Nikon D3200 in black and red

Here are two enlarged images of the Nikon D3200 in black and red taken from the leaked price list. The D3200 now joins the D5100, D800 and D4 with the new, thinner red swoosh on the grip - the rest of the camera design is identical to the D3100:

As previously mentioned the D3200 specs are:

  • 24 MP sensor
  • 11 AF points
  • 4 fps
  • ISO range: 100-6400, with hi-ISO of 12800
  • Improved video functionality
  • Wi-Fi connection with the optional WU-1a wireless mobile adapter
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  • All manual video and 1080 60 fps on video it’s “improved video” below that is bullshit : ) Cheers!

  • Jess

    I kind of like the red, but I just wish I could get my sweet sweet D800 in my hands…

    • Jason

      red and black D3200
      backorder is new color for D800.

  • abo

    i don’t care that much… d400 will be way more interesting…

    • T.I.M

      one more time, there will be NO D400

      • DVX

        Really why? What about the D7100?

        • MB

          No D7100 either 😉
          Really, it will most likely be called D7200.

      • Foolishcfo

        When the D400 comes out will the T.I.M. be discontinued?

        • Ben

          trolls never go away they just change names

          • …that’s not true. I take breaks from the internet and keep the same name.

        • T.I.M

          Trust me, I want a D400 to go with my 200mm f/2 but there is 99% chance that Nikon already gave up on pro DX cameras.

          • Jason

            No D400, so time to toss all them DX lens? Nah… there must be something pro-end for DX format.

            • T.I.M

              Are you talking about the PRO DX lenses, made 95% plastic and with f/5.6 aperture ?

              When was the last time Nikon made a f/2.8 DX lens ?
              That tell all the story, FX for pros, DX for others.

          • Foolishcfo

            There are a lot of people that want a D400 as a DX successor to the D300s. What does Nikon have to lose by telling us if there won’t in fact be a D300s successor? If they don’t plan on a successor and don’t tell us they are only robbing themselves of sales that could come from other models as we sit and wait for a successor. Admin says two more DSLR’s are coming this year and I believe the D300s successor will be one of them. I just wish Nikon had put their effort into getting it out now rather than the D3200 as that market would have been happy continuing to purchase the D3100. What is really going to suck is when the D400 comes out and they tell us the NPS gang gets it first (yeah, I know all the NPS folks are going to say they want FF but I’m still sour grapes about having to wait for my D800).

            • Melody

              I couldn’t have said it better. I’ve been waiting forever for the D400. If I knew for certain that it wasn’t going to happen I’d buy another model. They are definitely losing out on sales.

            • ben

              D7100 can be the D300 replacement and D400 can be come the REAL D700 replacement. D7100 should be better than D300 to today’s D300. Look at the D7000 now, it is pretty much better than D300.

          • Andrew

            You know the Admin has rumored that the D400 with a DX sensor at 24 MP will be one of the 3 DSLRs in addition to the D800 and D4 to be released this year, don’t you? You are betting at 99% against great odds.

            • T.I.M

              I’ll be happy if I’m wrong about the D400 !

            • Joaquim Prado

              Nikon need a 20 something MP FX camera.

              The D7000 is quite a amazing camera and see no point a DX been better than a update of this camera with 24MP. Many D300s users will be happy with it.

            • Yes, but this was just my guess, not really a rumor – as of today I do not have any reliable info on the D400 which could only mean that it is not coming any time soon.

            • Bob from Ohio

              There WILL be a D400 released this year, or the very first of next year. This I am very, very confident of.

              The only reason that Nikon has slowed down it’s release, is that the interest and demand for the D800 has been so overwhelming, that they don’t want any speculation about the D400 to detract from that momentum.

            • Bob from Ohio

              And when it comes out, I’ll buy one to go along with my D800, as it will be able to shoot 24mp images in a 1.5x crop mode and it will have a much higher frame rate, in the area of 8 fps. Therefor I expect that it will produce better wildlife and bif images than the D800 is capable of in it’s 1.5x crop mode, and also do a better job of catching action shots at sporting events. IMHO, the D800 and the D400 will make the perfect combo.

