The name will be “Nikon DF”

The new retro FX DSLR camera will be called Nikon DF. The interesting part is that DF will stand for "Digital Fusion". I also have two new bits of information:

  • The AF system of the Nikon DF will be most likely the same as in the D610 with 39 points.
  • The Nikon DF will have settings for 1:1, 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The strange part here is the 16:9 ratio since the camera is expected not to have video.

I am now 100% sure that the D4H specifications I posted yesterday were 100% fake. Sorry about that.

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  • Read the FAQ

    I realize a lot of people want something inexpensive, but I’m willing to pay more for superb build quality with a ‘Made In Japan’ label. I’d prefer something really, really nice that I can own for a while and not cheap plastic blobs every two years despite any new sensor or processor they stick in it. A current D4 sensor (which is totally capable of producing top quality images) will still give me D4 image quality years from now. Image quality is definitely here now with digital but what tends to be missing are well-built cameras that are truly haptic and actually enjoyable to use. I’ve had my F3 for over 15 years and still use it; no reason why a solid digital camera with a current quality sensor and software can’t be used for that many years either. If I like what I see in a print from a D4 today, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t like that same print 15 years later.

    • Anonymous

      If it’s expensive, People will jump to A7/A7r which is expected to be superior to every Nikon/Canon flagship cameras.

      • Read the FAQ

        I guess that’s where I’ll probably go too. At least I can utilize my Leica lenses despite having to use an adapter. I was hoping for a high quality Nikon (like they used to make) that will use any of my existing Nikkors (AI/AIS, AF-D, and AF-S G.) The D4 sensor would have been fine for me (I have a D3s and D800E) but in a quality body that would become a perfect 35mm film replacement (i.e., small, well-built, unobtrusive, and enjoyable to use all the time.)

      • Sandy Bartlett

        “Superior to every Nikon”. Care to elaborate, because I believe you are talking pretty much BS.

      • Erik

        If Nikon does not screw this one up it will be significantly better than the A7/A7R. Probably more expensive, yes, but better! But if Nikon on the other hand screws this one up (like combining D4 sensor with D600 AF module) then price doesn’t really matter.

    • Read the FAQ

      Well, I just heard that this is going to be another cheap piece of plastic crap made in Thailand. Good for those people wanting an entry level FF to ‘re-discover photography’ or whatever. But now I’m no longer interested. I guess I’ll just stick with my D3s and D800E with all of their big plastic gooey goodness. So much for a ‘real’ camera that can use 50+ years of Nikkor lenses. This one is definitely ‘out of my hands’….

      • Kenny

        It doesn’t depend on where it is made. The quality depends on Nikon’s policy. It can be made in China with Titanium body.

        • Read the FAQ

          True. But the high end Nikons come out of Sendai. So “Made in Thailand’ is really just being synonymous with a ‘less expensive’ product. I doubt the D4 will ever be made in China or Thailand (but who knows with Nikon.) Nonetheless, marketing departments are very keen about what a consumer’s perception is about labor costs and geography, despite the realities of those perceptions.

      • Frank

        Plastic body cannot justify the 700g+ weight.

      • Sahaja

        You just heard from whom?

      • Drazen B

        You heard wrong.

    • Frank

      Fully agree. I dont see why we cannot use a nice digital camera for 5 or 10 years. Image quality is already good enough, higher resolution does not add value to most users.

  • I’m interested in small. I’d prefer metal, but if some plastic saves weight, go ahead. 16 MP is OK, if it’s the D4 sensor even better! What I’m worried about is putting the low-light king sensor in a package that won’t focus well in low light.

    • orpickaname

      magnesium. period.

      • Yeah, I tend that way too.
        And weather sealing.

    • Charttir

      “putting the low-light king sensor in a package that won’t focus well in low light”
      That is what concerns me a lot. D4’s sensor + D610 focus system
      Wil it really work well in low light? Time will tell soon.

      • I’m with you. If this rumor is true, it moves this from “instant buy” to “wait and see”.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Exactly. That D600/610 focus array sucks.

      • Erik

        Exactly! D4 sensor + D600 AF module makes no sense at all. It would turn the “Pure Photography” camera into the next Hasselblad Lunar!

  • Barb

    I also heard from Nikon’s office in my country that the price will be attractice. If this is true, can we assume that it will be lower than D610? Does is really make sense?
    And, if this is correct, it will explain perfectly why there is no D400. This is because there is no room for D400’s pricing.

    • Kyle

      I don’t believe it will be cheaper than D610. Not a chance.
      My best guess is that it will be a bit more expensive thatn D800. Just a bit.

  • leo

    guess the DF stands for digital and film, this is a hybrid camera, one can buy digital version with cmos sensor and later replace the sensor set with the film set if he likes to.

