Update: the new full frame retro Nikon camera will have F-mount and pentaprism

Nikon classical F cameras
Some additional specifications of the upcoming full frame retro styled Nikon digital camera:

  • Standard F-mount
  • Pentaprism viewfinder (meaning the camera will not be mirrorless)
  • The camera will meter even with non-AI lenses down to full aperture
  • The camera will ship with a new special edition Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens to match the look/design of the body
  • The camera will have physical controls and excellent build quality (which explains the 765g weight)
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • Same sensor as in the Nikon D4
  • Nikon calls it a "hybrid" camera - not sure what exactly they mean with that
  • The announcement most likely will take place in the next 1-3 weeks


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  • jon

    From all the comments, it looks like this will be a popular concept, but I for one will definitely NOT be buying one. Technology is not supposed to be retro and the original design was to hold FILM. The small battery, limited features, etc. make this a waste for the D4 sensor in my opinion. It will be a novelty, not for the pro photographer nor anyone aspiring to perform like one. I would much prefer a D400 or D4s/D4x.

    • toboev

      Spot on. Whilst I love the look of my FE2, I love it because it is an example of form-follows-function, with a dash of panache on top. It has always irked me that digital SLRs still follow the same layout dictated by the need for a film canister, pressure plate and take-up spool. Even worse, all those mirrorless cameras with a pentaprism housing. They are free of those dictates now, but still follow them slavishly.

      • jon

        Yes, it is like the re-make of a Mustang or T-Bird, thank you I will take the newest technology, not the past dressing up the present.

    • Sam Clemens

      Yeah, all those people who think they are “pros” because they have the latest technology. The camera has never been what made a pro. It’s the shooter’s eye. If you don’t have a talent for composition, no camera will make you a pro—but if you have the eye you can do pro work with a 620 box camera.

  • simon

    hmm I was wondering why nobody is making such a camera since I thought it should be possible now sizewise. It’s a shame though that it uses a 16mp sensor (but I guess some like that).

  • Robert Mossack

    I’m really excited about this, and personally, I’m hoping it goes more the direction looks wise of an F4 as opposed to say, and F2 or F3. It will be a cool camera regardless though! What I’m most curious about is the “special edition” 50 1.8G. Will it have redesigned cosmetics, or just something lame like a silver coloration? I’m hoping for a “vintage” vibe.

  • BernhardAS

    I hope it fits stylistically with my Pezval Lens! 🙂

  • Scott M.

    Best rumor since D800/E

    • I hope the QA is good and there is no fatal flaw like dust (D600) or focusing (D800)

  • rhlpetrus

    Could the sensor be the D4’s with Aptina’s AF tech? That would make the lower pixel count more plausible. And make the a hybrid VF a real possibility, which has been in patents lately. Aptina was supposed to be designing a FF sensor for Nikon.

  • Michael Maziasz

    I wish Nikon would create a digital conversion back for the F5

  • Vino

    I would not be surprised if they used some of Sony’s tech from the A7 to shrink the electronics to horseshoe a full frame sensor in to an old F body type.

  • stormwatch

    Camera without Video in 2013. is a big miss from the start. This model is destined only for those still living in 70’s and 80’s.

    • John

      Hmm . . . I rarely use video on my D800 because I primarily shoot stills. When I do use video it’s inferior to my GH-2. So I guess I’m destined to be living in the 70’s and 80’s. Not every camera body absolutely needs video.

      • stormwatch

        Are you sure it’s inferior? Sometimes I shoot videos with lower end Nikons, and it’s usually paired with GH2 with Nocton f/0.95….Nikon is always better, even with lower bitrate….

    • Sam Clemens

      A DSLR isn’t shaped right for shooting steady video. Adding it was just a marketing gimmick.

      • stormwatch

        Yes sure, it’s a “gimmick” which makes living for some of us out there.

    • Mickey Oberman

      That’s me.

  • John

    I’d be excited if they made an AI-P version of the 50/1.8G – i.e., manual focus only, but with electronics. I use the 45/2.8 AI-P on my D800 all the time and I love it except for the speed – sometimes you just need f/1.8.
    It would also help if the 50/1.8G could be shrunk down in length to make it much closer to a pancake lens. A pancake MF 50/1.8G would be the cat’s meow!

  • AlanGoldstein

    It seems like a pretty stupid idea for 2014.

    • yuri

      “this stupid idea will hit the market… anh hit hard. wanna bet?

      • AlanGoldstein

        I have no desire to bet, but from the rumored description, it seems outdated and uninspired. Is the look supposed to sell it or does it do something other cameras cannot? A 5DII from 4+ years ago seems more advanced and more capable.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Stupid as it might be I wish Canon would come up with something to let me use my T90 digitally.
      I would be one very happy and content photographer.

      • AlanGoldstein

        The best you can do is get a Sony A7 and an adapter for you FD lenses.

        • Mickey Oberman

          I can, with an adapter, Use Canon FD and EOS lenses on my Pentax K5.
          It it just not as good.

  • Hate stupid term “retro”. It is not retro it is traditional. Many of us older photographers rather use simple shutter dial and aperture ring to control camera rather than fiddly switches, and menu diving. Good for Nikon to finally get a clue, many of us do not want to learn to be computer nerds and would rather spend time creating images.

  • steven8217

    The camera in golden color is my last Nikon film camera, Nikon
    FA, the world’s first camera with Matrix metering!
    Unlike other Nikon camera, when set to Program or Aperture priority, the shuttle speed time goes beyond 30 second, it take as long as the battery allows to capture a very dark scene!
    According to Kenrockwell: The Nikon FA is the most advanced manual-focus camera ever designed by Nikon.

  • ofdnhaigang

    hope for <$2000. 看到圖片裡的土豪金~

  • EJPB

    The hype already started, everything that gets in this status gets an according price. No, it won’t be a cheap camera’s I’m sure, this is Nikon’s Leica M-alike project and beyond its looks, what’s in it that the current Nikon’s or even competition don’t have?

  • D90user100

    Retro-styling should bring back what is good in the past and improve it further with new technology. It is un-thinkable that Nikon considers the mirror a good feature to keep in this time and day. This is truly retro in the worst possible way. A $3,000 camera without video? What makes this camera almost twice as expensive as the D610? It is just as heavy as the D610. What’s point of this camera? It seems that there is a great demand for a much lighter and simpler FF system, such as the SONY A7, which Nikon is reluctant to compete. By charging $900 for a 50/1.8 lens, the SONY is thus leaving a door wide open for Nikon and others to survive. We need a digital FF camera about the size of the FM2 (e.g., SONY A7), which means getting rid of the mirror, plus video, plus AF that is fast and accurate enough for single AF shots. Leave AF tracking to the dSLRs. This camera should be priced around $1,600. Besides a slow 24-85 mm lens, we need a three-prime kit plus a pancake. That is 28/2.8 ($400), 50/1.8 ($200), 85/1.8 ($400) and 45/2.8 ($350). This will be the FF system that will wipe out the competition and open a new niche. This may kill the D610 so be it.

  • Sam Clemens

    Yes. Sounds like Nikon is doing it right. And SLR with video capabilities is an abomination. If I want to shoot video I’ll buy a video camera.

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