Photokina 2012 is now over

The 2012 Photokina is now over. Some final images and videos from the show's floor:

Nikon fieldscopes and binoculars:


Red Nikon D3200 and Android based Nikon Coolpix S800c (photographs: Koelnmesse):


The Nikkor AF-S 800mm f/5.6 VR lens was on display under glass, no hand-on (photograph: Nikon):

Nikon D600 in the air (photograph:


Danie van Jaarsveld Nikon 1 V1 masterclass:

Anthony Arendt D800 masterclass:

Sandro Miller D800 masterclass:

Corey Rich Nikon D4 mini (world exclusive):

Carli Davidson D4 masterclass:

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  • I want that mini D4!

    • Yatz

      Sign me up too!

    • First post rider

      Am I the only person who doesn’t like the “I AM” advertising from Nikon.

      I just find it lame and cheesy.

      • Foolishcfo

        It’s just you.

      • Nikon Shooter

        I AM a hater

      • Agree. I AM is just so much less convincing than “At the heart of the image”…

    • I think they will show up on eBay soon.

    • JustAGuy

      I want that Camera Copter!

  • Joe

    Can someone please explain to me the logic in an 800mm f/5.6 when I can easily put a 1.4x on my 600mm f4 and suddenly I have a lighter 840mm f/5.6 for less money? Oh yeah, there isn’t any.

    • Mike

      Bragging rights. Just like when someone brags about their 10″ appendage but even 2″ one will produce children.

    • Jabs

      Simple answer – ultimate sharpness as NO TC attached to any lens is sharper than one without = end of story.

      Also dumb question!!!

      • Jabs is rich

        Ultimate sharpness!

        Sounds like bragging rights to me. 600 with a 1.4 teleconverter will be super sharp.

        • Jabs

          Actually we do NOT know the price of the new 800mm F5.6 AF-s lens as yet. The 600mm F4.0 might be more expensive than it when teamed with a TC-14.
          600mm F4 = $10,300 US dollars plus and the TC-14 for it is over $500.00 US, so duuuh!

          • Yeah. Like we’re REALLY worried about spending on a $ 500 TC, when we just shelled out over 10 Grover Clevelands.
            By the by, I understand the 800 ought to go for $ 10.400…

            • Jabs

              @Gerard – Perhaps you missed my point. The new 800mm F5.6 might be cheaper than a 600mm F4.0 PLUS a 1.4 TC required to make it an 840mm lens and THEN maybe not as sharp.

    • Kyle

      While you are mostly right – a 1.4X on a 600 does give you a much lighter 840mm f5.6, it is important to remember that those telephoto extenders that magnify your image also magnify any lens defects – like chromatic aberration. So that very slight magenta glow on one side of a black twig on a white background, and blue glow on the other side will be a lot bigger and more noticeable with an extender.

      If you print 40″ X 60″, this matters; if you print 20″ X 30″ or smaller, it’s irrelevant to you, and you should just go with the extender.

      • Jabs

        @Kyle – The new 800mm F5.6 AF-s lens might be smaller and lighter than a 600mm F4.0 AF-s lens, as usually F4.0 long Nikon lenses are larger than longer F5.6 lenses.

    • Julian

      I suppose you can always put the 1.4 tele in front of the 800mm lens too…

      • Jabs

        @Julian – Yeah LOL, as never thought of that as a response.

  • VR

    Just read that Canon is planning 7Dmk2 for early 2013. That means Nikon is getting D400 ready for that time too. It’s really funny how these 2 competitors nearly always get their products on the market at the same time.
    D4 and 1DX
    D800 and 5Dmk3
    D600 and 6D

    • Nikon Shooter

      That’s corporate espionage for you. By the time we hear rumors they’ve been facts to the competition for 6 months.

      I’m also 100% positive that Canon and Nikon have an agreement about the shelf-life of each camera line.

      Imagine if they raced to deliver a new D800 or D4 every year instead of every 4 years. It would either kill both companies or the product lines. A race to the bottom never benefited anyone.

    • Jabs

      @VR – The Canon 1DX was introduced way ahead of the D4 by maybe 4 to 5 months but was released for sale way after the D4 for some unknown to me reason.
      The D800 and D800E was also released before the 5DMK3 was.
      The D600 beat the Canon 6d also.
      D3200 also beat everybody in current DX bodies – lol

      Lately Nikon has beat Canon to the market with its FX line and has had much better features plus performance in stills and video. Canon has fallen behind and may now be rushing out catch-up bodies to compete with Nikon. I can almost guarantee that Canon is ‘sweating bullets’ trying to release a body with higher megapixels than the D800 and regain the bragging rights that they or their users perceived they lost even though in reality, Nikon and Sony had the highest resolution FX bodies before in the D3X and A900/A850 at 24 megapixels as compared to their Canon competitors at 21 megapixels.

      Most Pro bodies are on a longer release schedule and the DX or crop bodies are almost yearly to year and a half between releases. I don’t see a ‘conspiracy’ but shared Market savvy by both keen competitors Nikon and Canon over the years especially in the Pro FX or Full-frame market.

      Canon currently is about 1-2 years behind Nikon technically in DSLR bodies and thus nothing to discuss, perhaps! Who is now following WHO – comes to mind.