          • Michael

            I think it’s wise to have a DX camera in D800 body. The 24MP will slow down the FPS compared to D4. D400 wouldn’t cannibalize any Nikon cameras so why not?

        • Scott M

          Did you find the 28-300mm at the Tustin District BB?

          • Foolishcfo

            I called but they said they didn’t have it.

            • Scott M

              It was open and sitting in a glass display case. I’ll look next time I’m there.

      • D400

        Garbage. The canon 7D is, from what I have heard, quite a popular camera. Do you think Nikon would leave canon a monopoly of this vital section in the lineup? Do you think nikon would not have a camera between D7000 ($1200) and the D800 ($3000)????? Yeah, there is the d700, but it won’t be around very much longer.

        • You really think the entry level D3200 will be in between the D7000 and the D800. Ha right.

          • @Justin

            “You really think the entry level D3200 will be in between the D7000 and the D800. Ha right.”

            That is not what he said, he said do you think Nikon would let Canon have a monopoly on the prosumer DX camera lineup. Most likely they will have something in between the D7000 replacement and the D800. He didn’t say the D3200 is placed between the D7000 and D800, learn to read please.


      • I agree with T.I.M. Doubt there will be a D400. Not when you can shoot DX mode on a D800 @~16MP.

        • Jane

          The D400 would most likely be at least $1000 cheaper and *much* faster, the D800 is no replacement for a D400. I think there will be a D400, but it may very well be called D7200. 🙂

          • jon

            The D400 may be the D7200, an upgrade of the D300s and the D7000. A very good camera it would be.

            • Melody

              You may be right but what they call the camera is not important. A D300/D7000 upgrade is the camera we’re waiting for no matter what they decide to call it. Basically, it’s a D300 with an articulated screen, better focusing and full HD video for starters.

            • I ve got a D400. Is there any reason to upgrade?

        • Nick

          Yea because its still 2004 and 6FPS is still considered lighting fast for a DX camera… D800 will never cut it for us sports people.

          • Mock Kenwell

            You’re right. That’s why there was no sports photography prior to the digital era (same FPS as F3).

          • ha

            4fps is plenty for sports. Look at all the 5D2 sport photogs. Too bad the 5D3 is so low res it can’t even crop decently w/o a huge loss. Oh well. Maybe the 5D4 will catch up in 3 years. To 2012 levels.

          • Calibrator

            2012: “4/6 FPS just don’t cut it for sports! We need at least 12 FPS!”
            2014: “12 FPS just don’t cut it for sports! We need at least 24 FPS!”
            2016: “60 FPS just don’t cut it for sports! We need at least 240 FPS!”

      • dan

        Well…we don’t really care about your post! Besides, this would be a great camera to take along when doing family stuff. That way when I take the fam to the museum I’m not dragging along my…. NEW D800!!! Put that in your smoke and pipe it.

  • john

    Where is the “Pinikon”?

  • T.I.M

    What about pink and yellow for florida ?

  • Joaquim Prado

    Now let’s see if nikon now try to solve their “production problem” with the D800!!

    I also pretty excited to see samples of the 28mm 1.8G on a D800! Liked the price and also would be great to see how it peforms compared to the 24mm 1.4G!

  • Everlast66

    Not sure why they insist on this outdated dark red, white or silver would work much better in my opinion.

    • Because Sony and Canon use silver and it looks cheap.

    • MB

      It seams to be popular color in Japan.
      Canon also makes red DSLRs for Japanese market.

  • How can you display specs when they have not being confirmed.

    • I confirmed them 🙂

      • So you are the source and the confirmed source?

        • lol

          You got owned. Save face and be quiet. Let the adults talk.

      • Rahul

        Lol 🙂

      • PeterO

        All hail NR Admin…That’s hilarious 🙂

    • Mark V

      @Justin – You’re new here, aren’t you? I might suggest reading some of the previous posts that Admin has made before releases. His track record is pretty darn good on what he gets confirmed before the “official” release.

  • Ens

    What’s that round dot on the hand grip ?

    • Hyperphokal

      It is the infrared for sending and receiving data.

