Nikon’s schedule of presentations at the 2013 PDN Photo Plus Expo


credit: PDN Photo Plus Expo

This is Nikon's schedule of presentations at the 2013 PDN Photo Plus Expo in New York:

Nikon schedule of presentations at the 2013 PDN Photo Plus Expo

Unfortunately this year I will not be able to attend the show. If you see any interesting products or if you just want to share some images from the show's floor, please send me an email.

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  • sam

    sounds cool

  • One More Thought

    Some amazing photographers presenting. Would be nice to be there.

    Undoubtedly, the one thing most on minds of Nikon fans is the new Nikon DF. Will anyone get to see it there in a private showing? Will anyone hint at it?

    If Nikon gets it right, and I believe they will, the new DF will be a huge hit for them…and not just in sales, but the buzz and excitement will re-energize the brand.

    • zoetmb

      I was at the show today for a few hours. No DF in the booth, but of course I have no idea if they showed anything privately. I did get to spend a few minutes with the new 58mm 1.4, but just looking at the rear LCD, it didn’t blow me away like I though it might. Just as well because I didn’t want to spend $1700 on it.

      I did play a bit with the Sony A7/A7r and was quite impressed that they could squeeze a full frame sensor into such a small package. I didn’t love the electronic viewfinder, but this is what the Nikon 1 series should have been, IMO. I don’t think it’s too late for Nikon because if Nikon came out with a similar body with controls consistent with the larger bodies that could optionally use F-mount, but also had a new mount for physically smaller lenses (although the CX mount probably wouldn’t work), I think that could be a killer camera and I’d be happier not having to completely switch systems. I’d probably still drag out the big stuff for when I shoot events like concerts, but as a walk around camera, I think that small size is really ideal. I’d even like it better if it was slightly larger.

      Both Canon and Sony were doing “professional service” repairs in their booths. I think they were regular paid repairs, but I wasn’t sure whether this was equipment dropped of at the show or whether they brought repairs with them from their respective offices. One could argue that it gave the impression that their cameras/lenses need to be repaired, but I think it was impressive that they considered repairs and professional services to be important enough to have a presence. If Nikon had done that and promised back same-day or next day repairs, I would have dropped off a bunch of lenses.

      • Danonino

        Why Nikon does not put an aps-c sensor in the Nikon CX-mount is beyond me. Nikon could have ruled both the mirrorless and the dslr market. I am going Fuji next time I upgrade my gear.

        • Sports

          They were too afraid of taking sales from their own DSLR range.

        • Col

          Of course, you could actually try using the N1 system. Even make some real prints. I think you would be pleasantly surprised. Don’t be taken in by camera manufacturer propaganda. Just because a sensor is smaller doesn’t mean it’s not as good.

          • phil

            but it’s only as good, as the best P&S.
            Unlike the better MFT cameras, it can not compete with DSLRs in terms of IQ. In fact, it doesn’t come anywhere close.
            I own a D7000 and a J1 myself. The difference in IQ is absolutely obvious.

            • groucher

              But your D7000 doesn’t do 60 fps or 800mm equiv if you fix the J1 to a 300mm lens. The kit zoom with the 30 – 110mm vr lens get you from 27mm to 300mm equiv. in a compact package that weighs only a few ounces.

              Yes, the DSLR gives better IQ when pixel peeping but I bet you couldn’t tell the difference between a D7000 and J1 A3 print or when displayed on an HD telly.

            • phil

              I don’t need the reach. I bought the J1 just for the video recording features (full time manual control & 720p @60fps), and to have a small camera to take to the beach etc.

              I can tell the difference even when I look at the pictures zoomed out to fit my 22″ monitor. The N1 pictures obviously lack the dynamic range of the D7000, and are a lot noisier. Not to mention the lack of DOF control – and no, I won’t shell out a grand for the 32mm f1.2 that exists just because the system is not really capable of blurring away stuff.

            • Col

              At least you actually own an N1 camera, unlike the majority who criticise it without ever having used one, so respect to you for that.

              The key is finding a camera that fits the photographer’s needs. I need a camera that I can work with intuitively, is small, fast and rugged and allows me to make gorgeous prints up to A3 size. I don’t need poster sized prints (I don’t sell giant sized images in galleries) or ISO 25,600 (I don’t shoot black cats in coal cellars at midnight). For people who ‘need’ those things, there are plenty of other cameras out there. The CX sensor works brilliantly for me though, and I’m glad they didn’t go for a larger sensor with hight cost for bodies and lenses. Why do people whose needs are different hammer Nikon for the N1 system because it’s not what THEY want. People demand innovation and original thinking from camera companies and then criticise a company like Nikon when they do just that because it doesn’t have this size sensor or that number of buttons. Granted, Nikon screwed up on the original V1/J1 pricing but it’s time that people moved on from that. It doesn’t affect the quality of images that the cameras can produce.

