First Nikon retro camera teaser: “it’s in my hands again”

Nikon just released the first video teaser for their upcoming retro-styled DSLR FX camera called "Nikon - Pure Photography #1" (update - see also this post):

I definitely like this clicking sound! Now who can get us some good screenshots of the new camera? The lens is definitely a new 50mm f/1.8G lens as previously reported:

You can also see the flash hot shoe on this screen grab:


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  • It makes quite a racket. Would like something quiet. Tremendously exciting though. Glad I hung onto my various primes.

  • Damond

    Nikon. I’m coming back home.

  • JustAGuest

    I think it is going to be a film/digital combo hence hybrid.

  • Calibreton

    What are the sounds at 10 and 15 seconds? First one could be aperture change? But second one?

    • Joel Coulson

      ISO? Exposure Compensation? Mode?

      • Calibreton

        I hate to say this, but the shutter sound really has a “mirror slap” feel to it. So definitely not mirrorless?

    • Hulyss Bowman

      #1 >> Exposure knob clicks.

      #2 >> Shutter cocking sound.

      #3 >> Actuation (mirror).

      Simple rumor :

      The word “hybrid” means:

      >> You can use it full manual in eco mode. In eco mode the power of the battery go for metering, indications in the VF, sensor read/writing on SD. The shutter is armed by hand. Very clever for long reportage/travel. The battery would last a very long time.

      >> You can use it in full power mode, allowing AF on G lenses and all the modern feature as a today camera such as video.

      • Read the FAQ

        Film advance lever to supply kinetic energy to power the sensor for each shot 🙂

        • Hulyss Bowman

          Thus the little zzzzzzzzzzzzzz in the second sound ?? Lol Admin is clearly happy when we go in such speculations (based on logic).

  • steven8217

    he change the shuttle speed button first (0:10) then adjust Aperture ring.(0:13) on the
    50mm/F1.8G, seems like a aperture ring on this g lens!!

    • Max K

      Now that sounds like a dream come true to me. I love G lenses but have some D lenses I can’t part with because now and again I use a bellows with them.

  • Topher Koper

    the first and second click is the shutter knob, and the third and fourth click are the aperture rings sounds. why i can be sure about this? i had an FM and F3 and using it daily and those sounds are exactly the same. now burn me…

    (i wonder if they’re remaking the old manual lenses back. the 8mm f2.8 please…)

    • FinchBug

      first and second: aperture ring. third and fourth: time. – focusing- fifth: shutter. 4 actions without looking through the finder: the picture is in his mind, before the shutter is released. I think this teaser works.

      • Topher Koper

        true… just like the old days.

  • MisterF

    Obviously it’s a fake, but an interesting concept anyway

    • Read the FAQ

      That pic makes me realize how much I dislike the thick, blocky, and slanted type style of the word ‘Nikon.’ I remember hating it when they switched to it and I still hate it. Luckily some black tape fixes it 😉 The older narrow and thinner type style was much more elegant and a lot less obtrusive and less ‘in-your-face’

      • Killroy™

        Black gaffers tape or a sharpie.

        • Read the FAQ

          I’ve always used this stuff:
          It’s actual camera body factory paint and looks a lot better than a Sharpie which ends up having a purple look to it (they are never true black.) The enamel comes in either flat black or gloss black. Fill in and wipe off…..

          • Killroy™

            Thanks for the link. Will order some.

          • Thanks for that tip!

          • MisterF

            I use gaffers tape in all my gear.

  • JasonJ

    Retro is nice and all but a load shutter is not something I ever liked.

  • Jason Petrillo

    The motor drive will probably cost a fortune… 🙂

  • Topher Koper

    i wonder

  • Topher koper

    i wonder….

    • some.guy from.texas

      I would have no problem with a Giorgetto Giugiaro-updated F3/HP for the 21st century. 🙂

      • outkasted

        OMG I am so smiling right NOW. Its like everything will be right with the world if I have this camera in my hand. With a 17 trillion dollar deficit, I think there is nothing to do do but photograph the economic collapse with a beautiful camera. Shut up and take my MONEY! 😛

  • Ernesto

    Maybe the spooks at the NSA can help in getting the true specs and a image or two.

  • Zack

    First two sounds is him adjusting the shutter knob. Third sound is a mechanical shutter, yes a mechanical shutter, taking a long exposure.

    • Topher Koper

      without a tripod?

  • Anders

    If it is – what it sounds like – a “digital FM2”, then I will have one. FM2 is my favorite camera of all times. The only analog camera I still own. Digital cameras can’t even come close to the creative feeling of the FM2. And though I am a documentary film maker I don’t even care about movie capabilities this time. This could be my way back to still photography.

  • Wilfred Lai

    second video was released~~~

  • Jet

    Nikon – Pure Photography #2

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