      • Calibrator

        As far as I know that’s only for receiving IR signals, not sending them.

    • it’s the infrared-sensor for the remote-control.

    • Nod

      It’s the “reset”, to use when the camera freezes while trying to save the large amount of data on the SD card when the buffer is full !

  • Yoan

    Let me try…
    Where’s the D400? 😀

    • Andrew

      August, September time frame.

  • doug

    why people are asking for the d400, D7000 is already here ffs go and buy that thing and go out and shoot the hell out of it.

    • enesunkie

      I guess for the same reasons a lot of D3s and D700 owners got excited about the new bodies early this year. Looking for some significant improvement in the equipment and yes a D300/s can still take pictures, but we would like something new too.

    • Don

      D7000 is NOT in the same league as the D300|D400. Just look at NO buffer to speak of. It can’t keep up with the big dogs.

      • blix

        d7000 is not a replacement of the d300/s. The sensor maybe better but that is about all that it has superior.

        D300/s’s body is better constructed. Weather sealing. CF cards. Bigger, better ergonomics. more buttons/easier to navigate. tonnes better AF, etc etc.

        Basically if you dont know the difference between the d300 and d7000 and you think the d7000 is far superior, you should just stick to a point and shoot.

        • AXV

          Don’t forget about 14 bit raw uncompressed!

        • Am-Expat

          What image related criteria is the D300 superior to the D7000?
          With lower noise throughout the gain range, better metering, higher res, 2.5 times the frame rate when shooting high bit depth, and dozens of other specs that result in better, more detailed and wider tone range images. One shot of blue sky will convince you about which camera produce better images. One has sky noise and artifact than other one does not. D7000 shooters have discovered detail in shadows that D300 shooters are content to forget about
          The D800 and D7000 are showing the future for Nikon, higher res, lower noise for reasonable prices for bodies. Lenses and accessories are another matter. $616 for a passive battery grip? What’s with that?

      • “D7000 is NOT in the same league as the D300|D400. Just look at NO buffer to speak of. It can’t keep up with the big dogs.”

        Yeah, you’re right, they are not in the same league. I used both, the d7k is far superiour for weddings, events (especially low light), travel, portraits, landscapes, pretty much everything except sports. Most wedding/events/travel DX shooters I know opt for the d7k instead of the d300s since it came out. If the d7xxx upgrade will be as significant ad the d90-d7000 one, then there you have it, d300s successor. With the d7000 Nikon moved up their consumer line-up quite a bit. In terms of body and handling, the d7000 is excellent, more control points on the body, heavy enough, dust/moisture sealed enough – if they further improve on these areas, a DX d400 becomes superfluous. Especially if they add a somewhat deeper buffer and 1-2 more FPS, to satisfy the few PROs that shoot sports with the d300s.

        Funny, Nikon said numerous times that the d7k is NOT a d90 successor. Nobody believed them – and neither did I. But it’s true inasmuch as as it’s sits between the d90 and d300 in terms of ruggedness, and exceeds both in handling, performance and features.

  • Rayman

    2 specs are confirmed the wifi adapter is sold at around 60 $ and the camera now accepts
    the use of the wireless ML…..that you can use with every of the entry level Nikons…

  • Mark J.

    Awesome! Now my mother can have a red camera to take pictures of her 10lb ‘dog’ with and post on facebook in 24mp glory….

    Seriously, why have this camera be 24mp? It’s target audience will NEVER print above 8×10(likely won’t print anything at all) And i really doubt even if someone did try to print large with this camera it would look like garbage. And yes, i know the crop capability is partly why, but again, how many people buying this model will even be doing that? Just seems like pure marketing hype to get suckers to buy a new camera that serves no purpose.

    • D400

      You seem supprised that nikon would do somthing purely for marketing hype. 😛 😛 😛
      There will be some people who will print big.
      There will be some people who will use that crop capability.
      There are serious photographers out there who use entry level bodies. Example: I used to shoot action on a D60 for a football club.

    • Ben

      The cost of the 24MP sensor will come down if they make a lot of them. If only the d400 and d7100 use the 24MP sensor the volume would be low.
      Lots of these will be sold. Low end DSLR need to move up so the m4/3 cameras don’t eat there market.

