Nikon Switzerland leaks the D3200 and 28mm f/1.8G prices

Nikon Switzerland published their latest price list that also includes the new D3200 and the AF-S Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G lens:

The D3200 prices will vary from CHF 698 - CHF 948 depending on the kit ($750 - $1000) and CHF 828 for the 28mm lens (around $900). The WU-1a wireless mobile adapter is listed at CHF 78 ($85).

The Nikon D3200 will be available on May 15th, 2012, the Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G lens and WU-1a module will start shipping on May 24th, 2012.

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  • Anonymous

    Now the Swiss are giving away secrets?

    • Thumpr

      What’s next? Are Swiss trains going to run behind schedule?

      • john

        Actually, the Swiss government has just announced that they will no longer produce any fondue.

        • Joe Jaro

          instead they will import it from Taiwan?

          • Not Surprised


            • Brting it on! Curry coconut fondue!

  • oh, and the previous image of the burgundy D3200 camera was real 🙂

  • Gareth

    will have to look into the 28 at that price. i sometimes need something wider than my 35, but the 24 can distort a bit too much.

    we shall see how it performs

    • Depends on quality/shape of aperture blades. And needs rubber gasket.

  • Shamim

    Hurray! Now we can have 24MP pictures of cats doing mundane things around the house.

    • Bret M

      Ohhh but they are so cute! Of course now it’ll take twice as long to download the jpegs everyone emails around.

      Delayed cuteness = suspense!

      • Not Surprised

        Don’t be dramatic….. This isn’t for cat pictures.

        This is an art tool. Don’t be so mundane:

        Its so you can pictures of the fleas on cats!

        • Wai u got so many MP

          Or if you want to be really edgy: dogs

  • Does this definitely mean that we should expect the 28mm prime to be announced along with the D3200?

    • I think so, or it will come next week.

  • oscarito

    $750 for body only ?????? and this an entry-level camera, sucessor of D3100 ????

    The D3100 is 399 euros here in Europe !!!!

    Is Nikon gone insane ??

    • US prices will probably be lower

      • Not Surprised

        Nikon is losing touch with the entry-level.
        The N1 (or whatever its called) doesn’t suffice.

        Nikon needs a $350~400 entry.
        Bring back the D40 with improved low-light!
        (Really, it was good; every pic captured with it looks very nice.)

    • NJK

      Don’t worry those prices are a only suggested store prices here in Switzerland…

      And onlineprices are easily 20% off (like the D800 listed for 3448CHF but you can buy it online for 2800CHF)

      and nevertheless, everything here in Switzerland is a lot more expensive, so you can’t realy compare those prices..

      • oscarito

        I hope so..I’ve been holding my purchase waiting for that camera, and if it’s more than $500, even with 24 mpix, I’d buy a D5100 instead without hesitation.

      • sade

        I should disagree with you.
        The price of photo gear in Swiss is about the same in US, if not cheaper.
        D800 in Swiss is pre ordered at less than 2700CHF which is cheaper than the price in US.

  • Joseph

    Disappointed if the 28/1.8 turns out to be $900. It shouldn’t be more than the 85/1.8. I’d be a buyer at $500 but for almost double I’ll keep my old manual-focus 28/2, which likely has less distortion.

    • My guess is that it will be $800 in the US.

      • Then there’s no way it has nano coating.

        • D-RiSe

          Why? the 60mm micro costs less and has nano coating..

        • Zeke

          If someone on the Internet says there’s “no way” something can happen, they’re almost always wrong.

          None of us has any inkling what “Nano-Crystal Coat” costs Nikon to do.

      • Bare

        What I said few days ago? 28 1.8 will cost no more than $900.

      • Bret M

        Hmm the price above there is 828 Swiss so that’s about $900 US list, so if it really is 20% off for the street price (approximately) that would put it a little over $700 or so.

        That makes it difficult… $1000 would be a sure “no way,” $500 would be a pretty solid “yes,” but this inbetween price.. hmm will merit some more consideration. Maybe wait for test results… though if it’s as good as the new AFS primes coming out recently it’s gonna be optically stellar.

