Nikon software compatibility with Windows 8.1


Nikon published a notice about the software products that will be supported in Windows 8.1:

  • ViewNX 2
  • Capture NX 2
  • Camera Control Pro 2
  • Short Movie Creator
  • Nikon Message Center 2
  • Wireless Transmitter Utility (WT-4 Setup Utility)
  • Thumbnail Selector
  • NEF codec
  • NRW codec
  • IPTC Preset Manager
  • GP-N100 Utility

The following products will not be supported:

  • Capture NX Ver. 1.x
  • Camera Control Pro Ver. 1.x
  • Nikon Capture series
  • ViewNX Ver. 1.x
  • Nikon Transfer Ver. 1.x
  • PictureProject
  • Nikon View series
  • Nikon Scan series
  • PictureProject COOLPIX Remote Control
  • WT-3 Setup Utility
  • Wireless Camera Setup Utility
  • Wireless Connecting Utility
  • Nik Color Efex Pro 2.0
  • my Picturetown Utility
  • USB driver for GP-1
  • Image Authentication Software
  • PC-PJ Transfer
  • Uplink Software
  • Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 Complete Edition
  • Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 Select Edition

For a list of Nikon software supported in Windows 8 see this post.


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  • Jim

    Yes…Yes…more news on DF please… 🙂

  • DafOwen

    It’s worth suggesting – that it’s definitely worth keeping up to date with software, especially if you purchase new camera bodies.
    Although old software may LOOK like it’s working – there could be some critical issues. And remember all your coputers, not just the main one.
    I almost lost a whole wedding’s worth of images due to old version of Nikon Transfer.


    • micro$sloth

      I suppose this would be important news to those of us who are willing to buy a computer running windows 8. Personally I haven’t met any.

      • DafOwen

        Boss at work needs a new laptop.
        I think we’re actively looking to avoid Windows 8, looking at Windows 7 machines instead. 😉
        Thankfully the market is still about 50/50

        • m35g35

          Actually people spend more time on hating Windows 8 than trying to figure it out. Took me a whole 5 minutes. People write dissertations why they hate it so much. Then all of sudden they try it and wonder why they even bothered with Windows 7. Been on it since its release last year and have not looked back. Anytime the kernel is improved time to move on.

          • Chimphappyhour

            Yup. And if the tiles are that much of a problem, there’s a little program someone made that’ll boot straight into a traditional screen.

          • DafOwen

            (Most) People hate change.

            OMG!!! Facebook has changed the layout again – The end is nigh! 😉

            • DafOwen

              BTW – my work PC is still on Windows XP! Ha.
              (That’s mostly due to it being 6years old and boss hates spending money 😉 )

  • Chimphappyhour

    Guess I can wait a little bit to upgrade to 8.1 until they make sure things are sorted.

  • Bill Pahnelas

    not sure what “not supported” here means… i use nik color efex pro 3 with NX2, and don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon. if that means i have to avoid win 8.1, so be it. i don’t have any problem with windows 8, since all i do on my PC is browse the web and post-process pictures. it does both of those just fine…

    • bob smith

      thats not good. i live on capture nx2 and color efex. since nik/google dropped support for capture, i am not sure we will see a solution. has anyone tested color efex in capture with win 8.1?

      • Ge Yunkin

        Yes,it works perfectly!

    • Ric

      NX Ver 1 is not supported. NX2 is.

    • PaulK

      Just did a fresh install of CNX2 and Color Efex Pro 3.0 Complete Edition on my Win 8.1 machine.
      Installed and runs perfectly fine.

      • Bill Pahnelas

        that’s what i was hoping, and it quite often works out just that way. still, until someone tries it and confirms it works, i get antsy about updating. once upon a time, windows live mail worked with ViewNX for e-mailing photos, when MS released an update and it no longer did. i scrambled like mad to find a copy of the old version to downgrade, and got lucky… so you never know when a new version of something is going to jump up and bite you in the ass…


      It just means that Nikon won’t help with any issues on Win 8.1.
      Nothing new there then.

  • FredBear

    If MS stopped changing Windows so often maybe we’d get NX3? 😉
    Just when Nikon had finished the new NX3 for Windows 7, MS come out with version 8. (It’s nice to dream …)

  • nxain

    I’ve been running NX2 on Windows 8.1 since the preview release (@5 months?). It’s been stable as a rock with no problems.

    • umeshrw

      But is nik efex 3 working on it? Can you please tell?

      • Ge Yunkin


        • umeshrw

          Thank you.

  • decisivemoment

    This looks like a big spring cleaning for Nikon. Unfortunately, unlike Apple, it isn’t accompanied by giving away all the version upgrades for free . . .

  • Bill

    Seems to me that the important thing here is this shows Nikon is backing away even more from CNX. To ‘not support’ the only plug-ins that were available for CNX in a new release of the O/S is not exactly a vote of support, whether they actually work at the moment in 8.1 or not. Who knows what effects the the next updates for Win8 will have, and Nikon is saying that if they break the plug-ins, tough – we won’t provide a fix.

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