      If the low end cameras move up, the mid range will move up more, after that more FX models will come out.

    • TC

      Mark, this 24MP will be great for entry/mid level shooters armed w/ a tripod. Great for close-up wildlife, esp. with with a 1.5 crop ‘magnifier’, as well as blown up landscapes. I always crop with my D90, and can use the added res for sure.

      Of course there are higher end/cost solutions, but I would rather spend that money on travel funds instead.

      The 24MP also makes sense from a manufacturing standpoint, considering that they’re used by Sony on A77 and NEX 7 (both for more $$$). Sensors scores should be on par, especially if/combined with Nikon’s EXPEED 3

      • D400

        No, sensor scores will be better on the nikon body.
        Compare D3x and sony A800 (I think that is what it was called)
        Also compare D7000 with Sony nex body with the same sensor.
        Nikon always seem to be able to push more out of a sensor than sony can.
        The other reason is that Nikon don’t put that silly half mirror infront of their sensors to strip away quality.

        • TC


          Yes, I agree and didn’t really complete my statement — Nikon’s sensor scores should be either on par (pessimistic outlook) or better (most likely scenario) than Sony’s execution. Most likely the secret is in their EXPEED processing strength / added value.

          What would be odd is if IF the D3200 gets better sensor scores than D5100, why should anyone get the D5100? The D3100 and D5100 scores are already quite close to each other

          Basically, with D3200, you can almost guarantee NEX 7 scores or better. Strangely, the NEX 7 outscored the A77 … aren’t they the same sensor?

          • Jane

            The NEX-7 doesn’t have the translucent mirror.

          • Andrew

            It will not surprise me if the D3200 makes the D5100 obsolete. But then again, the D5200 should follow next, maybe within a couple of months.

            • TC

              Andrew, I’m not so sure on a couple of months …

              D5000 was released in April 2009, and D5100 in April 2011. Therefore, if following that schedule, D5100 upgrade isn’t due ’til April 2013.

              D80>D90>D7000 all released in Aug/Sept timeframes, right around Photokina. So D7000 successor should be coming around then.

              And the D5100/D5000 have both inherited sensors, which makes sense for 2013 release for the D5100 successor.

              But who knows, maybe Nikon will throw curveballs…

          • Andrew

            TC, I like your thinking on the schedule, and you may be right.

            We know that the D3200 is virtually here. And the Admin rumored that the D400 will be DX with a 24 MP sensor and should be released this year. He also stated the there will be 3 DSLR cameras released this year after the D800 and D4. So the D3200 and D400 should be two of the three cameras, therefore that leaves one more camera. That camera should either be the D7100 or D5200. But since the D7000 was released in September 2010, its replacement should come before the replacement for the D5100 which was released in April 2011. So I concede, I believe you are correct!

    • Andrew

      Mark, it seems as if this camera will serve no purpose for you based upon your statements. Then it is definitely not for you, but you might want to reconsider your opinion on the product since no one will know for sure how it will perform until it is released and tested. But for now, the specs look very promising.

      Taking large print pictures with this camera (D3200) with exceptional image quality should be quite possible, considering that even with its high 24 MP sensor, Nikon has shown an impressive ability to capture exceptional images from high megapixel sensors such as the D800’s 36 MP sensor. So developing impressive cameras based upon high megapixel sensor technology is something that Nikon can handle with aplomb (i.e. poise).

      If you argue that not many people will print pictures above 8 x 10, you may be correct, but there is a big “but”! Buying a camera like this allows one to preserve their investment. This camera will last over 20 years. I have a Nikon SLR camera that is over 25 years old, and it still takes exceptional pictures. So who knows, maybe in 10 years time most people will be printing pictures above 8 x 10 as anything is possible – especially with the lower cost for picture quality printers and lower cost ink. For now, let us just wait until the announcement (i.e. tomorrow!) and see the sample pictures and video performance of the new camera.


    Good going Nikon. Release a camera with the same fps as $3000 Full-Framer.

    • Mark J.