    • Couldn’t agree more. 1.8 primes should be priced in the $3-600 range as they’re supposed to be an affordable alternative to their higher performing siblings.

      I was excited about this lens, but Sigma’s version works well enough at half the price that I don’t think I’ll swap.

      • This is quite wide and quite fast… and it has an FX-sized image circle. It’s an expensive combo to manufacture. I mean, the 24 1.4 is $2,000.

        • Winder

          Right. BTW, what’s the excuse for the cost of the 35 and 85 1.4?

        • No argument there, but Canon and Sigma both have 28mm 1.8 lenses that are both priced at $449. Both of them have full frame coverage. Arguably, the Sigma both suffers from some serious QC issues and lacks the AF-S capabilities, but the Canon version certainly does not.

          Additionally, 85mm lenses of all shapes, speeds, focusing and brands, tend to be one of the most expensive prime lenses on the market. Seriously, try to find an 85mm lens, even a slow manual focus lens for less than $400.

          With their new 85mm priced at $500, I’d assume they either went over on R&D or manufacturing cost, made bad bets on the yen, or executives are demanding higher margins after a very successful year.

          • Tdbits

            Samyang is making lenses that are less than $500, so there you go. I think Nikon can make these lenses cheaper. They just choose who the lens is for and price it that much.

    • tengris

      > old manual-focus 28/2, which likely has less distortion.

      Unfortunately the old manual focus 28mm f/2 is in fact a DX lens on DSLRs. I was really amazed how it outperformed the D200 sensor straight from f/2.8 and could hardly await a full frame camera to make use of it’s full potential. But the results were disappointing. It really was a gem on film, but it’s nothing less than “digitally optimised”. For full corner sharpness it needs to be stopped down to f/8 or f/11.

      So the suggested retail price for the AF-S 28mm f/1.8 might not be a bargain, but for excellent quality from corner to corner I won’t be niggardly. And I will need to work half as long as for the AIs 28mm f/2 some 27 years ago.

      • Joseph

        This doesn’t even make sense! It’s not a DX lens, why would you even suggest such a thing?

        “Digitally optimized” is BS marketing.

        I don’t know about your copy, but mine is blazing sharp everywhere at f/4 or so.

        • tengris

          Of course it’s not an official “DX Lens”. There weren’t any cropped formats 30 years ago. What I meant is that it’s a professional grade lens on film – for what it was designed – as well a on a DX sensor, but falls behind with corner resulution on an FX sensor, even at moderate 12 MPix. That doesn’t hinder me to use it on FX, but I have to consider it’s limitations. Your milage may vary. There were some generations of this lens, mine is the latest AIs type.

          For the new lens I would expect good to very good results wide open and excellent performance from f/2.8 on, like with the AF-S 50mm f/1.4 and several others. Then it would be a _very_ good deal for the now officially announced price recommendation.

    • The 3100 was introduced two years ago at $700 with lens. Two years later and things are more expensive because of floods and inflation. Of course there will be rebates and sales right quick. Not any more insane than usual, no.

  • Diego

    It got an integrated infrared receiver… why not in the D3100?

  • tad

    That Burgundy one is so Me, I would use it to take pictures of my Sisters and all my friends Cats doing mundane things around the house.

    • Haha love the sarcasm… or I sure hope it is.

      • Not Surprised

        He didn’t mention summer dresses and tea sets. So who knows.

  • vampyren

    I was expecting also update for D5100 so now i’m wondering if i should buy the existing D5100 or the new 3200, what do you guys think?
    For picture which is better?
    For video ?

    • Jimmy

      None of the specs have been released yet. I’d say it’s pretty impossible to make your decision until they release a comprehension list of specs for the camera.

    • T.I.M

      I have a D5100, it’s a piece of crap, get a D7000

      • Shawn

        You’re just bitter because it has only one wheel 😉

        If I had money, I would hold out for D7200 in hopes of two additions: Auto ISO menu options of D4/D800 and swivel LCD. But heck yeah, D7000 is far more usable than D5100, but it costs 50% more.