    • Retro-guy


  • DiScire

    two things:
    – a 1:1 ratio points at the instagram crowd, rather than the old 6×6 camera crowd, which could mean a lower price point:

    – I’m reading a lot of negative comments about the D600 focus system here, but I’m guessing that most of the negative commenters never shot with the camera?
    I was VERY concerned about the focus points packed in the centre, but I rented a D600 to test it, and bought the camera the next day.
    I have no problem with focus or where the points are, and I shoot in both good light and in almost dark, and my subject is mostly always off centre, often at the edge of the frame.

    would I like to have had them more spread out? yes, of course.
    does it bother me that they are not when shooting? not at all.
    it only bothers me when I think about it, not when I’m using the camera.

    • I’ve shot with the D7000. Isn’t it the same focusing system?

      • Sahaja

        Basically yes – but because of the crop factor on a DX D7000 the points are well spread out across much of the frame

      • Sandy Bartlett

        No, its upgraded to F8 capability. It is much better than the D7000. BTW, I have a D7000, D700 and D600. I would say the D700 is slightly better than the D600, key word being slight. I have never felt i missed a shot with my D600 that I would have gotten with the D700. The D600 destroys all the rest for IQ.

      • DiScire

        I owned a D7000 before, but I do feel like myD600’s AF is more responsive, especially in near dark.
        maybe it’s because I use better glass on the D600 than I did on the D700 ??

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      It bother me A LOT when shooting. I had either “focus-recompose”, which cost me a lot of shots because I shoot moving performers or I have to shoot like a point-and-shooter and shoot everything center frame and crop later, which adds a lot of time to my workflow. I have to shoot a concert, edit, caption, and upload before the next AM. It was a huge problem for me.

      • DiScire

        that’s weird, because I too shoot concerts and moving stuff, and had no problem.
        I don’t use the auto focus in the complete auto mode though, I pick one focus point that I can change the position of with the thumbdial…

        I never have my camera set to fully automatic (although I do have one of my user presets set to that, in case I’m giving my camera to somebody else to take a picture with. they’d be confused by my settings)

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          I never said I use auto mode. I always shoot single point AF and Manual for just about everything.

          The problem is that if I want to place the subject at the edge of the frame there are no AF points there. Hence focus/recompose or use one of the AF points that are all crammed in the middle then crop it later.

  • Northerntrumpeter

    What do you reckon? A video a week for 6 weeks…creating quite a fuss…then a camera that most people were not hoping for. I reckon whatever it is will be superb, but it’ll cost somewhere between the D610 & D800, which will rule out most people. Hopefully will rival the D3s & D4 in ISO performance, but not frame rate. Won’t really be retro look, although the shape will be similar to the film cameras. That’s my view. I might stretch to it if I’m right about the ISO and if it comes in under the D800.

  • Matt

    While other camera camps discuss about 4K support, Nikon decided to lanch a camare wihtout video capability, which now is a must in every camera. What’s wrong with you? Nikon…You fail me.

    • Then buy a goddamn video camera with 4k. What’s wrong with you people?

      • Wendy

        4K is required for any camera. Nikon must not miss the train !!!!!!

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          4K? Nikon needs to be ahead of the curve, 8K at least!

          Seriously though, 4K isn’t required on ANY DSLR. Get a video camera for pro video.

          • Erik

            Wrong. 4K video is the new stills photography.

            • Sahaja

              Video? Buy a Canon, Panasonic, Sony…
              Even another model Nikon.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              Taking a photo of a painting, printing it on canvas and calling it a painting doesn’t make one a painter. Shooting a video and grabbing the best looking frame doesn’t make one a still photographer.

              That’s pretty much the apex of “spray and pray”.

              I mean if that’s what you’re into, cool, but to me photography is more than that. It’s the art and skill of composing along with the final output.

    • Mark Alan Thomas

      This is what I want. A digital camera with minimal functionality, like my FE.

      • That’s what I want too. Compact, pure, simple.

    • Sahaja

      Every other DSLR now has video – so if you want video there are plenty of other choices – now those who don’t want video will have an option too.

  • Ooops

    DF is a contraction of DUFF

  • Lamar

    Actually has anyone considered the “hybrid camera”, because it doesn’t say viewfinder, could mean a number of things. Hybrid viewfinder,,,,, It could mean they have a mechanical and electronic shutter like the FM3 but there would be any reason for that since it has to have power to run the cpu / imaging system. It could also mean it has the capability of using film or digital. A couple of years ago Nikon patented some parts for a digital back system for 35mm film cameras. Would be interesting if you had a digital module you could pop out and shoot a roll of film when you wanted.

    • Right. The whole “fusion” and hybrid thing is still wide open.