      Thing is, that is the ONLY feature this camera can compete with the D800 on. So the comparison is kind of moot.

    • Ken Elliott

      Unlike other manufacturers, Nikon does not try to protect their pro products by crippling their lower-end products. I’ll bet the 24MP sensor is being mass-produced, so the more they sell, the cheaper the cost. So 24MP will become the DX standard, with the D5200 replacing the D7000. I think this means the D400 will be a 16MP FX body using the D4 sensor, just like the D700/D3 relationship. I’m pretty sure a D2000 is in the wings, but will be all-electronic (aka mirrorless) F-mount DX at a very aggressive price point (below the D3200). Or I’ll be wrong yet again.

      • Nick

        Well that’s not strictly true buddy. They certainly do that, for example the lack of bracketing options on a D7000 vs D300s etc. It was enough for me to have to wait for the d300s replacement rather than buying a D7000.

        • “They certainly do that, for example the lack of bracketing options on a D7000 vs D300s etc.”

          Hmm.. the d7k has a bracketing button right on the body – push and flip control wheels to change number of frames and EV. You probably meant d5100 vs d3100 (even the d5100 does bracketing, the d3100 doesn’t).

          • Calibrator

            The D7000 can only do three images in bracket mode and *many* people complain about that.

            I think this is what he is complaining about and IMHO he is right as there is no hardware limiting this but only a software setting in the firmware.

            As you correctly point out, the D7000 in fact has all the necessary hardware stuff like buttons and wheels to easily activate and use bracketing.

            However, I’m sure that the firmware hacking project will sooner or later remove the image limit and allow for 5, 7, 9 or more images, so there is at least some hope.

            • Am-Expat

              But how many complain AFTER they try a 3 shot group with the wider usable DR of each shot of the D7000? Just because there is a habit based on limited DR, does not mean that it is still the best technique when technology moves on. After they learn a different technique in dialing for example, few smart phone users are demanding a mechanical rotary dial like some panned the first touch tone phones for not having.

  • CamroBonsa

    OK, nice, but where are D4s and D4x??

    I didn’t know there is also old D3100 in red ??? (last, fourth image) Maybe its only fake!

    • poizen22

      there is a red nikon d3100 there wasnt many made i sell them and have the red model on demo at the store i work at for our d3100 demo.

  • Ooops

    If the images shown are accurate I would say the 3200 design is by no means ‘identical’ to the 3100, there appears to be many little tweaks

  • TC

    MrGabe, older/lower-end cameras such as the D90, D5100, D7000 have had the same or more FPS than the D800

  • TorstenN.

    “the rest of the camera design is identical to the D3100”

    No it is not.
    – another style of the mode-switch
    – the flash/finder seems to be much more flat
    – another body-design on the right

    … i like the new Design of the D4/D800/D3200 quite less than D3/D700/D3x00… but thats just me. 🙂

  • TC

    If this is same Sony sensor as on NEX 7, but ‘tweaked’ (with EXPEED 3 ), it should get close to or better than D5100 /D7000 sensor scores!

  • PAG

    Due to wrist problems, my wife is looking at possibly replacing her D7000 with the D3200 just to get a drop in weight. (She already replaced her 70-300mm with the 55-300mm for the same reason.) So this is a very interesting camera to us, though I really wish it was less than 24MP. That’s a big-assed file.

    And I’ll just chime in with those waiting for the D400. It will be the top-level DX camera and it will sell like crazy in the sports and nature photography markets. Those who think it will be FX are dreaming. Nikon makes an excellent FX camera at a reasonable price. It’s called the D800. Anybody who thinks the D400 will be an $1,800 FX camera is going to be severely disappointed.

    • PeterO

      Note to Nikon: In almost every post here on NR, regardless of the topic, there is the unrelenting outcry for a D400/8000/7200, pro level DX. If you do plan on releasing it, PLEASE don’t do what you’re doing with the D800. The masses want it. Don’t come out and say: “Gee, we didn’t know it would be so popular, doh. Sorry, but we really thought it more important to flood the market with the red D3200”. Start making them now and start stockpiling them. You will make a fortune when the D400 flood gates open.