        • Shawn

          …er 7100, duh.

      • ruler

        Any particular reason you are calling it crap? I ask because I am contemplating between D5100 and D7000 but want to wait and see tomorrow’s announcements.

        • Andrew

          I wanted to buy the D5100 for my wife, but she bulked for the D7000. So I decided to hold off to see what Nikon will give us in the D7100. The D5100 is not as hefty (solid) – construction wise as the D7000, but Nikon’s construction of the D5100 should be solid, as all their cameras are; so no reason not to buy for this cause. If you have a lot of older Nikon lenses as we have dating to as early as the 1980’s, then the D5100 will not support those lenses, whereas the D7000 will. The D7000’s buffer is quite limited so it will fill up very quickly for multiple/successive shots. Hopefully, the D7100 will address this problem. What would attract me to the D3200 is the size (small and light), high MP, ISO 6,400 performance, and image quality (IQ). The speed (i.e. frame rate) is not that important. The image quality will most likely be excellent, as Nikon is known for. The video performance most likely will be 1080p at 30 fps.

        • T.I.M

          I had a D7000, I sold it for a D5100 “waiting” the D800e.

          The D5100 is really a pain, I missed importants pictures because I had to navigate in the menus to change a setting when the D7000 can do it with a button or a wheel.

          If you don’t plan to go FX, the D7000 is the best choice.

        • T.

          I am still using my old D90 but I gave my daughter a D5100 shortly after it was released last year. I found it a little bit fragile but the image quality is superb. It makes the D90 show its age.

          I am intrigued by the D3200 because it will be the first entry-level (which means very portable, light-weight) body with the Expeed III processor. That alone will probably make it a real bargain and surpass the D7000.

          The reason why I did not hesitate to get her the d5100 was the 920,000 dot LCD. It was not available in the D5000. If the D3200 has an improved LCD I will seriously consider it. I do a lot macro work and good quality Live View is essential.

    • Shawn

      I agree with Jimmy, you’ll have to wait for more specs. It also depends on whether Nikon will make the D3200 the new all encompassing amateur model. Regardless, here are some thoughts.


      What already exists:
      Does speed matter? D5100 shoots 4 fps, this works great for pictures of kids. If speed doesn’t matter then D3200 might be OK.
      Does a good LCD matter to you? D5100 has a better LCD than D3100, if this is the same in the D3200 then D5100 would be a better choice.
      Does a swivel LCD matter to you (this isn’t just for video)? Unless D3200 is meant to replace D5100 it won’t have a swivel LCD.
      Does autofocus performance matter to you? D5100 has the same system as D90 which was upper level for many years, it’s a good system and works pretty well in low light. D3100 has a lesser system and also likely to be similar in D3200 also.
      Does resolution matter? 16 MPX is really a lot and I don’t hear many complaints from D7000 users, I wouldn’t pick D3200 over D5100 on resolution alone.
      Does Live-view performance and focusing matter? This isn’t great in the D5100, especially in lower light and for moving subjects. If it’s better in the D3200 then it’s a benefit, but not a huge improvement.

      What’s not there:
      If the D3200 has customizable U1, U2 modes in any way like the D7000 then that is a huge benefit and even I might consider getting it.
      If the D3200 has the same Auto ISO options as the D800 & D4 (selectable shutter minimum and also 1/focal length minimum with bias) then that is also a huge benefit (especially coupled with custom modes).
      If the D3200 has integrated phase detection on the sensor like the J1 & V1 then that would be a huge boost in live-view usability

      I don’t use much video on D5100, but I’ve tried it a few times.
      AF is loud on D5100 and does disrupt video, if this matters to you then possibly they have improved it on the D3200.
      D5100 doesn’t have all the crazy options for resolution and frame rates that some other models do, if this stuff is important then check the D3200 specs.

      I have a D5100 and I would only buy a new camera if it had more usability built into it, not higher spec numbers.

