Breaking: new Nikon full frame hybrid camera coming soon *UPDATED*

Sony sure shook the market with their a7 full frame mirrorless camera. Many readers have asked me if Nikon will be coming with something similar. I have mentioned in the past that I expect a third mystery camera this year that will have a retro design (something like the Olympus OMD). The new full frame camera will most likely be mirrorless, but it will have some kind of a special (hybrid?) viewfinder. I am also not yet sure if it will have a regular F-mount or a newly designed mount. Here are the rumored specifications:

  • Nikon FM2 like design
  • 16.2MP 36x23,9 full frame sensor (same as in the D4?)
  • SD memory card
  • 2016-pixel RGB image sensor
  • 9-cell framing grid display
  • 3D color matrix metering II
  • Native ISO range: 100-12,800 (incl. ISO 50 and ISO 102,400)
  • 5.5 fps for up to 100 shots
  • 3.2" LCD screen
  • Battery:EN-EL14
  • Dimensions: 143.5 x 110 x 66.5mm
  • Weight: 765g
  • It will come with a new AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens (again, not clear what mount the new lens will have)

The announcement will be in the next 2-3 months, but it could happen as soon as next week during the PDN PhotoPlus show in New York. Stay tuned for more details.

Update - few additional specifications that will clarify some of the questions in this post:

  • Standard F-mount
  • Pentaprism viewfinder (meaning the camera will not be mirrorless)
  • The camera will meter even with non-AI lenses down to full aperture
  • The camera will ship with a new special edition Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens to match the look/design of the body
  • The camera will have physical controls and excellent build quality (which explains the 765g weight)
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • Same sensor as in the Nikon D4
  • Nikon calls it a "hybrid" camera - not sure what exactly they mean with that
  • The announcement is expected in the first week of November
  • No video recording capabilities
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  • DouglasGottlieb

    Pity this never happened

  • csmith

    so it’s just a new df? the sony is known as an amazing video camera so rather than compete nikon just does the stupidest thing ever and doesn’t include video?

  • What, what’s the point, this is all Leica do, and mugs buy them, who needs retro cameras.

  • Buy an FM2 and a scanner

  • Earth Man to Earth

    no video why buy it

    • Ric of The LBC

      because it is awesome

  • Mark Lewis

    I wish Nikon would make a hybrid stills/video mirrorless that is basically the same as cameras are now, but minus the mirror — so there’s an EVF and you can use it to shoot video like the Sony A7 series.

    I have a Sony A7s and the body is tiny, but the lenses are pretty much the same size as a regular DSLR lens. So overall system is not that much smaller. If you got a Nikon D750, ripped out the mirror mechanism and made it mirrorless using existing F lenses, it would be a winner.

  • JP dJ

    It would be more logical for Nikon to go back to the Nikon S3 and SP for a mirrorless. Back then, Nikon competed with Leica with these kind of cameras. I would prefer a parallax viewfinder and touch display.
    With an optional EVF.

    The optical problem with mirrored (SLR) cameras was that we needed retrofocus lenses for wide angle – or else the mirror could not go up nor down. This added to the complexity and weight of the lenses.

    Paradoxically, digital sensors cannot handle “normal” lenses anyway because the angle of incidence of light on the sensor becomes too steep. So you need retrofocus after all – still.
    Or put microscopic lenses in front of individual pixels that solve this problem. Expensive.
    I would design a mirrorless that has a wider diameter bayonet ring and is as flat as possible. Next there would be adapters for Leica M, Nikon F, etc. And the wider bayonet would accommodate lenses with a wider image circle for the best tilt-shift facilitation possible in a small package.
    The whole debate about mirrorless is more or less hypothetical except for noise.
    Time parallax in focal plane (curtain) shutters is now replaced by electronic time parallax from reading pixel lines at different times. This can only be sorted out if cache memory is integrated with pixels.
    We want that all sorted out in one go and not have to upgrade repeatedly because manufacturers behave like monopolists that do vertical price discrimination over time.

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