      Here’s the thing – for now, Nikon is lucky that they’ve pulled ahead of Canon in so many critical areas. People will wait for their Nikon, but it’s almost as if Nikon hasn’t figured out how to cope, let alone leap ahead with their success. Imagine for a moment if there were enough bodies to satisfy the incredible demand for the D800?

      • lolly

        patience will reward you and Nikon’s bank account 😀

        • PeterO

          Lolly, does it make sense for Nikon to be holding back a camera like the D400 which would sell at say $1,800 and bring out an update for the D7000 which would sell at $1,200? I see a huge number of upgraders from the D80, 90, 200 and 300 who want a D400 (or whatever they call it), but I don’t see the D7000 crowd wanting to upgrade soon. Obviously Nikon doesn’t seem worried about the huge gap between the D7000 and the D800 or they would have done something by now.

  • enesunkie

    I’d be more interested seeing pictures of the back of the body, not the front.

  • derWalter


    thats something like the d7000 for me… something “in between” or so…

  • Dweeb

    Would that be Seagull Lucky 7 Red?

  • Geeze – where are the D900E and the D5 already????


  • Twaddler Belafonte

    Why the ugly metallic red? I want candy apple red! hot pink! Banana yellow!

    • Andrew

      Don’t be impatient, these other colors will be announced soon… thou I must add, the Banana yellow is a new color to me… but very intriguing!

  • ano102

    so, this the third release of the year,
    end of april, no hope to see d400 before september now …
    disappointed ….

    • lolly

      d7100 should be coming soon 😉

      • PeterO

        Do you have an approximate date?

  • MJr

    Comes with oval lens ? That’s cool …

    • Simon

      distorted image…

  • byebye90

    Well if the d3200 is 750 and the update to the d7000 is 1200 I. Guessing 1000 for the 5200 and main difference is a rotating LCD

  • David B

    So essentially they took Sony NEX7 24MP sensor. Like they did with Sony NEX5n 16MP sensor before for D7000 and 5100. The problem of course is that Sony NEX5n is better in low light than NEX7 by all accounts. Hopefully Nikon did their magic and 24MP of D3200 will not be much worse than 16MP of D7000/5200

  • Jeff

    A lot of cameras, and no g-damned deliveries!! Where is my D800 I ordered on Feb 7th.

    • Jon

      Where is my D800 I ordered October 20th???

    • Mark J.

      Must of ordered your D800 online from the big retailers, cause i know dozens of photographers that got theirs from their local camera shops . Hell, i got mine without even a pre-order from my local shop they had so many extras in stock on the 26th of march.

      • Joaquim Prado

        Mark where is this local store?

        I really want to understand what is going on that nobody is receiving their camras. Now Ritz next batch estimative is for the second week of May ! Ok there is such a huge demand but it’s been three weeks with no shipments already and dealers are counting at least 2 more for the next batch!

  • jiamflash

    any clue on the announcement time of the 18-300mm?

    • If not tonight, it should be very soon because the lens was already listed on Nikon’s website.

      • Foolishcfo

        Do you have any new info on D800 shipments? We’re hearing about the D800E how shipping but no one new is reporting receiving D800’s.

  • Jorge

    That is one butt-ugly camera in any color.

  • Matt

    Want to know the real reason why a 24 MP Nikon DX camera is cool? Because it’s a harbinger of a 54 MP Nikon FX camera, the D900 in 2016 😛

  • Vin

    I will take black, but how about white? Maybe Silver/black. Retro FM looking. FM D3200

  • Dchino

    I still find it hysterical that so many people discounted the D800 when it was still rumor because the leaked pic showed the new swoosh.

    As if Nikon didn’t have the authority to change the styling of their own products.

  • Rob

    While chatting up a Nikon rep last week he let slip something about the D90 being re-released?… Anybody got any more on that scoop?
    Will it be the same or get some upgraded components or performance?

  • Dave

    Dear beautiful people waiting for the D400, just keep on waiting! The D300s is on the same level as the 7d. And the D7000 is closer to the 60d. I’m assuming that the D400 will come out around the time 7d mark ii/ 8d.

