More on Nikon’s “Pure Photography” campaign

There is another image with a better view of the retro-styled Nikon DSLR camera:

It appears that there will be a total of 6 teaser videos for the new camera (see the first video here):

Nikon Imaging already has a dedicated spot for the new camera on their website - the link goes to a new page that has this description:

"Nikon presents a series of short movies depicting a photographer roaming through Scotland with a camera as his only companion. Discover how he reunites with his creative self during this uniquely ambitious trip."


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  • FinchBug

    What an amusement for the guys at Nikon, who have it in front of their eyes.

  • finally

    Little bit CSI advanced image sharpening.
    processing …………………………

    • Hastings Huggins

      I wish…

  • Mark123456

    got to compete with the Sony a7R.

  • Hastings Huggins

    Will Nikon follow the Leica model of charging more for less?

    • fjfjjj

      That is part of a “prestige brand” strategy, so no.

  • PeterO

    I AM ASHAMED to have been such an impure photographer up until now. Repent! and be cleansed when you buy this PURE photographic instrument. For once it seems the marketing people have it right. So many people will fall for this. Well done Nikon!

  • mikeswitz

    No matter what this camera turns out to be there are going to be a lot of posters saying “that’s it I’m going to Sonynon”

    • mikeswitz

      And then of course buy the camera anyway.

  • mikeswitz

    Nikon are now tweeting the “episodes”

  • newoldmate

    Soo many fanbois.

    The comments here are as ridiculous as those made on the Sony A7 rumors.

    If the rumored price of 3 grand is true, then this thing is already losing against the Sony.

    No video too? Sony.

    If the Sony has the shorter mount to sensor distance, then it wins again. More lenses.

    Pure photography? Nah, I think you guys are a touch excitable. But looking at what Nikon has released over the last 5 years, it wouldn’t take much. Things haven’t changed much since I owned a d70s, just the model numbers.

    If you want pure digital photography, buy yourself a nice used Epson R-D1 and some lenses. Close the LCD, put a case on it and enjoy.

    • Mike

      You’re right. We are ashamed.

  • Scott

    Since we are all just milling about here waiting with baited breath for any scrap of information.

    Question for you fellow photographers.

    Would you buy an almost completely manual/mechanical camera? I mean as close as it could done of course?

    What I mean is an FX sensor, manual focus only, mechanical shutter speed dial and aperture ring ala AIS lenses, no priority or program modes or at least bury them in a menu. ISO selection on the shutter speed dial. Mechanical shutter including the need to wind it. Maybe you could add a grip with autowinder. Hell maybe it would be compatible with a classic model just for kicks.

    Still a screen for reviewing and tweaking exposure, you can turn it off if you so chose. A relatively simple meter. The only extra buttons beyond a classic manual focus and exposure SLR would be for going into the menus and adjusting and reviewing photos.

    All in a metal/leatherette body.

    Would you be into a camera like that. Cause I think for a really affordable price I would be.

    • Hm, no. I still like AF and a reasonable FPS.

      • Scott

        Totally understandable. I was thinking of it being more as a second body for more relaxing photography. Definitely more of a hobbyist body or pro on his off time. 🙂

    • Killroy™

      Absolutely. If they made it RAW only (no JPGs) then I would get two.

      • Scott

        You don’t want that dirty JPG anywhere near even your menu? LOL


        • Killroy™

          JPGs are for lazy bastards that don’t know how to post. 😉

          • Scott

            Hey I was that bastard for a while! I was perfecting my camera technique I’ll have you know! 😀

            JPG only and no screen so you’re shooting slides! 😀

            • Aldo

              All the photogs addicted to raws should try some jpegs for a while… then when they go back to raw, they will be amazed at how much they have improved their technique.

            • Alan Fullmer

              How naive you must be to let the camera do all the adjustments for you.

              Here’s a simple example you can learn. Take the same shot, same settings, (same everything) on a Nikon and Canon. Wow they look different! Yeah, let’s let the engineers at Canon and Nikon decide what sharpening and color correction we should be happy with.

          • Scott

            Hey I was that bastard for a while! I was perfecting my camera technique I’ll have you know! 😀

            JPG only and no screen so you’re shooting slides! 😀

            • Killroy™

              Hand held light meter and never ever chimp. Best way to get better.

            • Scott

              I’d still rather confirm, just cause the light meter likes things doesn’t mean I’m going to like it.

              Even that subtle difference can miss your intention at times.

              I hear where your coming from though.

            • Aldo

              Light meters were more important during the film era.

            • Killroy™

              Contradict yourself much? You say shoot JPG because you are worried about exposure but you don’t use a light meter? Last time I checked, digital has a lot lower exposure range on JPG than slide film.

            • Aldo

              Do I have to say the obvious? You couldn’t see a picture right away when shooting film… unless you shot polaroid test shots.

            • Killroy™

              When you use a light meter you don’t need to (shoot Polaroids). I trust my hand held meter and know how to use it.