  • Now a red D3200, the color of the body must improve the IQ by at least 20%. It would be really cool if there was a compact or even pancake lens for Nikon DX. Something in the 20 to 30mm range with a 24 being the best.

    • RED!

      Also it goes faster.

    • Big J

      Maybe adding red to the 5D Mk III would’ve improved it also heh.

    • A K&N sticker will improve your frame rate by 15%.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    300mm f/4 VR or GTFO!

    • Gia


      • Fine, GTFO already.

    • YEH!


    • +1

      I’ve been holding out for a new Nikon telephoto.

      I would even take a 80-400 AF-S VR.

      The Bigma is selling like hot cakes.

  • Merv

    Nice D600 helicopter accessory

    I wouldn’t mind trying one of those Nikon fieldscopes or their binoculars at some point.

  • Whats Fun?

    What does Anthony Arendt say its really fun to do at around 1:48 into his clip ?
    WTF? did my ears really here that ?? LOL so hard it hurts !!!!

    • LOL

      at 1:48 he said:
      “…It’s really fun that actually be able to pull your own self off…”

      But he started sounding kind of funny between 1:27-1:29

      What a “Masterclass”!

  • After the 800 f/5.6 Nikon ought to do us a favor (finally!!).
    Give us a 500 f/5.6 for around 3K, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
    Should not be THAT hard…

    • peterw

      The F4 500 being about 7000, a 500 F5,6 should be around 2000~2500 euro.
      I guess we will see some kind of update for 400 F5,6 first for about 1200~1700 euro (on the cheaper end a prime on the expensive side a zoom).

  • Thank you for de D400 guys

    Ironic : ON

  • JD

    Any photos at all of the new 1 Nikkor 18.5mm f/1.8 lens. I cannot find one single photo from Photokina 2012 anywhere on the Internet of this lens. Pleas post it if you have any.

  • Baked bananas

    Dija hear the latest on the d600? It does not have full clean hdmi output…. it’s crippled. So much for “nikons best camera ever”. I’m switching to Sony. Maybe. Not Really…..F*&k it ..I’ll get a d800.

    • desmo

      might make sure of your facts on that “crippled” assertion .
      there’s more to HDMI connections then just plug and play, if the 2 devices don’t recognize each other copy protection (crippled output ) is the result.
      make the proper connection you get the desired result. there are users getting the full result . (see photokina coverage)

      • Baked bananas

        Its crippled. Go look it up. Or just ask Ron Adair….

        • Jabs

          @Baked – Probably a misconfiguration by Ron Adair as I have not heard anyone say that and there are released Videos shot on D600’s that disprove that perhaps! The D600 has the same Video features basically as the D4, D800 and D800E as far as clean HDMI output as far as I know. You have to take the cards out of the camera to get clean HDMI output, so perhaps that might simply be the problem.

        • Jabs


          Check/Watch the Video and the Technical Specifications yourself.

          • Baked bananas

            ITS CRIPPLED!

            Mr. Adair is thinking about returning his d600. But maybe nikon will fix the BLACK BOX in a firmware update……maybe..

      • mtmra70

        Copy protected HDMI on a camera…LOL

        • Jabs

          Shhh – LOL.
          Yeah they added their own copy protection and got lost in the maze they created – lol.

          People read consumer publications and think that this often relates to Pro gear. We are the source and thus no need for copy protection. After you make your content, then maybe you can add that mess to keep people from pirating your Published Content but not before!

        • desmo

          copy protection is built into HDMI if a device is not validated the HD signal is blocked doesn’t matter whether the user cares or not.
          its been the problem with HDMI from the beginning and is why
          Hi end AV manufactures are reluctant to develop around it the spec changes constantly causing hi cost and problems

  • Any Anon

    Carli, Carli, Carli !!!

  • Cam

    I dont really get the fact that the D4 shoots at 11fps? I shoot 25 and its called film! May as well use my film camera and always get that ”Killer shot’ as whats the point in a stills camera that shoots like a film one? I shoot progressive so its 25 perfect frames every second. No skill or pleasure getting that fab shot of all you have to do is keep your finger on the button. I agree shooting a burst of 2 or 3 is good for the closing of eyes etc but keeping your finger on the button is called photography?

    • Silent Shooter

      It’s the “noise of consistency”!

      It “hurts” to see someone shoot full buffer bursts just for the “noise”!

    • Big J

      Have you seen her work for you to comment like that? I think not.

      • Silent Shooter

        I think Cam was referring to the method, not the quality of the final image.

        Muybridge used 12 cameras cause he had no burst mode, he’s still considered as a photographer.

        Even if one likes better Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa or Eddie Adams, that does not changes the fact that Muybridge was a photographer.
        He just wasn’t the same kind as Bresson.

        • peterw

          (and it was happily used by biologists)

          (one could consider the serenity of the pictures, and the consistency of the series as art)

    • mikils

      have you ever been perched on a cliff and seen the birds you were focusing on suddenly starting to fight each other?

  • Last picture makes me think new clay pigeon in air. Someone shoot down with Sigma 300mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM KFC SUV on a D4

  • Klaus

    Those are the worst photos I’ve ever seen. HDR? You think those are good?

    Did Nikon laugh at you?

  • Bob La-Foontano

    Well that was all exciting, only thing left to do is take a toilet break, because there’s nothing quite like the smell of a white hot shit…

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