    • Crackity Jones

      It could also refer to a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine with a battery-based backup recharged by regenerative button-pressing.
      Now THAT would be revolutionary.

    • decisivemoment

      If it’s a hybrid shutter, let’s hope it’s a Nikon 1 type of thing where it can capture really fast bursts in electronic mode . . .

  • George

    Wait a minute…. Look at his finger and shutter button.
    Where is control panel screen? Heck! What a big mistake.

    • Wosis

      Something looks odd at the back of the penatprism housing – what’s the bulge under what seems to be the hotshoe??

      • Abraham Collins

        Could be a transceiver with another accessory shoe. Like the mini tt1.

      • Sahaja

        The EVF part of the hybrid finder

      • TheInConvenientRuth

        probably just a viewfinder eyecup. Especially useful if you use the VF for reviewing if there’s no LCD as some (not me…) suggest…

    • I wondered about that too, and how you’ll set the ISO.
      Quick menu like the x100s?

      • Retro-guy

        Why not exactly like on a FE2/FM3A?

    • Bryan

      I’m thinking about that too. Without control panel screen, how to set, manage, and view ISO, mode, bracket, etc ??

      • MisterF

        We have been doing it for many years…

        • Retro-guy

          I would like 1/2000s and 1/4000s too. Otherwise it looks perfect. I’m afraid it will not be as good as this, though.

          • rosshj
          • MisterF

            Here you have it, just perfect, the FE2. Love it.

            • decisivemoment

              Loved everything about that except the viewfinder. Horrible for glasses-wearers, and about as dim as a haunted house. But otherwise, what a great design. This is what I hope the DF will look like. Probably it will need an aperture ring around the throat of the lens mount as well in order to make up for all those stupid G lenses.

            • Retro-guy


    • tap0

      you do not need a control panel. the shutter dial will indicate shutter speed, and the aperture ring will indicate aperture. all the other details will be displayed in the large viewfinder.

      • True

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          To be fair, in the dark that LCD can be nice. I’m not going to blow a gasket over it, but it’s a helpful feature for some.

    • Lamar

      Looks a lot like my F2. Everything you need will be there.

      • Lamar Lamb

        one more time….

    • Anny

      The camera in this picture reminds me of my FM3

    • decisivemoment

      You suppose it will have a manual shutter cocking lever, or is that a little bit too much retro authenticity? In any case, a nice looking machine from a distance. I’m looking forward to seeing it close up.

    • RichManToy

      Agree! Lack of control panel makes it more difficult and much time-consuming to control ISO, compensaton, bracket, …actually every parameter. However this is a not problem for experience users, but it will be nightmare for young photographers or apprentices, sadly.

  • jackleeeen

    Dimensions: 143.5 x 110 x 66.5mm = 75% bigger than A
    Weight: 765g = 60% heavier than A7
    16.2MP = 33% fewer pixels than A7, 55% fewer than A7R

    No video … still has a mirror. Only advantage is huge selection of existing FX lenses (new and legacy) without adapters.

    • hexx

      And hopefully won’t feel like a fax machine too. Always hated PASM dial, main reason I left Nikon DSLR camp and didn’t get Sony RX1. That A7(r) isn’t any better, just another fax. Nikon might do it right with this cam. I’d sell my X-Pro1 with lenses as there wouldn’t be any point to have two 16mp cams. Would add X200 when it comes. Really, really want this new Nikon to have shutter speed dial and I have old lenses.

    • decisivemoment

      Dimensions, same as Nikon F3. Weight, same as Nikon F3. Pixels, an advantage if you prefer raw to JPEG, and about the same as the film you’d put in a Nikon F3. No video, like a Nikon F3 . . . . you get the picture.

      The F3 is a great film camera and there are a lot of people who will be very well served by having a digital version of it. They’re not going to be nitpicking the specs; they’re going to be drooling over the camera because of what it reminds them of.

  • Crackity Jones

    I think the price is more likely to be in the D610-or-less territory than in the D800-or-more territory in part because the DF will likely be paired with a 50/1.8 lens. At a certain price point, purchasers would insist that the a 1.4. Such disjointment in the marquee kit doesn’t seem likely to me.

    • Erik

      If price is more in D600 territory than D800 wouldn’t the quality then be more in D600 territory too? I’d rather see really high quality camera with a higher price than the opposite.

      • Imperious Images

        What would you say is the difference in “quality” between the D600 & D800? Beside more mpx and weather sealing, it’s not much. Especially considering what would be needed for a retro styled body.

        • decisivemoment

          Metal innards and bottom as opposed to plastic; a faster shutter with a higher duty cycle; less lag time and less viewfinder blackout time; better autofocus; and all that mechanical gearing that enables full aperture control with video and LiveView but also adds a centimeter to the height of the camera. That’s really about it cost-wise, plus what you mentioned.