      I don’t know if any of this helps, let’s see the D3200 numbers and find out.

      • Andrew


      • Reza

        Thanks everyone and specially Shawn. Great tips.
        Personally I love 5100 size in my hand.
        Spec wise I dont care much, for instance 16MPX is enought for me.
        Since I’m a beginner I think 5100 images are great but I have more concern
        about video. Specially the AF sound captured in videos.
        Also I read 3200 will have Nikon third generation chip in it.
        If that produces higher quality with less noise that’s a plus.
        Hopefully tomorrow we can dig into the details. 🙂

      • Sports

        “If the D3200 has integrated phase detection on the sensor like the J1 & V1 then that would be a huge boost in live-view usability”
        This is highly unlikely, as it is assumed that the sensor is the Sony sensor already in use in their cameras.

        • Shawn

          Yup, but I think it will come eventually. We can all hope can’t we? 🙂

      • Shawn

        I was wrong earlier: D3100 and D3200 have the same autofocus system as the D5100 and D90

        So unless there is some software magic in the D5100 the autofocus performance should be identical on all of these models.

        I personally think it’s pretty good at the center on moving subjects (kid’s eyes) in low light (f/4, 1/125, @ ISO1600) with the 35 f/1.8, but I’ve never had experience with any better cameras. I really ought to test this out if I ever find another person who owns a better Nikon.

  • 28/1.8 is way too expensive…..

    • What did you expect? I’m surprised it’s this low ($800-$900 USD). It’s a lot of glass, two asperical elements… and wide and fast is not cheap to make. Really difficult to make it optically sound all the way to the corners.

      • if my memory is correct it has 11 glasses, which cannot be described as “a lot”, and also lens should not sell for how many glasses they have , like the 35-70/2.8 has like 20 glasses, sell for 300$?, and contax G16 has only 3 glasses and sell for 3000$? I agree that it should about the same price as 85/1.8, taking into acount of the fact that it’s a little bit harder to make wide lens, then 600$ would be fair.

    • Michael

      If only you saw Canon’s equivalent.

  • MB

    There is a complete PREISLISTE in a PDF file on the same link now, including D3200 …

  • Don Pope

    Those prices are insane. At that rate the D7100 will probably cost $2000.

    • derWalter

      d300 successor cost?
      d700 successor cost?

      • Rich in TX

        D700 successor costs $2999. it’s called the D800. wake up

        • Andrew

          Still pushing the D800 as the D700 successor? At least two people disagree with you, Nikon and I.

        • jetelinho

          3 actually ..

  • andy

    How nice of Nikon to start shipping the new lens on my b-day. xD

    • Paul

      I’ts also my b-day ;-))

    • norb

      I’ve also noticed Nikon only ship stuff on days ending in ‘y’. So this birthday thing, and my observation must mean something……..


  • Lol, $900 for 28mm f/1.8!? Even at $800 there is no way I’d consider it! And I LOVE Nikon’s F1.8G line, I own the 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm. And, my least favorite lens in my bag is my Sigma 24mm f/1.8 – I am absolutely dying to replace it. But that price for a lens that can barely be described as ‘wide’… no thanks.

  • MGD

    using the swiss pricing of the 24/1.4G as a ratio, I came up with USD 670 for the MSRP in the US…. round that to $699. Rather reasonable.

    • Bret M

      I made a similar calculation, and while reasonable it makes it more difficult… I really like the 28mm length but that’s covered (albeit a stop slower) with my 2.8 zoom. However I totally see its appeal.. shoot for less than $1500 you could have 28, 50, and 85 f/1.8 lenses (all full frame too!), which is a pretty awesome range to cover.

  • Joe

    Waiting on the D400…

    …prefer it to be black in color FWIW.

    • ActionJunky

      It will have a camouflage finish since you are not likely to see one.

      • Joe

        I hope that you are wrong but at the same time I have been waiting a while… If the D400 appears I’m afraid it may be disguised as a “still camera” that is really a video camera in all reality.

        It seems to me that photography may be getting swallowed up by videography at least the last few releases from Nikon seem to be leaning that way.