    Sincerely another D400 waiter

    • Me

      Every time some wiener brings up the D400, Nikon pushes it out one more day….just relax and enjoy what you all have.

      • Kon_head

        Weiner should be replaced with Winners 🙂

      • Weining Winner

        . . . except that my D300 is SO MUCH showing its age. It’s taken 1000s and 1000s of pictures, but needs to go to a retirement home.

  • I might be interested in the 28 lens, will want to see some reviews of course.
    Anyone know if its FF-based?

  • Me

    Nike owns the swoosh…especially the red one…beware!

  • Anyone waiting for the announcement?

    • Rob

      I am … tick tock!

    • Kon_head

      Heck yes, everyone is waiting….. I am waiting, & waiting… for the 80-400 re-work…. and my pre-order D800

    • the fish monger

      With baited breath and bells on my……I’ll skip the details.

    • Me too 🙂
      D400, if possible.

    • Scott M

      Yes…waiting for something exciting

    • bjrichus

      Adorama are updating their web site with details now and the front page shows a (not working yet) pre-order link. Its only 11:15pm where I am.

  • MA

    Wow.. New D3200 is gonna have a 24MP sensor. Seriously?

    I start thinking I would get one…

  • why

    Nikon entry level dslr has higher resolution than canon’s top pro bodies….wow.

  • Shaun

    24MP is a waste! Your best Nikkor lenses on a crop sensor can’t resolve better than 16-17MP (D7000/D5100) and full frame is about the 35MP (D800). How many consumers are going to buy extreamly expensive lenses and then put them on a D3200 and then still not be able to resolve to 24M. A 16-18MP with better low light from a technical perspective would have made sense. The marketing department would have nothing of that because MP’s sell consumer cameras.

    • TC

      Shaun, the D3200’s sensor will probably match (or beat) the scores from Sony’s A77 and NEX-7, which already are very respectable – see

      It’s most likely the same Sony-manufactured sensor, then tweaked with EXPEED 3 processing.

      Do consumers lose? Not necessarily. All in all, very commendable, considering its low price and cropping oppurtunities. I crop quite a bit with my D90, and I’m left with 6-10 megapixels after, which is a bummer

  • happysnapper63

    I was hoping this rumour would be wrong.

    So either the D5100 is dead in the water.

    Or we will get no D300S type body DX sensor.

    I also think abandoning the 7D space would be a mistake, but sometimes companies try and change the market rather than compete within it.

    For all the dicks who say a D300S replacement is not required, come back when you know what your taking about, and have gotten over your delusion regarding DX/FX. And to be clear some of us do not want FX… period. We also do not want to pay 3000 USD/Pounds whatever to shoot just below a D7000 in terms of res, and at 6 fps when in that res mode. Even the DOF difference between FX and DX is a two edged sword, and advantage swings either way depending upon the shot to be taken.
    Depending upon what I am shooting either my D7000 or D300S takes the lead, but the D7000 is no replacement for a D300S type camera, but the D300S sensor is a dog, even compared to the D90/D5000s we have.

    One rumour I heard that worries me is that a “D400/D9000” replacement for the D300S would have the built in grip. Yuk, butt ugly and too heavy, if that proves to be true then its a lost sale.

    • LP

      Too much love will kill you… As the song says… You’re just too positive and happy about everything, keep it up my friend…

  • Amazing work as usual Admin!
    I’m surprised that Nikon has been holding back on the 80-400 for so long lol 😀

    • I am surprised that they did not announce the 18-300 DX lens.

  • Tim

    It’s funny how people got all excited about the size of the D800s sensor and which lenses could handle it. This news body has a 24mp DX sensor, so a higher pixel density than the D800, but it’s presumably aimed at Nikon’s entry level lenses… but no one is concerned about resolving power.

  • Tim

    So will we eventually get a 48mp D4x? Given the FX frame is about twice the size of a DX frame it seems entirely possible to me.

  • Capble of shooting from ISO 100-6400 (extendable to ISO 12,800), the D3200 utilises the same EXPEED 3 processing engine as found in the top-tier Nikon D4 model.

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