Nikon D3200 picture and pricing leak in Japan

The first leaked image and Japanese pricing info for the Nikon D3200 camera leaked today:

  • Nikon WU-1a: ¥4,720 (around $50)
  • Nikon D3200 body only: ¥76,300 (around $900)
  • Nikon D3200 + 18-55mm kit: ¥85,300
  • Nikon D3200 + 18-55mm + 55-200mm kit: ¥107,800

Expect the US prices to be lower. Similar to this D3100, the D3200 will come also in red.

Based on this price list it seems that Nikon will not announce a new lens tonight.

The WU-1a will be powered by the camera and will not need separate battery.

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  • Red ?… =/

    • Joey

      So shiny, will attract girls i guess? 🙂

      • jason

        Better do pink! Shinny pink.

        • WoutK89

          I dont know what color of pink shins are, but I dont think they attract girls 😉

        • Me


          Def: Shinny (also shinney) is an informal type of hockey played on ice. It is also used as another term for street hockey, especially in coastal British Columbia

          • Jabs

            Shinny up a tree fer shizzle – LOL


      • Carol A.H

        I am a girl and I can’t stand any coloured cameras of any kind, even a P&S. I just want a black shiny one.

        • kumar

          i also like red one but i ha

    • Robert M

      The red color is no biggie, Nikon released a version of the D3100 with the same color. I’m sure that traditional black will be the norm.

    • kt

      Now you got me all messed up. I was already set on a black D4 but now with that shiny red D3200 out there, I’m not so sure anymore.

  • funny

    so nikon’s entry level camera has better resolution than every single canon camera 🙂

    • WoutK89

      define better, I assume you mean higher?

      • Marcus

        Define “define better”, I assume you mean more precise?

        • Annonemous

          Define “more precise”.

          • FDF

            define “define”

            • Bryan

              Thank you Bill Clinton wannabes 🙂

  • So,…where is D800

    • Moth Flopwell

      WHILE we all wait for the D800…This will be ready to ship tomorrow..mass produced by China!!!

      • Gregory

        Nope. This will be announced tomorrow, “available” May 19.
        On May 22 three NPS members will each get one, one NPS member will get 10 and the rest of the world will start to get them in mid-October.

        • B!

          …but plenty will be offered on ebay LOL

  • jorg

    good thing! i want to skip EVIL, so please nikon, gimme a loaded + small DX-body.

  • noooo where is the d7100 or d400!!!!

    • MaxManX


      A 24Mpix D400 with 12 pics/second would be nice. Now. 😀

      • Would much prefer that the D400 be in the 16-20 MP range rather than 24 MP. Like the D4 is only 16 MP while the D800 is 36 MP, let the D400 be the top IQ of the DX line, even if lower models have more MP!!!

      • B!

        Keep dreaming, not in the next 18 months.

    • D2oo Guy

      Yup, I’m silently waiting for the D400 myself (silently except this comment) =)
      D400 with a 35mm equiv. fast prime = one happy shooter! I’ll be good for another 5 years!

  • Crusty the clown

    Expected to be on sale in Japan around the end of May, I see.

  • Foolishcfo

    Yawn. The biggest non-event announcement of the year for Nikon. Maybe I’ll get one for my daughter’s Barbie….that B has everything!

  • Rurik

    Holy… something…
    This is way higher then D5100 in Japan. Do they make an exchange of lines to make 5100 an entry and 3200 to be a mid-level camera?

    • Worminator

      This always happens. Japanese prices have a 30% premium tacked on that falls away after the camera has been on sale for about 3 months. On release, the D3200 will cost more than the D5100. In three months time, the D3100 stock will be cleared out and the D3200 will be priced at the same point the D3100 was.

      Rule: never buy a camera at release in Japan.

  • SoftonDemand

    Its much more expensive than i thought it would be

    • jorg

      maybe i can telephone?