  • Troy

    The 28 1.8 should be priced cheaper here in the U.S. probably around $500-600…any higher than that and the performance of it isn’t anything special I’d rather just go with the 35 1.8 especially if the 28 1.8 shows more than a little distortion

  • robet

    Why can’t they release more fast, AFFORDABLE, and useful DX primes like the 35mm 1.8? Why all these slow zooms? The 35mm has sold like hotcakes.

    • ActionJunky

      Good, Fast, or Cheap… Pick two.

      • Winder

        … or…

        you can get either the 35 or 50 mili 1.8G, and have your cake, too.

    • Crocodilo

      This kind of pricing makes the 28mm 1.8 a non-option for the two kinds of DX shooters known on Planet Earth:
      – those who have bought the 35mm f1.8G;
      – and those who NOW WILL MOST SURELY buy the 35mm f1.8G.

      So, Nikon has just turned this yet-to-be-released lens useless to, what, 80% of their costumers?

      • ActionJunky

        Sigma 30mm 1.4 @ $500-$600. What’s the problem?

        • Winder

          Right. With the Nikon 35 going for 200 bucks and third party offerings at reasonable prices, this inflationated 28 just misses the point for the DX crowd.

          Well, there will always be some rich amateurs toying with full-frame cameras and enjoying dropping bick bucks for any kind of glass with the Nikon brand on it.

          • jorg

            what dx shooter would EVER get an 42mm fov-lens? this is a probably very good classic 28mm FF lens. together with the fiffy and the 85 it will be an amazing combo. now get a D700 for 1500 + these lenses for 1500 and AOK.

        • kidding?

          do not for the love of god, think you can shoot with a siggy 35mm 1.4:

          – massive focus errors especially at f2 for faster
          – does not work (live view af)with d7000, d800, d4 due to deliberate nikon firmware incompatibility (like all siggies)

          proven many times over

      • Bret M

        Hmm I acknowledge that DX users are the vast majority, but this lens isn’t specifically catering to that crowd. This lens isn’t designed as an alternative or competition for the 35 1.8dx. It’s designed to be an affordable, sharp wide prime for full frame users.

        I mean lets face it, the current full frame wide primes are either crazy expensive (24mm f/1.4g, 35mm f/1.4g) or of old design and lower optical quality (35mm f/2, 28mm f/2.8, 24mm f/2.8) especially at the borders, where it matters for a wide angle lens.

        • marshall878

          well said, I feel the same way

  • Ken Elliott

    The WU-1a wireless mobile adapter seems to have a very reasonable price. I certainly hope it works with the D800.

    The 28mm f/1.8 seems reasonable as well. Even though I have the 24mm and 35mm f/1.4, I’ve always like28mm lenses. I might have to add one to my bag.

  • ActionJunky

    I am really looking forward to a RED D800.

    • rich in tx

      I want a two tone yellow and black D4! like that fugly new pentax that looks like a holga

  • I want specs. I do not care about the pricing right now.

  • Cesar

    It’s all too wide! I want a 35mm f2 replacement NOW!!! 🙂

  • Joe

    Great! Now if Nikon Switzerland will only ‘leak’ me my D800 that I pre-ordered what seems like an age ago now. It seems as if every second dream I have is of me discovering it on my doorstep, delivered via swiss post…

  • Why are DX shooters whining about the 28mm f1.8? Buy the little pastic-fantastic 35mm f1.8 for $200 and be happy.

    • I’ve already got it. The problem isn’t that there isn’t a good affordable lens in this class, the problem is that there IS already a good affordable lens in this class and what we are really missing is something sufficiently wide.

    • Crocodilo

      Already did, and quite happy about it. Now I want WIDE, FAST, SHARP and CHEAP!

  • Roy

    Can not agree with your estimate price of 28/1.8G. I noticed that the list price of 85/1.8G vs 28/1.8G in Switzerland is CHF658 vs CHF828. If 85/1.8G is listed $500 in US, 28/1.8G is about $629 not $900. So the price in US is damn cheap.