              Incidentally, I seriously doubt whether many of the people who are saying Nikon should have put a 24mp DX sensor or whatever in the N1 system actually do make those gallery size (or any size for that matter) prints. They just pixel peep on their screens and declare ‘their’ camera better (before ‘upgrading’ the moment something new and shiny comes along).

            • phil

              30-110mm = 81-297mm equiv, not 27-300

            • neversink

              Maybe you can’t tell the difference, but I can tell the difference, particularly in a print but also on a monitor — and so can many many photographers. Otherwise, we’d all be using j1/V1toys.

        • KnightPhoto

          Clearly Nikon IS going to put a DX sensor in the Nikon 2 and it will happen soon enough. Is that 2014 or 2015, I can’t tell you, but surely it’s got to be not all THAT far away.

          Putting the CX mount on the DX mirrorless would be fantastic, and if that explains the large diameter on the Nikon 1, that would be great news! We could then natively mount our DX mirrorless lenses on our CX cameras without having to use the FT-1 lens adapter. And vice versa our CX lenses could be mounted on our DX mirrorless much like today where we can mount and use our DX lenses on our FX cameras! And that’s where Nikon should build all their missing DX primes, for the mirrorless DX camera.

          There is also clearly going to be an FX mirrorless to come – it’s just a matter of when isn’t it?

        • decisivemoment

          Why people like you beat up on Nikon CX in this way is, on the other hand, all too clear. The failure of marketing and education on Nikon’s part is absolutely staggering. But I urge you and others who are like-minded to just pick up a Nikon 1, whichever body is the least irritating to you, get past the quirks, get past the dimensions of the sensor, and just look at the photos. It really is an astonishing camera; I can’t think of anything else that so effectively covers peoples’ imperfections and technical failures as photographers with automated high performance in terms of accurate focus, metering, image stabilization, tonality, and color reproduction — and then to do all of that at up to 60 frames a second.

          • neversink

            Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah blah! I have picked up the N1 series. Great concept, but the IQ is compromised and it feels just like another flimsy point and shoot. Yes, I might pick up the new waterproof version for kayaking, but I will use it knowing its limitations.

      • neversink

        When Nikon had there gallery at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, one could bring in cameras and lenses and they would test them and evaluate them and clean them for free. Other repair services required a fee. It was a great place to view photos, go to lectures and play with equipment. It was the only time I ever got to use the rare 13mm lens. The rep attached the lens to my F2 body and said, go ahead and take it outside for a few minutes. I doubt today any rep would allow you to do that. So I took a few snaps with it and was amazed several days later after I developed the pics, and wished I could have afforded it. Who knew that three decades later the same 13 mm lens would go for many time that on eBay? Who knew there would be an eBay? Instead I opted to purchase a used, but mint condition, 15mm f/3.5 Ais lens with what was more than my next months rent money.

      • umeshrw

        Nikon has been doing service(free) and repairs(free to a small extent) in photo expo in india for some years now. They even clean your lenses( outer and simple to do elements) for free.Surprisingly canon refuses to take part in the exhibitions where nikon is one of the prime sponsors.

  • aarif

    I already predicted the mane with be DF1 3 days ago here and on
    dpr, lets see if the 1 part will be correct too

    • Johnny Dough

      Mane? Stop horsing around!

      • Hulyss Bowman
  • I would go just for Joe McNally.

    • Jeroen Wijnands

      Joe’s always fun to watch. Great showman and he can make lighting a scene with 6 flashes look easy.


      Joe is a lackey. F^@k Joe and his junk. Fools. Fools, I tell you!!!

  • Mardock

    Did Tamara Lackey switch to Nikon? Thought she was a Canon shooter?

  • Steve Griffin

    So where’s the touted 300 F4 VR?

    • YUP its true

      its the kit lens for the NIKON DF !


    Let’s all just get down on our knees and S$%K some pro photog ass.

  • neversink

    The last time I went to the Photo Show in NY, was in the early 1990s with my good friend and colleague, Bert Miller, who used to shoot for Black Star…. We both looked at the Kodak digital camera, the DCS mounted to a revamped Nikon body (was it the F3?) in amazement, disbelief and amusement. I still have some 8×10 photos of myself and Bert that the Kodak rep at the show clicked and printed for me. It didn’t help Kodak much, but it certainly did ultimately and forever change photography. Nearly everyone today uses a digital camera, whether it be there phone camera or a Phase One. Even my wife has become quite proficient using my backup D700. She loves it. I’ll miss this show, living in Kenya now, but I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway, as much as I like to drool over some of the equipment.

  • matprat

    Hey, is that Josh Groban???

  • preston

    Nikon should cut all associations with this thief –

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