing condition etc.

Here are two electronic/hybrid viewfinder drawings from a reader:

Another Nikon hybrid viewfinder patent can be found here.

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  • Jacob Abrams

    Cool, this opens the door for silent shooting with no mirror slapping noise. That would be nice on film sets instead of needing a sound blimp.

  • Alex

    Cool! Bring it on!

  • Mark

    Perhaps in the D400 for use as a wildlife-capable camera. Sweet. I love this. But only because it offers both.

  • timon_comment

    In 2010 Canon filed of a patent is already close to a truly producible prototype, a hybrid pentaprism eye-level viewfinder system, it is capable switchable between optical view and electronic view, so the Live-View mode you also get an eye-level view way, (EVF). The EVF image directly comes from image sensor, no sub sensor.

    Looks like Canon aimed to develop a DSLR camera with multiple uses, Canon already filed some relevant patents in past 10 years. But, Canon lately got into bad performance of the built-in PD-AF, so looks like Canon helpless to delay a hybrid eye-level viewfinder plan into market.

    Since 2007, Canon have been using the shutter system hybrid-run method with the electronic 1st curtain and mechanical 2nd curtain, in Live-View mode.
    In 2011, Canon have filed patent solution to accurately fire photoflash system from electronic 1st shutter curtain mode.

    • Canon User

      Too bad Canon live view shooting sucks! I love the silent shooting mode though.

      • timon_comment

        LOL, a fake Canon User.

        With helpless lies to assist Nikon?

        Nikon do not need with your lies, no reward, not worth a farthing…

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Was this part of a competition among Canon trolls called “Let’s see how many times one can mention word Canon in three paragraphs on Nikon forum?”

      Well dodo, you succeeded…7 times and still without a context or any meaning could be a record.

  • Pat

    A OVF that can zoom-in should have been included on the D4 and D800. The zoom in would allow a magnified view in the the DX crop mode and 1.2x crop mode. The DX crop mode on the D800 would be a million times more useful if this simple feature is added.

    • ginza joe

      And that’s different from currently using a middle joystick button on D800 and D4 for a magnified view…how?

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