      • jorg


  • Calibrator

    Wow! Nikon HQ must really hate their Japanese customers! O_O

  • Alvin Ega

    Really wonder what would the 24 MP look like…

    Hmm.. where are those forensic experts? Don’t they like to shout “it’s fake!!” “the pixels don’t match” “worst photoshop job ever” blah blah.. lol.

    • el_Pan

      It’s definately fake!!!1 Look at those corners and the colour doesn’t match either!!!1 worst PS job ever…

  • It’s going to be FX!

    • whmitty

      Hiccup! Wuddya say we have another round?!

    • Michael

      No. It absolutely won’t.

  • Rock Mock Well

    Everyone knows a red camera is sharper, improves lighting and better bokeh. Red or pink is the choice for me, it is a secret I only reveal to my peeps. All the “girlie this” and “girlie that” comments have hurt my feelings.

    • B!

      not to mention extra horsepower after a blinker fluid change 🙂 Wait, what?

  • Art

    Crap! I ordered my D800E in black. I didn’t know that I could get it in metallic burgundy. I’m canceling my order right now and placing a new order for a brand spanking new metallic burgundy 800E….

    Can I get a set of matching 14-24, 24-70, and 70-200 metallic burgundy lenses???

    • B!

      Sure, at your local auto-body shop.

  • GLawson

    Priced a little higher than I would have anticipated.

    • $699 is not too bad. This post is out of date I guess.

  • ShaoLynx

    These are interesting times in cameraworld.
    A clear evolution in technology.
    Higher MP by big steps — only the D4 stands out in this respect.
    Integration with wifi — post your pictures directly to social media.
    Video on board and high iso range for all models.
    Working their way up from the lower models is nice.
    When the top-models are due for an update, we can predict what’s inside – and then some.
    Way to go Nikon.

    My D700 is starting to look old but still works fine.
    My d800 is ordered.

  • Big Eater

    I would love a red one. It would be perfect for shooting kids, and generally for lightening up the mood when a shoot becomes too frakin’ serious or tense (as they sometimes tend to do).

  • Ken Rockwelll

    Wow $900 body only!
    Thats just under the D7000 .
    Tight margin there strange to me.

    D400 anyone?

    • Michael

      Did you not read the article? It says the pricing will be cheaper in the U.S.

      • Ken Rockwelll

        I read the article, Did you read my comments?

        Where in my comments did I refer to Japan or US prices?

        Try to stay up with me sparky.

        • shashinka

          I think this is a typo. Even in Japan, price for D3200 seems way too high. Yodabashi is not selling D3000 near that at release.

  • AngryCorgi


    W T F ? ? ?

    Am I being punk’d??!!

  • The_Raze

    I wonder if it will get full manual control over video recording? And if it’ll get 1080p@30fps + 720p@60fps..

  • Roberto kay doesn’t paint it now!

    • replier

      Well, it’s not pinkenta…

  • Rahul

    What is the expected price in US? $699 for the kit?

  • In red?

  • Baraldi

    I’m worried about the defects of the D800…

    hope that the delay in delivery is due to some adjustment in the production line and that any reported problems will be corrected in the new batch!

    • My D800 is absolutely perfect after 4000+ clicks (no green/yellow LCD, no AF issues, no hanging or freezing). While there might be some malfunctions and/or failures, I imagine they’re low in numbers compared to overall quantities.

      Most of the issues we’re seeing have to do with outside sources….i.e. CF and SD cards and user error. Some of them can be resolved with a firmware update and a very small amount are actual malfunctions or catastrophic failures.

      With that said, I’m by-no-means saying people aren’t experiencing problems.

  • Vin

    This will not be, your last years D3000—, not that the D3100, did not do its job. This looks to be a good camera. Nikon is doing what they said they would. The are making a price gap between the Nikon 1. 1J & 1V. And the DSLR DX line, then another jump to the FX line.
    I do think we will see it at about $850 USA$, with small zoom. By fall/winter or sooner.