            • Aldo

              You should re-read these last three post and you will discover it is you who contradicts. You don’t need polaroids because you trust your light meter… thus the importance of light meters when shooting film =]

            • Alan Fullmer

              Killroy ignore him, he clearly has no clue how raw or jpg actually work.

            • Alan Fullmer

              Wait a sec.. could have just sworn you said… forget it, nevermind… keep shooting with your point and click.

            • Aldo

              light meters belong in the studio.

            • Killroy™

              Said no one ever.

            • Aldo

              says I =]

            • Alan Fullmer

              You should stay out of the studio then.

          • Aldo

            Excuse me? I can say that RAW’s are for lazy photogs who don’t want to bother getting a good exposure/whitebalance at the time of shooting. They shoot raw because they are afraid their jpegs will fail miserably… It takes more skill to shoot good jpegs than just to shoot raw.

            • Alan Fullmer

              I hope you’re joking… just scanning your comment again to see any shred of joke.

              Just because it’s in raw doesn’t mean it isn’t exposed properly. Last I checked everything is recorded. Otherwise we would just walk around shooting in auto mode all day and “fix it later.” Sad it doesn’t work that way.

    • John

      Yes. But as long as it has a fantastic viewfinder meant for manual focusing and a really good rear LCD.

      • Scott

        Most definitely a fantastic viewfinder and focusing screen!

        And yeah I don’t think I could go back to no screen LOL

    • fjfjjj

      Not quite, but almost. I would buy a full-frame digital body with manual shutter-winding and no AF, but only *with* priority modes, and preferably *without* review screen. The damn rear LCD is the source weight, thickness, and poor photographic discipline. A histogram view on the top-plate LCD would be necessary, unless the highlight rolloff was comparable to the performance of silver halide (organic sensors will deliver this eventually).

    • Aldo

      I will not… I have my F3 for whenever I hit a photographic mid life crisis.

    • 103David

      My answer would be, “yes” but you should know that raw files already have JPEG files buried in them.
      They’re what you’re looking at when you’re chimping your great shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sorry.

      • Scott

        Golden Gate LOL

        Yep and I have no issue with that. In fact I start at the standard JPEG settings when I’m editing. 😛

        I use View NX2 for my raw editing.

  • John

    Since he says “It’s In My Hands Again” I suspect it looks a lot like an FM3A

  • lancecouzens

    why does retro have to mean regressive? personally, i found starting out with an auto focus 35mm film slr and eventually switching to an all manual medium format slr to be a progression for me.

    • fred

      That is a bit like best way to learning to drive a car.

      Start with Auto gearbox to learn HOW to drive then once proficient with rules of the road and car handling, learn to select and change gears with a manual car.

      • lancecouzens

        I like this analogy, especially since i drive a manual and view it as the only pure way to drive 🙂

  • Don

    Oh, maybe a hybrid viewfinder and no LCD – that could be interesting. I love the 1/2 second review of shots after I take them in my Fuji.. Bring it on Nikon!

  • Celtic

    They would have brought the house down by positioning between the D600 and D300s.

  • Mike

    My ideal camera would be 12MP sensor with exceptional low light and dynamic range capabilities. Fair shutter speed (5fps) and very high resolution LCD screen for image review. Throw in a few gimmicks like the panorama feature on the iphone and I think you’ll have a great purist’s camera.

    Pure photography in my mind is about composition. Not so much about brute specs and high performance. Give me a good image in a light camera that is mobile. Don’t need the video, hardly use it on my camera anyways. If they can through in GPS, bluetooth and wifi capabilities it would be much appreciated.

  • Ivan Feign

    I am SO excited

  • Donsantos

    I’m glad the other specs were fake

  • Funduro

    Bad image quality, can’t make out much. Must have been a Canon FF DSLR.

  • Captain Megaton

    I still can’t believe I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing: The Nikon FM4.

  • Aldo

    “Pure Photography” = no 51point focusing system, no expeed 4 and no video, because we know you love retro…

  • Zack

    First two sounds is him adjusting the shutter knob. Third sound is a mechanical shutter, yes a mechanical shutter, taking a long exposure.

    • Zack

      And a hundred bucks says it’ll have a split prism screen.

  • French Fries

    In the teaser you hear two clicks. I think those come from an aperture ring.

    Also I think this camera will come with manual focus and NO display on the back – That’s pure photography and saves a ton of battery power.

    This is why he can be alone with no other tools in a pure natural environment.

    • I don’t think that will be the case.

    • Scott

      I’m up for almost anything but not no screen.

      I suspect it would also really limit it’s marketability.

      People can always turn the screen off.

  • FM2n

    It looks huge, much larger than a classic FM2 etc. For me, this loses ALL its appeal for a small compact FF camera

  • Sascha Sorbo

    Is there anyone out there who shares my fear that (again) they won’t implement (finally) a (f*****g) precise solution for manual focussing via OVF instead of staring at an LCD??

  • Jimmy

    The shutter in that video sounds identical to the Sony A7r in the video posted online.

  • Jet
  • horst89

    Looks like they show more of the camera in every episode that’s the picture of the camera you can see at the end, in episode 1 it was the lens only…

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