          The retro body presumably gets the first few features on that list; we’ll have to see whether it gets the better autofocus; and it definitely loses all that costly and bulky aperture control stuff because why have it with no video and less of an emphasis on modern features like Liveview?

          But I fear there’s enough there substantively that combined with retro style points it hits the D800 price point rather than the D600 one.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            My source says below the D800, but higher than D600. That’s all I could weasel out of him. I’d say $2500.

      • decisivemoment

        Logically, no (saving money on various things like video should free up money for a stronger build) but I fear in terms of marketing placement, you’re probably right. So I have to say I’m thinking the $3,000 rumors are more likely than the $2,000 ones, because I don’t think they’re marketing this as an entry-level. Kind of crazy we even think of $2,000 as an “entry-level” price, but that’s full-frame DSLR photography for you.

  • Jeff Curtner

    Now I start to wonder if the DF actually doesn’t have an LCD in the back when considering the depth of the leaked spec is at least 10mm thinner than existing Nikon DSLR’S: 66.5 vs 82mm (D610/800) and 77mm (D700). The hybrid OVF/EVF will serve the purpose of back LCD. This will not only reduce the thickness of the camera but also reduce power consumption.

    Also as previous posters suggest based on the enlarge photo, DF also doesn’t have a shoulder LCD as settings are on the mechanical dials already.

    • Jeff Curtner

      The D40 and it’s variants D40x and D60 thickness is only 64mm. So it is possible to have a back LCD within 66.5mm.

    • decisivemoment

      It’s got to have an LCD. It might have a pretty shrunken grip though, something more like the thumb grip on the F3 than the big bulbous thing on most DSLRs. That would definitely shrink the front-to-back dimensions. Lose the grip on the D800, for example, and the lens mount-to-LCD dimension drops into the high 60s.

  • What’s the image used for this post from?

  • walter white

    “DF” = Dust Free

    Am sure someone beat me to it, but so what, it fits (hopefully).

  • TylerVPhotoGuy

    I’m going to go out on the limb here and say I don’t believe the “digital fusion” thing. Wouldn’t a retro camera made after the F3 and has the initials “DF” mean “Digital F”?

    • Sahaja

      They had F, FM, FE, FA – I wonder why they didn’t just use FD.

      • Knowit

        ‘Coz the other camera company were already using FD

  • decisivemoment

    If they’d have offered this camera a year ago I wouldn’t now be shooting D800s, as simple as that. But as it is, I’ve found the high resolution to be strangely addictive even though I came into the D800 regarding the resolution as its one significant disadvantage. It gives incredible detail when you want it, and very good in-camera JPEGs when you don’t need 36mp NEFs. I hope Nikon offers the retro in multiple resolutions . . .

  • macman

    Maybe it’s hybrid – two sensors in one with RGB and BW mode… Or it’s hybrid, because the AF is part of the sensor

  • Scott M.

    Pure Photography video #2 is up at
    It will not open for me but maybe someone else can make it work

  • Quintas

    What’s happening? Nikon just removed “pure photography” from product line?

  • Roger

    Doesnt look like FM2 at all…. which is good

  • TinusVerdino


  • decisivemoment

    Why not more aspect ratio choices? 5:4 is certainly useful on the D800. And I think you could even make a case for 1.2x. (Also, note to Nikon, how about firmware updating us D800 owners for 1:1?)

  • nathanphotographer

    I have this! Well almost……. I shoot with a full frame Nikon D700, and I currently have 5 manual focus Ai or Ai-S lenses, in addition to over 10 autofocus lenses. They all work in Aperture Priority and Manual mode, and they all give me a focus confirmation in the viewfinder. I have an optical viewfinder, I can shoot in 14 bit RAW. Size and weight without my Nikon grip resembles a film camera.

    I LOVE the 28mm f2.8 Ai-S 8 element lens, which focuses down to 6 inches, combined with my D700 body. I even have a silver B+W filter on the front, which gives it a total retro look.

    See it here:

    You can buy this combination used for usually under $1700. You can also do it with a new D610, for under $2300 (with a lens), and this is even smaller and lighter.

    MANY Nikon shooters don’t know this wonderful secret, that in Non-CPU lens mode you can get TERRIFIC glass for cheap, and you get to manualy turn that aperture ring, as well as ALWAYS focus on what you want! And you get a real optical viewfinder! You can do this with any 3 or single digit model Nikon DSLR (except D1 and D100), as well as the 7000 series. And focusing takes less time then putting the camera to your eye!

  • LonePilgrim

    Digital Fusion doesn’t seem right to me. Sounds to me that the ‘F’ is more like referring to the original Nikon F making it simply Digital F

    • Nik F.

      I agree with you.

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