  • usman

    WTF 900$ for body only ?and for a entry level body

  • Crimed

    I’m sure that Annie Liebowitz or Dorothea Lange don’t, or didn’t, care about the color of their cameras. On the other hand, my macho male relative who is an FBI agent chasing terrorists out of New York loves his little red Nikon.

    Enough with the misogynistic wisecracks! Is this fourth grade?

    • Agreed about the sexist wisecracks, but I can’t disagree more about fashionable looking gear–Lange and Liebowitz didn’t have flashy looking gear to choose from. Crown Graphics never came in red, and Hassys only came in red at the end of their film days.

  • JLK

    WU-1a for $49
    WT-5a for $877

    Yeah that seems about right…

    • Tommy B.

      Thank you, I was checking to see if anyone else had commented before I did. What more can the WT-5a allow us to do that the WU-1a can’t?

      • JLK

        Pad Nikon’s bottom line. 😉

  • Shawn

    I understand that I should “expect the US prices to be lower”, but how does this fit in with the current models in Japan? I tried a search for it but couldn’t find anything.

    Other open questions I have out of curiosity:
    1) Will it have a swivel LCD?
    (my guess is probably not because that is reserved for the next price bracket)
    2) Will it have custom U1, U2, etc… modes?
    (I know, not likely as those are reserved for the higher end cameras, but suspiciously absent in the newest pro models)
    3) Will it have the new Auto ISO options which are found in D800 & D4?
    (interesting question, can’t wait to find out)
    4) Will it be available in the U.S. as “body only”?
    (unlikely given the history)

  • FDF

    I’d so buy that camera if it was blue so it matches my car.

  • Vin

    I don’t think we will see the D5000 ___’S at least not in the way the old line up was. We might see a D6000, and a D9000. $1400, & $1800,

    I think the D400, or replacement will also be a Pro DX & be $2500+, might still see a FX at $2000-$2500. But again I think very different style cameras. One high speed for sports, and FX entry level. Looks like they are going to drop one DX DSLR. Maybe bring in 3rd FX DSLR. All pricing is jumped up 10%-20%. But the MP’s have jumped 50% too.

    • vertigo

      They’re dropping the D400 DX. The D7100 will replace the D300 which will become an FX D400.

      • Anonymous Maximus

        No way !

        D400 -> DX, D300 successor
        D600 -> FX, entry level

        • Vin

          Agree, I would love love it. A new Pro 24mp DX, D400, new D600 FX 18mp. Rumor was they were working on a year ago. Sign me up,.. And a new D7100-or D9000, or what ever they call it. And yes a new D3200 for the wife. Let’s see with my D800, 5 new cameras for 2012-2013. I may have a problem? Sign me up for 12 step addiction. Or just give in…

  • Val Thor

    Limited Availability. Pre-order now for Christmas 2013 delivery.

    • Gregory

      * if you’re LUCKY, and NPS.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    A pinky D3200… Can’t find words good enough to describe how disgusting it looks. Do they also have a lime-green or an ice-blue version? Oh, forgot to ask about the turd-brown one 🙂

  • They should make something like the 70-200 red as well to match.

  • trialcritic

    Makes no sense. A 24MP DX body for $900?? It will finish off D7000! I guess the specs are suspect.

    • vin

      I think that is the idea, bring in the new, everything is to look more like the D4 & D4X. D800…

    • chase

      No will the D3200 have U1 and U2, will it have build in AF screw motor, will it be good in low light conditions, what will its fps be? How about construction will it be cheap plastic or an alloy body? MP’s are not everything.

  • Wistful

    I want one that looks and smells like a strawberry! 🙂

    • Anonymous Maximus

      I wan’t a 24mp D3200 look & smell like cow dump 🙂

  • Jason

    The D3100 was most popular among female japanese customers, so it only makes sense to offer that color on the D3200. For sure this one will sell like crazy….

  • great for kids or the japanese with small hands just too small to fit comfortably in my hands not for me sorry

  • dbltax

    MIC port. Nice.

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