  • Dan

    Apart from it being faster, are the optics much better than my 28mm 2.8 AF-D? I need the speed less now that the D800 is cleaner at high ISOs.

  • John

    There is a placeholder at B&H for the 28mm f/1.8, no price yet.

  • I was right about no Nano Coating for AF-S 28mm f/1.8G. 😀

  • Nicolò

    Yet another fast wideangle prime that won’t work with the D800?

  • SNRatio

    First, a few comments about DX and wide primes

    1. 28mm seems to be one of the least relevant FLs for dual DX/FX use, if we look at what is offered and what is used.

    2. Fast wide primes are usually troubled by vignetting and weaker corners. The simplest way to get around this, is to use the sweet spot from a larger image circle. But that does of course not come for free.

    3. Larger sales will usually lead to somewhat lower prices, so common versions for DX and FX may make some sense.

    4. Nikon may actually be happy to leave some of the DX market to 3rd party vendors, if they are interested. Leaves them more room to focus on the strategically and economically important models. Having a full f/1.8-2 range is strategically important, for example.

    I think the 28/1.8G looks promising in several ways. It gives us reasons to hope for a somewhat cheaper FX 35/1.8, and a not too expensive 24/1.8 – both of which will sell a lot, and be important also for the DX line. It also confirms the impression that Nikon’s brand premium on such lenses isn’t terribly high. A high performance 28/1.8 costs quite a bit to make.

    Production costs of high performance wides can not be compared with normal or short tele lenses, which are far easier to produce. Or cheaper wides, which then perform accordingly.

    • I’d love to have a 24 1.8, currently holding onto the 24 2.8 AIS which is pretty fantastic, if abit slow.. sadly, its the only affordable option for serious shooting – 24/2 AIS is bad in the corners, afd 24/2.8 isn’t good, 24/1.4 is way out of the price league.

  • Vin

    Lens price & quality & size of elements, either wide or long are all in relationship to each other. The smaller the format the harder it is to get perfection, same with the larger you get. The principles of design have not changed in Hundreds of years. The quality glass and now plastic is what we have to struggle against in order to achieve perfectly clear and sharp images. To receive the most light. To focus that light into sharp wave lengths. To have every lens have the same quality. To make thousands of them and have them all work the same. Read about some of the great lens manufacturing names in history. It becomes more clear as to why your investment is in glass & why Nikons F mount is so special. When you see Nikons 8mm fish eye in real life you know that they care about there optics. I heard they use to have a ceremony for these lenses.

  • I’m waiting too hard for a FX 35mm 1.8G with the same standards as 85mm 1.8G to complete my 35/50/85 triad. I believe this lens will be a sales champion.

  • lunar

    28 1.8 for 800~900


  • adnan

    i think a FX 24 1.8/2 would be a great lens for both fx and dx owners. though i dont know if nikon would want to come out with another 24mm lens since that might reduce the sales of their 1.4 myself a 35 1.4g but i’d love a fast 24 too,which aint hard on the pockets!

    • SNRatio

      If you look at the 85/1.8G vs 85/1.4G, I don’t think it looks like Nikon is too afraid of cannibalizing lens sales. And they have always done such things, think about the 105/2.5 AIS vs the 105/1.8 AIS, for example.

      And while the 24/1.4 sells in thousands, an affordable 24/1.8 would sell in tens of thousands, as it would double as a standard wide angle on DX. (And many rather consider 35mm FX normal, too.)

      I would not be astonished if they launch a 20mm first, though. Maybe only f/2.8, but Sigma has demonstrated that an f/1.8 can be done, and it would be very attractive. Doesn’t have to be perfect, the zf 21/2.8 has got a lot of vignetting, for example.

  • vertigo

    I’m sick of the 11-point focus system that they’ve been using forever. I want the D7000 focus system, and real face tracking.

  • glen

    already shows for preorder for US$699.65.. go on nikon lovers .. preorder d3200 and cancel your d800 order….so my order will be at the top..lolz..

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